How the NZ Right use Roe vs Wade to win Election 2023


Roe v Wade: New Conservative candidate Dieuwe de Boer says Handmaid’s Tale Twitter post was to mock ‘feminist fantasy’

A New Conservative candidate says a Handmaid’s Tale reference he made after the controversial US Supreme Court ruling on abortion was to mock a “feminist fantasy”.

Dieuwe de Boer, the party’s 2020 Botany candidate, tweeted the word “soon” along with a screenshot from the Handmaid’s Tale – a dystopian television series based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, in which a totalitarian society named Gilead subjects fertile women to child-bearing slavery.

De Boer made the post after the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade decision that recognised a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion and legalised it nationwide.

We are on dangerous ground now.

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There are few single issues that have the power to cross 5% threshold.

Feral lunatic anti-abortionism is one of them.

You forget in the city how regressive parts of NZ are.

Get out past the city limits and I’m always surprised to see all those anti-abortion billboards so proudly erected on local land.

If the fringe right who usually waste as sub 5% vote could unite, their catch cry would be more restrictive rules if not a total ban.

If a NZ Conservative + Brian Tamaki Party merged and crossed the 5% threshold and were necessary to form the next Government, National and ACT would have to negotiate.

Either way, Roe vs Wade IS going to have a role in the 2023 election and the Right could manage to use MMP in a way that defeats the Left for two terms.

There is enormous polarisation and frustration at the political spectrum driven by social media hate algorithms that is driving a subtle violence that is ever growing in its malice and ignorance…

Aggressive drivers nearly force Auckland mayoral candidate Efeso Collins and his family off the road

Auckland mayoral candidate Efeso Collins and his family have nearly been forced off the road by two cars hurling abuse at them. 

The couple and their two daughters, aged 9 and 2, were travelling near KFC Te Atatu in Auckland on Monday when two cars merged dangerously and almost forced Collins’ car off the road. 

…People are ripe for manipulation and their pain will only fuel this feverishness.

We. Must. Fight. Back.

We are not going to allow far right American Christian madness to manifest here.

We can’t.

The Left has to start viewing the 2023 election as the existential threat it is.

A National/ACT Government would be radical enough, a National/ACT/Fringe Government would be fucking terrifying.

We are on dangerous ground now.


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  1. I do not feel that Roe vs. Wade is going to have much of an impact on the outcome of the 2023 general election in New Zealand.

    Firstly, voters are wanting bang for their buck. Their focus will not be on Roe vs. Wade. It will quickly switch over to which party is the more willing, and the most likely, to take the pressure off of Kiwi households by reducing petrol and motor vehicle costs, driving down supermarket profits through an increase in the top rate of Company Tax, and who will build the most houses in the next three years, and allocate the most money to health and education.

    That will be the New Zealand Labour party.

  2. Let’s be very honest here…the Democrats could have protected Wade vs Roe over the decades, by reinforcing the decision within the law…BUT, they did not — despite controlling Both Houses (Senate and Representatives), and the Office of the President during Obama, and Biden…nothing stopped them…stop blaming the Right wing!

    • Finally, the same analogy, stop blaming the left for all the issues of the day that the Nact party had 9 years to address and did more than nothing, they created these issues!

      • The dems could nuke the filibuster and codify Roe vs Wade, Griswold vs Conneticut, and Obergefell into law via Congress.
        the Dems had since the decision of R vs W was cast to do something about it as the right stated then and there that they will not rest until this decision is overturned. the Hyde amendment being just one of the hurdles to overcome (no federal funds to be used for abortions), they have build trigger laws and so on and so forth.

        However like hte left everywhere else in the western world reproductive rights for gestators are something that is used to fearmonger gestators into voting for the ‘correct’ party.
        Well in the US it seems that that party completely and utterly dropped the ball, left gestators standing in the rain, but uses this misery for fundraising. And the left in NZ will do exactly the same.
        IF NZ wants to keep these rights for gestators, i would suggest that the left demands that the left in government secures these rights. If they don’t do that, no gestator has any reason to vote left.

    • Woman’s rights was hard fought and easily lost. Sometimes when the chips are down, people (mainly dudes) have to fight.

    • indeed if the dems hadn’t been too scared of the god botherers to enact legislation the situation would not have arisen, once again rule by focus group bites neo-libs on the bum.

