Why Professor Kidman’s appointment to an Academy of Extremism is so problematic


We are entering a time of unparalleled domestic threats.

I am convinced there is a 50-50 chance of some type of political violence before or during the 2023 election.

Can you imagine for 30 seconds the horror and furious explosion within NZ culture if some feral Qanon Sheriff took a swing at the Prime Minister? The tinder dry political and cultural environment of this country would combust in a backlash that would border on civil war.

We are far closer to the precipice than we appreciate.

I think hate algorithms alongside the enormous mental harm caused by the forced isolation of this unique universal event is exploding in crime, domestic violence and self harm. I think the looming economic recession will be depression era levels of financial damage because of the supply side dynamics at play.

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As bad as you think it is now, wait till we have a 10% inflation rate.

Desperate people are writhing in agony and going nuts.

That’s why it was so essential for NZ to NOT allow the Dumb Lives Matter fiasco on Parliament’s Lawns to metastasise into the dark treacle of hate that has oozed into the political subterranean.

That’s why it was so important to de-escalate because the bad faith actors who most certainly were there to recruit, were gifted a propaganda coup by Mallard’s spiteful childishness and stupid tactics.

What was the conclusion to the Parliament protests?

We radicalised 10 000 new recruits for the far right and as I have been predicting, this sudden blowback of previous actions is now being used by the SIS and GCSB for vast new powers and resources to come after the new enemies.

That’s why the appointment of someone like Professor Joanne Kidman to the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism is so counterproductive and problematic.

This new Ministry of Truth will help the lidless Eye of Morder work out who the intelligence apparatus should focus on when it comes to domestic terrorism.

Professor Joanne Kidman is the public academic who has led crusades and social media Lynch mobs on great breaches of woke culture wars dogma.

There was her attack on the Listener 7 scientists…

…Then there was her fear a cat named by Auckland University was a hate crime…

…the good professor was also the one who called out and started the woke cancellation of Dress Maker Trelise Cooper for a dress called the ‘Trail of Tiers’ which Kidman argued was a play on the ‘Trial of Tears’, the genocidal forced march of 46,000 Native Americans between 1830 and 1850 by the United States federal government.

Hands up who thinks for one second that Trelise bloody Cooper had any idea whatsoever what the Trail of Tears was or intended to culturally appropriate a genocidal forced march?

Kidman wanted Cooper cancelled for a dress, that’s her threshold for hate and extremism, a dress maker who had no idea of an indigenous atrocity.

That’s the person in charge of an Academy on Extremism? Someone who is triggered by a dress and who used their platform to start a woke Lynch mob?

We need the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism to advise the Eye of Mordor on whom to burn, we need surgical precision here, not someone who thinks a fucking dress is a hate crime!

When it came to spying on Muslims, Nicky Hager, Me, Greenpeace, Māori protesting oil drilling, environmentalists and the MANA Party, oh the State breached our civil liberties without blinking, but when it came to a white supremacist terrorist who used white supremacy keywords online, who was downloading extremist material online, who was generating complaints from other gun owners as to his behaviour on gun ranges and whom Police screwed up the gun licence of, when it came to all that, apparently our entire Intelligence Apparatus failed and didn’t have any idea whatsoever that a terror attack was being planned on our soil for two years.

How will this Extremism Academy succeed where they all failed?

This is the list of NZ security apparatus, many acronyms you’ve never heard of, who are supposed to keep us safe with mass surveillance powers from domestic terrorism…

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

…how about these agencies that cost us what, $200 million per year to stare into the abyss and ask ‘what if’, how about they start doing their fucking job and immediately identify the true threats to our political system rather than appoint virtue signals and pretend that’s a response.

This isn’t left wing or right wing anymore, this is about us! There is a rising tide of extremism and the conditions for making it worse are all collapsing in upon us. We don’t need the extreme force of the State brought on anyone other than real threats, in case we start radicalising those miss-targeted and speed up the process of extremism.

Once we start this rollercoaster you can’t stop it.

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  1. There’s going to be a civil conflict and anyone suggesting that massive inequality on the back of a housing Ponzi fuelled by neo-colonial migration levels is not the key underlying driver has their head up their fucking arse.

    • NZdrs are generally pretty sensible, we’re just going to vote out this Govt while we’ve still got a democracy to do it with.

