Is there an authoritarian regime John Key won’t suck up to?


Fresh from admitting he would vote for an orange fascist like Trump and Trump’s Brazilian version, Key today kisses Xi’s arse…

Sir John Key dollops praise on China in Chinese state media

Former Prime Minister Sir John Key has dolloped praise on China in comments to Chinese state media published as Xi Jinping’s Communist Party holds a historic national congress.

…is there an authoritarian regime John Key won’t suck up to?

It seems anti-democratic leaders who abuse civil rights are as attractive to John as a ponytail!

Christ, could you imagine if Xi had ponytails? How excited would John get then?

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  1. Oh, but The Daily Blog’s resident PRC mouthpiece, “Mark” AKA “Mohammed Khan” etcetera luuuurves some ethno-nationalist dictatorship, too 😉

  2. Martyn, the short answer is no. If he hadn’t been caught with his pants around his ankles, I’m sure he’d loved to have tried his hands at being a tinpot dictator.

  3. There were several centre to centre right candidates in the Brazilian election that Key, as a right winger, could have voted for, Soraya Thronicke, Simone Tebet, Luiz Felipe d’Avila and José Maria Eymael all ran on platforms that would be acceptable to Key and the National Party. So he is displaying his ignorance.

  4. We can’t ignore that China provided much needed revenue for NZ. This is the same revenue that allows the Govt to support jobs and yes beneficiaries

  5. Well, he is Chair of the board for ANZ Bank who I am sure have a decent piece of the 60bn odd in agricultural loans. In fact you could say China is indirectly paying for a large portion the principal and interest.

  6. Whoever accused National people of having abstract ideas, aside from Ayn Rand — ha,ha — wasn’t following closely. Now we’re up for another shallowist, as witnessed by his being a BAC. Laugh out loud.

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