Dear NZ – Don’t. You. Dare. Vote. Early. In. 2023!


Don’t. You. Dare. Vote. Early. In. 2023!
I can not urge this enough from you all comrades.
Don’t vote early in the 2023 election.
I’m not going to tell you who to vote for because this is a liberal progressive democracy and your right to chose who you want in the secrecy of that ballot box is a scared privilege and is your god damned right as a citizen.
But what I will beg of you, is to not vote early in 2023.
Comrades, on our horizon is inflation in double figures, geopolitical shockwave after geopolitical shockwave and a global economic depression.
As a nation we will face some of the toughest choices and decision making  outside of war time and that means you must press those bloody MPs to respond to real policy solutions and make those buggers promise to change things and you can’t do that if you hand your vote over 2 weeks before the bloody election! 
Keep demanding concessions and promises for your vote right up until midnight before election day AND THEN cast your vote!
This election is going to be too important to just let politicians waltz into Parliament without being blistered by our scrutiny. 

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  1. Most with penises have made up their mind Bomber. Your not going to get left wing males back by coming down hard on a Christian school that doesn’t want to teach transgender woke dogma.

    Our glorious Leader is a woke high priestess. There ain’t no coming back from that even for political pragmatism.

    • no but leftys tend not to like religious bigots in schools who victimise kids because of their own unresolved fascination with lady-boys. .panzer-boi

      • Those religious bigots provide a better standard of education than most state schools ( I’m an atheist BTW )

      • Nobody is forced to go to that school. It has a long waiting list. It makes its beliefs well public. You know what school you are sending your kid to. It’s the same kind of people as those who bought near Western Springs and then proceeded to shut down the Speedway due to noise – they always knew it was noisy, but HEY!!! now they’re offended. Labour is fucking with the wrong issue here. By even getting involved, it will lose Jacinda even more votes. Bad move.

        • 100% correct but she and her acolytes can’t help themselves and that will ultimately lose them the election.

  2. Party vote ACT for rolling back the failed firearms legislation & no registry. Green candidate for the environment & identity politics. There all sorted. Roll on 2023.

  3. Unfortunately Martyn there are many people who will base their vote on their policy of ‘not the incumbent’. They rip into the current government ( and not without justification) but won’t acknowledge that National are probably only a pronoun or two different (but with a shiny white evangelist twist); or they bemoan the state of the poor and middle ish class and cheer for ACT for fs! That’s not to imply theses parties are the only options but its clear from many posts here, that those are the horses in the race. If you actually listen to Luxon he is not really saying much of anything and when challenged tends to walk things back anyway. David Seymour just swans around being a smart arse. Ok he has put some frightening suggestions out there but his coalition partner will be all Hall & Oates and say “no can do”

  4. I’m voting TOP, and I’m not interested in mingling with election day crowds. Change my mind.

    • VOYCE = Whakarongo Mai (an NGO advocacy group advocating for children in care and includes those that have experienced the worst of it) are organising a protest.
      Somehow I wonder whether it’ll make a difference. That oversight bill is a shocker and as the days go by, it becomes more apparent that Labour are intent on alienating every demographic that has traditionally provided them with support.
      Nurses and other medical staff, essential workers and skilled immigrants, supermarket consumers, people in the arts, public media and people concerned with the attack on democracy, the disabled ………..
      Don’t get sick and retreat into a shell

  5. One thing for sure is that if Jacinda promises something she is lying and will either do nothing or do the opposite. Just all remember that.

    • It doesnt matter who you vote for, they will promise you everything you want to hear then ignore you after.

  6. It’s hard to see what will be achieved in the couple of weeks before the election. Six long years of decline rescued at the 11th hour?
    Everything seems to be falling apart, more division, more homelessness, more crime, more suicides, the health system failing, educational standards declining, moribund productivity, and, just out, a further big slide in competitiveness – now down to 31st place. Government efficiency was ranked at 7th in 2018, now 17th. No wonder consumer confidence is at a forty year low and that’s a big deal – people need confidence to invest their futures. Is NZ, under the current regime, an attractive option?

  7. Whats the point in voting? Unless you’re giving political parties nice fat donations you’re getting nothing.

  8. Anyone but Labiour, Natuonal, Greens, Act and Maori party. They are all slime

    Doesn’t leave many options Comrades

  9. I’m picking 21% vote for Winston and 6% vote for a new party to come from the cheap seats…Farmers , anti vax and all the riff raff , if they can just get someone to get it to gel…but in the meantime I’m enjoying the Monty Python style parliament running the country at the moment…just when you think it can’t get anymore silly…well..bugger me…something else comes crawling out of the woodwork….I am disappointed with the vetting of comments on this site…so much for free speech…but hurt feelings rule…

  10. What a choice!

    One dusty star lady or some John Key apprentice.

    Who the hell even thinks of a 50 year old apprentice.

    A choice is not a replacement for building a movement.

    Luxon came out against spending in his budget reply effectively giving Jacinda an open check book. Fucken do something woman.

  11. Luxon has confirmed that his first job will be to remove taxes from his 7 properties. Thanks Jacinda.

  12. ” Don’t vote early in the 2023 election ”

    Bomber I only vote early if I am working to assist the public casting their vote on the day.

    I have already decided that I will no longer vote for the current parties in parliament as none of them address the issues that we talk about on here and are poisoning many good people in this country with a corrupt economic system that provides for selected privileged groups and those who work or are receiving a benefit including many aged pensioners do not have enough to live a life of dignity or support our children to have the best we can give them starting out.

    If by chance a new real progressive , social justice alternative is available i will support it and give my efforts and time to support it.

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