NEW ROY MORGAN POLL: National + ACT hit 50%


The latest Roy Morgan Poll is out and it sees National and ACT soaring.

Labour – 35.5%
Greens – 8.5%
National – 31.5%
ACT – 18.5%

RM underplays Labour vote but suggests that there is something very odd happening deep in the white male urban block that has ACT soaring.

I call it the ‘Joe Rogan’ effect where woke politics simply cancels the white male vote and they then go right wing feral as a cultural response.

Tell white makes they are the problem long enough and they become the problem.

ACT at 18.5% is a serious fucking problem for us on the Left.

The MMP overhang will decide the vote in 2023.

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          • No Biggy,

            Interesting and understandable perspective.

            But……Ardern promised there would be no CGT as long as she was PM. NZ desperately needed a CGT over the last 2 years especially but that bird has flown for the time being. If Ardern broke her promise so blatantly she would be crucified 24/7 and rightly so.

            Winston Peters is more to blame for the runaway house prices over the last two years than any other politician. Ardern only made her promise to appease Peters who had threatened to bring the Government down if they continued with it.

            • yup but she still made the promise didn’t she and then stuck to it, about the only promise she has stuck to…now I don’t want the nats/act but apart from covid, jacindas 3rd raters (most couldn’t get a lower management gig outside politics) have been ‘an absolute bloody shower’ as Mr Terry Thomas used to say

        • Yes it seems so. Think of people with ‘average’ intelligence they don’t know the science being how to reason, how’s to think. These people will be led by the partisan media and its relentless negative sound bites. Then realise that 1/2 the population are dimmer than this person.

          • Yes, I guess we’re not all intellectual giants, like you. Take pity on us poor inferiors. Please.
            Good grief!

      • Well, we can all go into the upstairs room and pray, this man Luxon talks in tounges even when being interviewed and can’t get his figures right–another shambles of a businessman.

      • How did the poor people become poor?, from Ruth Richardson to John Key, take your pick.
        Ardern has increased benefits greater than any other government in history, unfortunately through Key’s great rampant immigration ponzi scheme, we have record numbers on the benefit.
        So your comment is once again disingenuous.

        • More benefits doesn’t solve poverty, enabling people does which NO government in my lifetime has ever done.
          So don’t blame Key or Richardson.
          Blame them plus Adern, Clark, Bolger, etc…

          • So how do you enable them?
            I know of one beneficiary that was enabled, Paula Bennett, she did it free but cut that cable off as her role as minister. So yes, you can blame the Key government. Labour initiated student free Tertiary years 1 and 2 qualification and the backlash from the opposition was for all to see.

            • Bert, whilst our welfare system provides short term help for the poor, in the long term it just enables and encourages failure.

              • So what is your answer Andrew. Should everyone have the same opportunity as Bennett had? She had free support but cut off others ability to get the same BENEFITS she had.

          • @ jays.
            I have to say it’s just a little bit scary when stupid people can access open media.
            Not blaming jonky and the freak in the frock that’s richardson is like opening my computer and seeing ron brierly get an early release for the child porn he had in his possession.
            Oh. Wait a minute…
            Ron Brierley’s jail sentence slashed due to declining health
            How is it, that, that scum bag gets out free just because he’s sickly? Let the bastard die in jail, surely?
            I do wonder though, what dirt does he have on others?
            Moving on…
            I must admit, even I, an unapologetic cynic when it comes to politics could still, I’m sure, be left rendered aghast at just how deep down and dirty the right wing has sunk in their depravities and greed.
            Seeing ACT and luxon gain approval is meaningless to me because I know that, that, has a meandering political pointlessness to it and taking [it] seriously is beneath me.
            After all, there’s Auckland, so my question is how? How, is Auckland? But please don’t try to answer Why Auckland because I know all I’ll get is a gale of snorts of indignation and wails of incredulity at my audacity for suggesting Auckland was built over a nest of lying vipers who’ve barely done a days work in their lives. And I’m writing about the doyens of the leafy suburbs, not the working classes. And by working classes I mean those who actually work. Not the good ol boys, dug in deep. Aye boys?

            • Yup. Been digging post holes for the last 3 months,- lately , we have discovered a manual post hole borer in the shed, long forgotten, yet so much easier than a trenching shovel and a post hole shovel … so now I don’t suffer from knee aches and elbow aches. I’m 58, had a heart attack 5 years back, now as brown as mahogany in the sun despite my straw hat. And losing that belly fat.

              I said to my slave driver mate ” if you copped a knuckle sandwich back in the day during the 19th century from those early pioneers it’d fair rip your jaw off”. He said ” sure would”. Then there were the miners, loggers, fishermen and mariners.

              Wankers whereby ‘Auckland was built over a nest of lying vipers who’ve barely done a days work in their lives’. Nary a truer word be spoken. And the wankers dare to devaluate the working mans contributions. F@ck the shitters.


