The cancellation of Guy Williams for ‘platforming’ Leo will probably win Leo the election


Auckland mayoralty: Comedian Guy Williams says Leo Molloy’s response on his satirical show was ‘very angry’

Comedian Guy Williams says his now infamous interview with mayoral candidate Leo Molloy was funny, bizarre and the restaurateur’s response was “very angry”.

The host of the satirical programme New Zealand Today said he copped criticism for platforming Molloy, who, in a expletive-ridden interview, hit out at people he deemed “woke” and claimed Auckland had been hampered by a succession of “soft….” mayors.

Speaking on TV3’s The Project current affairs show last night, Williams said his show is about doing weird stories around New Zealand and it was his decision to interview Molloy.

The interview created a bit of a storm on social media with people calling out Williams for giving Molloy a 15-minute platform at the expense of other candidates.

How badly can the woke fuck this up?

Guy Williams is under vicious attack by the woke left for ‘platforming’ Leo Molloy.

You can be ‘cancelled’ for giving a thought criminal ‘platform’ now in NZ.

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I remember telling these same free speech stranglers that their middle class activism aesthetic was too dour and puritan for most and that attempting to kill off free speech would take ACT from 1% to 10%.

The middle class woke activists didn’t listen to me then and ACT are now 10%.

There is a reactionary angry electorate who see our ‘progress’ as gridlock.

They see the never ending infrastructure problems, the crime, the deterioration of their own living standards and the response from the Left to that legitimate frustration is cancellation and screaming they are racist, sexist and transphobic.

In such a culturally reactionary space, Leo’s denouncement of comedian Guy Williams is a breath of fresh air. The Left should have ignored the interview and brought focus back to the issues, but the activist Woke Left’s need to cancel and deplatform is so engrained they can’t help themselves.

Shaming Guy Williams for ‘platforming’ is just so fucking stupid by the activist Left because the last thing we want to fight this Mayoral campaign on is a fucking culture war – BECAUSE WE ON THE LEFT WILL LOSE THAT!

I don’t think the activist Spinoff middle class left understand how alienating their woke virtue signals are and if they keep attempting to cancel Guy, they will simply hand ammunition over to those reactionary forces.

I’ve seen nuclear meltdowns with less self harming mutilation!

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  1. The Spinoff left have probably been subtely elbowed….’do you want to lose all that lovely govt money we pay you?’….And there you have the net effect of accepting govt ‘Public Interest Jouranlism’ bribe money.

  2. Well I wasn’t going to vote for Leo but may well just so now for no other reason than it might well help the loonies see the error of their ways. Probably won’t but I feel I should do my civic duty nonetheless and try to help them

    • Yeti
      You can’t really go wrong voting fo him. The AKL mayor has only one vote of many and no exec powers like they have in the USA. So he’s only a mouthpiece really. So for sheer entertainment and a bit of ra ra, and to counteract the excruciating years of left wing boredom provided by the Awefil Goff, I say vote for Leo. Collins is probably a better administrator, but the problem is that he is exactly that, a true bureaucrat. Just look at his CV, career politician!!! And he will be a Labour Govt stooge. Can’t have that again in Auckland! Wellington can have those kind of mayors, good luck to them.

  3. I think that democracy is dead. Approaching everything with prejudice and no objectivity is no way to run a polity. The stupidity of all, including the woke becomes obvious when you take the country, its doings, the direction its going in, and the huge gap between the provable, factual problems we face, and the abysmal lack of practical planning and work being done to ‘bridge’ the problems, and the commercial frenzy of style and diversion, inflating the public mindset and eager merchandising to match that and nurture more.

    Bloody hopeless when even the Greens can’t think straight. And we all know there aren’t straight lines in nature! Yet we have to use our agile minds, and for illumination and blue-sky thinking, adopt economic thinking which just chooses to limit its considerations, also the method it will work with and the model it will work to. Way beyond the mindset or willingness to study and comprehend such arcane philosophy for most people. Voting for leaders, mass numbers, going for a simple majority (Brexit!!) – that’s past century stuff.

    Now we need people with an interest and who want to be involved attending regular meetings, after they have done diploma courses at NZ universities, putting their knowledge into policy and issuing reports in press releases and meetings open to the general public with that interest. A working democracy, not a lax one where everything is SEP and most are Dr Dolittles. We’re stuck in a rut looking at present approaches. the tide is rising, and only a few distraught, demented survivors will go on. l

    • Absolutely, Andrea Vance (not my fave) wrote something in the last few days about cooperative democracy? or citizen democracy. That sounded like it had potential as long as it didnt get rolled out here on a co-governance basis and was actually representative of all the people of NZ.

