Biden calls Trump MAGA cult out for the orange fascism it is


Biden warns US democracy imperiled by Trump and Maga extremists

At some stage Biden was going to have to step up and call Trump out for the orange fascism he and his deranged glee club represents.

Trump danced on the lip of fascist his entire Presidency and many times did step across that line, but the truth and full awfulness of his behaviour during the January 6 attempted insurrection of the American Capital Building is his final full leap across the divide from racist hate grifter to full blown fascist.

The continued lie of having the election stolen allows Trump full power to distort reality in the way a cult of personality dictator does.

This is cable TV-Fascism.

Biden has to call Trump out and denounce what Trump represents.

This isn’t a ‘deplorable’ moment akin to Hillary’s infamous blunder, this is calling Trump and his acolytes out as a danger to the American experiment of democracy BECAUSE HE IS!

It takes courage to do that, Biden has shown far more steel and far more ability to get genuine change passed in America than most recent Presidents.

He may be old and stumbling at times, but his wisdom and cunning can’t be denied.

Biden on a good afternoon can do more than a term of Trump.

I think the Republicans have really fucked up with the Roe vs Wade decision.

The insane evangelicals chased it for 60 years, but society as a whole had moved on so to sneak attack civil society with a ruling like this is so obnoxious and so disgusting that the political backlash could overwhelm the Republican bias in the electoral college.

Palin lost Alaska, that’s fucking huge!

Trump got about 70% of his personal entourage of winged monkeys and Qanon lunatics that he backed for Republican Primary’s (some with the help of strategic democrats who enrolled and voted for the most extreme candidates), the question is will MAGA Q candidates as extreme as those running appeal or terrify the American electorate?

I think the political backlash against Roe vs Wade and Trump’s big lie are combining to see a win for the Democrats at the Midterms.

This will send the MAGA Qanon movement into an even more paranoid dimension of conspiracy theory.

At some point this madness will explode.

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  1. A pretty violent choice of image.
    Trump is awful but when the current president starts deriding an opposing political movement, it adds to polarization it doesn’t defuse it.
    Some of the MAGA tenets would fit with TDBs own “fortress aotearoa” thing.
    We would be better taking the best of what everyone could compromise on than screaming at the other team.

    • america shows ‘playing nice’ with the ignorant and stupid lets them win. far as I’m concerned that’s over edgelords get their arses kicked – end of.

  2. You’re so fucked up you don’t know up from down or black from white. It’s scum Biden who is the fascist and is responsible for the continuation of the Ukraine war though he didn’t start it. Do me a favour and ban me so I don’t have to see the rubbish you insult my intelligence with. You miserable conformist toady. BYE!

    • Biden had a major hand in the coup of 2014 in Ukraine and as such I would say he had as much responsibility for the war starting in Ukraine as anyone on earth.
      If Trump survives the campaign to convict him of mishandling documents left over from his administration (probably not one of which he has ever read ) he will win in 2024 in a landslide with a comfortable majority in both houses. maybe he will even have identified some supportive actors to place in the positions that matter to his administration instead of trying to work with an almost complete entourage of ideological and hawkish enemies.
      If you reflect the things he said before the 2016 election; like disbanding NATO, moving American manufacturing back to America out of Mexico and China ( not going to war with China just recovering the lost manufacturing base to provide meaningful employment for the unwashed deplorables, you can see how his ideas might appeal to some.
      The tone of Biden’s speech sounded like desperation to me. As if he does not expect the mishandling of documents rap to stick. And if it doesn’t the 2020 election might get properly investigated at last. It won’t be possible to pull the same stunt again anyway.
      D J S

      • So you hate blacks and LGBT’s then. Supporters of Trump are racist, homophobic, mysoginstic filth who want to impose a Christian theocracy and bring back lynching. The US needs to be de-Trumpified, and Biden is the one to do it.

        • These supporters are vastly outnumbered by ordinary people, mostly workers, who have fallen on tough times and with whom Trump successfully appealed to while strutting the whatever you call it in the lead up to the 2016 election.

          A billionaire, megalomaniac like Trump should hold zero appeal to the working class, but when the other mob don’t even try to appeal to the working class (as was the case in 2016) then people’s minds wonder. In 2020, those very same minds stayed true to My Rumpy, but he was beaten out by a record (for modern times) turn out that most likely won’t hold come next election, because again, the Dems are taking the people for granted, by offering them sweet ts stuff all – relative – to what can be offered and what has been offered to the billionaire class in recent times.

      • shillary takes home laptop…lock her up
        trumps treason steals boxes of secret documents the right hold a pity party for him….
        go figure

    • jay11 wrote “Do me a favour and ban me ”

      Note to Mr Bradbury: It would be cruel to deny such a request.