  2. Professor Kidman is the poster child of why the public is losing respect for so-called academics.

    • Yeah, It’s a real shame that academia, professors, universities etc, generally speaking and certainly not all of them, have fallen from being respected pilots and reseviours of learning, to frankly just weak, obedient non challenging, idiots really.
      Like they are worthy of some ridicule and contempt.

      I’m surprised and disappointed, it’s a sad thing.

      This non scientific activism must’ve been around for ever. Perhaps resulting in good things like femininism and removal of racist laws.

      I noticed the ‘woke stupidity’ when Jordan Peters on got famous for not wanting to be forced to use some language as per Canadian government law (?), and the following exposure of academic cancellation of dissident thought nonsense was exposed.

      This idea is that universities and academics harbour and promote twisted socially destructive forces , is very very bad… Pol Pot, Mao etc are brought to mind.

      Languages are good, learning a language is very good and learning Te Reo is good.
      Does practicality and social engineering based on academic theory or activism come into it?

      Reminds me also of my kids school, the teachers all, well the senior teachers especially who maybe see it as a promotion chance, or for keeping their job, seemingly embrace and promote Maori language. I wonder why because there are no Maori kids in one class, and two Maori kids in the other who don’t speak any Maori…
      I just wonder who the Deputy head is speaking to, when he looks slightly embarrassed reciting a mihi at a meeting.
      I have level 2 Te Reo Maori, got it like 20 years ago with the free classes at Unitec.
      But I doubt even 98% of the audience understand what he is saying…

      Commincation 101 is target m your language to your audience.

      Practicality of education, knowledge and production;
      Should a factory worker in South Auckland with 6 kids, have money taxed out of his wages, so someone can get a degree in lesbian dance theory?

      I just want to be left alone, like the cartoon says in Martyn’s state surveillance blog.

      For me part of that is let me keep more of my money,
      or at least stop using it for Joanne Kidman’s hate list beuracracy, or for nonsense academic rabbit holes.

      So I can have more money I need to look after myself, my family, my freinds and the people around me.

      • Alan M: “….learning Te Reo is good….”

        Agreed. Everyone who wants to do so, seize any opportunities you get. Just so long as – if you aren’t Maori – you don’t think that you’re contributing to the revival of the language. You aren’t. Even if you’re Maori, the chances aren’t great.

        “…senior teachers especially who maybe see it as a promotion chance…”

        Either they don’t understand how languages survive and thrive, or they do, and this is just something that they feel obliged to go along with.

        If any language is to survive – let alone thrive – it needs native speakers. I’m a native speaker of English. It was the first language I learned to speak, and I spent the first years of my life hearing only English spoken around me. This is what Maori themselves must do for their babies: it’s the only way the language will survive. The rest of us cannot help, no matter how keen we may be to do so.

        The language is now on life support: as far as I can tell from census stats and the like, there are now no native speakers, which makes Maori a dead language. Not extinct, just dead, as is Latin. The closest NZ gets is having people who are bilingual: I have young extended family members who are bilingual. But that won’t save a critically endangered language such as Maori.

        In my view, it’s pointless to waste resources in schools: that’s not what’s needed for revival.

  3. castro, what exactly is neo-colonial migration, if you mean neo-lib importation of cheap labour just say so a frankly bogus link to ‘trigger word’ colonialism clarifies nothing.

  4. Martyn
    This has the distinct look of Jacinda and maybe Robertson working in the background. This looks like Jacinda’s vision of NZ. Obviously there’ll be no trace much like there’s no trace of Mahuta being the ‘Don’ that gives clear instructions….in the background. There’s a lot of weird sinister stuff creeping up from behind that the public will not like at all, once it all comes to light. Turns out that social engineering
    and mind control is this govt’s greatest skill….maybe it’s greatest legacy. How else does one explain 900 working people in govt PR and 88 people in PR at NZTA, a fucking road building dept, and not counting the massive spend on external ‘communication and policy consultants’. And now this weird new department? So much to be undone here that the right could campaign on that alone.

    • You are correct JK but it’s disappointing to see many people are still taken in by this sinister Labour Government agenda.

  5. Just another example of institutional capture by woke social justice ideology.

    And as you say, in their self-righteous certainty they refuse to see that one extreme breeds another. Anyone looking for a reason to slash university funding will have taken note of this unfortunate development.