  4. The thing about The Woke is they only have power in their respective domains. They can’t cancel people who don’t give-a-rats-ass.

    My advice is DO NOT put yourself in a position where The Woke have power over you, unless you’re happy to chuck in your job, be banned OR not be invited back.

    CNN’s Brian Stelter is the classic example. Every so often he’ll have someone on his show that’s actually both credentialed and informed. Often these actual experts roast Brian Stelter and CNN (for what its become) live on air. They simply don’t care about being invited back.. why would you?

    Being friends with or employed by The Woke sounds exhausting. People will realize this soon enough.

    • “Being friends with or employed by The Woke sounds exhausting. People will realize this soon enough.”

      I can confirm both are true. Even among the mild-mannered woke (who want to lift up the oppressed rather than punish the oppressor), many attempted conversations devolve into a meta conversation about language and semantics motivated by avoidance of ‘harm’. It’s also like living in a different world where common sense and old-left values which I used to think of as obvious and axiomatic, need to be explained and reasoned from first principles. Not to children as you might expect, but to adults with university degrees.

      It’s surreal.

  5. This is Guy Williams shtick.
    He will be loving the attention and the future ratings boost by notoriety.
    Cringe worthy, look away car crash TV it certainly is, but very entertaining none the less.
    Where else do we see such a bunch of fucked up, beyond the fringe, wacko real life kiwi characters like this on the telly.
    Leo Molloy fits this criteria perfectly.
    The woke have no sense of humour is what is on display here.

    • Leo is a true bogan misfit

      All hail Guy Williams for shining a light on them all

      This is New Zealand and I love it warts and all.

  6. I see the Wokester in Chief, Simon Wilson, coming out all NATO on Leo and ol’ Mr Brown this morning in the Herald, one of whom he sees as a crystal clear threat to his Grey Lynn cargo bikers paradise, the other, Brown, just needed to be finished off. The message, the liberal left don’t do funny! Funny equals danger, at least to all the manipulation that his group has worked on with Auckland Council/Transport thus far!

    And by jingo, it was a manipulative assassination piece, not a mention of Efeso, nor Simon’s runner up pick, the bland – you know she ain’t going to do jack shit once elected but the stat quo – Viv Beck. Subtle Simon, but dogs balls obvious at the same time!

    By my reckoning he’s enhanced Leo’s vote simply on the basis that he (Wilson) dislikes this upstart.

    Simon should stick to making idiotic suggestions on how to keep people away to enhance Queen Streets decline even further. He’s so much more skilled on that subject!

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    Step 1. Name Recognition!

  8. If our esteemed Editor eased up on Twitter he might be able to take a breath–non Twitter users don’t care about such miniature spats between twats.

    The fact is the Supercity Mayoral election result largely depends on two things:
    • Turnout
    • Candidate withdrawals

    We do not know what the turnout will be, 32%–38% in recent years, and it is a worry with the slow death of mail and transience of renters as to how many actually enrol and receive and return their papers. Home owners are more likely to do both which favours wankers like downtown pest Molloy.

    If any of the right candidates withdraw it counts against Efeso who is the only candidate working class people can support. Efeso has been doing the rounds of the different communities from Eastern Suburbs to Sikhs, but he needs to crank up the message–Enrol & Vote! in South and West Auckland.

  9. Talk about the issues you say!

    Now that would be an interesting conversation, but that’s the last thing the Woke/left want to do because it might expose the fact that under their control Auckland is fast turning into an unliveable clusterfuck.

  10. It’s so ironic that the right are rapidly replacing the left as the bastions for free speech. The issue was always that if you stop someone giving their opinion, it comes across to those on the sidelines that there must be a semblance of truth behind it (given that you won’t debate it). Shutting down discourse is always easier, but it ultimately won’t win you any popularity and it will likely bite you as well eventually. What goes around, comes back around.

  11. The standout comment from Guy Williams in this clip was that having a soft **** was normal, i.e the default state.

    I’m so glad that someone on the left is finally standing up for biological truth

    • Another boring tribal right wing rebuff, do you and Bob live with each other Andy, after all Bob’s been everywhere, Auckland, Sr Lanka, America the U.K. He is just clueless on N.Z. like yourself.
      The message I take from you is you are happy for a hard Mayor and a criminal will be suffice.


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