Liz Truss will highlight the tragedy of identity politics


Liz Truss is a free market acolyte who hated BoJos windfall taxes on obscene profits because she is pro corporate profit.

Ideologically she is Margaret Thatcher on meth combined with all the ill deserved smugness of Tony Blair.

She will be a disaster for the UK and her free market solutions will cause a crippling wave of unemployment at a time of 13% inflation and energy prices exploding beyond peoples ability to pay.

She is currently being touted as some kind of diversity champion because no one in her top 4 are white men.

This shallow analysis highlights the tragedy of identity politics where the representation of diversity eclipses all else.

Two of the four are right wing lunatics who are as ideologically hard right as Truss…

Kwasi Kwarteng: free marketeer and Truss’s ideological soulmate becomes chancellor

An ideological soulmate of Truss from the free-market right, the Surrey MP is a relative latecomer to ministerial jobs – his first junior role came in late 2018 – but rose rapidly under Johnson to become a key member of his government.

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…their diversity provides no progressive insights to policy, because their wealth and privilege blot out class.

The same way a Parliament full of property owners never challenge homelessness in NZ.

The true demarcation of power in a capitalist democracy is between the 1% richest plus their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

This tory diversity simply represents the top 10% parroting free market dogma, it provides nothing towards insight of intersectionist power dynamics.

My thoughts are their combined free market experiment will fail horribly in light of looming economic calamity and that the Party will hilariously return to Boris Johnson in terror as they face annihilation at the Polls, or directly after it.

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  1. I love it – the Tories wokewash their Thatcherite front bench!

    Boris Johnson is an exasperating figure. It’s a crying shame that he couldn’t keep his sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur under control. Because in terms of policy, we was Britain’s best PM in half a century. He got Brexit done, he wasn’t afraid to tax corporations, he told UK universities they had to uphold free speech if they wanted Covid bailouts, he knew what is (and isn’t) a woman and wasn’t afraid to say so, he moved against illegal immigration, and he nationalized Northern Rail. The Thatcherites awaited their chance to get rid of him.

    • Well it’s a pity he was bullshitting on the reasons to leave the EU in the first place.

      He is the classic example of a person who somehow gets away with lying because he is a politician.

    • I must admit I find it highly highly amusing that the ‘I just don’t like darkies’ brexshiteers find themselves ruled over by the tinted sons and daughters of immigrants….and having different cultural values and being tories coupled with low intellect will destroy what is left of the UK…
      revenge for the raj and african colonies is well in hand.

      • How do we get knowledge and understand what we are doing in elections? I’ve been reading some fictional books from the past – Georgette Heyer for instance, the story built on the difference between the hidebound conservative complacent upper class and the lower classes with little future to become independent of them. Heyer made the point in a number of her stories about Grand Homes in the country where a large library of classics and acceptable books, beautifully bound in serried rows, are a prized decorative feature, but never opened by the lord of the estate who disdains reading as effete.

        The females are not allowed to read the news, an informed woman is getting above herself or becomes upset at reality. The poor, including most of the servants can’t read or write. So words from the Bible or ‘Jabberwocky’ would be all the same to them.
        (‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves / Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.’…)
        But wait! Hark! Are today’s educated literate citizens able now to make informed, sensible decisions in their elections? Do they understand the difference between a mere majority and a thumping vast agreement, all being informed until letters fall out their ears? Weeeeelll … not really! (Think Brexit, swayed by lies.)

        When a Scottish chap worked for Lady Barker as a shepherd on their station, she rode on her pony to give him the reading matter that Ruskin suggested for ongoing personal education and which he craved, jumping her pony over narrow river banks to reach his remote hut. Now different attitudes? TV done that, you bet! We need education for the masses to empower them, and it is a black day for a broad education when humanities is dropped in favour of science, night classes are dropped with opportunities to learn new skills etc and everything to be paid for out of purposely diminished wage levels. (Except for IT.) And choosing what is taught is largely left to the Mr and Mrs Conservative elected to school boards. (As a cultist EB type said to me about his plan to isolate his daughter from other children as well as mainstream education – ‘What could she possibly learn from them’?)

