Dear Feral AntiVaxx convoy protesters – don’t forget to vote (do you know what that word means?)


Dear Feral Antivaxx convoy protestors.

Now, I sense my recent post calling you out for your bloated redneck ignorance and basic lack of school level scientific knowledge has angered many of you.

Please allow me to apologise.

I didn’t mean to make you angry, I and the vast, vast, vast majority of NZ just wanted to laugh at you.

A collective of you feral is known as a ‘location of ignorance’. Isn’t that funny?

I’ve never received so many misspelled threats in my life!

Grammar is something that happens to other people for you lot right?

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I particularly like how you don’t hide your names when you want to abuse me…

…now I don’t want all this anger to go to waste. It would be like alzheimers patients missing out on pudding if we can’t channel your spastic rage into something more hilarious.

Look, one of you feral Antivaxx lunatics set up a website to encourage voting on who you will hang first when your weird coup takes over.

What is outrageous is that I’m not the number one person you intend to lynch under your insane interpretation of the Nuremberg trials!

My dear, stupid AntiVaxxers, I have shat on you and your stupid beliefs more than any other political commentator in New Zealand, I’ve argued that while it’s your right to refuse life saving vaccinations for the most stupid of reasons, it’s our right to laugh at you when you die.

I’ve laughed at your claims that this is a conspiracy run by a satanic child molesting cabal who stole the election from Trump and are using 5G technology to spread the virus to bring about a shadowy one world government.

I’ve mocked your ignorance, I’ve highlighted your nonsense and I’ve embarrassed your arguments and yet I am not on your fucking list of people you intend to hang???

What sort of shit is that?

Come on, I should be as popular with you loonies as Louis CK at a feminist conference, or Trump at a Black Lives Matter protest or JK Rawlings on NZ Twitter!

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I deserve to be number one on your lynching list, that’s why I’ll keep bringing it up until I get to number 1!

Vote here to nominate and make me number 1!

Comrades if we work in solidarity, we can ensure I’m the number one person AntiVaxx sociopaths intend to hang during their magical coup against the Government.

So, my dear Feral Antivaxx lunatics, get out and vote right now. Do you know what the word ‘vote’ means?

Or ‘get’.

Or ‘now’.

Or ‘out’.

Or ‘and’.

Or ‘right’.

Ask someone in the convoy, they’ll know someone who isn’t in the convoy to get a dictionary.

Hashtag I’m Spartacus.

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  1. Not Anti Vax PRO-Choice.
    Keep calling for mandates and soon it will be mandated that choice should not exist.

    • You mean consequence free. Ignorant of facts based on science and medicine. And plain selfish.

      You have the right to be responsible and held to account for your actions, and consequences as a result of those actions.

      That is a civil society.

      The choice not to have the vaccine has many consequences. You will be extremely infectious should you catch covid. You will be far more likely to be seriously ill, or even die. You will take up valuable hospital resources in that instance, and you will pass the disease on to others rapidly.

      That is only some of the very serious consequences of your choice.

      Look at the actions of this group you associate with – blind faith in fascism, rampant violence, refusal to engage with hundreds of years of science and medicine.

      Please try and be honest with yourself, and realise the path you are on is extremely destructive. You are being fed bullshit.

      Right now all I’m seeing is mob mentality stirred up by the far right.

      • Choice, or the lack thereof, never comes without consequence. As such, there is no such thing as consequence-free when it comes to the all-important issue of choice.

        The problem here is that you don’t like the choice someone else is making, thus you are voicing fairly typical concerns, but with a added twist (consequence-free) that has no place here, thrown into the mix.

        • No. The consequences are clear for the choice of not taking the vaccine. And they are very severe. We have responsibilities to each other too whether you like it or not.

          • You are right, there are consequences to a choice someone makes and this is the point. There is no such thing as a consequence-free choice.

            Now, that point aside, where does this notion of ‘responsibility to each other’ come from? if this notion held true we wouldn’t have poverty and homelessness. Heck, over half the world would be living on over six dollars a day and not under this amount. And war, if we had real responsibility to each other, we would never have war.

            There is no such thing as ‘responsibility to each other’. It’s just the latest PR engendered catch-phrase, thought up by the ruling class, championed by their governmental puppets, foisted upon the people in a bid to get what they want (policy) accepted by the people. It is as empty as another favorite corporate-government saying – we are in this together – a saying that gets trotted out/kicked to the curb when needed.

            Hey, I wish we lived in a world where we did have some kind of caring for each other, but we live in a capitalist system where money matters and caring has little value. At the very least, you shouldn’t fall for ruling class engendered talking points/language.

            • Actually only a particularly selfish and greedy form of capitalism meets the criteria you’re talking about – neoliberalism. That form has also given rise to the cult of the individual, which, funnily enough, describes a number of the antivax crowd.

              Ruling class? What I’ve described above is the ruling class. I’m not using that language at all. Your second to last paragraph is meaningless drivel.

              • Neoliberalism is a tool and capitalist inspired selfishness and greed was around long before this tool was concocted. The robber barons are a prime example of this.