    • boo hoo – why don’t you just get a backbone and ban yourself – I’m not a fan of Biden or the US hegemony but Trump is a POS and deserves every bit of ridicule he gets. His big mouth has threatened the lives of US citizens and stirred up nationalistic hate and division. I can’t wait to see the outcome of the FBI probe into his traitorous actions. Trump talked for 2 hours the other night and said nothing – who want’s to go back to listening to that BS from the whitehouse – only masochists with little brains – oh! look over there! A free hat.

  3. Let’s see if Donald becomes pro-China (like Qanon has). That to me would mean he is probably pro-Russia & aiming to foment civil war

    Trump blasted Nancy Pelosi for her historic trip to Taiwan, saying she is “always causing trouble.”

    Seems like a rather CCP thing to say

  4. I know Orange Man Bad but like KCC I thought Biden’s raging/raving wasn’t doing any good. He actually called 50% of Americans fascists!
    Biden can hardly be said to be doing a great job and his approval rating is so bad they don’t mention it any more.
    What’s with the 100’s of thousands of people coming across the southern border under Biden’s indifference? The southern states are bussing them up to DC and NY now and the mayors don’t like it.
    Like America, we are a nation of classes of people. Like America we are being divided and played into a situation that the disadvantaged don’t see they should accept. It’s a matter now of when and how much we stand up against the oppressors.
    Different viewpoint entirely with the midterms. I think the Dems are done.
    And thanks Jay11 for your alternative POV.

    • The only division I see is Trump trying to turn the US people on the poor, blacks, homeless, LGBT’s etc. If you look at the USA they are already kicking off mass pogroms against LGBT’s in schools etc.

      • How do you explain that poor black LGBT people voting for Trump then? I saw images of the two rallies and the contrast couldn’t have been greater. For one Biden wouldn’t have had a tenth of the people attending than Trump. Also plenty of black people at the Trump rally as well. What’s that all about?

        Yes Trump’s says stupid shit and is easy to dislike, but judge him on his policies. No new wars, black employment up, Hispanic employment up, warned everyone about Russia, put NATO on notice for neglecting their defence commitments, protected US jobs (the same thing that Martyn wants to do). The fact that the media hate him only confirmed he pisses off the establishment of the politician/msm elite, and that should be encouraged.

        Trump is the antidote to the woke BS we have that has infected academia, the govt and the media.

        • Jefferson Davis could boast a 0% black unemployment rate between 1861 and 1863. Not much good having a job if you are going to get executed by the cops for driving while black on the way home from work.

    • what? – just over 50% of Americans vote and plenty of Republicans held their noses last time – pretty sure they won’t want to go back to the chaos of the last Trump presidency. The maga crowd is shrinking and about to be dumped by the wider Republicans – soon to become irrelevant again.

  5. Trump is a distraction. In a world full of calamity, we need ideas, we need solutions, we need to focus on the real problems at hand.

    Otherwise, if Biden wants to win the next election, then showering the people with gifts, rather than showering his donors with goodies, is all he needs to do. I know this blasphemy for a party owned by the corporate/finance world, but hey, if they get really, really, really, really desperate, then maybe, just maybe its worth a passing thought….

  6. Are you talking about the same American empire that- from Obama, to Trump, to Biden- threatens to imprison democratically elected foreign leaders like Nicholas Maduro if they speak at the UN, which is supposed to be an institution of global democracy protected from filthy Yank meddling, because they’re too left wing?

    It sounds like you are, Martyn. The American empire is a curse on the earth, the most vicious and violent ever to exist, and the destruction of America by any means necessary will be a boon for democracy and freedom.

  7. There is no difference between one old white man and the other old white man.

    Both are elitist and are not living in the real world. But neither is the US the real world.
    The US needs another civil war to sort itself out. Just leave the rest of the world out of it when you do.

  8. It would make a good start to get rid of these Trump fascists commenting on your blog. Why entertain such idiocy? Why give voice to such a distorted view of reality? It’s not even funny anymore reading this shit.

  9. Some observations:

    1). Palin lost alaska due to it being an open race (ie 2 GOP) candidates where 65% of the vote got split between 2 candidates and the Dem slid through. Seat is on the line in November – GOP won’t make that mistake again.
    2). The mid terms should still go to the GOP in November BUT there is A LOT of volatility. Recent polling suggests even Washington State is within the margin of error. Much will depend on who motivates the base better.
    3). Shitcanning 30% of the voting public ain’t a great strategy. Call Trump what you like but much of his base is hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens. This is akin to the deplorables moment and the Dems are closing the gate on the working class.
    4). The optics of Biden behind the military and the red lighting talking about threats to democracy is appalling. His advisors need to be taken out the back and shot.

  10. All other considerations aside, including political affiliation and the nature of his opposition, once thing is plain:

    Trump is a narcissistic, ill-educated authoritarian conman and is a thief.

    Those who won’t or can’t recognise that are simpletons.

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