MEDIAWATCH: Rotorua’s Golden Mile obscenity becoming Labour’s ‘Key’s-kids-in-cars’ political moment.


TVNZs Sunday programme, a current affairs magazine styled show that barely ever causes any stir has burst into fourth estate life with the arrival of John Campbell.

His super power to lift all journalists near him seems to have inspired a blistering appraisal of the Government’s horrendous homeless into motel program along Rotorua’s famous ‘golden mile’.

The policy started by Key as a response to people living in cars has cost a bewildering $1.2billion to date and was always offered up as better solution than people living on the street.

That defence of ‘it’s better than being homeless’ has run out of road by the TVNZ Sunday expose.

This is an important tipping point for Labour and they seem oblivious to it.

You can tell when the Government are oblivious to a political danger when Megan Woods is still talking.

The Managerial Professional Class that our self serving Public Service have mutated into like to manage contract KPIs, they don’t actually do much themselves, so the management of these vulnerable high need families is subcontracted out to the cheapest local provider with the barest of oversight and resourcing.

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It’s cheaper to keep funding a counter productive short term band aid than seize half the golf courses in each city using the public works act to mass build state houses.

The image of families living in cars shocked NZ and turned them against National.

The image of gross incompetence and clearly failed social policy compounding the misery of those families in cars will turn many against Labour.

And the Greens.

This yawning chasm of need is occurring while Marama is the Minister of Homelessness, this is politically damaging for her and the Party as a whole!

Once ACT start nailing her to this failure, the Greens will start burning off support.

Luckily for Labour, this grotesque failure to invest in State Housing is National’s legacy and so they have no credibility whatsoever on the issue of Housing.

This opens up genuine electoral ground for another Party with solutions.

TOP, NZF and the Māori Party could all benefit if they have a clear path to home ownership.

2023 could be so polarised that it generates a broken MMP full spectrum where National and Labour don’t get higher than early 30s, ACT cannibalises National vote and a group of 5% threshold parties all push through.

Rotorua’s Golden Mile obscenity is quickly becoming Labour’s ‘John-Key’s-kids-in-cars’ political moment.

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  1. For 1.2 billion they could have built 2400 $500K homes already or many more medium density three storey apartments. It’s a fact worth repeating.

    • Here in New Plymouth our huge racecourse has just been leased out for $1 a year for 30 years. Our public golf course is on what was originally Maori reserve land. Our settler councils have the envious record of managing to steal 99% of all land in Taranaki that was set aside as Maori reserve. I am not counting the huge swathes of productive farmland confiscated after the land wars just the pathetic small plots set aside.

      • Similar story for Tauranga racecourse / golf. Council took submissions this year whether to repurpose all or part of it including for housing. I was shocked to read it was Maori who rejected housing in favor of continued green / recreational spaces, so there went that opportunity. To be fair, most other submissions rejected housing as well. I just don’t get it

  2. +100%

    “The Managerial Professional Class that our self serving Public Service have mutated into like to manage contract KPIs, they don’t actually do much themselves, so the management of these vulnerable high need families is subcontracted out to the cheapest local provider with the barest of oversight and resourcing.”

    “This yawning chasm of need is occurring while Marama is the Minister of Homelessness, this is politically damaging for her and the Party as a whole!”

    The reality of what we had before was a lot better than getting the corporates in to manage rental housing – because then it becomes about profitability and creating monopolies – that the left seem to be getting excited by.

    Lefties are so clueless and with so little critical thinking, they are now cheerleaders with the right wingers and woke on more subsidies to construction & social bond companies, more cheap, migrant, unskilled, illegal labour for construction, remove democracy from councils and planning, remove environment and quality in housing, make sure that the middle and working class can only save into corporate owned retirement plans which become worthless with the next financial crisis.

    Give to a corporate, not a worker!

      • For around $250k per year. Do you think we’re getting value for money?

        8 news releases
        Not one ‘Bill’ presented in parliament
        100 facebook hui
        Oh! and some kinda PR for a Block of Chocolate

        Over the past (nearly) five years. FFS!

  3. The government could rent properties of the free market at full market rate and still save a dollar and a penny.

    • Aka that is what housing NZ did (aka run a profit but at a fraction of market rates), before the left had a brainfart and marketers destroyed it with Kiwibuild and giving Housing NZ land away to private developers.

      Let’s go back to what worked! State and council houses (only), and private small landlords creating an ecosystem around NZ instead of concentrating on key profit areas that corporates want.

      What we used to have was much more efficient than paying corporates and motel owners to build and run social housing and bringing socially poor people into areas like Rotorua which then creates other social concern of having too many high needs people into small urban areas.