  3. How the NZ Right use Roe vs Wade to win Election? I just read the headline and got bored . We win simply because you go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and then win.

  4. My guess is that the hirsute right-wing dude in the photo was doing his best to trigger progressives – in his own tasteless way. Looks like it worked too.

  5. Why would you turn the clock back 50 years and vote for National? Tired, New Zealand has moved on.

    • why would you vote for a party that stood by for 50 years and did nothing to prevent that clock from being turned back.
      the right said they would return abortion rights to the state, and the dems stood by and did fuck all but fearmonger and ask for donations.

  6. Ok, a different scenario to restrict a abortion in New Zealand. However, there still has to be enough MP’s in Parliament to vote for this.

    For National and ACT, it would remain a conscience issue, There is no way that Brian Tamaki could force a change to that. If it came to it, National would tell Tamaki to sit on the cross benches.

    Then the legislation to change the law has to be introduced into Parliament. No National MP will be doing that, so it would rely on one of Brian’s MP introducing a Members Bill. Even if such a Bill gets through the ballot, no liberal National MP would vote for it. For instance, I can’t imagine anything that would induce Nicola Willis to vote for such a Bill.

    Tamaki has limited purchase, even if he does hold the balance of power. He won’t convince Labour on moral issues, he won’t convince liberal National MP’s either. So he will have to go for other things. Maybe charter schools, maybe a bigger percentage state support for religious schools (up from the current 30% to say 50%).

    As I have noted previously minor coalition partners can’t force the major party to do things that are utterly anathema to them.

  7. Of course the abortion issue will be a key election issue in 2023.
    Not only because it’s a defining moral issue for reactionaries on the right which is synonymous with fascism as global capitalism enters its end stage.
    And fascism is historically infused with sexism and homophobia.
    Also aborting is literally a defining issue for the woke left which has to erase sex with gender to deny their unique sex based role in sexual reproduction.
    Self ID and hate speech is designed to prevent women organising as a sex-class to fight for the end of the patriarchy and the end to sexism and homophobia.
    In the US the woke left has aided the right in the Supreme Court decision by making it not about women’s rights but trans rights.
    By claiming that transwomen are women, trans argued against the decision without mentioning the word ‘woman’.
    Not only in the Courts but in the streets. Demonstrations against the overturning of Roe v Wade feature transwomen and their supporters claiming to be women on picket lines, and attempting to throw out people who do not accept their ideology.
    So the decision against the right to abortion was a double whammy against women. The right want women to be returned into sexual slavery forever the politics of the patriarchy. The woke left deny biological women are the objects of sexual oppression and demand that men who claim to be women reframe women’s rights as the rights of all genders for ‘bodily autonomy’.
    This is a legal term for the post-modern mantra “my body, my choice’.
    This concept refers to the right of the individual to make his/her own body as an act of self-determination, rather than biological or social relations setting limits to the ‘my body, my choice’.
    Gone is the history of women’s oppression where women’s reproductive powers were reduced to sex slavery. Gone is the history of resistance to sex slavery by women as a sex class.
    In its place the Right want to smash their gains by regaining control over their bodies including the right to abortion. The overturning of Roe v Wade therefore marks an historic defeat in an ongoing war.
    Women are also under attack from the woke Left trying to substitute a new set of gender rights rights for ‘autonomous bodies’ at the expense of women sex based rights.
    So while the double whammy from Right and Left work to reduce women to non-subjects lacking agency, resistance has to be on both fronts.
    Women are adult human females objectified by the patriarchy because of their sex role in reproduction. Their resistance to sexual slavery proves that sex is the basis of gender oppression.
    The fight for the right to abortion is therefore a sex-class demand not reducible to a post-modern bourgeois individual right to bodily autonomy.
    Women as a collective sisterhood have the power to organise as a force for overthrowing the patriarchy.
    Men, as ‘mothers’ brothers’ (an alliance that was overthrown by the patriarchy) are the most powerful ally of women in their liberation from men who sexually subordinate women, and trans women who claim to be women to join in the gender oppression.
    Together, women and men must unite in the working class to fight to end the the patriarchy and the capitalist system which keeps the patriarchy alive.

    • Great explanation/analysis. I find it all confusing and you reveal a way to translate what is specious gobbledegook to me.

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