List of Amendments National tried to stop Abortion laws – you judge if they won’t try it on?


National need woman voters or they can’t win.

Christopher Luxon is a Handmaids Tale level anti-abortionist who answers to God, not the Press Gallery.

60% of the National Caucus voted against legalised abortion.

National desperately have to reverse their rabid anti-abortion stance in the wake of the Roe vs Wade monstrosity.

Here is Christopher Luxon sending his thoughts and prayers…

…which is all well and good, but let’s remind everyone what amendments they attempted to truly understand how National would respond to the Abortion issue if in power.

Make it harder to get approval for an Abortion.

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Require those providing abortions to consider religious considerations to abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider conservative Māori views on abortion.

Remove requirement that health practitioners who don’t want to support an abortion must tell the woman the details of another provider who will.

Making it illegal to not hire anti-abortion drs.

Making it illegal to terminate a pregnancy for genetic abnormalities. 

Force women to tell the State how many abortions they have. 

Banning abortion for under 16 year olds.

So when Luxon, who answers to God and not the NZ twittersphere, when he says these laws won’t be relitigated, he’s right, they won’t be, the above amendments can simply be agreed upon with a simple vote, no new laws, just amendments to the current ones, amendments National have already ON THE RECORD given as to the tricks and nasty games they’ll play to technically stop abortions from happening!

Sooooooo, when he says Abortion law changes are off the table, he really means making it harder to get an abortion, being forced to consider religious views, conservative Māori views, Christian Drs not having to disclose details for other abortionists, protecting those Christian Drs from being sacked, making it illegal to abort any foetus with any deformity, force women to tell the state how many abortions they’ve had and banning 16 year olds from having an abortion, oh those are all on the fucking table waiting to be voted in.

These Right Wing Christian Judges lied through their teeth…

…why on earth are you going to risk a political unknown evangelical Christian who leads a Party willing to pass this shit as ‘amendments’ and pretend that’s not a risk?


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  1. Pushing the fear of a change in abortion laws because of the situation in America shows how low some will go and prove how weak Labours prospects of reelection are in their eyes without them.

    • Trevor you can hardly say that Martyn just sings the praises of Labour. He is as critical as anyone on a number of issues. I think he is raising a valid concern. If you believe Luxon then fair enough

    • Unfortunately, if there wasn’t a fundamentalist in charge of a major political party in NZ, the Roe vs Wade overturning would probably be greeted with a shrug of the shoulders, and a throw away comment like – those crazy yanks.
      But we do have a fundy in a potential position of power, so what happens in the States is very, very relevant.
      No amount of deflection will get around that salient point!

  2. Thanks for bringing this up Martyn.
    Luxon is a zealot and a slimy dangerous conservative.
    I wonder what else he and his like will try to change if they get a chance at the helm.

    I don’t trust him and hope the truth unfolds and NZ voters get to see his REAL agenda before it’s too late.

    • KP. If Luxon is a zealot and a slimy dangerous conservative what does that make Jacinda. Care to use similar descriptive Pros, or does harsh over the top and uncalled for criticism not apply to our lovely labour leader. Best take your one eye out and put it out of sight in your pocket.

      • New view give me a break, there are terrible comments about the PM on any platform on a daily basis, why should luxon always get the kid glove treatment he’s been enjoying since very long car ride to parliament, with of course Nicola Willis in his wake not by his side. He will only be able to get away with it for so long. The thing is Christians are supposed to tell the truth, so how does a fundamental christian zealot get away with not telling the truth every day. Don’t believe for one minute that there won’t be a crack at changing our abortion laws. There are right wing men in grey suits plotting this course of action with large donations as we speak. The USA supposedly the beacon of the free world just took women back a hundred years and there will be many zealots in the guise of the National party wanting to do the same.

        • Queeny Cracks in New Zealand’s abortion laws ? You bet. When failed priest Simon O’Connor, or whatever his name is, married to the sister of an influential
          Nat, has the gall to tweet rejoicing in the US Supreme Court passing anti-women legislation, then New Zealand women need to be on high alert. The misogyny of the Catholic Church, and Western Christianity, is well documented, unfortunately, and historically had a profound effect in the shaping of Western civilisation. That’s the big picture. The smaller picture is this country’s politicians being enthralled to America anyway, without always being upfront about why.

