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Climate Change the New white Colonialist oppression…

The Amazon rainforest has already reached a crucial tipping point

Indigenous leaders from the nine countries and territories that encompass the Amazon region have presented a report today that says so much of the rainforest has been lost that it has reached a crucial tipping point, that would turn forest to savannah, earlier than expected.

Vast swathes of the southern Amazon rainforest have gone and the rest will follow if deforestation isn’t halted, the leaders told the fifth Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Lima, Peru.

Researchers have predicted that once a certain amount of the Amazon rainforest is lost, it will no longer be able to hold the necessary moisture and generate the rainfall it needs to support itself. This would set off a chain reaction as the world’s largest rainforest transforms into a savannah incapable of regenerating itself.

…fancy that. Indigenous leaders drawing on their traditional knowledge, backed up with modern scientific research are ignored.

Couldn’t happen here. Surely?

Pacific leaders call for coal mining to be shut down to save island nations from effects of climate change

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…“We’re simply seeking for the rights of small island states to survive,”…


…the two big brothers of the Pacific have largely ignored their neighbours’ calls to meet the challenges of climate change.

Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.


  1. Are these Pacific Islands these same ones that are snuggling up to China .The same China that is constructed coal fired power stations all over the World .

    • Employing some nuance Trev Canary, may assist you.

      Small Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian states have been mostly at the bottom of the heap regarding Australia, the US and New Zealand–unless it suited their purposes regarding geo politics or resource extraction, or even–penal colonies!. NZ probably has a better record over time than the other two however.

    • the same china which has fossil fuel reduction policies that they’re actually following at home…if others want coal fired plants it would be undemocratic of the totalitarian evil CCP to deny them that freedom
      …wouldn’t it trev?

  2. Don’t fret remember the billion trees Labour/NZF were going to plant or is that just another broken promise or was it an aspiration?

  3. Don’t fret remember the billion trees Labour/NZF were going to plant or is that just another broken promise or was it an aspiration?


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