Xi goes old school mafia, Boris bides his time and Russia seeds false flag dirty bombs

HU – “But you are doing it right in front of the entire world, my family, what will you do to them”? XI – “I’m sending then the cost of your bullet”.


Just wow.

To have his former Mandarin effectively executed live in front of International Journalists and censored from the Chinese public, Xi having his old boss led from the stage is as cold blooded as it gets.

The rest of the world shuddered.

To remove a mandarin like Hu, to figuratively drag him from the stage is a mafia power move that shows Xi is as ruthless as we fear.

This is the political leader the Corporate Farmer Quislings have shackled the NZ economy to.

This is the Leader that John Key sucks up to.

It’s the regime that National Party Farmers want us to support with more milk powder.

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Look at who National and Labour want us to do business with and ask yourself if we are enabling this authoritarian regime?

While Xi was pulling cold blooded mafia tricks, Boris is biding his time in the UK and will make another run just before the election, based on his joy of having babies from unprotected sex, this may be the only time Boris has ever pulled out early.

The UK economy will only get worse.

Meanwhile Russia are warning of Ukrainian dirty bomb which is usually a pretext for Russia to commit the very false flag operation they are accusing everyone else of.

If Russia detonates a dirty bomb or tactical nuke expect Iran to suddenly declare they have successfully tested a nuclear weapon.

With America juggling the Ukraine and Iranian-Israeli tensions that would explode from a successful test of a nuclear weapon – that would be when Xi attempts an invasion of Taiwanese Islands.

Things are not getting better on the geopolitical front.

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  1. It’s communism at work nothing out of the ordinary.
    It’s an old trick of the Left. Remove your opposition.

  2. Russia seeds false flag attacks?? Oh, you mean Western Media made this up Martyn…they (MSM) are good at this…

  3. Looks like India could be pro-China too now. Just saw Wion News start using the CPC dog whistle (anti-China use CCP), and there’s no sign of the old news anchor who was decidedly anti-CCP. Bad news. Bad for Taiwan’s defense

  4. Now Hu. Don’t make a fuss. We are doing this for your own good.
    We know you are feeling unwell, or at least you should be because we put something in your tea.
    Xi has kindly arranged a special room for you to recouperate in.

  5. If we ran a moral compass over all our trading partners we would not sell much. Even Australia is u der the hammer as they refuse the UN the right to see prisoners and their treatment of Aboriginal people is not good.

  6. Seer’s youtube posting, above, showing an old man not only being lead out but also previously being lead into the assembly of Chinese political leaders, is about as definitive as any evidence could be that the Western media’s claim that this is President Xi publicly “executing” a former colleague is absolute Bullshit.
    And it doesn’t say much for the political scepticism of those whose bullshit detectors should be most finely tuned in these days of wall-to-wall bullshit being spread by our media

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