Here’s why Aloha Luxon’s Hawaii holiday is so politically damaging


You can always tell when the latest self inflicted mistake by Luxon has caused real political damage to his brand because the Right Wing Trolls go into super defense mode.

All the usual suspects have popped up telling us that it’s unfair to judge poor Chris Luxon for having a holiday, everyone is allowed a holiday, why be so jealous about his holiday, mumble mumble mumble Hawaii, it’s just a silly mislabelled social media post, the Left are so desperate to deflect, nothing to see here, mumble mumble mumble Hawaii.

To all of that I say, bullshit!

This has been an enormous fuck up to Luxon’s brand, and the fact National tried to hide him being in Hawaii by loading his week long social media feed to look like he was in NZ alerts us to the reality that they knew him holidaying in Hawaii while he is singing the cost of living crisis blues to a domestic audience would be politically damaging.

It’s the exact same problem he has with the tax cuts.

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The fundamental problem for every right wing politician selling tax cuts is the following: Average Punter asks how much they are getting in tax cuts, and under National that’s $850 per year, and then they ask the politician trying to sell the tax cut how much they are getting, and in Luxon’s case it will be $18000 and average punters say fuck off – the poor aren’t stupid!

The exact same applies to Luxon singing the cost of living blues, all that faux concern looks like an act when he’s caught holidaying at a mansion in Hawaii for a little bit of him time with the fam.

You know, like we all do eh, especially after all the stress of Covid, we just pop on a flight for a wee break in fucking Hawaii don’t we all?

Oh that’s right – we don’t.

Having Mr 7 Properties holidaying in Hawaii while Kiwis shiver in poverty makes it hard to pretend he cares about a cost of living crisis that doesn’t impact him.

That’s why they tried to pretend Aloha Luxon was visiting working classes in Te Puke.

Let’s not forget, National purposely misled the public as to where Luxon was, not just with this one post, the entire week is peppered with posts that insinuated he was in NZ.

They knew it was politically damaging because it is fucking politically damaging. Sure he needs a holiday, but in basic respect to the very citizens  in economic pain who he’s been claiming to champion, a holiday should have been at a batch in NZ, not some obscenely grotesque affluence that 90% of his fellow citizens will never experience.

This goes directly to the character of Luxon, this is who he truly is, a rich prick who speaks fake comfort and anger to those hurting economically while he suns it up on a holiday most of those he’s claiming concern for will never share.

And the National Party, knowing it would be damaging to his political facade, repeatedly did all they could to hide the fact he was holidaying in a swanky Hawaiian beach house.

Luxon cries political tears over a cost of living crisis that never actually ever touches him.

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  1. Maybe. However the big story over the next 12 months will be the looming recession. Te Reo being a woke corporate halfwit with idiot middle management advisors will be a side show.

  2. Our health system is in crisis to all except Dr Do Little. Education with regard to urgently needed relievers is a shambles the situation for the poor is getting worse both in buying food and housing but your priority is to try and score a few political points on when and where a leader took a holiday .

    • And Nationals deliberate misinformation as to TodM2.0’s whereabouts or was it just the fault of a “ tired and emotional” junior staffer or the homeless man’s fault?

      • A clerical error Kiwijoker.
        I bet you’ve made mistakes before, I guarantee.
        All you bottom-feeders are pissed off because you realise that you should have backed a progressive-thinking party like National, instead of commie-cossacks like Labour, the Greens and NZ First.
        Forgive and forget KJ.

        • Luke. Thanks for the laugh. Interestingly, historically both here, and in the Uk, Scandinavia, Germany, and Western Europe, the well educated highly achieving professionals, have been left and centre-left politically.

          “Bottom feeders” is gutter speak, and not exactly the hallmark of sophistication. Mr Luxon’s advisors will almost certainly have explained this to him.

    • Nothing else matters Trevor.

      Housing crisis – doesn’t matter
      Education standards falling – doesn’t matter
      Free speech threatened – doesn’t matter
      Democracy manipulated – doesn’t matter
      Inflation at record levels – doesn’t matter
      Evidence of govt nepotism – doesn’t matter

      Why doesn’t it matter? Because the opposition leader screwed up a FB post. That’s all that matters

      • Evidence of govt nepotism – doesn’t matter. Bill and Mary English, oh didn’t here you then BG, perhaps you weren’t born.

