TWITTERWATCH: How desperate is Labour if this is the best Clint Smith can offer?


Oh come on Clint!

Labour hasn’t exactly lived up to that Fees Free policy now has it?

We have let Students down with a tight fisted mean spirited policy that has delivered little but a miserly pittance to tertiary students!

We have walked away from allowing education to be a key for advancement and denigrated it into a user pays money making scheme where individual gain sacrifices the collective good.

How desperate is Labour if this is the best Clint Smith can offer?

I don’t ever want to make cricket metaphors, but Labour need less spin and more delivery.


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  1. Labour was done for good when Lange did the neoliberal Douglas dance. Clark was just Jong Kee with a bigger member. Done. Done and dusted. Beat the dead horses bones if you must, but do not delude yourself that they are anything other than those dead bones.

  2. The best thing Labour could ever do, is to stop taking policy advice and listening to morons like Clint Smith and Neale Jones.

    They don’t represent core Labour voters and never will.

  3. the point is the bums on seats don’t need to be kiwi bums as long as there is money…result places are reduced for kiwi students by our dying foreign student market(they are starting to realise nz education isn’t world class and a lot of the remainder are visa hunting) and labour are absolutly cool with dumbing down kiwis…it’s part of their policy aims

    • it was always visas for votes, labour is just too retarded to click that the majority of visa hunters and their hangers on prefer NACT.

  4. castro, look how far that got british labour half the swivel eyed nutters on the tory front benches are sons and daughters of immigrants culturally belivers in a caste society


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