MEDIAWATCH: TVNZ Breakfast vs AM Show

The crèche at a middle class group therapy session

Both shows have been on air for about a month and both shows are awful now.

I think the advertisers are clearly and obviously chasing a female consumer for the benefit of the advertisers and this has led to TVNZs set now looking like a middle class kindergarten with yoga, vegan, mindfulness options alongside teachers who militantly correct te reo pronunciation and demand pronouns while The AM Show just has Ryan’s balls pickled in a jar next to the living wall and laid back couches.

I watch AM Show and Breakfast to see Ryan and John do hard interviews with powerful people, but apparently that’s too much testosterone in the morning for the new target demos so B team on both shows get to share the interviews now, and sadly are usually pretty hopeless.

Matty has every right to look concerned!

I mean, bless Matty, but he’s the weather host and a prince of lite weight entertainment. What insight is Matty going to give me on geopolitics I don’t already know?

Same with the AM Show, it’s like the female co-hosts can feel the viewers disappointment that they are asking the questions and not Ryan.

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The AM Show’s new weather host just makes me sad.

So very sad.

He’s trying so hard.

The move from world famous tic tocker (or whatever it was he was on social media) to hosting live TV is an enormous cavern that we can all hide our cringing at his awkwardness inside.

Like Godzilla’s holiday bach of shame.

It’s just so painful.

Why? Why is he being forced to do something he’s so uncomfortable doing?

Why am I being forced to sit through this in the morning? It’s like a sour milk smoothie.

So the reason I tune in, to see Ryan and John eviscerate powerful people, is now a shared task to undermine the heteronormative white cis male patriarchy of broadcasting to sell more stuff to female consumers?

Sigh. Great.

I think all the male audiences have fled to podcasts anyway.

News that John Campbell is stepping down from Breakfast is the nail in that coffin in terms of me watching TVNZ Breakfast again.

And I’m grateful for that.

I’ll tune back into AM when I know Ryan is asking the questions.

I’m open to listening to Tova.

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  1. Melissa is more professional than Ryan. He doesnt do his homework and Melissa shows him up. Dont forget Melissa did a stint as UK correspondent and read NZ news and gained a lot of experience. Same with Bernadette, she leaves Richardson for dead. Ryan looks uncomfortable and out of touch amid those wahine toa.
    You’ve become a grumpy old man (like me), we want to dee diversity not older men setting the scene. Same with john he is too big to be on a morning show – he needs something more challenging and political. Ryan and John are of the old school who interrupt and talk over guests – annoying.

  2. The whole lot are the equivalent of the Womens Wankly, puff & fluff, an absolute waste of space.
    NZ television is the worst in the world bar none!

  3. Was disappointing with the am show “doing” the new school history curriculum – we got two people being interviewed with the identical viewpoint to the government -so at least everything is going to be fine and there’s nothing to worry about.
    No hard questions were asked and whichever female cohost was interviewing simply agreed.

    • It does seem to be a standard norm these days to just have a panel discussion where everyone agrees with other. Sad really if you want reasoned argument and insightful debate. I find that discussion on National Radio at 4pm to be cringe worthy at times.

      • “a panel discussion where everyone agrees”
        Yes Urinal, we’re not being informed or exposed to a diversity of opinion, we’re being propagandised and indoctrinated. And some people wonder why there’s no faith in, or respect for, the legacy media. Well the media wonder, it’s obvious to anyone with any capacity for critical thinking.

      • indeed urinal RNZ is laughably inept even at propaganda.

        the problem with relying on a Tactical lie/evasion to get through todays newscycle is that people cotton on to the game eventually and believe nothing thus leaving the media ineffectively bleating ‘why don’t they respect us?’

  4. A large part of the success of any TV show is the dynamic between the hosts. Lots of it with Ryan, Amanda and Mark. Not nearly so much with the new team. Mellissa might be a top reporter but the morning format is not her thing.
    I have switched back to Morning Report. And occasionally to Mike Hoskings, just for the entertainment value.