    • Yes, not many people would like to admit that Boris Johnson was largely to the left of Blair on quite a few issues.

  2. We do not need to look far to see a government that promises at lot especially to those at the bottom of the heap and then do nothing.

    • One difference being Liz Truss is a Thatcher fan, meaning she won’t even pretend to care ( slightly different from our Tory brigade as National in opposition pretend to be shocked/care when they don’t)

  3. History tells us that once a woman such as this gets into power, she’s likely to stay in power for as long as she can. Personally I feel Liz Truss’s appointment comes at an unfortunate time in world affairs and I, like millions others, don’t wish to see the UK economy dragged down. Time will tell.

  4. “Representation of diversity trumps all.”
    Great line that.Amazing how it’s gospel to many political parties.

  5. Truss is going to fix the energy crises. Nz government should take notes on how she will do this.

    Is she going to issue everyone with an EV, dig up more coal or install a government solar panel on each house.

  6. Liz Truss may be all of those things and the top four positions on the Cabinet show the shallowness of virtue signalling identity politics.
    However Truss does know what a women in. Adult human female. Sometimes small mercies are all we have

    • Please small men step forward, and sign up, for mercy’s sake. Your country needs you.

      What a start for the trussed, vowing friendship to Ukraine.
      It’s an echo of Thatcher wittering on to Gorbachev RIP, that the nuclear stand-off was good for peace while he gazed at her enthusiastic naivety gobsmacked. 2m trailer of Meeting Gorbachev

      2019 BBC 8.43m
      Werner Herzog Dec 2019 talking about making his documentary

      • Nice to compare her to Thatcher, Medvedev has done the same, saying Truss is trying to imitate Margaret Thatcher, “without having even 5% of her abilities. ”
        Britain had Wilson when I was young, since then with the exception of Thatcher (who I both despised for her economics and respected for her belligerent handling of chauvinist opponents) in terms of character and capability all British PMs have been a benighted bunch of mediocrities. And this is the third Conservative female PM, the Left have failed to produce any. That is damning.

  7. The right is simply using left-wing ideology against them. By being “diverse” (which is seemingly all the modern left cares about), they shield themselves from criticism. Just employ a hard-right trans, a hard-right lesbian, a hard-right person of colour, and a hard-right cripple and the left is silenced for fear of demonising their non-existent “minority voters” that they think they are pandering to and their base will vote for.

    • True Martyn. Truss will be a disaster for all but the rich listers. Particularly nasty is her deputy Therese Coffey -an extreme anti-abortion hardliner.

  8. Truss trying for the trope of wallpaper camouflage? Wearing a suit a similar colour to the seat she aims for so she appears to be the natural occupant? And Royal Purple seems to be the colour. How far can this one go?

  9. A black Tory is still a Tory. An Indian Tory is still a Tory.

    End of the day, the values of the non-white immigrant community overlap more with the Convervatives, rather than Labour. They came from countries with no social safety nets, generally have the attitude of ‘no work, no eat’, plus they are more or less homophobic, patriarchal and are anti-abortion.

    Perhaps it’s the left who should “build the wall” after all.

    • The left are working on that millsy only they misunderstood the idea, thinking there was a typo. They have been busy on ‘Build the wail!’

  10. but nitrium the cons brexshiteer base secretly hate the ‘diverse’ tories* but because of their refusal to see the truth of breexit can say nothing….their internalised seething pleases me….gammon aneurysms are funny

    *if you look at their CVs they’re about as diverse as peas in a pod.

  11. Well, when a political system nullifies the one truly decent politician to come its way – Jeremy Corbyn – no wonder you get a plethora of dangerous, entitled, useful idiots to front the political circus.

  12. They’ll be wanting Bojo back shortly!

    Starter will trip over his gender and get skewered by his own penis.
    And then, will Corbyn have a chance?

    • maggie actually introduced windfall tax on excessive bank profits…the current tories won’t..I despise maggie but waving her like a flag fools no one.

  13. Well the left has Keir Starmer, and that man would not find his ass without Angela Raynor pointing too it. lol

  14. Lizz Truss is the prime suspect in who killed the Queen!

    She was the last person to be seen with the Queen before she died!

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