                Now we are back to this point, this catch-phrase – we have responsibilities to each other. By all means, believe that you thought of this saying all by yourself, ditto everything else that you say and know about the ‘other mob’. Likewise, I will continue to believe that, that is all ruling class inspired claptrap. I’ll add in to this situation that we, the people, are hardcore divided right now and I will finish with this, a divided people is fodder for the ruling class.

                We are being had, sold a merry dance by our not-so-wonderful rulers. “We” need to wake the heck up.

                • We “the people” are being manipulated – I agree 100%. Corporate media, corporate interests in government – it gets more extreme as you move from Labour across to Act. And more corrupt too.

                  Responsibility – an integral part of society, that’s your chip on your shoulder, not mine.

                  I hope your part of “we” is awake to the far christian right in America, the billionaires who are funding all the fake science, anti vax and so called anti establishment rhetoric that is empowering fascism and the rise of white power again around the world.

                  There’s a real conspiracy. The common factor here is right wing politics and the rise of nationalistic tendencies.

                  Or how about the conspiracy to suppress efforts to combat man made climate change? Interested in that too?

                  I trust you’re awake to that too, and make your decisions in life accordingly.

                  Rather than solely focussed on a manufactured outrage that’s anti science, anti medicine and just quite frankly complete horse sh*t.

                • The problem with manipulation is that those doing the manipulation, are one side of the coin and everyone else, which in this case is, we the people, be it Left, Centre or Right leaning people, we collectively are the target. The manipulators just don’t target one side or spend more time on one side of this equation because that makes zero sense. Manipulation is designed to influence anyone who is not a part of the exclusive ruling class.

                  This is where we need to wake up because too many people have bought into their claptrap. Their jingles have become common speak. In fact, most people think what they say and know came out of their own heads, but no, everyone is being manipulated and not just that ‘other mob’. Meanwhile, the ruling class has seen their wealth grow by trillions while everyone else has suffered. That is no accident and the way we have been divided – are fighting against each other – that is not an accident either.

                  This crisis is a shyt show and we, the people, need to wake the heck up because this show ain’t stopping anytime soon….not when there’s trillions more to be made and a lot more besides….

                  And back to this point – “Responsibility – an integral part of society,” Again, reality does not and never has reflected this – otherwise – poverty, war, selfishness and greed would have been eliminated decades ago. This is just another cleverly crafted manipulation.

                  We, the people, must break free or life will only get worse for all of us.

      • The far right?
        You are joking surely.
        Look at the protesters they do not resemble the far right but rather look far left to me if not a cross section of New Zealanders.
        Its silly to blame the right because you are left leaning.
        It just bias.

        • Nope, sorry Jeremy you’re wrong. Most of these protests are made up of those on the right, the foundations of this discontent are manufactured by the likes of dark money in the states, scott bannon, john f kennedy junior and deliberately fed into conspiracy theories easily absorbed by the fringe.

          The far left are pretty hidden in this country.

    • You were mandated at birth to die. You didn’t have a choice. Choice not chance determines destiny. So you can choose to be vaxxed and lessen the risk of death or you can take a chance that you won’t get covid with your choice of freedom above everything else.

    • Why yes. We really need to protest about something to show our creds eh?. And what better than the issue du jour.
      And it’s so much easier and better to protest about Covid mandates and magnetic phenomenon because it’s about moi oi oi oi freedoms and roits than it is to protest about chile povidy, or homelissniss or any number of issues affecting NuZull sussoighty.

      Besides, we might even be able to convince a few people that we’re really clever – better than scientific peer reviewed endeavour, because we know those scientists are really against us and we’ve done our internet research. Got certificates to prove it some of us eh.

    • So your next convoy of stupidity, will be to protest against drug testing by WINZ and private companies?

  2. I never thought I’d live to see the day that the working class/blue collar workers who oppose the Jackboot of the Government on their right to freedom would be insulted and opposed by the Left. But here we are.

    • The modern day left would follow Jacinda to the end. Whatever she wants is good for NZ, even though she has proven that what she really wants is for the rich to be protected at the expense of the poor. The modern day are extreme right wingers in disguise.

  3. Just another example of the growing extremism in New Zealand. This is Ardern’s legacy long after countries, media and the woke give up on scoring pandemic responses.

    These people will vote Bomber. In approximately 15-18 months. If 70% of 7% vote then this will have profound results in local electorates and overall. History repeats and the same smugness that brought you Trump and Brexit could very likely deliver another shock at the next election. That is assuming Ardern survives the likely economic stagflation coming. That is a 50/50 proposition.

  4. Latest poll – labour 44% Natz 32% Act 7% Greens 8%: Jacinda 43%, Luxon 17%, Seymore 7% and thats after a month of full on dirty politics. Thats the thanks to Jacinda for saving thousands of Aotearoan lives. Unfortunately lunatic antivax freedom natzi MAGA and others are right wing and aligned with national.

    • Yes Nikorima and we know who those right wing voters are on this site but we won’t name names as they are here for all to see, one in particular whom we all know.

  5. Well … THEM. My 4 siblings who refused my 90-year-old mother the covid vaccine. My mother who’d been through TB and polio.