    • Yep, no surprise you like a right-wing station Sour Kraut. Tova, Duncan Garner, you rightwhingers must be creaming yourselves. It must be a good site if Winston Peters hangs up on Tova

      However, how about Nuremberg Sour kraut?

      Sour kraut, is it possible for you to denounce this right-wing Nuremberg site, that threatens the lives of health experts, media, Maori and Polynesian leaders and politicians?

      Yes? Or no?

      • er..Mike
        We expect you will now publicly say exacvtly the same thing to Martyn – he has clearly indicated that, because of the shit on TV, he is now open to listening to Tova (last line of his article MJ which you have obviously not read!). Go on….not?…..Chicken!

        • Martyn has already denouced and ridiculed by asking to be voted up thei executio list. Unlike you…..It must really go against your alt-right (lack) of values to denounce your bosses’ other platforms, Sour Umkraut. Simple question for a simple Tory shill-troll.

          Do you denounce executions of politicians, media, health experts and Polynesian and Maori leaders??

        • Waiting for your denunciation of

          Typical right-wing shill, unable to denounce the alt-right site because it is so close to your own lack of socially responsible values.

          You seem happy in your onanistic corner, typing one-handed criticisms of a socially responsible government, that has saved thousands of kiwis’ lives.

        • Royal “we” Sour Kraut, either, an ego bigger than your right arm, or confirmation that the alt-right Dirty Politics shills, work in unison?

          Still waiting for your denunciation of Nuremburg, , your alt-right Big Brother in the shill business.

    • And IF the rumour mill is correct and Kamahl is coming back to rescue things, he’ll be wondering what the fuck he’s done after the first few weeks.
      Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they manage to show us all they can.
      Even before Breakfast and the AM shows’ “refreshes”, I couldn’t watch either of them – just as I can’t watch Newsboy and that luverly control freak lady auditioning to be the next Mutha of the Nayshun or everybody’s darling Jesse.
      5 or 6 minutes of supposedly in-depth, incisive johnolism, followed by a huge ad break that defies the undertaking given not that long ago about the audio volume. Rinse and repeat.

      Appoint a Tory to show a bit of bi-partisanship in the merger, and we’ll just get a ratificatioon of the shit as it stands and probably signals that it’s OK to aim lower, plus the demise of anything half decent on RNZ.

      Faafoi was never going to be transformational despite his uptalk – just as he hasn’t been with Immigration or JustHis

      The Labour Party probably need a few years in the wilderness unfortunately to wake a few of them up.
      Meanwhile the natives continue to be getting more restless by the day hanging out with expectations of promises to be kept.
      And meanwhile here’s some generous NuZullonEar funding for a new series on “Parenting Under Pressure”
      featuring proven successful content producers Clarke and Jacinda with parents (among many) Bill and Connor who’ve only just recently figured out what caused their parenthood after years practicing the rythym.

      • Goodness Tim, another “Don’t-you-know-who-I-am” Tory.
        Only seven full-stops in your alt-right tirade.
        You need to put your head between your knees, open up Nuremburg.Nz and see what your shilling grift leads to.

        You and Sour Kraut need to get out more. Text him here on this site and arrange a play-date. He’s a bit busy atm trying to avoid denouncing Nuremberg NZ , so he might take a while to answer you for the play-date.

    • Who actually watches these uneducated soulless bobble heads prattling away, I can’t think of anything worse. More people are waking up over time and realising they are nothing but brainwashed press titutes just doing what theyre paid for. Sadly too many still hang on bobble heads every utterance as if it were gospel, including our elderly with lack of access to better information, or many who are brainwashed to view reading or watching independant media as some sort of apostacy. They are terrified of learning something they don’t know that might put them into some sort of existential crisis. Personally I’m not scared of facing reality, with a little help from my friends and the odd bottle of wine and ciggie to calm the nerves. So sad how brittle and fragile peoples egos and long held beliefs are. Basically most of the population now resemble Jehovahs Witnesses in their religious fever to defend their beliefs

  5. The pakeha msm have castrated the male presenters and the viewership at the same time just so the ‘average’ paheka female can have some alone time with people like them to connect with in the 2 million dollar middle class homes before hitting the pilate mat.