        Labour are in government and fixing 9 years of the Nact governments corruption- nothing else matters Bollocks Guy.

        • Who said I voted for double Dipton?

          And the nine of neglect BS line is strange, since by all accounts the things that Labour were going to fix have gotten worse, or they simply dont measuring them anymore.

          You’re as bad as Woods and Hipkins who are still blaming the last govt… They are sort of correct though because they were the last govt.

          • Bahahahaha a little angry Bollock Guy. No one mentioned you voted for the dipton dipstick, anywhere!
            The rest I disagree with because I see things being addressed, Labour are finding out just how much neglect they were left with. So they’re spending money and Nact are saying stop spending money. Stop reading sensational news stories and look for yourself to see the improvements, you’ll find them if you’re prepared to look.
            You’re just another angry right winger.

      • Agree BG.
        The sooner National and ACT get in and abolish MMP, (and the Maori seats), the better.
        We never had these uppity bottom-feeders problem when I was young, when we had one party rule, not this mish-mash of minor parties muddying up the waters.

      • No BG they covered up a lie, his team knew he was not in New Zealand he was conspicuous by his absence all the week. They knew the political damage it would have done if they straight out told the truth of his whereabouts. This was a well thought out cynical move to apologize to his flock for his quote “mistake “. And BG if you think that Luxon and his ilk cares about you then think again unless of course you are a multi millionaire

        • Not a national voter mate. I do know that Labour and the Greens don’t care about me. Im just a mug who pays tax and I’m not a gang member.

    • Trevor. Wrong. Luxon hiding his holiday is the issue. It shows that he is aware of his significant disconnect from the present and looming hardships of increasing numbers of people coping with the business of living in the real world. They don’t concern him, but the optics do, that’s all.

      Chances are if he’d walked the Milford Track or gone deep sea diving instead of hedonist self pampering, it might have panned out better, but remember he’s the bloke who commandeered a shiny black Mercedes just to go a few yards up Bowen Street, and that’s pathetic adolescent type dynamics.

      • The people of Hawaii are clearly not “bottom-feeders”, unlike some of those Te Pukeans. Hawaiian citizens clearly deserve to have someone of Chris Luxon’s status and ilk, in their establishments.

        @bert, What gives you “bottom-feeder” apologists and defenders, the right to denigrate first-class citizens like Chris Luxon and his family a well-earned and well-deserved right to a luxury holiday?

        Jealousy, jealousy, all is jealousy

          • Bob. With characteristic modesty, let me say that I have achieve more success than most MP’s and than you. So have many of my whanau, including the wingless. But keep trying, and always say, “ No “ to drugs.

    • The worst aspect of the crisis in education is the lack of students. Some schools permanently have up to 50% truancy. This gen-c(ovid) of 10 to 20 year olds will truly be the Lost Generation. Lost to a society they will not feel a part of.

    • Trevor. I think part of the point Martyn is making is what will Luxon really do about that? He wants to appear as something he is not. National has a lousy track record with health system investment, wants to cut government spending (which surely must include more than cameras on fishing boats), wants to suppress wage growth, welcomed the commerce commission recommendations for the super market duopoly situation, and wants to reduced the bright line test once again. You rightly express concern but what in anything Luxon has said, that comes near to policy direction, will improve the issues you have raised? At least David Seymour is a bit more transparent in his stance. You won’t find him expressing concern for the masses and talking about bottom feeders in the same breath.

      Personally i agree that it matters not where he holidays, and lets face it he could holiday in NZ at some exclusive venues and possibly pay more than going to Hawaii. The “I’m working hard” when it was actually “I’m hardly working” is not a good look.

    • Agree Trevor it’s a storm in a tea cup.
      Meanwhile the real issues facing NZ are ignored by Ardern’s Labour Government.

  3. Luxon is National circa 1999 but even back then wouldn’t have made it past an associate ministerial role because he is so so average. In 2022 he has nothing to offer but tax cuts, largely for him and his mates.

    And of course he is entitled and out of touch. The nouveau riche creep driving a blingy Merc with cheap aftershave whilst as an individual, heaping on the misery in the housing market with his greedy property portfolio. The mans self indulgence cancels out Labours shortcomings effortlessly.

    And worst of all, he has ZERO political radar. What a thickie!

