Xi as God – Are we going to talk about how Quisling National Party Corporate Farmers have addicted us to China yet?


China will never renounce right to use force over Taiwan, Xi says

It is up to the Chinese people to resolve the Taiwan issue and China will never renounce the right to use force but will strive for a peaceful resolution, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday at the opening of a major party meeting.

Taiwan, which China views as its own territory, responded that it will not back down on its sovereignty or compromise on freedom and democracy.

Tensions between the Beijing and Taipei rose dramatically in August after China staged war games near Taiwan following the visit to Taiwan of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Those military activities have continued though at a reduced pace.

As Xi crowns himself God for life, are we going to talk about how the quisling Corporate Farmers of the National party have addicted us to Beijing’s gold?

The Corporate Farmer Quislings tell us the $20billion in trade they get from John Key’s ‘all our cows in one Beijing paddock’ strategy is beneficial for me.


I don’t see any of that fucking money!

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I pay a price for NZ dairy and NZ meat that is set by an international market, so I’m competing with the 60million others wanting that product.

So I don’t see no price benefit from those quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

A cow shits the same as 14 humans, we have 10 million cows, that’s the equivalent of 140million humans pissing and shitting into our rivers.

I don’t see no environmental benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

Xi is committing cultural genocide and presides over a terrifying mass surveillance state that represses its people while building them chase cities.

I don’t seen no human rights benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

We are now utterly addicted to Chinese money and can’t disentangle ourselves from their influence and power, especially with 200 000 Chinese NZers now living in Auckland, a city of 1.2million.

I don’t see no sovereignty benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

The quisling corporate farmers claim they are generating jobs, yet they import cheap foreign labour to do those jobs!

Look at the joke fuss kicked up by Farmers at the mere suggestion they pay for their pollution and the fear with which Labour and the Greens have backed down.

This money generated by trade with China comes with so many fish hooks there’s more hook than fish.

We have been betrayed by the quisling corporate farmers and their National Party patsies. THEY are getting rich, we aren’t.

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  1. No, we aren’t going to talk about it… Jian Yang, Mark, Mohammed khan and other PRC agents and apologists wouldn’t like it.

  2. Aunty Helen, Labour was boss when the China FTA was inked, the eggs in one basket dates to that.
    Labour also signed into existence the essential monopoly of Fonterra.

    • Don’t say that KCC. Bob might think you are giving credit to Aunty Helen for making farmers so important.

      She signed an FTA and formed Fonterra? That’s not the same as turning the Canterbury plans into a giant milk shed. That came later

      • Agree the over allocation of irrigation was Key inc, I was and am very much against what they did.
        But just as with Lange bringing in neoliberalism, it was “free” trade Labour who are behind our over reliance on China and our dairy monopoly and the prices we pay for it.

  3. Our biggest industry pre-Covid was tourism. Yes bigger than farming. Tourism went cold turkey with no Chinese arrivals and it’s recovering well. Now your turn farmers.

  4. The idea that China is some nightmare police state when people there are relatively free from crime and abnormal freaks attacking them is quite funny from the position of living in New Zealand, where the worst elements of society are enabled and also we have police monitoring thousands of cameras recording everywhere we go permanently.

  5. Taiwan is part of China. To suggest otherwise is to rewrite history.

    Whether Taiwan should be part of China is a different question altogether.

  6. I get it, you don’t like Big Farmer.
    I’ve spoken against a bunch of the worst aspects of industrial dairy myself.
    But there is a lot of misunderstand of farming by city folks in the concrete jungle who are quite keen for climate policy to hurt everyone except them in their subsidized EVs with their subsidized public transport.
    The Paris climate accord we signed didn’t want food production taxed for carbon, yet Labour decide to tax the most carbon friendly farmers in the world.
    It’s a world first- in stupidity when the food then gets made somewhere else with a bigger carbon footprint.
    Fortunately this is a fight the government will lose and rightly so.

    • Ever since I was a kid and I’m now in my 60s. Farmers have been crying about how victimized by Government policy they are…fuck off and do something else then…

  7. So who do you suggest we trade with Martyn? Europe? America? We belong to the strongest economic region ASIA and they’re only a hop skip from us.

  8. As someone above mentioned, it was Clark that signed the free trade agreement with China. That was in the heady days of Deng Xiaoping and foolish pundits who thought China would slowly liberalize, when instead it’s turned into an *actual* fascist state.

    However, that agreement made NZ a lot of money and helped buffer the impact of the GFC.

