Why Luxon’s guarantees over Trump’s Abortion tactics in NZ are meaningless


In the same week Trump’s rigged Supreme Court allowed concealed weapons, in the same week he is on public trial for his attempted coup, in the same week that rigged Court banned abortion, the true toxic nightmare of Trump’s Orange fascism is laid bare.

The Right Wing Christian Scum have won, Ovaries are more regulated than guns in America.

How wide eyed and puritanical with the blood of the lamb do you need to be, to rip away the right to abortion that impacts millions upon millions all on the technicality that Abortion shouldn’t be under the ‘privacy’ provision of the Constitution.

We like to mock the woke on TDB for their dogma, take a moment to appreciate how fanatical these fucking Right Wing Christian Scum are.

Immediately this is how our Right Wing Christian Scum reacted when they heard the news that Trump’s rigged Supreme Court malice had won…

…this was followed by Matthew Hooton who understands National has to keep their anti-abortion banjo twanging rural rednecks without spooking all their urban female vote…

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…which predictably led to this hollow nothing from Luxon…

…here’s why Luxon’s words ring so hollow.

Here are the rigged Supreme Court Judges saying the same bullshit when they were challenged during their confirmations….

…they all lied because they are all Christians and they know that little white lies to conquer for the power of Christ are acceptable.

Luxon is an evangelical prosperity Christian who believes he has his 7 properties because he has the blessings of Jesus. If his magical flying invisible wizard friend tells him to save the unborn babies, who do you think Luxon will listen to? His spiritual saviour Christ or the Press Gallery?

You can’t trust anything these Right Wing Christian Scum say because they answer to a higher power than the NZ Herald!

The NZ Anti-Abortion community have already taken the American verdict as a sign from God to redouble their efforts here, those National voters and sub 5% threshold Christians will rush to Luxon and beg him for change, and here’s what National/ACT is likely to give them.

The smart ones inside National will know they can’t ban abortions, even the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind would balk at that madness, but they can bribe their anti-abortion banjo twanging rural rednecks with the following – National/ACT will reverse the provision for anti-abortion protestors to have to stand across the road if protesting Abortion clinics.

ACT attempted to stop that provision because they argued it impinged on free speech, and National didn’t want the whole issue in the first place, so instead of making Abortion illegal, National and ACT will flirt with anti-abortion banjo twanging rural rednecks and give them the right to scream into women’s faces as they walk past them into the abortion clinic.

This is what we is now, pandering to the ignorance of religious bigotry so their lies and deceits are given solace while our fellow sisters lose autonomy over their own bodies.

I for one am sick to death of the Right Wing Christian Scum impacting our politics and pretending that’s acceptable. They did it with the cannabis referendum, they did it at the Parliamentary Lawn dumb lives matter riots and they insidiously will be attempting it with the right to scream at women seeking abortions.

Christopher Luxon answers to his magical flying invisible wizard friend first before he answers to the people of this land.

You can not believe a Handmaid’s Tale level anti-abortionist any more than you could just those four judges.

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  1. Meanwhile our “health system” that is supposed to realistically prevent anyone dying or being more ill than they are is literally falling to pieces.

    Christians throwing people to the lions in the US is one thing, a secular government Iin NZ allowing its people to die because the sick have the audacity to swear at staff in this crumbling mess, is quite another!

  2. Te Reo won’t reverse anything there ain’t enough votes in LabourLite nor Act. This is a non issue despite the majority of idiot politicians in this country that made false and factually incorrect statements regarding the judgement.

    Abortion laws work in this country because they are balanced and workable. The old adage is if something works don’t fix it. What we don’t want to do is go down the McAbortion route favoured in some countries and states.

    Our daughter was born with a rare condition that 10 years later could be diagnosed in the womb with abortions recommended. She lives a full and complete life including representative sport and academia. She (and we) don’t let her condition determine how she lives her life. We also know a number of other families in the same position. There were of course significant operations to improve her day-to-day life but to think parents are now encouraged to abort children with similar conditions does anger me. A different perspective from many here I guess and while I’m not pro-life I do believe there should be significant checks and balances on abortion so the right decision is made.

