I know everyone is busy – but UFOs!


Look, I appreciate we are all busy trying to ignore climate change and the toxicity of our political debate, but UFOs…

US government has received more than 350 new UFO reports

WashingtonCNN — 

The US government has received over 350 new reports of what the US government terms “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” commonly known as UFOs, since March of 2021 – roughly half of which are so far unexplained, according to a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released on Thursday.

According to the report, the Pentagon office responsible for tracking and studying the sightings has preliminarily identified 163 of the reports as “balloon or balloon-entities.” A handful of other reports have been attributed to drones, birds, weather events or airborne debris like plastic bags.

But “initial characterization does not mean positively resolved or unidentified,” the report cautioned. And the remaining 171 reported sightings of UAPs or UFOs continue to be unexplained by the US government.

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“Some of these uncharacterized UAP appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities and require further analysis,” the report found.

In short, the intelligence community and the Pentagon still appear to have no explanation for at least some of a series of mysterious flying objects that have been seen moving through restricted military airspace over the last several decades. The majority of the new reports came from US Navy and Air Force pilots and operators “who witnessed UAP during the course of their operational duties and reported the events,” according to the report.

…what I find interesting is the sudden spike in these reporting. The authors say this is because there is better understanding of processes to use in reporting, but it could also suggest a sudden lift in events themselves, suggesting there are more encounters occurring because more are happening regularly.

I also think it’s interesting that many of these encounters are occurring near nuclear or military air spaces.

If something is actually happening, and other Intelligence Agencies globally know this, wouldn’t that impact how they engage the world?

We saw crazy unexplainable footage of UFOs last year – any new revelations will force the planet to acknowledge we are not alone, or at the very least, a level of technology by another nation far beyond our current understanding of physics.

Either one  could turn everything on its head.

I know, I know. On top of all the domestically and globally created mayhem, add UFOs in your 2023 Bingo cards.


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  1. Hopefully they’re not just waiting for a meal of nuclear radiation, and would stop us from destroying ourselves

  2. UFOs are a little bit old news. I had assumed they were prob considered some weird conspiracy by TDB, the likes of which would get you banned / cancelled. I stand corrected. We’ll see a lot more about Aliens in MSM now, as humanity is becoming ready to comprehend this. FYI, they do hang out around military. They protect us from ourselves regarding nuclear weapons. Exciting times we live in!

  3. Hopefully that Beehive on Bowen Street is really a UFO and it will take off and disappear – somewhere – anywhere- when it fills up again 2023 with our uniformly ghastly politicians, and the ever-expanding multi-verse can accommodate them forevermore. “Such stuff as dreams are made of”.

    • I wonder if the extra-terrestrial life forms have an advanced form of unregulated capitalism ?

      Or regulated would be better !!!!