  6. The appointment of Professor Kidman shows how out of touch and bizarre the likes of Andrew Little have become.

    I hear Andrew is a nice guy. Go home to your family Andrew. The job is doing your head in. We have a health staff crisis, the likes of which we have never seen and your re-structuring the health bureaucracy????? Stopped re-designing the restaurant menu man, the ship is sinking, deploy the life boats

  7. The level of incompetence shown in Tarrant’s case was almost indistinguishable from either intent or corruption, but sadly in this case it is most likely the former, despite having spawned a number of false flag type conspiracies. But on the plus side, budgets were increased, powers enhanced & civil liberties removed, so I’d call that a win for the security services.

  8. Reading her comments you have to wonder why Professor Kidman was chosen.

    Unprofessionalism and bullying seem to be represented by her public comments. “99% of university history professors need a curfew and ankle bracelet”. Don’t hold back, Joanne!

    Curfews and ankle bracelets?????? What to expect if the woke get there way – woke totalitarianism.

    And this is the leader of the new government woke terrorist woke task force.

    No wonder Natz are overtaking Labeen without having to do anything – Labeen have lost the plot this term and overloaded the country with these wokers.

    • The new agency Whenua Taurikura (translates to a country at peace) is charged with promoting social cohesion and rooting out extremism. The appointment of a highly divisive extremist (Joanna Kidman) to run the show is bizarre/sinister. Her commitment to peace and cohesion? “Who am I as an Indigenous scholar; and, who are we as Native scholar-activists? Settler/Colonizer, we are your worst nightmare.”

      Not sure how much of a scholar or how indigenous she is but she sounds like someone agitating for civil war more than anything else. Make no mistake, these are committed activists with an agenda wholly at odds with their social cohesion claim; promoted and paid for by the the Prime Minister’s department. Thanks Jacinda.

      • David George – Kidman’s quotes setting indigenous people aka Maori, in opposition to those she labels as Settler/ Coloniser is racial profiling, which is always inane, counter-productive, very divisive, and certainly far from scholarly.

        The PM’s radical advisers will know what Ms Kidman is like, and this may be part of the continuum which saw Trevor Mallard turning the hoses on parliamentary protestors, and Michal Whatshisname referring to them as a river of filth, i.e.the government complicit in turning people against each other, for whatever purpose.

        • All factions within the colonial regime – National, ACT, Labour, Greens, Te Pati Maori – that is, all those who give their allegiance to the British Queen – perpetuate the damaging fiction that the defining feature of the nation is ethnic conflict between Maori and Pakeha, when in reality the conflict is between colonialism and rangatiratanga, with Maori and Pakeha on both sides, as they have been throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The nastiness will not go out of New Zealand politics until we have fully eradicated colonialism. Professor Kidman is doing nothing to bring forward that happy state of affairs, but neither are her critics.

      • David George: “Not sure how much of a scholar or how indigenous she is…”

        She’s the daughter of Ian and Fiona Kidman. Her mother (well-known to my generation as a writer) is pakeha, her father was of Maori descent. As I understand things, Ian Kidman’s mother was Maori, his father pakeha. Ian Kidman was a remarkable person:

        So: she’s indigenous, in the same sense as are all of the rest of us who were born here. I can’t attest to her being a scholar: judging by her tweets, she isn’t anything like as measured and careful with the use of language as were the academics who taught me in the uni system, many years ago.

        “….these are committed activists with an agenda wholly at odds with their social cohesion claim…”

        Yes. She comes across as a rabble-rouser. That’s what her intemperate language and complete absence of argument suggest. And in the present febrile climate, we need this sort of person in such a position like we need toothache.

        Reading her tweets, I’m reminded of Robert Mugabe. And everyone my age at least knows how that situation turned out.

    • saveNZ: “…99% of university history professors need a curfew and ankle bracelet”.”

      Here’s the thing: isn’t she (or wasn’t she) partnered up with Vincent O’Malley? He’s a historian. I wonder how he feels when she comes out with that sort of hostile, unscholarly tosh? I wonder if it’s a case of a woman scorned. If you know what I mean….

    • Does it really though? These are the circles this govt (including the Prime Minister) moves in.

