While Greens wage war against white cis males, the NZ environment melts down


While Greens wage war against white cis males, the NZ environment melts down…

New Zealand native animals are heading towards extinction with advocates begging for help

New Zealand is known for its bird life, plants and reptiles but while these species are often recognised for their beauty, the outlook for their future survival is far from pretty. 

Stats New Zealand has found that a high proportion of New Zealand’s indigenous species are under threat of extinction.

It found 75 percent of reptiles, birds, bats and freshwater fish species are in that category.

…shouldn’t the Green Party like, you know, be on top of that seeing it’s environmental or is the focus on eliminating 100% white cis males first and then working on environment?

Maybe the cis mal bat deserves extinction?

The Greens pivot to middle class identity politics virtue signalling and endorsement of thugs veto cancel culture is fine for hating on Cracker, but is this really the dance th Greens want 6 months out from the next election?

The Right looks for recruits, The Left look for traitors.

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In the most recent Roy Morgan Poll out today, the Greens have taken a hit BEFORE the ramifications of Saturday’s ‘Pure Trans Joy’ are fully realised.

The deplorable manner in which MPI are pimps for commercial fishing has driven out environmentalists in the Hauraki Gulf conservation movement, but seeing as the member is white cis male, he is worse than bottom trawling.

Maybe the Greens should dump the pretence of environmentalism and just rebrand as The Rainbow Party seeing as this is the culture war destination they now want to drive to.

I think they will be very lucky to poll what they got in 2020.

Can someone else look politically advocate for the environment please?


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  1. I’m involved in a local forest restoration project. It’s all white males doing the actual work and not a green to be seen. I suspect because there’s no media mileage in it for them.

  2. The Greens waging war against white cis men is not the same as white cis men in Ukraine waging war.

    Perhaps war in your context doesn’t mean what you think it means ?

    • WTF is all this about “sissy” white men. I thought that the Greens were all in favour of them. As for calling transgenders sissies, didn’t that go out of fashion about the same time as calling gays “fags” and boasting about giving the missis a slap

  3. The white men of the Ukraine for the most part are the indigenous population of that country. I know its inconvenient for some people to admit, but white people are also indigenous people. Just not in NZ. The greens are not even waging war they are just sounding US made propaganda and critical race theory. Never mind that the issue of race is very different in the US then it ever was in NZ.

  4. Davidson was suffering temporary bike induced aphasia. Rather than disparage white cis males she was trying to rally support for sic whale time.

  5. ” Can someone else look politically advocate for the environment please?”

    What ? Just the Greens fault ? Shouldn’t saving the environment be every citizen’s job , after all certain citizens f#ked it.

  6. Same-sex-attracted males are also considered “cis” so I’m surprised nobody has called our her “white” homophobia.

    I’ve personally never met anybody the same colour as a piece of A4 paper. Melanin is brown, not white or black – follow the science.

    I also believe there is only one race – the human race. Sure there are different cultures and nations.. though only one race, the human race.

  7. This is a good site for this. The two rich-owned parties in America, the most the Republicans have to offer to their voters is anti-woke, and the Democrats, pro-woke.

    But NZ isn’t America.

  8. I see the violent trans fascist who assaulted Posie Parker is now claiming to have been spat on and assaulted after assaulting Posie:


    Seems a tad convenient. More likely she’s lying to try and shift the narrative because of the overwhelming negative response to her disgusting behaviour. None of this was mentioned in her ‘love and no-regrets’ tweets on the plane fleeing to New York (such a brave warrior for the trans cause).

    Perhaps anyone who was there and took footage of the aftermath could who her up for the liar she is?

    • The media likes to claim this was a clash or a battle.
      This is clearly bullshit.
      Thousands enacting medieval mob violence against a handful of innocent brave women is what happened on Saturday.
      The hard lefts own definition of mysogny, that is a power imbalance against women by men and the traditional definition of mysogny as hating women equally apply here.

  9. I won’t be voting for them, and I’m a lifetime Green/Alliance/Labour voter and class leftist.

    The violence and racism they showed against women is the last straw for me, on top of their pathetic climate non-actions.

  10. Nobody has mentioned yet the utterly horrified look on James Shaw’s face as he looked on at Marama as she answered questions in the House and refused to apologise for her absurd outburst.

  11. Here is some helpful information as rational people attempt to codify the spectrum of genders that each individual seems to have a personal claim within.
    Unlike sex, a binary concept, gender is a spectral concept. And gender is not fixed for all time, it’s fluid. The microbiome is mutable; cultural memes amplify, deamplify and reamplify over time.

    It seems to me that a good way for demographers to document gender is through a scale from one to nine. One through to three could be characterised as ‘female gender’, four-to-six as ‘non-binary gender’, and seven-to-nine as ‘male gender’. So a somewhat ‘macho’ male might be described as ‘male sex, male (9) gender. And some ‘trans’ women might be best described as ‘male sex, female (3) gender. For short, for data-coding purposes, these two example people could be listed as ‘m9’ and ‘m3’. F1 through to f3 would translate to ‘cis-female’ in the jargon now used by many as gender identifiers. The mere use of this new jargon is of itself a cultural self-identifier.

    It is important to note that the prefixes ‘cis’ and ‘trans’ do indicate that the gender-diverse community does in fact make the distinction between sex and gender, and therefore does not fully deny the reality of genetic sex; the issue is deemphasis, not denial. The issue that impassions that community seems to be to render the concept of sex as unimportant, even unnecessary. But, in the sciences of biology, demography and epidemiology, sex can never be redundant.


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