    Still not sure what to say about these ‘idiots’ , apart from that. And they are my family not having children myself. Mostly I’m so glad I’m in a bubble of silliness entirely unrepresentative of Aotearoa.

    We were born into a bad marriage and we sought other foundations. i couldn’t for some reason take silliness ( religion and over egoisms). SO glad my family is a minority.

    • whattttt they would let their mum get the vax? I know they’re your family but god forbid anything happens to your mum but if it did they’re accessories to murder.

      • Just so. My initial response. My sister, the carer, retreated into her shell and refused to talk to me. Mum died soon after for different reasons. I have no time for these fascists now. A breach, a veritable breach. Though I wonder about them, where did they come from and where did I.

  6. Martyn, maybe your not on some right wing death wish list because you run a neat, topical, robust and entertaining website and a vehicle to discuss current affairs, vent the spleen and engage with others. You may call these people funny names and tell everyone you don’t like them and probably not without good reason. However they are also free to respond in kind to give you stick. That’s rare these days, something to be valued and something other media outlets just don’t/won’t allow. As such your imagined place up against the wall post revolution firing squad is deferred for someone more deserving.
    The absence of any news or information about this current Convoy of freedom in our mainstream media is bizzare. At least you are talking about it.
    This must be sort of like being in the streets in the midst of the Arab Spring or some collapse of the wall revolution. Big rallies and protests going off, bad things happening, stuff people could openly see with their own eyes but when nobody knew or trusted anything from their countries MSM and relied on international news reports or later Facebook to find out what was happening. This is what happens when you either get fed bad or no information from traditional news sources.
    Whether one is for or against the convoy or its goals I would honestly thought a gathering or rally or whatever it’s called of this size would honestly rate some sort of mention, even if it were just patronising or elitist sneering. The absence of anything makes me wonder what is in fact happening to our country.

  7. What the ruck is wrong with. SCINCE is on the side of these people. MANDATS ARE MORALLY REPUGNANT AND VACCINATING CHILDREN IS A FUCKING DISGRAC. Are you some sort of ignorant MORON well we already know the answer to that.
    have you looked at any of the data coming from England public Health, do you even know about the CARM database have you heard of VAERS

    • @Iver and the consequence deniers.
      (I’ve got dibs on this name for my lounge singing act, so back off)
      First let me congratulate you all on an amazing “location of ignorance” today. I really feel as if you have once and for all proven your point. The amazing mandate that you all claim I have calculated at 0.03%
      Let that sink in for a moment.
      To put this into perspective most political polls have a margin of error of 3%
      Your mandate is 100 times smaller than the margin of error!!!!
      You represent one hundredth of the margin of error.
      This is as compared to more than 90% who have chosen to be vaccinated.
      90% represents the actual mandate here.

      Let me clarify as I know a few of your location of ignorance struggle with words…
      The authority to carry out a policy, regarded as given by the electorate to a party or candidate that wins an election.
      “he called an election to seek a mandate for his policies”
      Put in language you may understand it is the view of the MAJORITY.

      0.03% is not a majority of anything.

      If you wish to force the Government (who formulate and execute policy by mandate) to listen to your views then you should have some leverage.

      0.03% is not sufficient leverage to move a grain of sand.

      In closing I will say
      hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha
      hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha
      You are all deluded
      Be safe
      #0.03% #notamandate

    • Dude calm down, be a shame if you had an aneurism. I guess in the next few months, we’ll all find out if you are right or not.

  8. I trust pharmaceutical companies and my government to look after my health and well being 1%.
    I trust Covid to look after my health and well being 0%.
    Which is why I have been immunized and had my booster.
    It’s also why I’m prepared to cut the anti vaxers a bit of slack.
    When you are agreeing with the MSM, it should probably give you pause for thought.
    One thing is for sure if, in 10 years time, it turns out that the government and/or big pharma was lying to us I don’t think any of us will be particularly surprised.

    • The anti vaxxers have plenty of slack. Thye are running around the country waving Trump flags and swastikas FFS. They haven’t been forced to take a vaccine. If they choose not to participate in society that’s on them.

      They gotta grow up and take the consequences for their actions. In a global pandemic with 8 million deaths (actual number probably double that), and 900,000 in the USA alone, there is a clear correlation between vaccine denialism and death from Covid. So the antivaxx movement is not just a danger to themselves they are a likely vector of infection.

      The law of natural selection is cutting the number of anti vaxxers. Tragic and avoidable.

      • The ability or not, to participate fully in society is a power that lays in the hands of government only. In this case, this ability is dependent on following government dictates. Refusal puts you on the outer…not a bad thing most people believe until such time as these dictates encroach on their own beliefs. That’s the slippery slope that we are on here.

        As for 8 million deaths. Most of those died with and not from the virus and most of these had two or more comorbidities also.

        Next, there is no such thing as a correlation between vaccine denialism and death from Covid because vaccine denialism is neither a medical or scientific term.

        Finally, it defies logic to fear anti vaxxers given that the vaccine offers over 90% protection. With that level of protection, the actual virus isn’t too much of a threat, let a lone a tiny, and as you rightfully point out – diminishing – group of people.

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