      Doesn’t surprise me at all.

      • Comes as no surprise to me either it’s totally consistent with the current government’s agenda.

  9. There will be civil conflict. It’s being scripted as I write. The very last thing the Kiwi-As hyper riche want is for the truth to escape the zoo so they’ll need to throw out a little diversion or two. Like bankrupting the country then have us at each others throats.
    AO/NZ =5 million people.
    AO/NZ bigger in land area than the UK with 67 million.
    Primary industry is agriculture employing 50 odd thousand directly.
    AO/NZ had third highest standard of living in the 1970’s.
    Now in the 2000’s = broke, angry, ignorant and fucked. Except for the Kiwi-As hyper riche. They just got richer and richer and richer.
    Now? Who do you suppose is behind the scripting social unrest to stir up civil war? Hmmmmmmm…?
    In who’s interests is it that we start to rip each others throats out? Farmers? They’ve too fractionated, exhausted and broke to pick up a pencil much less drive rebellion. Ag Action? GroundSwell? That’s not a farmers idea, that’s neoliberal Machiavellian confederates plonked in the middle of desperation and fear, that’s what that was. All the cockies did was drive their fucking tractors slowly around while achieving nothing.
    We, the general public of AO/NZ? We don’t even have trade unions left much less an aggrieved, united urban infrastructure to wind up to go rampaging through the streets to point state trained and funded goons at.
    And I don’t agree that we don’t have a Left Wing and a Right Wing. We do, it’s just that it’s buried under the rubble of our democracy. Our democratic mechanism has been derailed by neoliberalism and neoliberalism is rebranded fascist capitalism.
    The civil unrest will come in to play when the fascist capitalists ( AKA neoliberalism, remember.) start to use force to quell the desperate, the hungry, the homeless and the gangs who are, by extension, the army of the desperate.
    In short. We’re all being played. We’re being played by the hyper riche. We’re being manipulated into thinking we’re one and others enemy when in reality the enemy drives past you and me in the brand new Tesla to their swanky, wanky Mc Mansion in Remuera dahlings.
    Why do you think voting is regarded as a casual affair when enrolment is mandated. Why do you now owe your soul to foreign banksters just because you took a shine to that frilly Ponsonby Hut? Why were trade unions deregulated? That, right there is power and control exerted over us delivered by stealth by fascist capitalists AKA neoliberals. If I was a God botherer I’d say milton friedman was a demonic entity who’s unleashed a Hellish thing on us and our world.
    Milt, FYI.

      • I think Ben that CB has been thinking longer, harder, deeper than you and what we get sometimes is stream of consciousness and that’s a sign to him that he has to go and have a cup of tea and a sitdown away from the devil’s device.

        • A cup of tea and a lie-down would be a good idea. I recall Chris Trotter telling the rambler as such, but it appears said rambler did not agree.

  10. Really cant say anything on Facebook anymore, the algorithms have this habit of giving you 7 day, 2 week, month, 6 month bans for some pretty benign statements and not even publish the comment they ban you for, never hits the surface but you get punished for your opinion regardless.
    Currently on a 7 day ban for suggesting that investors should burn some more in this overheated housing market, it was ‘inciting violence’ according to Facebook. Probably ban me for saying whack them with hankies too, no longer can you express how you feel, its social engineering to the max

    • The irony of the authoritarian CCP stooge “Mark” on a western blog crying his free speech has been curtailed.
      Do tell.

      • We all know that your statements in favour of genociding Palestinians won’t be banned, bud. Why is that?

        • I assume you are talking to Mark, John White? I have never spoken against the Palestinian people although terrorism is never justified.
          As a matter of fact it was my disgust at Mark posting on The Standard – and being allowed to do so by moderator Bill about Muslim people “getting what they deserve” or words to that effect – that lead to me leaving that site some years ago.
          I do accept apologies though.

        • John White I dont even post on the Palestinian threads, I hope you are talking to Mark otherwise WTF are you talking about?

  11. The best thing to come from the the protest at parliament is. It’s ended LINOs reign of terror.

    Labours at 31.5% and tanking. Will the Dr beat 23%?

