Jacinda Ardern’s Electoral Office damaged in Sword attack


The Prime Minister’s Electoral Office has been attacked by a sword and attempted arson…

PM’s office attack: Staff evacuated after sword used to damage Jacinda Ardern’s Auckland office

Staff have been evacuated from the Prime Minister’s Auckland electoral office after a sword was used to damage the building this morning.

Police said the incident took place at about 8.20am when an object was thrown through a window at the office in Morningside.

A sword was later photographed lying outside the office on New North Rd.

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“No injuries have been reported and the building was unoccupied at the time,” police said.

…there is a history of MPs having their electoral offices attacked.

In 2004 Helen Clark had an axe put through her window in protest at the seabed and foreshore land confiscations.

In 2014 Hone Harawira had his electoral office shot at.

The toxic level of political polarisation that is being spun into violent fantasies via social media hate algorithms makes the next year until the election one where the real possibility of a lone wolf or deranged cell group attempting political violence is 50-50.

Attacking the PMs office could be the act of a disturbed person and be just another chapter of evidence highlighting how broken our mental health services have become or it could be something darker mutating out in the hinterlands of the NZ primordial political swamp.


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  1. US inspired rightwing numpties come to NZ…if you support her or not, a pathetic act by a pathetic person….and from the rightard tactical point of view a mistake as it allows her ‘victim status’

    • G. Sooo why is any random act of violence right wing in origin. Any number of left wing thinkers have had a guts full of the lack of progress on social issues and the cost of living crisis. Are those from the left less violent.? Maybe instead of the word rightard you should use the word leftard. The attack may have its origins from the extremist right then again it may have come from the extremist left. Some time in the future we may find out.

  2. Most likely some demented person in a finacial hole spurred on by the constant repetitive harping from the opposition about “wasteful spending”…..

    • Should the ooposition not harp on about wasteful spending – (e.g.) millions spent on a proposal for a bike bridge over Auckland harbour, which is not going to proceed. Whether you’re rich or poor, your taxes were wasted on that. Would you not rather that your taxes could have been used for better purposes….

      • Governments that did the same thing as our government did, i.e. print money, have similar outcomes…


        • Yeah buggar that eh Mickeyboyle, Labour should’ve just let businesses go under during Covid, I’m with you.

    • A 57 year old woman has been arrested. The consequences will be no different than deliberating damaging any other property – unless it can be shown to be a hate crime. Will also be charged with carrying a weapon in public, I guess….

  3. I’d rather not use the term swamp – we don’t have a reptilian leviathons (religious hate terms for liberal/secular government) here.

    A suspect list

    1. Anti lockdown and anti mandate.

    2. 501 doing it tough.

    3. farming person (emissions), ex a gun or two (fury/embarrassment at small size of Groundswell protest).

    4. the (BOP) guy on the run is in Auckland.

    5. The person within earshot when BT looked at the result of a poll he commissioned.


    Someone on the Taxpayer Union email newsletter list – Three Waters/He Puapua/Treaty/Maori/tax cuts

    Old school one law for all associated (white race identity). White race incel Auckland university graduate (debt and high rent cost).

    Shopowner angry at lack of action on crime.

    Person not able to remain resident here/work here.

    7. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/mar/03/incel-movement-terror-threat-canada


  4. Blah, it’s not even on the same level as a ramraid or a jewel heist.

    “No injuries have been reported and the building was unoccupied at the time,” police said.

    So nobody was there.. so how was it possible to evacuate staff?

    This wasn’t even a break it. Considering what the public put up with.. this isn’t newsworthy.

    My Advice:
    Call a Glazier

    • No worse, then ramraids and bashings.
      This shit now happens everywhere. Maybe invest in some mental healthcare.

    • I think you mean no worse, yet not condemning it is as bad as the action itself, despite which side of the political you sit.

  5. 57 year old woman arrested in Coatesville apparently. I imagine the Herald hacks are disappointed the perp wasn’t an incel.

      • I mentioned 9, why would I care if it was an incel associated with white race identity movement, or not? It just happened to be a garden variety constituent issue, rather than one related to the local MP being PM.