    But the world turns, and circumstances have changed again. China is now in a very brittle condition and could implode at any time. Farmers would be well advised to diversify out of China as fast as possible or they’ll have no chair when the music stops.

    As for Taiwan, they’re doing just fine. After the Ukraine debacle there is no way Xi would take that gamble. There’s a hundred miles of sea between the mainland and Taiwan and the Chinese would lose a million men in the sea before they even landed: The sons of one child families… then the US and EU would impose trade sanctions and destroy China’s economy.

  9. How many times did Creepy during his tenure visit China at the CCP’s behest, 8,9,10 times?
    Those that follow the dubious deals and nefarious strategies of the CCP Chinese Criminal Party, know that such trips are more about foreign influencing and currying special political inroads for the CCP’s future ambitions. It is also well known, that this entails ‘financial benefits.’ This may take, a multitude of forms, from hard cash, to promises of well paid future positions to business deals. With the number of times Key made trips to see his ‘Best Friend,’ one has to wonder, what kind of benieficial arrangements were made behind the scenes?
    Doesn’t anybody think that, while not innocuous at the time, that a unknown Chinese entity bought Key’s mansion for a higher than its value is more than unusual. Even more so, ever since the property was purchased, nobody has ever seen the owner, and it remains unoccupied to this day. The whole transaction needs close scrutiny. Including Creepy John.

  10. ” Are we going to talk about how Quisling National Party Corporate Farmers have addicted us to China yet?”
    Oooo … You’re getting dangerously close to the terrible truth Martyn Bradbury.
    AO/NZ’s ancient post invasion history, from the first flat white foot landing a pristine AO beach, to today, where people can be found living in the public shrubbery along Ponsonby Road there trails a long and toxic logical-fallacy history begging to be investigated. From sheep farmers to pig farmers to the producer boards to Parliament Buildings to the brothels and bars of some of the great cities in the world where they overplayed their greedy little soft white hands which forced a change in fortune for us all and of such magnitude you’d not believe it if I painted you a picture with text and directions.
    And now? China. Thanks to western interventions, a soulless, teaming hoard of bipeds. Reproducing, while eating in the front as they shit out the back. They’re like aphids in a trance. They’re born, they do, then they die. Repeat. And that’s now what we do. We’re exactly the same creatures of addiction. We must do what they have us do or our abusers will starve us of our need for a fix. Repeat. We AO/NZ’ers could be different. We could throw the capitalist-fascist-communist mold under a bus and go it alone. We’d flourish. We’d also need protection. That’s why King Charles the 3’rd please? And since AO/NZ’s likely to be the last country standing, can we ask Elon Musk and Mr Cock Rocket Bezos for a few stationary-orbit interception-missile carrier satellites to keep an eye out, out there? ( Well, it’s not ‘up’ tho is it? If you’re on a round thing in space, what’s up? Doc.

  11. Do you know what the CCP Chinese Criminal Party does when you don’t bow to the party’s authority. A severe beating, maybe a little torture, then you disappear. Possibly with some chopping out of organs in between the torture and the vanishing forever bit.
    We really shouldn’t be trading with them. But we love their money waaaay to much above ethics.
    Just ask Creepy John.

    ‘The idea that China is some nightmare police state when people there are relatively free from crime and abnormal freaks attacking them is quite funny from the position of living in New Zealand, where the worst elements of society are enabled and also we have police monitoring thousands of cameras recording everywhere we go permanently.’
    I lived in China for ten years. Our apartment was burgled three times. Our neighbour Mrs Hu was attacked and slashed with knives by two men wanting her handbag. We had to rush her to hospital by taxi because the ambulances in Shenyang will not come to your house unless you pay them. Likewise she had to pay for her treatment immediately upon arrival.
    My seventy year old mother-in-law went to the bank to pick up her pension money. She was followed by two men on bicycles who knocked her to the ground and snatched her handbag.
    My wife’s brother is a police officer in Jinzhou. He states that many unemployed and homeless people commit petty crimes and wait to be arrested. They will get a bed for the night and something to eat at the police station before they get kicked out in the morning(judges cannot be bothered with them).
    Shall I go on with another thousand words? I have not said anything about the amount of counterfeit money in circulation, the constant frauds, farmers selling meat from diseased pigs and chickens.
    At this stage Mark/Mohammed will produce a load of crap from The South China Morning Post, Xinhua News, or the China Daily to say how wonderful life is in Communist China and how everyone is in love with the Chinese Communist Party.
    Everyone has the right to be stupid but this bastard abuses the privilege.

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