      • it may escape your attention nv but no one is defending jacinda here on this one, cos there’s no issue with her position on this issue…where as luxton confesses he hears voices in his head from an imaginary friend…

    • Katy Pai I don’t know any woman who doesn’t find Luxon slimey, and that is very much an instinctive reaction. This issue is a women’s issue. We don’t generally self-impregnate, and the semen-careless males throwing their opinions around should be focusing on cause rather than effect, but it doesn’t suit them to. They’re the sort of pathetic little bastards who hire shiny cars to get a few hundred yards up the road and think that they’re gods. Far from it.

  3. I see Grunter has now gone after Te Reo using this same running line. Must be a Labour strategy. The thing is how anyone sees Willis, Bishop, Mueller, Stanford or any of the wets in National supporting a strengthening of abortion laws is beyond me. There would be more chance of Te Reo convincing the Maori Squad to vote for it. All in all – a lazy, sloppy hit job that will dim in a couple of weeks as the reality of economic stagflation hit – thanks Grunter.

    Perchance anyone else know which prominent Labour cabinet Minister voted against decriminalizing abortion. I’ll give you a hint it rhymes with “de-hooter”…….

  4. I think all politicians are awful equally, their opinion changes by either big donations their way or populist thoughts of the people, cant trust a single word any of them say.

  5. How many of you people FAIL simple reading comprehension?

    Martyn has clearly pointed out that Luxon’s promise not to relitigate means absolutely nothing. Once he has a majority he can easily pass all those amendments, making abortions bloody difficult to get. While keeping his promise not to relitigate.

    Did that not sink in? It seems to me that very few of the commenters above have even grasped that point.

    • i understand what you are saying, but i think that Luxon might view doing any amendments as political suicide. he will be much preoccupied with privatizing any remaining assets.

    • Umm – the leader of our country is not a head of state nor a president with executive power. The PM requires the majority of parliament to support any legislation. You really think the wets in the National caucus will agree to fundamental christian legislation. If so, you probably believe in the Easter bunny – read my lips it ain’t happening – it’s a Clint Smith-like hitjob.

    • What definition of ‘relitigate’ are you using?

      Because most people understand it to mean reopen debate or try to re-new arguments.

      Besides, he couldn’t easily pass all those amendments. He has one vote – his own, plus some others in both Labour and the Nats.

      • Ada. Terms like relitigate are irrelevant to politicians. Any legislation can be changed.
        Entrenched legislation which government is traditionally reluctant to pass, is very difficult to relitigate, or change, but this is not entrenched legislation.

    • Yes Vino you are so right, none so blind as those that don’t want to see the truth. If it happened in the USA it CAN happen here, all of a sudden we are expected to believe politicians to tell the truth, or is it only the National party politicians we are now asked to believe. Christopher Luxon believes abortion is murder, he is on the record saying this so women of New Zealand be very afraid .

  6. If someone who doesn’t want a baby carried to term decides to surepticiously give someone pregnant the drug ru486, then under the present law would this be viewed as murder?

  7. Luxon isn’t a Christian and he certainly doesn’t answer to god. I’m not even convinced he’s loyal to the devil he worships.

    He may or may not believe abortion is murder, but he certainly isn’t principled enough to act on that conviction- whether by moving to ban it, or pushing women who use abortions as contraception to use IUDs.

    • John White. Nor is he principled enough to urge men to accept some responsibility for this difficult situation.

  8. What is this; The Daily Abortion Blog? lol 🙂

    The idea that National are waiting in the wings to legislate the uterus is demented.

    On a nicer tone, this weeks Working Group was great..
    Martyn was taken behind the woodshed by his guests and had some proverbially sense beaten into him. Martyn took it well, which was endearing.

    I’d implore The Daily Blog to move back towards the “political center” and pull up from the far-left content nosedive of the past couple of weeks.

    • Cabbage Why should Martyn explain Mahuta ? I am weary of men like you who think that males should explain females. Let Mahuta explain herself, if she so wishes.


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