  12. There is a scurrilous rumour doing the rounds that the good Doctor is related to Mr Ormsby- please say it ain’t so

  13. LINOs ‘REIGN OF TERROR’ really tane? such overegging of the pudding makes YOU ridiculous, stick to what she can be critisised for, let’s face it there’s no shortage of that.

  14. Here’s a 2021 tweet from the pseudo-academic in question (let’s be honest, she doesn’t pursue genuine scholarship) following Woke sociopaths in the US (recently critiqued by Glenn Greenwald) in deploying Critical Race Theory dogma & the resulting climate of fear & censorship to publicly attack close colleagues and hence entrench her own power & prospects (just a whiff of the self-serving motivation underlying many of the early 17C witch-hunts) …
    Prof Joanna Kidman tweet: “Wow, it never stops feeling painful when Pakeha colleagues erase your contribution to a project by removing everything you’ve written and putting their own words in place. How’s your morning going ?” … the highly manipulative performative martyrdom of the classic Vulnerable Narcissist … the kind of contrived melodrama much loved by her affluent Pakeha Woke allies, allowing them to indulge in yet another Purity Spiral.

    • Swordfish. I think it’s possible that Kidman is just race-baiting, which seems to me to be a pejorative of her ethnic group, but denounced as racism if done by others. I have to say that it hasn’t been a norm within academia which has historically, theoretically, been open to new and different ideas and ideologies. The downgrading of the universities, plus New Zealand’s woeful anti-intellectualism and general dumbing down of the education system, probably produces sub-mediocre performances and the exiling of good brains. Ireland long ago did this to its poets and literati who survived to tell the tale, but here any direct import into government policy by mutilated thinkers does not augur well for us societally.

      I’m mentally running through our poets, and thinking thank God they survived, but there could be more book burning to come. Arnold Wall’s delightful 1912 “ A Century of New Zealand’s Praise”, a not-unkind poetical account of the probable prehistoric state of New Zealand, may now be my most dangerous possession.

      • Snow White: “I think it’s possible that Kidman is just race-baiting…”

        That’s certainly possible. In my view, this sort of thing isn’t racism, no matter who does it. Racism is the preserve of governments. I’d describe what Kidman does as ethnic chauvinism. Still unlovely, of course, and reflects very poorly upon her.

        I must say, I’d be a bit surprised if she hasn’t been taken aside for a little chat, by the Dean of her department. If that hasn’t happened, maybe everyone is so intimidated by her that they don’t call her out for it? It’s undignified behaviour on the part of someone who purports to be an academic. As I said above, she puts me in mind of Robert Mugabe. And we all know how THAT situation turned out….

        “…denounced as racism if done by others.”

        Yes indeed. I think we’d be moderated out of the comment threads on this blogsite, were we to try it.

        At the time of the matauranga Maori frou-frou, I read a republished tweet from Dr Wiles (she of the pink hair who, mercifully, appears to have gone to ground), which was equally unscholarly, and also reflected very poorly upon her. So there’s a bit of it about, evidently.

    • Yes, and the appointment of a chief witch smeller at all tells us the woke are completely blind to their own clergy filling the roles previously taken by old religion.

      • Keepcalmcarryon. It’s worse than religion because religion has been on the ebb, generally, for the past 100 or so years, and in this country, officially a secular society, it has no political clout, unlike these woke extremists who have now infiltrated government.

        Where religion is not in retreat, it is the fundamentalist extremes in the ‘ Religions of the Book” – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – and possibly now in India, Hinduism, a historically tolerant religion, who are becoming political agitators, and all extremes, in my opinion, are bad news.

        The shooting down and labelling of those who differ, without engaging in dialogue about points of difference, or even identifying such points, looks to me like rabble rousing, and it should have no place in academia – or in politics.

  15. I still reckon that the unwanted music had a place but it was after offering to talk to short written questions and hold discussions that would have had to be run to time with one person speaking at a time.

    Before the talks you say if they are not able to be held and people be heard, we will play some of your unfavourite music. So let’s korero. There is an art in dealing with this sort of situation, put your fists in woolly gloves.

  16. A Professor using dickhead word in a communication? I don’t trust emotional street language trying to be thoughtful meaningful statements. No way can such a person be trusted to be balanced.

  17. it’s interesting how bourgeoise neo-libs are better at ‘entryism’ than any trotskyite ever was… mind you probably the same middle class cohort that used to be trots.

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