    • Our daughter died in our arms at 4 weeks due to a complication of chicken pox at 28 weeks gestation. For the 28 hours of her life she suffered as we were told that she would die either within 2 hours, 24 hours or two weeks. We were informed we would have to make the decision to take her off the ventilator as she would eventually die anyway.

      As you say everyone is different Frankie. If we had known the outcome at the 28 week mark, we could have had a different decision to make. The fact this decision takes away the right is inhumane. I concur with your last sentence Frankie.

    • i’ll agree with what you have said frank, this won’t effect NZ at all. America however… if the democrats can’t overturn this, and i don’t see that happening anytime soon, it will have some serious problems that will become very apparent in about 15 years.

    • glad things worked out ok for you panzer-boi but aren’t you one of the chorus decrying the monetary cost of others (immigrant sick etc) to the nation.
      if people don’t have the stomach for a life of struggle that’s up to them, you chose 1 road they choose another.

  3. Christopher Luxon had a statement to make and he reflected the core values of the left and incorporated this one particular issue, which is controversial, that is abortion, into National’s mandate for the future.

    What an opportunity that is missed! He will forge ahead, if elected to the office of Prime Minister, with an economic policy which will further increase the divide between the rich and the poor but will not undo the rot that was passed into law as part of the social agenda of labour.

    I support Christopher Luxon. I do not like, however, his unwillingness to repeal any of the socially liberal atrocities which have been foisted upon this nation courtesy of Jacinda Ardern and Labour, namely the new abortion laws which were passed under urgency in parliament during the Covid-19 global pandemic, and which went against the conscience of the majority of citizens.

  4. Luxon will be one vote amongst a Nat caucus of 50 or more if he becomes PM. It has always been a conscious vote, never ever whipped.

    And ACT – their likely partner – is very pro-choice.

    • The problem is that they will never repeal any of it, they just don’t care. The new abortion laws are some of the most liberal in the entire world in terms of scope, yet the leader of the major centre-right party has stated that there is no intention on their part to change any aspect of it if they are elected to office.

  5. While the Labour Government refuses to take Abortions out of the Crimes Act, meaning NZ women must jump through meaningless hoops to get one….the NZ Medical Council has inform the Labour Government to remove it from the Crimes Act….nothing from Labour.

  6. See, for every member Labour has that is regarded as useless National have members that are just down right scary. O’Connor needs to be shown the door. How many of these freaks do they have? Jamie Lee Ross was seen as a rising star and that absolute hypocrite Sarah Dowie, that he was having an affair with, was text book conservative do as I say not as I do. Matt King was also pushing hard for the mantle of fruit cake of the year. It just goes on. How does that change with Goodfellow having a seemingly endless handover?

      • Frank the Tank,

        Andrew Little as always “not available for comment” after yet another tragedy involving a Mental Health patient in the community. His excuse is the case is “under investigation”…..it will be under investigation for years and before the courts and appeal court for longer. How tragic and ironic that Little is seen as a Government heavy hitter….just like the inept and morbidly obese Megan Woods who coincidently is also “unavailable for comment” about more telling housing stats highlighting yet more fails.

          • Bob you’ll be pleased to know that salary increases for health workers excluding nurses have been accepted thanks to Andrew Littles ability to sit on both sides of the fence. Labour have fulfilled last year’s promise to increase all health workers salaries below $100,000 to an acceptable level. In fact one administration I worked with has an increase of $12,000 per year proclaiming this to make a remarkable difference in her life and not having to work two jobs.
            As I mentioned before, this is a catch up from Nationals years of wage freezes.

      • Paul Goldsmith, Louise Upston, Simeon.Brown, Matt Doocey, Andrew Bayley, Gerry Brownlee, Michael Woodhouse, Todd Muller, Harte Hipango, Chris Penk, Joseph Mooney(who?) say right back at you Frankie.