        • That’s really silly.
          Increases to benefits that run behind the cost of living and inflation are meaningless.
          It simply means people are now worse off under a Labour Government.

    • Amen to that. Let’s just remember that Labour were played like puppets by Winston back then after collecting just enough votes on Jacinda’s popularity…nothing much else. But that’s what the nation wanted apparently. Since then it has been proven over and over that both Jacinda and her govt are hopelessly underqualified at managing the ‘govt machine’. They are not good managers, let alone bosses. Ill-conceived, non-doable policies just keep on coming. Looks like the nation and now the MSM are onto it. Wouldn’t be a bad bet on Labour not being re-elected. Covid will be out of play by then is my guess. ‘ Let’s Do This’ will have became ‘Didn’t Do This’ in 2023.

    • I’ll be voting ACT for the first and possibly last time to get rid of the insane hate speech laws which will allow the woke-tards to use the police as their own hurty feelings hit squad.

  1. At this stage I’d argue this is a rouge poll given it is out of step with the last few HOWEVER there is a trend and the wording at the National conference was very telling. Uncle Fester is coming after the under 35 female vote – bring a fair number of these back into the centre right and it is game over.

    The real problem is the cult of covid is steadily losing members as omnishambles resembles more a cold as opposed to ebola. Sure some people still get sick but that number is getting down to a sparrows fart. That said as Bomber has pointed out weaken the controls the those remaining in the cult will scream genocide.

    Gut feeling is that the government has lost the room with the up-to 24 days quarantine and the straw thst broke the camel’s back. Interesting times ahead.

    • The interesting feature of the the breakdown is now a MAJORITY of females >50 support the centre right. That’s right folks Mavis is sick and tired of being told what to do and everyone greeting her in Te reo.

      Fester’s conference was on point. Watch for Willis and Stanford to be thrown in front of the cameras over the next few months. Win back the single, white employed females < 35% that Key had as the nature of the game.

    • The real frustration is that people are looking straight past the fact that the government’s strategy has and is working really well. The criticisms with the system are small matters and overall aren’t impacting the response a great deal. All the carry-on about RATS….if we had a billion in the country right now, would it be making a material difference to the spread of the disease as opposed to where we are currently with the up the snoz tests? I honestly don’t think so. I feel it’s more a case of the oppostion screaming long enough and loud enough that people start to feel we’re doing badly because they’re hearing that all day every day in the media. Look at the metrics compared to the rest of the world and we’re doing bloody great. I hope people stand back and take in the big picture.

      • All the little things add up. The last 2 years most have been fixated on covid – that fixation is ending and people logically believed vaccines were the end game not ongoing restrictions such as an inability to get back into the country and mask usage.

        Once the covid haze clears people look at the big picture and see worsening cost of living, house price affordability, crime, lack of infrastructure couple with woke dogma and virtue signaling there is significant dissatisfaction in the wider electorate.

        • I’m starting to agree , Tanker, … here’s an interesting vid,…

          A Manufactured Illusion: Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich

          …”Once the covid haze clears people look at the big picture and see worsening cost of living, house price affordability, crime, lack of infrastructure couple with woke dogma and virtue signaling”…

          However I would also say that EVERY neo liberal govt in NZ since 1984,- and that includes Adern’s, – have been complete and utter non deliverer’s. Every last one of these skulking traitors have been down on working people and their quality of life and every last one of them have lined their pockets with the wealth of the common persons wealth aka asset sales via investing in shares created by their foreign mates who bought up those assets for a song, – valuable land and resource sales which amounts to pillaging of those resources, free trade agreements which amounts to our workers getting paid jack shit while those same skulking treasonous shitters skim the cream off for themselves.

          This country’s ‘politicians’ needs a kick up the arse as does the squirrelly mutts who call themselves ‘ the media’, – who some more accurately would say are ‘the collaborators’.

      • A very good summation. If you throw enough mud it will stick. Given the massive positive exposure ACT and National are given attention to in the media at present it is hardly surprising. Similar to Trump screaming to the Republican fans to ” March and fight” people actually believe it and did just that.

      • If RATS don’t make a difference, why confiscate them?

        Purely to power trip using the endless state of emergency?

  2. We have tools to make the government more compliant. One tool is to introduce fear into their lives; fear of being an utter failure; fear that they have lost control; fear of being ostracised or segregated; fear of the unknown; fear of being hurt; a total sense of hopelessness at the situation they face. From this we can nudge them into conformance, subtlety at first, but using stronger methods later if required, we can mold them into the type of government we want from them. A caring and thoughtful government, one with compassion and understanding for all views, one that respects ethics and morality and the individual, one that integrates economy and community, one that follows the actual scientific method, and one that governs for all.