    Strategically, his lack of foresight kills any chance of attacking Labours abysmal track record on health, for example, because we all now know when National cut taxes, they cut public spending simultaneously and so our emaciated health sector can only get worse, (if that is possible), under National for a handful of beans for the vast majority of the public. Poor old Dr Shane, can’t catch a break!

    I loathe National but it’s been their sheer incompetence in opposition that has allowed useless Labour to get away with doing nothing that matters. National have been gifted a full house hand by Labours incompetence and yet have failed to bury them with it. That Labour underservedly remain in the the race is a major failing on Nationals behalf.

    And that comes down to the turkeys they keep electing as leader.

    • Totally agree RobbieWgtn but on this site it is a sin to be wealthy.
      Driven in the main by jealousy.

      • Yep, bottom-feeders are everywhere and they are breeding more than the shrinking majority. It won’t be long before they have outnumbered us. But, that will take at least 17-18 years to outnumber the thinking class. By that time I would have retired and therefore WFAF.

        • Oh, so are a eugenicist Luke?
          Get rid of the untermenschen? What Luxon and you Luke Wilson call “bottom-feeders”.
          Fucking Nazis.

        • Why do we have “bottom feeders” , surely the trickle down theory of the right means we don’t have inequity and poverty, right?

          • Have you not read the book of capitalism? Employees who work for employers constantly diving under the minimum (which happens all of the time) are literally the most stupid individual possible.

    • You are technically correct, Robbie, but many will find this pretty obvious piece of deliberate deceit difficult to swallow – especially when he subsequently tries to call it an ‘honest mistake’.
      ‘Honest cheating’ is more like it.

      • The reality is, that Luxon is entitled to have a holiday whenever and wherever he wants. What are you, the holiday-police? Just like 1984’s thought-police? What next? You gonna ban The Daily Blog for sedition for allowing discussion about Luxon’s choice of holiday in Hawaii, or holiday in Te Puke?
        I’ve been to both – no comparison. Great choice Chris. Fuck the haters, holiday wherever you like. Drink French “In Vino” instead of Aussie “In Vino”. You’ve done the mahi. You deserve the best Chris, like all of us who have worked hard to get the toys and trappings of success.

        Next “In Vino”, will be advocating Chris only uses 2-ply toilet paper, or newspaper, instead of 3-ply Passeo. I only use Passeo – so sue me too “In Vino”!

        You chardonnay socialists and Passeo socialists are all the same. You try to pull down the elites for doing exactly what you do yourselves. Is it some sort of hypocritical, virtue signaling tall-poopy wankfest.

        • ” Is it some sort of hypocritical, virtue signaling tall-poopy wankfest.”

          Well I’m sure you’re an expert on it.

    • You are right it’s not a crime to be rich or to go on holiday–it’s offensive to the hard-working health workers, school teachers, the general public and bottom feeders to pretend to not be on holiday. And there is a certain extra knife thrust by the choice of destination.

    • Absolutely it is not a crime at all. But anyone who wishes to ‘serve the public’ in a ‘servant leadership’ role as senior politician aspiring to become PM in a social democracy should read their audience before stepping in it. Rather silly for a man whose most well honed skill is selling – airline tickets or toilet paper or some such. For a man with experience in the tourist industry and one who joined his party’s chorus of ‘open the bloody borders the tourist industry is suffering’ was ill advised to vacation OUTSIDE NZ. If those soft tourist businesses are suffering – why doesn’t ‘see the country before he leaves town’ and support them!!!!!

      We understand he owns 7 houses and will be rather nicely advantaged by the tax cuts he wants to engineer – and might have forgotten that had he not committed such an egregious blunder. Not content with that he blames his staff for having the temerity to post on his Facebook page that he is in Te Puke. The myriad memes and ‘mickeytakes’ spawned by this massive #luxtake are hilarious and will persist for days to come.

      Humpty Dumpty had a huge fall.

  4. I don’t think anyone except the rusted on left or right cares TBH.
    Let’s talk more about the co governance the media isn’t debating.

  5. Very reminiscent of PM ScMo taking a Hawaiian holiday while Oz was burning with bush fires!
    Luxon’s is still only LotO but could take some ‘learnings’ from Ozzies one-and-a-bit term PM.

    • Exactly the same except we don’t have a national disaster, he’s not the prime minister and no one else cares that he was on holiday.

      • Oh for goodness sake Keepcalmetc. You don’t think covid is real and not a national disaster my advice is get real

    • However, the man is neither PM nor is NZ burning. He took a holiday and he did not tell the stenographers of Stuff and the Herald. Oh dear!