  7. Martyn as you are well aware, the Nats’ caucus is now dominated by social liberals. The 21st century iteration of the Nats is not a conservative party. Can you seriously see “The Queen Wasp” (as you aptly dubbed her) and Chris Bishop voting to suppress abortion rights? Last term I checked, NZ PMs didn’t have dictatorial powers, so even if Luxon wanted wanted to suppress abortion, he would stand no chance of achieving it. And as Ada has pointed out, the Nats’ likely partner in government is pro-choice – have you forgotten they’re libertarians ffs?

    On the other hand, those very same social liberals in the Nats caucus will have few qualms about privatization. Focus on the real problems that might result from a Nats-led government, instead of engaging in baseless scaremongering like this. Roe vs Wade has zero implications for NZ.

  8. With the state of America as it is today.
    That decision just might have improve the nations collective IQ tenfold! In the future…

      • conscience vote….no such animal fear of the party and no more promotion and fear of the reaction of their base makes such votes based on individual conscience alone well neigh impossible…unless you have intestinal fortitude and as our pollies have no actual spines…..

      • Don’t you mean conscience vote, B1st?
        Even though one can see CL is kinda conscious, the conscience bit is still very much unclear I’d say.

    • FFS – what do you want him to do. Have a joint media stand up with our Glorious Leader?

      Te Reo has said no change. He would not have the fucking numbers in caucus anyway.

      Take the tinfoil hat off

      • nope frank I would like fester to come clean on the aims of the secret fundamentalist sect he belongs to….simples, just as lefties are constantly asked if they are marxists maoists or stalinists we’re entitled as voters to know his actual position..
        will he betray the NZ public with anti abortion laws or will he betray his fellow extremists to gain and retain power….it’s not a difficult question is it?

    • Exactly my point. He shows weaknesses already, freely admitting like John Key that he’s socially left and only economically right. Yet Luxon confesses to know and believe in Christ and shows commitment to the faith of Christianity? He is not willing to take a stand.

      I support Christopher Luxon but I’m disappointed regarding this.

  9. Simon O’Connor is entitled to express his view isn’t he? Most Catholic’s would think this way. I would pause before I would criticise him as he made a stunning speech in Parliament calling out the woke and accusing academics of being activists (which in my view he nailed). He also spoke up about how SUFW had been cancelled and for that I thank him.

    While abortion has been legal, I do have a niggle about it. Now that it is illegal in the States, I feel sick at the thought of women having to carry a child they don’t won’t. Really sick about that.

    So I want the abortion laws to stay as they are here. Luxon wants to be PM too much to die on a hill for abortion. I think we will find personal gratification wins out over principles

    • Anker there are many many reasons why women seek to have an abortion. Its not just that they don’t want a baby. There is rape,incest, babies with no hope of survival outside of the womb. Men like Luxon and O’Connor are dangerous not only for women’s choices but for any other community that is now open in the USA for changes to the law, for instance say goodbye to gay rights. The conservative element is rife in this sort of decision making and NZ has its fair share of right wing ideologies. This law in America will affect the rest of the free world whether we like it or not . I bet there are many right wing national party donors just itching to get their cheque books out for the anti abortion cause, just watch this space.

      • Queeny accept most of what you say but cannot believe an anti abortion movement will get traction in NZ.
        Not a moral issue but more a constitutional issue in the United States from what I’ve read but stand to be corrected on that.

      • Queeny – you are so right. Excellent comment. Unfortunately, Luxon and O’Connor express a view held by many conservative individuals, especially men who think they are all knowledgeable about women and know what is good for women, when they don’t which makes O’Connor’s post so very chilling on so many levels.

        I wonder how the men who support the US Supreme Court decision including O’Connor especially, would feel if there was a law that took away the right of men to have a vasectomy. What if there was a genetic issue with the male sperm which somehow caused the issue identified by Queeny – a baby with no hope of survival outside the womb – yet it is the woman who has been impregnated by the sperm and who is carrying the foetus who will be criminalised if she arranges to abort the foetus, not the man.

    • It is not “illegal” in the US. It has gone back to the states and their laws. Some are very restrictive and some are very liberal. It is time for the politicians to step up and do what they were elected for.