    • Sorry Ethan I think you are wrong. This govt is so arrogant, so full of itself, fear of failure is not a motivator. I don’t think they can be nudged either. Look at the first home lending rules for example…banks told them exactly that this would happen. They did it anyway. Look at RATs, they were told to order early…but no! They think they are 100% foolproof…especially people like Robertson and Hipkins and Clark. Good, let them think that.

      • If this Government feared failure, it would have died in the 1st 12 months because it is all they have pretty much done for the last 4 or so years

  3. This is what happens when you let kids get involved in politics. They don’t know anything about politics.

    Let’s hope this plays out, just for a laugh.

  4. Dear ManinBlack
    ”This PM is the most useless and incompetent in Aotearoa’s history.”
    A statement laughably lacking in perspective.
    You obviously were not around when Jenny Shipley did Ruth Richardson’s bidding and made around ten percent of the working population unemployed, then cut benefits to punish them while paying quarter million dollar bonuses to their own firms and partners for consultancy work.
    Whatever her faults Jacinda has not privatised and sold assets belonging to the New Zealand public( electricity, power, taxpayer provided rail transport) and made private fortunes from it(John Key) or presided over the destruction of workers rights( Jim Bolger – who now says it was a blunder – thanks a fucking lot Jim).
    Or is that it? You equate corruption and venality in a prime minister as talent?
    I was never actually a big fan of Jacinda’s but I must admit I am warming to her as I see the toxic quality of her enemies.

    • Simple, they are the only ones who want to give us some semblance of our normal life is and is prepared to stand up against 5hese insane hate speech laws.

  5. 20+ months out from the election this poll means exactly what? SFA

    Luxon is doing an excellent job at the moment…….of hiding who and what he really is. Watch people recoil as he’s exposed.

    Many of the toxic players in the National Party are still there. They are very deliberately keeping a low profile to avoid reminded Kiwis what National is really about. Gerry Brownlee still there as is Chucky and Woodhouse etc etc. Last time I looked the President of the Smurf Party was still Peter Goodfellow right alongside Luxon.

    Our housing situation is diabolical and couldn’t get much worse. Any movement now would have to be an improvement…..but would it be real, meaningful and authentic? NO

    The National Party under Chucky was diabolical and couldn’t get much worse. Any movement now would have to be an improvement…..but would it be real, meaningful and authentic? NO

  6. Chuck away all the traditional notions about voting and what anything means. Dumbness and emotion rule. And nastiness, stressed out nastiness, from a community with a thin veneer of resilience and a thinner layer of a grasp of reality.

    The guy in the Herald yesterday who can’t buy a house: “Despite the vast majority of New Zealand and global health experts saying the Pfizer Covid vaccine is safe, the man doesn’t believe them.
    “I’m not anti-vax , I just don’t like the technology – it’s unproven from my opinion,” he said.”

    Those who go to the parks and clog the streets in the ‘freedom’ marches and go home to post stuff about Ardern being worse than Stalin and Hitler and Jong-un. After their time in the sun with nary a hint of Tiananmen Square happening.

    And telling me that Ardern has made millions on the back of deals she has with Big Pharma? Then there’s the necessity that some have to follow the religious line so much they tithe money to some self-identified messenger from the messiah.

    Expecting polls to reflect traditional patterns, interpreting them according to norms of the past, expecting people to vote in lines reflecting historic pictures seems silly. The world is crazy, what affects it is all over the shop. Luxon PM, Seymour deputy is certainly well on the cards.

    • Well said Peter. Makes me fear for the future as we get dragged into the same rabbit hole the USA has gone into.

    • I simply don’t like the unvaccinated being treated like shit and I feel sorry for them.
      I know someone personally who has lost her job because of these sickening mandates.
      I’m stunned by people who are pro choice and pro mandate simultaneously.
      These are basic principles of people’s right to choose what they do with their bodies without sickening sanctions.

  7. I’m a little surprised to read this from an author I respect for usually great and rare insightful journalism.

    Can we remind ourselves how abuse operates? The abuser blames others for the consequences of his/her own abuse and never takes responsibility for his/her own actions.

    The Left Wing has lost its grip on reality and we need to own this. We need a massive reversal of abusive policies before ACT rises even further in the polls. What’s missing is Labour’s colossal failure to take any responsibility for their own actions and policies. No point blaming ACT when Jacinda and Labour are the sources of their own policies.

    Yes of course the pandemic is the culprit and Labour’s landslide 2020 victory was based on scaremongering us into compliance. The trouble with such a strategy is that scaremongering no longer works if there’s nothing to be scared about. And it’s very very stupid to blame ACT for something they never did.