      • R Bratwurst. No. The vulgar creep introduced the ghastly term “ bottom-feeders” into the National and national lexicon. This is infinitely worse than dopey Davidson and her promulgation of the “cunt”which did have interesting historical antecedents and comical contemporary connotations.

        Luxon’s “ bottom-feeders “ is a crude and sloppy misnomer. He drags us all down to his level using it, and probably because he’s just an ignoramus, but still he is a public embarrassment, and could do with a polish.

  6. Sirkey–the pony puller in chief–seems to have mentored Baldrick very well! Wonder if they caught up during Aloha Luxon’s sneaky break.

    Do I need to say it? going by Frankus and the other tory sheep molesters that comment here, yes, it seems…
    the age old natzo modus operandi is–DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!

  7. That’s why Jacinda and Labour don’t acknowledge the cost of living crisis. It doesn’t touch them.

    • They are here in New Zealand dealing with the cost of living every day Sour Unkraut.
      Unlike Luxon, who is over in Hawaii, like his mentor John Key did.
      If you don’t like it Saures Unkraut, go back home to where there are no bottom feeders for you people to put up with.

    • What do you mean don’t acknowledge SK? What’s the transport subsidy and petrol excise reduction about.

    • Spot on Ben.
      Anyone who sides with the bottom-feeders can’t be trusted.
      David Seymour introduced a right-to-die referendum for elderly and won.
      Chris Luxon should be a right-to-die for the bottom-feeders.
      It would save the country millions and bring down the inflation rate.

      • Another of your white supremacist and eugenicist comment Luke?
        FFS! You, and your uber-elites like Seymour and Luxon just want to get rid of the slave-class?
        They are human beings you fucking Nazi, not slaves, or untermenschen or bottom-feeders.
        Right-wing arsehole!

  8. My God I love this. Watching the bastard stew in his own juice. Can we find a pot big enough for the lot of them?

  9. I have a pretty low opinion of Luxon, mainly because he has come into politics to be PM. So he thinks he has “something to offer”, but he doesn’t have much of a background or understanding about the issues, but can only do the sound bite. He wants the job for him, not us. He can virtue signal, like he did with the Rainbow tick at Air NZ, but he doesn’t mean any of it.

    This beat up about Hawaii though is a nothing. He went on holiday to Hawaii. Many middle NZders wouldn’t blink at that and would likely go further afield. Someone who manages his PR thought it best to try and hide it. That was what happened.

    • Maybe because he came into politics to be PM??? What, how dare he???

      Name one MP who hasn’t done that?? They all believe that they have what it takes to the Prime Minister or else they’d never entered the game in the first place.

      This ‘reluctant leader’ tag is totally crap. No one in the history of politics has ever made it to the top by accident. It takes years if Machiavellian skill to work your way to being number one.

      History is full of ‘reluctant leaders’ whos public propaganda machine had them only there because of the will of the people crap. And I count our dear Prime Minister as one of them

  10. The Potato is baked.

    Perhaps the English Lit. major masquerading as Finance spokesperson can save ‘em?


  11. The comment from Luxon on the News said it all. “My family and I normally holiday in Hawaii at this time of the year” or something similar was said. Broken down I heard
    *”my family” the traditional type still together because it is insulated from the type of economic pressures that rip so many Kiwi families apart.
    *”normally”, normal for Luxons because the money is no issue.
    *”this time of year”, we Luxons escape the cold the rest of you are stuck with.

    It’s not what Luxon did, I myself just came back from abroad. Its the broadcasting of the privilege that most NZers cannot imagine for themselves in a time when marginal life gets stretched to the extreme by rising prices etc.

    Empathy levels zero Luxton.

  12. Absolutely no one other then the Labouristas and their water carriers think anyone gives a fuck as to what this person does or does not.

    • Spoken like a true blue Bratwurstista, Brat!
      And what do your onion and sauce carriers think Brat?

      What about Aloha Luxon, and his baggage carriers?
      What about Aloha Luxon, and his handmaid carriers?
      What about Aloha Luxon, and his ‘get these smelly “bottom-feeders” out of his way’ carriers?
      They must be sick of defending the indefensibly arrogant, “reality-creating”, disdainful blue blood?