    It’s a tuff life on struggle street these days it seems for latte NZ.

      • More racist alt-right undermining, just like on the site you refuse to denounce Sour Kraut – Nuremberg.

        You have time tonight to email your paymasters to see if denouncing is acceptable in the alt-right shill script book!

    • One Maori woman, one Pacifica woman, one young pakeha man and one grumpy oldish man – thats not Maori TV.

      • So, Nikorima, are you buying into Sour Kraut’s alt-right racism then?
        Sour Kraut won’t denounce, which threatens Maori and Polynesian leaders.

        Please share your own tribal affiliations Nikorima?

        Ngati Porou, or Ngati Nuremburg?

        • Turi turi Nikorima.
          You can use the:
          Nuremberg is an alt-right fascist site to quietly tell us in 11 size font that you abhor the racism and evil on Nuremburg

          It’s no disgrace to realise you have been an Uncle-Tom Maori, supporting genocide of Maori and Polynesian leaders on this alt-right site. What’s important is that you see the error of your ways and choices and are prepared to change and denounce

          No’s good Nikorima!

        • Neither of those bro – further north of Te Tairawhiti. What makes you think i buy into krauts racism, nuremburg – the natzi krautz shot up my dad and killed my uncle in Crete. I’m further left than you mate but I support your comments about the influence of the right wing Dirty Politics, anti-labour, hate Jacinda brigade.

          • Cheers Nikorima – Ngati Porou then – good to hear.

            ‘He aha te mea nui o te ao? Māku e kī atu, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata’

            …and it is more likely that a Labour alliance with Greens and Te Pāti Māori will address the needs of Maori than NACT ever will.

  6. Having been in hospital recently I turned on the TV to watch the morning breakfast programmes which I normally would never do. Well…it would be the first and last time as I thought both of them were terrible. Jenny May and her team basically sit with their laptops in front of them barely looking at the Autocad which I thought was terrible. I won’t be watching either one again sadly.

  7. The backgrounds are so busy and overdone the presenters are overshadowed. Ryan is very capable of asking the hard questions and demanding intelligent answers but he seems lost in the new format.

  8. We have stopped watching both.
    Really enjoyed tv3 now it’s just waffle. Cant stand the 2 girls.
    Tv1 was a lost cause quite some time ago. Can’t cope with the maori girl who has been around for years Jenny somebody, terrible.
    Please give us a decent show with humor and engaging Interviews why has it all gone so bad.

    • We need shows that don’t tow the party line. Hang on we have three shows like that…Hosking and Tova and Duncan.

      • “Hang on we have three shows like that…Hosking and Tova and Duncan.”
        The Fox news of New Zealand/Aotearoa (deliberately chosen Maori name for New Zealand, to irritate the racists who refuse to denounce Nuremberg.Nz).

        Like Sour Kraut. “I denounce alt-right site Nuremburg NZ site! I denounce it because it is racist and threatens to execute Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts, misognyny – 71 women and politicians”

        There Sour Kraut, all you have to do is copy and paste in your reply – easy! I’ve made it easy for you Sour.

  9. Royal “we” Sour Kraut, either, an ego bigger than your right arm, or confirmation that the alt-right Dirty Politics shills, work in unison?

    Still waiting for your denunciation of Nuremburg, , your alt-right Big Brother in the shill business.

  10. Who needs any of these clowns when you have Russell brand, Lauren Southern, Tim Pool, Laura Chen, Salty Cracker, Sydney Watson, Rotella Streams, We Are Here, Joe Rogan (he really mostly just interviews influential people), and even Steve Bannon’s “War Room” (seriously, you might be surprised). These guys will have you up to your eyeballs in alternative global political debate. We need a New Zealand versions for sure though.

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