      Better to have renters in stand alone housing with private landlords bearing the risk, than expecting the taxpayers to fund the stupidity of billions of social housing rentals at huge rents.

      • Most commenters on this site are dead against private landlords – Martyn has pictures of them as slugs. But you, Save NZ, who writes commonsense comments, agree that private landlords (small) might not be such a bad thing afterall – whereas to Martyn ALL landlords are slugs….

          • You’re right the picture was of leeches – but Save NZ in his/her/whatever commonsense seems to think theres a place for small scale landlords – can’t disagree – the state doesn’t have the capacity to house everyone on its own.

          • Problem with wokies is that they are quick to cancel everything, but don’t have working solutions to replace it, just some cherry picking of completely different situations from around the world, and many people are forced into unpleasant situations for years at great costs and disruption, while government work it all out – in general they work out it doesn’t work, but then employ bus loads of communications people to pretend the opposite.

            Has not worked to cancel the small landlords, then go into debt for billions for hotels and corporates at worst facilities, then pack peddle and buy up expensive housing to replace the land you just gave away for Kiwibuild, then expect people (kids) to wait for literally years in a hotel, for a worst solution to the traditional state house, or private landlord house and meanwhile established a massive pile of government debt on what used to be highly profitable (Housing NZ).

            Woke too quick to CANCEL everything based on some personal dispute they had in the past, and not willing to look at different points of view, do small pilots first, and practical ways of how to get anything to work in NZ.

            Once woke destroy something, they get tired of replacing it, and move onto something else to centralise and full up with more bureaucrats. Housing, Polytechs, health care, etc, full of more consultants and employees, higher waiting lists.

  4. Absolutely correct in saying National won’t win from this, as every knows they give less fucks than Labour!

    And yes, we are screaming out for a party who genuinely wants to fix housing. They will boost past 10% easily if they are convincing, a Housing First Party!

    • There absolutely needs to be a new political party that is not dripping in woke bullsh*t or for that matter self-serving arseholes happy to sell the country down the river for ‘contributions’ from the local PRC mole . . a political party for all NZ’ers that is completely focused on improving the lives for all NZ’ers and addressing the real and clear issues that this country is facing.
      Won’t happen.

    • US here in Rotorua have been saying that for over a year now and we were shouted down as “jacinda’ haters.
      never mind the obscenity that was in and still is in plain sight.
      Coming soon to a place near you if it is not already there.

      • the situation in rotorua does seem particularly bad but bratty you are a ‘jacinda hater’ so don’t be surprised when people see you as such

        • Personally if all you have to say to someone who points out that shoving someine in a motel for years on end with kids and all, no cooking facilities, no laundry facilities, among druggies, drug cooks, drug peddlers, pimps/prostitutes and returning 501 that they must hate Jacinda then I take that comment as a compliment. Because it was meant to shut me up and they like you are failing spectacularly in shutting me up. 🙂 And now the shame of Jacinda Ardern is on everyones telly, just as it was when the treatment of our unhoused (many whom have jobs btw) was made public then by John Campbell.
          Did you know that these warehoused people who are on a benefit are charged 25% of their benefit for that substandard, grotty, moldy, unsanitary and unsafe accommodation? I must be hating Jacinda. 🙂

  5. Why did the Labour Government in successive elections promise to fix homelessness and poverty when they had no idea how to do so or had no intention?

  6. It took me less than a couple of minutes to unearth these wondrous stats on tremendous Kiwis doing wonderful things for their communities. Like legitimising their criminalities then stealing the wealth then watching on idly in a self congratulatory, sociopathic sort of way as normal people succumb unnecessarily to poverty, debt, depression, despair, then prison, then the grave.
    ‘NBR lists richest Kiwis’
    “Find out who in the automotive industry has made the annual top 100 of the country’s wealthiest individuals and families.“
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

  7. and that just about sums it up bratty, politics is no longer about conviction but which shill gets the corner office

  8. what in? star trek studies and a mail order MBA

    IF YOU HAVE TO BOLSTER AN ARGUMENT BY REFERENCE TO ‘HOW SMART’ YOU ARE’ chances are you’re as thick as fuck
    and I say that as a nuclear rocket scientist, abstract mathematician, mountain climber and international man of mystery

  9. If Key didn’t sell off the social housing in the BOP and built at least the same number in their 9 years, Rotorua (& NZ) wouldn’t have the problem they have now. Key also sold off surplus crown land including Teachers, NZR, State, Electricity, Police, Govt houses to property developers and those properties would also have come in handy.
    I suggest that iwi/hapu/whanau, where possible make their papakainga or other lands available to build social housing to house their whanau – especially the ones in the Rotorua (and other) motels and the homeless. Get them out of the cities and back to the land to grow their own veges, etc.

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