      Aloha Luxon is a liability to the National Party.
      They should have appointed David Seymour when David was at his zenith.
      Now National’s fucked.
      They will limp through this next year and a bit, until the next election with this arrogant, holier-than-thou entitled twat.

      You stick to defending Aloha Luxon Brat, it’s the best thing you can do for a Labour win at the next election.

      • Yep An ardent Labourista and only one sidekick water carrier, the zealots are the only ones that vote National anyway.

        • And you @bert seem to be one of the biggest bigots against National, and National have done nothing wrong to you. It’s OK to have 7 houses and go to Hawaii. Your just jealous!

          Just listen to Sour Kraut and Bob, bert. There’s nothing wrong with being from the elite class, and that’s what “bottom-feeders” like you don’t understand.

          If it wasn’t for go-getters like Sir John Key and Sir Roger Douglas and Sir Ron Brierley, Chris Luxon (soon-to-be Sir Chris Luxon), New Zealand would still be a socialist “so-called paradise”, where public assets would be providing some form of an antiquated backstop for public services like health, welfare, education, free dental care, aged care and all the other expensive things that elected Governments had to provide in the 20th century.

          But, and it’s a big butt bert, that sort of last-century “Socialism for the public good” is old-hat and so 20th Century. Don’t you realize, bert, that the world has moved on from John Stuart Mill with his out-of-touch beliefs that “mandatory and widespread education for all citizens, including the poor, as a way to provide a fair start in what he called the “race of life” for all people so that everyone would have the opportunity to prosper.”

          @bert, next you’ll be aspiring to Ghandi’s racist, anti-God and socialist beliefs that “Poverty is not God-given; it is most definitely man-made. No one is born poor; society makes one poor.” This tripe was delivered in the 2013 Gandhi Lecture on Nonviolence at McMaster University in Canada, Ela Bhatt and discussed the outdated responsibility to address poverty and the structures that perpetuate it.,Poverty%20is%20not%20God%2Dgiven%3B%20it%20is%20most%20definitely%20man,poor%3B%20society%20makes%20one%20poor.&text=Gandhiji%20called%20poverty%20a%20moral,called%20the%20seven%20social%20evils.

          So, bert, in that respect, “bottom-feeders (and in particular, women) deserve to be where they are, because they are NOT equal.

          Get with the programme bert, you live in a blue world, not a red world and I know which one I’d rather inhabit, and I hate to tell you this bert, but it isn’t the one you inhabit.

          Long live Hawaii, not Te Puke.
          Long live first class, not cattle-class
          Long live Luxon, not Ardern.

          And the sooner socialists like you and your Labourista water-carriers rollover and accept the ruling-class, the quieter you’ll be.

          And you be a quiet out-of-date socialist, the happier Sour Kraut (my BFF) and Bob the First (my 3rd BFF) will be.

          • ‘Go-getters’ like Key, Douglas and Brierley??? – all pen-pushing accountants and money manipulators that got lucky!
            You gotta be joking – those three didn’t even work up a sweat, ever, pushing pens pressing keys.
            They wouldn’t know the meaning of hard work. Real, hard, physical work that involves muscle-power as well as brain-power.
            I s’pose you’ll call them ”hard-working Kiwi taxpayers’ next – what a gross misnomer! As bad as ‘bottom-feeders’.

        • Those who cannot see beyond their own political affiliations are well described as zealots and we all know who that is.

  13. Lux-on I say. He is working on a carrot without a stick reward system. He has just been mapping out how suitable NZs could have a short spell in Hawaii at NZ government expense when they behave right, pull up their socks and get with the program. He is just too canny to give it all away so far from the election and will spring it on us in the last month. And will re-introduce the tooth fairy leaving money under the pillow for good children who clean their teeth and don’t let them rot away before they are five.

  14. I don’t deny anyone a holiday. It doesn’t bother me one bit where they go during their time out.

    However it’s the deceitful behaviour by Luxon and National in this situation which is questionable!

      • Nothing questionable about National and deceit, that’s their main policy!
        If you want corruption and are corrupt, your vote will go to ACT or National. They are a low wage economy vote and left the current Labour govt a fucking shambles.

  15. This is up there with David Cunliffe wearing a red scarf. I guess everything else in NZ is just fine and dandy if this is what the media are excited about.

  16. I think it would have been unlikely for him to succeed against Jacinda Ardern even without his holiday to Hawaii. We will see, but lack of National policy even this far out from the next general election can be damaging. Also his lack of experience and that of his Deputy, Nicola Willis.