  4. Aliens are here and now. They’re commonly referred to as The Right Wing.
    But seriously… I was being serious. You seen this? The Invaders. https://youtu.be/K2lL-EciRf0
    When my father came back from WW2 he was balloted a farm in Southland. The farm was situated by a gravel road well up on a ridge of low hills overlooking the Mataura River valley to the West. We had clear views from Gore about 11 km to the Nor East and down to Wyndham at about a similar distance to the south. As a kid I used to climb the pine trees by the house and shout ” Yep! I can see Bluff Hill and Stewart Island [ Rakiura ] so mum would know to put the washing out because there were no rain clouds on the way.
    Years before I was born and in about 1948, my mum and dad were working on their old Singer car in an implement shed with a clear view of the Mataura River Vally when they heard the sound of Ian Ritchie’s Tiger Moth crop dusting plane heading north to south following the river. They knew Ian Ritchie well because he used to spread lime over the rougher hills where tractors couldn’t get.
    Dad spotted Ritchie’s plane trundling along just over the Mataura township but it was mum who said ” If that’s Ian Ritchie, then what’s that? ” and pointed to another shape about a mile ( 1.6 km ) ahead on what looked like the same altitude and bearing. They both gaped on as Ian Ritchie made a fly over where he was about to land likely to frighten off any sheep that might be wandering over the paddock he’d decided on. As Ian Ritchie approached the landing site he came closer to the now slowing down ‘object’ but when he got closer than he’d previously been, the object sped up, shot off towards Wyndham but then returned almost immediately to do another, slower fly-by, this time heading North towards Gore. Then, about half way between Gore and Mataura it shot off into the Nor East at about a 45 degree angle and disappeared into a clear blue sky. A few minutes later mum and dad told me there was a weird smell that came in on an east wind that she likened to the smell of a vets car. It was years later during a particularly scary lightening storm up in the Canterbury high country where lightening was grounding all around our house that the tale of the UFO came about again. There were cracks and bangs as lightening set fire to our diesel pump the starlings had stuffed with straw, lightening blew the phone hardware off the kitchen wall and came down the hot water plumbing and scared poor old ma with a huge flash of lightening in the laundry. It was then she said ” There’s that smell again! That smell that flying saucer left”
    ” That smell” I learned later, was the smell of ozone which is a bi-product of electricity traveling through the atmosphere.
    The description my mum and dad gave of the UFO was of two teacup saucers glued together, the top one being of an alloy coloured material with a dome, the bottom one was black with a black coloured dome. In other words, a classic UFO shape, if you like. It moved silently and it appeared to be very fast in its manoeuvrings.
    Sometime ago I wrote a letter describing my parents story to Prof Jan Pajak who kindly and patiently wrote me back a starling story of his own.
    “A film about groundbreaking inventions and theories of Dr Jan Pajak. How does the Magnocraft work? What is The Concept of Dipolar Gravity? What is the philosophy of totalizm? Dr Jan Pajak’s scientific achievements were explained in this film.”
    Ian Ritchie.
    There’s a theory that the reason why such sightings are not uncommon in the area we used to farm at Mataura was because of a geological anomaly in the form of a huge crater which was allegedly as a result of an atmospheric explosion tens of thousands of years ago. Imagine an inflated inner tube pushed into sand? You’d get a ring shaped indentation with a cone shape in the centre. That, is characteristic of an atmospheric explosion. As the shock wave contacts the ground, the force spreads out which excavates the circular indentation while a cone shape is left where the wave is relatively weak. In this instance there’s clear evidence of extreme heat involved in the form of glassed sand and there’s evidence of tree growth flattened out in a radial fashion as if blown out in a circular pattern at the supposed site. For those interested, it isn’t the Tapanui Crater. That’s just a land-slip thing.
    Nah noo, nah noo, right!?
    My mum and dad were down to Earth people, pardon the pun.They never drank, took drugs, subscribed to any religious leanings or partook in any fringe fanatical beliefs. They were sheep and cattle farmers who simply loved their lives and their lifestyle. Seeing Ian Ritchie in the same airspace as a UFO certainly did inspire some exciting possibilities and drove some fantastical imaginings though, and frankly still does.

  5. One more, one more thing. To my knowledge, no one thought to ask Ian Ritchie if he saw the UFO that was just outside his front windscreen and since he died in 2010 I doubt he’ll answer his cell phone.

  6. “what I find interesting is the sudden spike in these reporting.”

    US navy pilots have been reporting UAP phenomenon internally for decades. Part, perhaps all of the increase in reporting publicly could be due to the removal of stigma or being dismissed as a tin foil hat wearing crank.

    It seems to have been precipitated by fmr Director Luis Elizondo forcing declassification of some materials by the DoD in 2020, This was followed by Senator Marco Rubio pushing the issue to be taken seriously in the senate. A clause was even tacked onto a covid relief bill requiring the military and FBI to brief the senate intelligence committee on what they know about UAPs (new term for UFO used in polite society).

    One of the most famous and credible instances (with multiple human and detection systems corroborating) is the Nimitz incident in 2004, Cmdr. David Fravor describes:

  7. UFO sightings periodically spike then fall off because it’s a social contagion phenomena, just like the trans movement in teens.


    Every single time I’ve seen a ‘compelling, unexplained’ UFO sighting it has been comprehensively debunked.

    While I do believe there is life elsewhere in the universe, alas I don’t think UFO’s are real.

    • People didn’t comprehend germs a few hundred years or so ago either. More recently, electricity. I imagine few could comprehend the internet 50 years ago either.

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