The Working Group Announcement – moving to Tuesday 8.30pm

Hanging out with the Minister of Broadcasting pointing to Damien's cheap T-shirt and asking 'Why won't NZ on Air fund us so Damien can afford a better T shirt'?

Brothers and sisters, comrades and free radical thinkers.

As you are all aware by now, The Working Group is New Zealand’s bestest and greatestest Weekly Political Podcast THAT IS NOT FUNDED by NZ on Air.

Despite getting NO MONEY from NZ on Air, our little weekly political podcast keeps hitting number 1!

Now we are moving from the Mediaworks Studio to a specially built bunker podcast studio ADJACENT to Mediaworks Auckland HQ and we are now putting the show out 8.30pm Tuesday nights.

We needed a specially built bunker podcast studio to contain the talent, insight and ego of the greatest political panel in NZ broadcasting history!

This week The Leader of ACT, David Seymour joins the Svengali of the Right, Matthew Hooton with the libertarian liquidator, Damien Grant to debate the big political issues of the week.

Join us at 8.30pm from our ridiculously huge new bunker podcast studio as we fearlessly debate politics in a way NZ on Air, the BSA and the ASA will never tolerate!

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The podcast broadcasts 8.30pm Tuesdays from our purpose built studio bunker ADJACENT to Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 


  1. Ah damn can’t wait to hear what the gormless willie jackson has to say. That guy has got to be the dumbest labour minister they have.. and that’s saying something

  2. Be there or be square!!

    Its always a hilarious watch with Hooton in the mix. I smiled for a week after his recounting of the story about the Killer Paediatrician!


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