    Back way back when, MP’s simply wouldn’t take holidays amidst a global pandemic. Perhaps a weekend getaway to Tauranga or Lake Taupo, but that would have been about it.

    • Same, totally agree ted.
      The bottom-feeders of this world, can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.
      They need to be ruled by capable leaders like Chris Luxon, who has run an airline FFS.
      Don’t you people read the newspapers any more?

    • Yes Ted most people who really care for NZ will do the same.
      Current shambles has to be arrested.

  17. I couldn’t give two hoots about Luxon taking his family on holiday or whether his social media release had him in Timbuckto – but Hawaii? if he is trying to distance himself from the Key clone moniker I could think of 100 better destinations to take the family. Just shows his class or maybe he was having a round of golf and pressing the flesh with some of his “evangelical conservative US mates” and discussing pillage strategies?

    • Billid. I’d go Scottish Highlands, Florence, Amalfi Coast, London obviously, maybe Mexico, and, of course, Te Puke. I do have a residual kindness towards the warm folk of Brisbane, if that’s ok, and have driven through Dipton and Hamilton quickly as poss, but the trees in Te Puke lift their leafy arms to pray, and there’s hot eggs and bacon in Te Puke too. Hawaii and pretending to be in Te Puke ? Why Hawaii when he could go Scottish Highlands, Florence, Te Puke, Amalfi Coast – or even Heidelberg ? Odd.

  18. Look. Poor old baldy hasn’t had to think for himself for a long time. He’s always had an entourage of helpers doing all the menial and trivial shit for him.

    Forgetting where he was at the time makes sense when you think about it!?
    He was probably hard at work anyway!
    Te Puke, Hawaii, Wanaka, Queenstown ect… all looks the same when you’re working hard jetsetting around working hard and fucking working hard!

    What a machine! And what a doofuss!

  19. That is what happens when you pretend to be something your aren’t, Luxon is false. It is obvious he did not want people to know he was lying on the beach having a nice holiday with his family after all he is entitled to a break after all the hard work he has done, yeah right nah! And why is it bad, poor timing combined with fake communications not a good look when he claims to be so worried about the cost of living for sooooo many NZers.

    • Why hasn’t Luxon been arrested for his obvious fraudulent behaviour, he won’t last until the next election, like Bridges and Key, both gutless, he’ll jump.

  20. Is better to remain silent on policy and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Chris-Lucks-Down aka Todd-M-2.0 is a policy free zone. What’s his policy on gangs – tax cuts? What’s his policy on climate change – tax cuts? What’s his policy on the war in Ukraine – tax cuts? What’s his policy on tax cuts – yes please, give me more money, I mean Hawaiian holidays, I mean investment properties…, I mean tax cuts, so we can lift everyone out of poverty….no I don’t want to increase the minimum wage to do that, what the hell would that do, if anything I’ll be opening the immigration floodgates as quickly as I can, to suppress wages and conditions for all you bottom feeders, while kick starting the spiraling Auckland housing market, where I happen to own the odd humble abode, which I rent out to said bottom feeders, so I can look like I’m doing my bit to help me,,, I mean help you,,, I mean help everyone,,, I mean help society,,, I mean I’m just here to help,,, I mean I think I’m putting my foot in my mouth again, like some foot’n’mouth super spreader,,, by the way did I mention mumble mumble mumble tax cuts? Since the elite’s are doing it tough, as well you know, my tax cuts will be helping them most of all, to the tune of 20k, 200k, 2000k, etc etc.
    Memo to self, tone down the fact that I’m wanting to help the elite’s, and do not refer to my bid to win next years NZ election, as a hostile take over. A definite no no!
    Now to obtain some advice on repairing the bad optics from the last couple of weeks,,, please get me ponytail aficionado Sir John on the phone asap,,, I mean Crosby Textor on the phone,,, I mean Alex Jones on the phone. I mean, I think I need another Hawaiian vacation, so I can carefully plan my hostile take over, preferably extending my vacation till the day before the 2023 election will be the best political strategy, when I’ll parachute back into the country like a returning prodigal son, with so much can do, go forward, belief and vision, that I won’t even need to wear a parachute, instead putting my strong faith in much vaunted tax policy to cushion my landing,,, that will show them all,,, I can’t wait!

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