    • Anker
      Yes he can and won’t be locked up for expressing his dumb archaic and confrontational views. He is clearly a strategic idiot to have opened his mouth on a public platform over this issue. He seriously believes his post is a vote catcher. If I was Luxon, I would sack him for attempting to torpedo the election chances. That’s like giving the other team your line out codes. What a dunce! He should just quit and become a fucking pastor. Or Bishop. Luxon needs to put the hammer down.

  10. I wouldn’t trust any politician in NZ if he/she saw that a certain topic was good for stepping into power, from utilising that subject. And abortion is just a subject to most of them, not something that is essential to have as an option for child-bearing women – eventually the PTB will sink to the dictum of ‘keeping them barefoot and pregnant’ though this would apply only to needy women on social insecurity who deserve from them no respect or value.

    Margaret Atwood wrote a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale – The Testament. In its publicity piece, a quote – ‘Knowledge is power, and History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.’

  11. Luxon is to me a Plastic Christian and his party of mostly white rich males would do anything to control females. So if National hasn’t condemned what has happened in America then it’s obvious they condone the American return to the Dark Ages. Lets remember National has a habit of Copying and Pasting anything from America eg the Trickle Down Effect. And who knows but whilst National keep quiet on expressing their opposition to what has happened to American women and girls it could be a perfect indication that National will take NZ into the Dark Ages when it comes to the rights of females over what they do with their bodies.
    And surprise, surprise the Plastic Christian that is Luxon will not condemn the events in America but I bet he will be condemning Russia’s attack on the Ukraine. Both events i.e the Ukraine war and the US Supreme Court ruling on abortion rights has peoples’ rights impinged. So Luxon will not condemn the over-turning of the Roe vs Wade bill but will condemn Russia???!!! He is showing how slippery an eel he is. I am sure he will over turn the NZ abortion laws when it suits him if he by some misfortunes became prime minister of New Zilland. He is now showing that we NZers cannot trust the guy. But then perhaps like John Key he is in love with ALL things American.
    It is also likely the belief system that Luxon is a follower of originated in the US and so Luxon wouldn’t want to upset or anger those so-called ‘leaders’ in the US that are of the same belief system as his. He doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ because he doesn’t want to sully anything of his plans. His plans are all EGO(much like John Key) and whatever comes out from America will always have his approval.
    What is truly shocking is one National MP Simon O’Connor on hearing the news of the over-turning of the Roe vs Wade bill called the day as being a ‘good day’ on his facebook. He later deleted that posting but I am sure the damage has been done. He destroyed what little credibility he had and he has put the NZ National Party into disgrace. But I am sure Luxon will jump to his defense quicker than one would say “abortion rights for females in a NZ National government”.

    • Can you explain why rich white males “would do anything to control females?”

      Because it sounds like a lot of extra hard work for little point. Rich white men seem to do ok on finding wives, girlfriends, etc. and I don’t know what they would gain.

      Controlling people is hard work I would imagine, based on the efforts to have closed borders, MIQ, anti vaccine protests…

      • Ada this is exactly what they have done in the USA.To think it won’t be tried here with a conservative leader and his minions is naive at best and ignorant at worse. Look at the misogyny that comes from these peoples mouths . They have a certain disdain for women leaders and there is absolutely no denying that.

  12. Bomber you are drawing a particularly long bow in trying to tar Luxon with the nut jobs in US politics and judiciary.
    He has said he has no intention to amend NZ abortion laws and I believe him.
    To do anything other than that would be political suicide in a country where the religious right never get over the 5% threshold and while they make a lot of noise have very little impact on policies.

    • I agree with that but the issue still remains that we have, and have had for the last decade, various leaders of our major centre-right party who have expoused “Labour lite” ideology, and this is just another example of it.

    • Correction, Pat: He said he would not relitigate or revisit.

      He did NOT say the vital word ‘amend’. Huge difference. That is what Martyn has raised. You see, he can argue (and probably will) that a mere amendment does not actually constitute ‘relitigating’ or ‘revisiting’.

