The Greens New Non Binary Co-leadership Model – the puritan pain of being woke


As predicted by TDB, the Greens have disappeared up their own arsehole and have pushed for a New Non Binary Co-leadership Model…

Green Party scraps male co-leader requirement, adds Māori as part of Te Tiriti o Waitangi commitment

The Green Party has scrapped its male co-leader requirement and added one to ensure Māori representation.

The party convened over the weekend for a special meeting where its members voted to implement the changes to its constitution immediately.

The two co-leaders now need to constitute one woman, and one person of any gender (providing leadership pathways for non-binary and intersex). One co-leader also needs to be Māori.

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…most people will not understand this, they will think it means the other co-leader is Trans.

The perception that the Greens are just a Feminist party with some environmentalism thrown in could cause the Green Male vote to either transfer on mass to Labour, or be tempted by Winston’s machismo, Christian Lex Luthor’s eager Dad routine or stand up comedian David Seymour’s sick burns.

At a time when more women’s voices in positions of power have had platform and at a time when male identity has been so ruthlessly critiqued in open social media, a political cultural backlash is brewing and it will be anonymous incel Troll on 4chan nasty.

Gender and all the culture war fun that brings will be a central fault line that erupts politically as the economic pressure really bites.

The Greens will herald their non-binary co-leadership model as progress, the wider electorate will see it as emblematic of a woke dogma that alienates far more than it can recruit at a time of peak economic anxiety.

Pure temple politics is fine until all the people you’ve denied into the temple are far larger than you can ever hope to be.

James will go, the new non binary co-leadership model will be adopted, 10 000 people will like it on Twitter and it will lead to the Greens limping home with 7% in 2023.

Chloe as a leader on her own could get 15%, winning it through a gerrymandered non-gender binary co-leadership model will rob her of the mana she deserves.

It just hurts all the time being a Green Party voter now.

What self respecting male would vote for this blancmange of virtue signalling woke dogma?

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  1. Like Natz, the Greens are creating their own voters by putting so many people in poverty by their poor policies, removing a good education (kids now don’t know how many minutes are in an hour) and then telling the poor it’s someone else fault, be angry about it and vote for the Greens – free supermarkets with food parcels so you can be dignified.

    Unfortunately when someone wants a house built or go to the doctor they find that NZ don’t have the skills anymore as nobody is there, or just arrived in the country yesterday and don’t know anything. (Don’t worry the bureaucrats are great at training new people and retaining them in the NZ wokeforce, sarcasm).

    It then isn’t long before the new arrivals realise that you get ahead by doing nothing or talkfests than actually using your skills in NZ and join the under employed or leave NZ disillusioned.

    • Savenz. May I suggest that you are guilty of understatement in your comment about the Purple Party?

      Should I admire your restraint about Marama Davidson whom I consider to be the most racist sexist person in the New Zealand Parliament ? Is it ok for me to think this bunch symptomatic of the breakdown of society which we are now living through ? They almost make the Nats look normal, and that’s not saying very much at all.

      • How is Marama racist and sexist?

        Unless you are, you support police brutality and the repression of LGBT’s.

    • “and then telling the poor it’s someone else fault”
      Seems like you are repeating National talking points here. At the end of the day people are poor because they have to pay >70% of their income in rent charged by greedy landlords with the rest hoovered up by power companies.

  2. What self respecting male would vote for this blancmange of virtue signalling woke dogma?

    I’ve been wondering this for the last ten years…
    The only thing worth leaving on a ballot paper nowadays is a stool sample.

  3. Does the women co leader have to be a biological women or can they be a man who identifies as a women.

    • Depends. The point at which man becomes woman is directly after waking up from sex reassignment surgery.

      Now we can have the debate about having children and lactatating and periods being the realms of womanhood but arguably male to female trans should make woman so comfortable they don’t even notice, not even the transperson.

      It’d be a terrible mistake for transpeople waking up in horror after having bad dreams of there experiences so what ever device or appendages has to match the features and brain activity already there. A bit like matching Apple products with iPhones or android products with Android mobile. If the appendages don’t match the operating system then they will reject each other.

