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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. In Breaking News, exclusive to this reporter, sources have told me that an extraordinary meeting of Cabinet and Senior Officials has been called in response to the Weather Bomb in the northern regions, and the loss of a fishing vessel where at least 2 plebians have lost their lives.
    Top of the agenda has been whether or not to call it a Weather Bomb or Weather Bimb, and then whether of not to declare a State of Crisis of State of Emergency.
    Sources tell me the meeting is to be chaired by the Honourable Kris Faafoi and it’s understood a full report will be released at this time next week, bearing in mind all stakeholders recognise the seriousness of this event, going forward.

  2. Global Recycling Day was March 18th I don’t remember reading much about it while I am still attempting changes to my rubbish level.

    On April 7th, all Americans are encouraged to participate in the annual The Great American Buy Local Day, to support local businesses, the communities they serve, and the millions of people they employ.

    Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Shop Small movement energizes small business owners to prepare for customers in every way possible.
    SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY – Saturday after Thanksgiving › small-business-saturday.

    and – late November seems to be connected with harvest period there.
    In the USA but seems worthy – Thanksgiving Day – despite all, we have things to be grateful for and we don’t say grace before or after meals as a regular practice. We moan a lot, perhaps we could hold an international moaning and gurning!* competition. Get with that and make money from our gifts. Then the rest of the time practice till near perfect at being aware of what we have and happy about them.

    and for USA Small Businesses – why not here tooon some suitable date!
    National Small Business Day celebrates small businesses and honors small business owners. It was officially designated by the Small Business Administration and occurs around the same time of year that National Small Business Week takes place, which honors important small businesses around the country.
    National Small Business Day | Holiday | › national-small-business-da

    Gurning – made for us and a good bunch to travel and compete with!

  3. So how much does it cost to (not) chop down trees on a Maunga, Owiaraka?

    After the Auckland Council and P. Majurey for the The Maunga Authority(TMA) are found wanting in their management of the manga, in the day to day management and operational planning.
    How does this happen?

    They spent $613,000 on legal fees and costs to defend a mistake in their operational management plan(s) and annual plan.

    Who is going to be sacked for this major waste of public ratepayers’ money?

    And who’s idea was it to proceed to court to defend poor management by the TMA & council?

    What were the 6 elected councillors on the TMA doing? Observing? Eating lunch or something else?

    How do you Aucklanders put up with this waste of ratepayers money!!

    Heads must roll!

    PS. Will the TMA try again by going to the Supreme Court to have the decision overturned because as Paul Majurey said recently in a news article, something like,” the Reserve Act is wrong and out of date!”

    So does he want to change the 1977 Reserves Act to fix his, the TMA Operations Managers error?

    Let’s wait and see how this plays out in the next few weeks and possibly months.

    • I think Denny has a point.
      I believe that more and more infringements will happen as these bounders get bolder and I would organise for that great big foot introducing Monty Python’s to do a guest job over all these scoundrels and rogues who would also get a sacking and one to lie down on, and spend a week, not just on a pension, but as well sleeping under cardboard in the parks etc. And getting evicted from someone else’s shrub or doorway who says sternly ‘Go to a better ‘ole.’


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