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  1. A case to try and stop a mega-landfill development in north Auckland will be heard today in the Environment Court.

    The Dome Valley landfill has faced opposition from mana whenua and community groups who are concerned about the environmental and cultural impact of the dump.

    Can be viewed as live stream from the environment court.

    So the public can see how easy it seems to be to put a Landfill on a water course with Auckland Council only too keen to add to more Landfill, more trucks and more pollution into Land and water .

    Don’t forget you can always get engineers to say a resource consent is fine in NZ, such as CTV building, Pike River and the engineering trend continuing in NZ of not not asking too many questions about engineering staff, The engineering firms who hire unqualified and unethical engineers and don’t notice are not even reported in the media.

  2. Scary Stuff!!!

    What is point of making the group redundant when the management who put this group together and they reported to at the top level, remains the same????

    The biggest problems in government departments start at the top executive team who seem unable to manage anything while keeping the agency headcount increasing at tax payers expense while little gets done as they create a massive bureaucracy and more consultants, around themselves.

    Waka Kotahi unit facing restructure deemed ‘no longer effective’, documents reveal

    “Since 2018 the agency has installed just a fifth of the median barriers due by 2024 to prevent head-on smashes on state highways, and less than a fifth of the side barriers.”

    “The four teams in the unit worked in silos and did not know what they were meant to do to deliver on the 2020-25 regulatory strategy.”

    “Since the 2018 regulatory debacle, Waka Kotahi had more than doubled its number of inspectors from 82 to 184.

    Numbers have also soared away from the front line: HR staff have doubled from 57 to 122; admin up 60 per cent to 509; accountants from 44 to 66; and communications almost trebled from 32 to 88, according to figures released to the National Party in response to written questions.”

    Fuck me, they are getting rid of the 7 engineers who were doing the work in favour of more managers – that is their solution – should be the other way around!!!!

    Expect everything to get worse in transport!!!

    If they get more managers -who is actually expected to do the actual work?

    The current managers can’t even manage their own staff while in many cases adding much more administration, management, HR, accountants and communications.

    Not sure that any of those jobs are able to do the median and side barriers to save lives on the road.

    Same with health care, too many managers, administrators, accountants, communications, HR, consultants and bureaucrats who are appalling at their jobs while not enough people on the ground to do the actual work that the other 75% of head count are ‘looking into it’ by hiring more people who are not nurses and doctors.


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