  4. Greens fiddle while the planet burns!
    Is there ANY hope left?
    Armageddon outa here, methinks….

  5. As the greens continue to shine bright it just proves that the more diverse the green movement gets, the more exacerbated the differences are. Far from resolving conflict they are in fact creating knew conflict. Takes an absolute genius level of a prossefor of humanities to be able to live joyfully in an outerversal state. Just amazing.

    How much stronger would we have been with Jacinda as PM, Chloe as Deputy, Winston as Finance minister and Ron Marks as Defence Minister. What a wasted.

    The left can’t have anymore controversy. No more bluff and blaster, no more speaking from the heart. We need syarigjt up and down facts and statistics. And if you can’t imagine it then you can’t build it. So we need visionary leadership and party’s with the wherewithal to work and push those visions through.

    I mean if NZDF has to many missiles or what ever argument then let’s have that debate.

    You think trans rights are killing traditional values then bring it on, I’ll defend trans rights.

    Let’s go bitches

    • “You think trans rights are killing traditional values then bring it on, I’ll defend trans rights.

      Let’s go bitches”

      Green Party Leadership based on merit. Would that be traditional values or progressively attracting votes?

      • Out of about 60,000 births last year about 6 identified as being one of them pregnant people and that’s generalised across the trans community.

        That thousands of kiwi trans activist twitter accounts actively proclaim to be trans just says that its trendy to be woke without paying the price just for clout and monatising content and or deplatforming.

        That thousands of twitter accounts actively speak for about 0.006 or some rediculously tiny minor sector of the community is just so outerversal they’re not even worth engaging with. We could literally just invite every trans person on The Daily Blog just to speak for themselves and most of them say the same things as I do we wouldn’t even have to guide them, just give them a clean platform.

        Fuck the woke.

  6. Their gaze is permanently so inward on shit that does not matter, that a pack of wolves could be tearing people apart in front of them and they wouldn’t notice!

    A party so lost to relevancy as the Greens is simply not worth the effort.

  7. Green party has been bleeding male voters since TOP was launched and since Ardern took over Labour.

    Hopefully alienated men go and vote Top and Top gets in and the Green party goes the way of the Alliance party. It’s long passed time.

    Everytime I think hmmm maybe I’ll vote for the greens they come out with some nutty idpol bollocks.

    Interesting how the Greens polling goes up when they are invisible and down when they are visible.

    Chloe is as awful as the rest of them except she says “maaaaaate” a lot oh and utterly bungled the Greens confidence and supply deal win aka the the marijuana referendum by writing a shit law and basing it on race not economic and libertarian issues.

    Na na na na na na hey hey hey … Ka kite

  8. This is the worst of student level political thinking. It appears there are no adults in that party.

    • The Greens have to make these mistakes. Alliance made mistakes, Labour, National. It’s there right to make mistakes.

    • Eugenie Sage is the only environmentalist (and an excellent one) in the party, and indeed, in the House.

      • I still giggle at my relations for not knowing about those high value jobs that was supposed to come about from offshoring New Zealand’s water assets.

  9. I could accept Maori/Pakeha co-leaders but dropping the requirement for a male co-leader WHILE keeping it for a female instead of dropping both, shows inconsistency even woke terms. Clearly women are more deserving (aka superior) to ALL other genders.

    We are at the “Four legs good, two legs BETTER!” stage of the Greens fight to bring down the ‘Patriarchy’.

  10. What did Lenin say?

    Split, split, split and split again, until you have only the smallest indivisible fraction of the hardest of the hard core.

    Or something like that.

    Knew what he was talking about, did Lenin.

  11. The Greens have been deliberating on this shit for 2 years Millay.

    Anyway all James has to so is identify as a women and then accuse the party of being transphobic if they try and get rid of him….

    Job done

  12. As the woke dogma party, how can the greens have any rules regarding the gender of its leaders?

    After all, most of the members believe ‘gender is just a social construct’.

  13. “The Greens New Non Binary Co-leadership Model…” And there it is!

    The GNNBCM party! 2023! If the greens got up a ‘new’ party up and running in time for 2023s election. They could end up with two horses of the same kind in the race!

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