        As to your issues with The Standard, I invite others to type in your handle at The Standard – as to your 2018 posts before your ban. They indicate your opposition to high levels of immigration (save nz turf) and Chinese people who were anti-west – but you were actually banned for abuse of Bill over his moderation.

  6. I’m pretty sure Martyn (and the lefties on here) that if it transpires the culprit is NOT a right wing nut job he/she will be treated as being in need of mental heath help and he will be the victim.
    If however the culprit Is from the right wing nut job section, (yes, there is a left wing nut job section also) I’m sure the death penalty will be required from you all!?

  7. Big deal … Have a look at the shit that Happens every day to everyday people .. except cops don’t turn up to those.

  8. Just a small point.
    It was the MP for Mt Alberts office that was attacked.
    The PMs office is in Wellington.

  9. Most employees in the Disinformation Project would have had an orgasm when they saw this appear in the news

    • Yeah? And why is that Bob? Illuminate us?
      I think the urban hyper rich have hijacked our agricultural primary industry exports derived money and are syphoning it off through various tried and true means for their personal wealth creation, as they’ve done for generations.
      So when times are relatively stable things putter along. A few starving here, a few going sick and crazy there, a few dumb lugs rooting up ever more dysfunctional citizens over yonder. But when a sparkling new shit hits the fan, suddenly we’re not so bad off. Aye ANZ? https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/477492/anz-s-record-full-year-net-profit-nz-has-been-far-more-resilient-than-expected
      You can go to the gag-worthy bullshit ANZ vomit up if you like but my facts is them facts… Who’s money was/is it? Tourism? Martians taking E then partying like it’s 2309? ( But not in Queenstown by the looks.) Is it golf? It’s golf isn’t it? Rich people play golf so money must fall from them like autumn leaves with every swing so them fucking Martians just float behind scooping it up with their suckers then they hand it out to our wonderful banks to add value to as they re-lend it out to Mr and Mrs Dave and Doris Dipshit to get in debt to the ANZ with to b. But that’s not a scam. That’s just aliens doing what Aliens do. They fuck about and party and buy stick and twig combos i.e. ‘houses’ with then in there they eat money then shit out etc’s. Added value Alien shit Bob! Yay. Whoop. Etc.
      Farmers? Hello? H’ …. Hello? Yoo Hoo!? Y’awl? ( I love this. I’m laughing my head off as I write while I listen to this. Is nice. https://youtu.be/L1rze3Ok3Qc )
      Farmers? You’ve driven your tractors through town. Great. You’ve had your family jump up and down with flags at the traffic lights. Awesome. You’ve had city people go “what the fuck’s going on” Tremendous. Go you. You showed them. You did, didn’t you? Yes, you did. Oh my God yes, you did.
      And what happened? Was it like ‘Nothing’ ? It was, wasn’t it? Yep, it was.
      Farmers? Make some phone calls. Coordinate a do fuck all year. ( With farmers it’s in years, not days.) and then do that. Do fuck all. Except wait. And trust me. You won’t be waiting long.
      Remuera conversation:
      Nathan asks “ Chlamydia? Dahling ? You seen the keys to the Audi? I think I might pop out for eggs beni.”
      Chlamydia. “ Oh dahling, dahling sweetheart… No eggs, no bacon, no bun, no butta. Bugga awl actual. Supa Maket’s out. But hunga’s in, so it seems. Great for the thighs. Can now fit that G string I found in our bed. How’d it get there bwt darls. Don’t recognise it come to think of it…
      The Hinterlands. You have no fucking idea.

  10. ” Big deal … Have a look at the shit that Happens every day to everyday people .. except cops don’t turn up to those ”

    YES Status is always protected in our little neo liberal paradise.

    Ask any bottom feeder who are victims of crime.

  11. ” “No injuries have been reported and the building was unoccupied at the time,” police said ”

    Well its a sharma drama !!

    Adern and no one was there !! at 8.20 AM.

    If this was an actual planned attack then ok I would buy into Bombers ” it could be something darker mutating out in the hinterlands of the NZ primordial political swamp ”

    But its not , it was random and lacking in intelligence.

    This from the podium of reality and truth.

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