      • I would urge you, Pat, to find the quote where he said he would not AMEND.
        Please front up, or admit that you have fallen for a word trap.

  13. I dont think we have anything to worry about over the Abortion issue here in NZ.

    I think we need to worry about representative democracy far more. As long as we have a democracy with equal suffrage and the willingness to truly debate and consult and listen to the people on all issues (particularly moral) and have a referendum if needed then we are golden.

    The problem is that since the Key years and especially since 2020, we dont.

    As for America, a 2019 Gallup poll showed that absolute support for abortion was only 25% and abortion with defined qualification took the number to 38%. Those who most supported abortion were university educated woman with surprisingly high numbers of those under 30. So it could be argued that much as we would deplore the result that this is democracy in action.

    Also to my mind the issue in the US isnt just a ”christian’ issue. It is as much a moral and conservative issue as a religious one. And lets face it, in America, all sorts of ‘evil’ people like far right white supremacists refer to themselves as Christians whilst spouting extreme bad language, race hatred and misogyny. The use of the term Christian these days in the US is more of a political statement on Conservatism than on love of God and fellow man. Hence the modern term ‘prosperity gospel’ – in my younger days, it was ” Easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle’ .

  14. I do think, also, that more Trump policy, that is policy that’s been birthed from the right side of politics, will make it into mainstream American law as time goes on. This guy had huge popularity over there in the States, mainly because his thinking was different. And that would have set the US on a different course for the future, including increased prosperity, and sensible social legislation.

    I wasn’t a Trump supporter but I do believe in the need to repeal some pieces of legislation, especially those which have an obviously ultra-liberal social agenda behind them. A second term for Trump would have meant for America the opposite of the Reaganomics economic corruption era, which would have been a very good thing amidst the global pandemic. In fact, under President Trump, the United States was able to claw back 17,000,000 out of 22,000,000 lost jobs within a relatively short period of time.

    • Trump is a disaster. He had the worst job numbers for a US president due to the 22 million jobs lost when the pandemic hit.

  15. Fear mongering is going to be the name of the game as Nationals rise in the polls and look like taking the power back .The left will fight dirty .They had a chance to shine and have blown it with no Greens or NZFIRST to blame.

  16. And Martyn, can I also say that People handing out leaflets in front of Abortion clinics is actually a free specch issue. Even if we disagree with them.

    • Fantail it is actually harassment, these people who badger people at abortion clinics are public nuisances nothing more nothing less. You talk about free speech these public nuisances want to take peoples freedom and choice away mainly for their own religious tenet.

      • Agree. This is one place where the so-called ‘Free Speech’ is an invasive and offensive practice.
        Let them go elsewhere to practise that right.

      • I agree with you, it is harassment to do that. However, my understanding from having listened to a presentation given in NZ by these people via the Free Speech Union is that in NZ (Their organisation at least). They stand across the road and offer leaflets to passer by. No placards, no overt harassment.

        I personally dont support the canvassing of clinics, it is a bit distasteful, but once again, I support their right to free speech. In the same way the women have a right to abortion they have a right to hold an opposing view and are led by their consciences to do something about it. I think the important thing is that it is respectful.

  17. I read Luxon said today there will be no change to the abortion law under his watch.
    Didn’t his patron, John Key, give a very similar undertaking/promise pre-election about not increasing GST – and after the election, he increased GST?
    Hard to trust the Nats. I certainly wouldn’t.

    • So you can trust Labour. Name one promise they have kept . Not a promise to form a committee to look into actual put up the money and spent it . Why are they falling in the polls as more failed promises are uncovered.

        • I’m certain Luxon’s primary motivation to request the deletion of O’Connor’s comments is “votes”. Luxon is doing a wonderful job…..of keeping his true self hidden from view as he knows there is no realistic hope of him becoming the PM if Kiwi’s know what is the engine is under his hood.

          If Luxon does become PM, he’ll have three years of being his true self with all that entails and New Zealanders won’t be able to do a thing about it. They will be recoiling after being hoodwinked by another prominent politician. Luxon will be smiling that you didn’t see it coming.

