The Working Group Weekly Political Podcast with Simon Bridges, Graeme Edgeler, & Damien Grant

To debate this we have unemployed Yak whisperer Simon Bridges and Twitter Legal God, Graeme Edgeler.



New Zealand’s greatest and bestest weekly Political Podcast that is NOT funded by NZ on Air!


Taxpayer’s Union Poll

-Andrea Vance & Jack Tame’s criticism of the Government

-RNZ expose on Police shootings

-Economy & Omicron: what happens next politically?

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To debate this we have unemployed Yak whisperer Simon Bridges and Twitter Legal God, Graeme Edgeler.

You won’t hear politics like this anywhere else!

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm from the Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.



  1. The Working Group should be extended to 1.5 hours. It’s the best all-around Political Podcast in NZ right now. The spectrum of guests/opinions is just wonderful.

    The Working Group masterfully achieves being lighthearted, informative, entertaining and occasionally in-depth. Guests regularly spice the show with tidbits of palace intrigue.

    Listeners are generously treated to opposing views couched in witty repartee. I recommend watching live on YouTube for the full audio video experience.

  2. Bang on with how to reduce gang violence is a regulated drug system. Was sad this drew no comment from Mr. Bridges, who openly opposed cannabis regulation. Why does parliament so openly block the best evidence-based approach to reducing harm to NZ citizens? It boggles the mind.

  3. Will National stand a strong candidate in the Tauranga bi-election, or will it be a strategically chosen candidate who will run a minimal campaign to give Winston the best chance of being re-elected in Tauranga, which will be a favour Winston will then return at the post general election coalition discussions,
    should NZfirst make it back in, on the back of the increasing contrarian vote? This strategy would have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

    Another observation is that Nicola Willis was senior political advisor to Mr Key, in the early days of dirty politics. The two track attack politics described in the book of the same name. Could the sudden departure of Simon be a sign that the National Party dirty politics machine is being dusted off, and re-activated.
    Maybe some of the dirty politics attacks that happened previously, while Nicola was a senior advisor,
    were thought up by Nicola. Simon not being part of the PM’s office, wasn’t involved, and could explain why he’s now gone. Did the former PM, now bankrolled by ANZ, offer Simon a business proposition he couldn’t refuse, after Simon relocates to central Auckland? Was there a plot to get his two favored puppets into the most senior National Party positions, where Mr Luxon can be viewed as the good guy never getting his hands dirty pocketing his $18K tax cut and re-instating tax deductibility for his seven houses, while Nicola rabidly unleashes the dirty politics attack lines. Time will tell. National escaped any serious Police scrutiny when they did it before, because they were the Government, but they’re not in Government now.
    A Putin-Medvedev type leadership merry go round by proxy could be on the cards. Interesting times.


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