  18. So you can trust Labour. Name one promise they have kept . Not a promise to form a committee to look into actual put up the money and spent it . Why are they falling in the polls as more failed promises are uncovered.

    • They promised to raise benefits, there’s one. You speak of trust Trevor yet there the party that DIDN’T have a Dirty Politics written about them, or Hollow Men. So yes Trevor, you can’t trust National, sorry to disappoint you.

      • until they clawed back most of the benefit increase via reduced acc supp and other payments bert, this has been pointed out many times so why do you persist

        • Because in my role of work I see those that were supported living better lives despite your narrative that you persist with. Can you show me the figures you maintain have minimized the increase in benefits including the winter energy payments gagarin? I’m more a man of stats than statements.

          • ok bert admittedly an anecdotal example an ex-workmate on supported living after the acc supp clawback made 2-3 dollars in actual disposable income.
            the energy payments are proof that the benefit clawback was a deliberate plan in that that payment was specifically ring fenced to avoid clawback this was not done with benefit ‘increases’

  19. I just wish nutty religious conservatives would stay the hell out of people’s underpants!….what a bunch of freaks.

  20. Maybe if you made the effort to understand future events this would not be such a surprise. This is just the start of Dan 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
    where the king of the south is atheism & the king of the north apostate religion. You have noticed climate change so who do you think will get the blame when events around the world keep getting worse?
    Sound interpretation of prophecy will tell you that the north & south are both wrong but that will not stop the mass peer pressure caling for forced obedience when men’s hearts are failing them for fear of those things that are coming on the Earth.

    • ‘Sound interpretation of prophecy’? Give me a break! Interpretation of an interpretation of an interpretation etc…..
      Reminds me of the old chestnut of the frontline WW1 officer’s call “Send us reinforcements, we’re going to advance” which, by the time it got down the line to the reserve troops in the rear, the interpretation that reached them, was “Send us three-and-fourpence, we’re going to the dance”.

  21. “Christopher Luxon answers to his magical flying invisible wizard friend first before he answers to the people of this land.” Are we to understand that he’s an evangelical Christian answering to God, or that he’s just another Harry Potter fan?

  22. “Simon O’Connor’s post was taken down because it was causing distress and does not represent the position of the National Party.”

    The distress of considering that it might lose votes? Doesn’t represent the position of the National Party? Which means I suppose that everything out of O’Connor’s mouth or keyboard, must be the ‘position of the National Party.’ And all other of their MPs.

    God I hope none of the National team say they want the Irish to win the up-coming rugby. Assuming they have a ‘position’ of wanting NZ to win.

  23. The four US judges lied during the appointments process. Neither their beliefs nor their knowledge of the law ensured they had any ethical standards.They were appointed by a totally corrupt politician and serial liar, so no surprises there. Why expect anything different in NZ? It is fortuitous if one gets justice under the law since the connection between the two is tenuous. Nor do ethical standards emanate from the supernatural. That is the realm of fantasy. Martyn is right.

  24. Queeny – you are so right. Excellent comment. Unfortunately, Luxon and O’Connor express a view held by many conservative individuals, especially men who think they are all knowledgeable about women and know what is good for women, when they don’t which makes O’Connor’s post so very chilling on so many levels.

    I wonder how the men who support the US Supreme Court decision including O’Connor especially, would feel if there was a law that took away the right of men to have a vasectomy. What if there was a genetic issue with the male sperm which somehow caused the issue identified by Queeny – a baby with no hope of survival outside the womb – yet it is the woman who has been impregnated by the sperm and who is carrying the foetus who will be criminalised if she arranges to abort the foetus, not the man.

  25. I received my weekly ACT newsletter this morning. Surprisingly ACT are aligned with the Democrats on this issue.
    So this is not a issue.
    As for Luxon’s religion, please bear in mind that both Biden and Pelosi are nominally Catholic.

  26. Disingenuous of you Martyn. I’d say truth is the ‘true gen’ of the Left Blogs but 40 years of defeat makes that thought death by laughter. Except we’re right.


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