  8. Neither National nor Labour are going to do anything other than keep pumping the failed neoliberalism which has destroyed the New Zealand we Boomers cherished. It has been depressing to witness the underhand modus operandi of the rich and powerful over the last forty years as they imposed the “greed is good” American model upon us, and it is now entrenched.
    So their silly polls don’t matter one iota ….. it is down to tweedle dee and tweedle dum at election time.
    As in America neither Party here is worth a tin of shit.
    What we need is a whole new movement that can tackle the life threatening conditions that mankind has created but is incapable of mounting an adequate response to. Sadly, it ain’t going to happen.

    • more depressing is that just as rightards say ‘socialism failed everywhere’ I can’t see a neo-lib economy that isn’t a failure…exceot maybe just maybe some euro ones that have hung onto some shreds of social democracy…neo-lib/trickle down/laisse faire capitalism failed EVERYWHERE they’ve been tried…and the right have no ideas just a tattered old secondaryl level book of chicago school maxims that don’t work.

  9. So, how will Labour reply?
    1. Vote for us, otherwise COVID!
    2. Do what they were voted in to do, such as, reduce child poverty, stabilization house prices, sort out cannabis, reduce poverty.

  10. I think this poll is a bit generous but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see cancel culture disaffecting young males. It’s been building over the west for sometime now and can be seen expressed in other democracies around the globe.

    • When those young males realise under a Nact government the retirement age will rise to 70 for them and 67 for those of us in our late 50s early 60s, it will be to late. However they’ll accept a one off tax bribe which will be countered with an increase in the income tax rate.

      • Because they actually really care about htat. Good grief, they care about good paying jobs today, the option of buying a house or renting it without having to have three jobs, and the distinct lack of future in a world that is slowly but surely falling apart. You however seem to care. Most of us who are still some 10s of years away from retirement we don’t even believe we get it, we just get to finance is for the olds of today.

      • Tell me exactly what young men have received under the Ardern Government Bert?

        I will give you a hint… nothing

      • Bert, I couldn’t give a shit about whether I retire at 65 or 70. I assume NZ Super will be long gone anyway. But at least the Right doesn’t go on about how I’m a born oppressor.

        Because some other white men are rich, I have to be cancelled, have my vote cut in half in local elections, and deemed an oppressor by an entrenched and selfish class of Victoria BA graduates.

        • i too think i will never receive a pension. Some of these socialists think pensions are a human right.

          I think they are stupid for believing any politician that said the pension will be around forever

  11. Well it is good to see that Labour are giving the gweens a run for their money in competition with them for who’ll be on wharepaku duty post 2023’s general election. That’s if Labour and the Nats don’t double team Act & the gweens?

  12. Calm your Jetts….no election for another 18 months or so…..I wouldn’t put your champagne on ice just yet!

    • I agree Kerry. The Roy Morgan is well known as the Rogue Morgan, so not the end of the world for Labour. But the trend is not looking good for them.

      However the one thing Ive noticed (although my circle of family and friends is small) is that people are getting reluctant to admit voting for Jacinda (because they did vote for her, not Labour) and that is even more worrying. Of course Stuff is still full of Jacinda-maniacs, but increasingly even on Stuff, those who disagree with our direction are getting braver.

      • Why is that worrying, because Labour only has dear Jacinda, and whithout her (that is her pronoun, right?) they are literally the same party that could not win with Cunliffe or Little. And that, in a nutshell is Labours Problem.

  13. So all those that lived in their cars and on the streets that were housed in motels during Covid will return once National become government. Benefits will drop, wages will be frozen and our country will once again be over populated by rampant immigration. Ahh the good Ole days are returning.

    • Well, National will do what national will do, but in this case, Labour somehow all on its own managed to squander a Majority on fuck all. Oh and there are three Motels in Rotorua full with homeless / unhoused/ housing insecure / Winz clients/ Housing NZ clients that are under a full lockdown cause Covid. If only Labour could have done something to help these people into houses, like build some fucking houses. But that is so 2016 and besides, building houses is hard hard work. Lol

      • I’m more concerned with why the homeless / unhoused/ housing insecure / Winz clients/ Housing NZ clients were created in the first place. Why was that again Sabine?

          • Incorrect. Homelessness really started to pick up in this country after most of the psychiatric units were closed down in the nineties. Interestingly enough, homelessness always seems to spike under National governments. I’m sure there is a reasonable enough explanation for this…

          • This guy, yep you are right…

            “Douglas came from a background of Labour Party politics. His adoption of policies more usually associated with the political right (or New Right), and their implementation by the Fourth Labour Government, became the subject of lasting controversy.”

            Hardly surprising he formed ACT

        • Labours other party, Act bert. Roger Douglas bert. Remember?
          Then Helen Clark and Michael Cullen capped social housing and gave the middle-class a bazooka load of cheap cash to go on a shopping spree for rental properties bert.
          Then the Nats carried the policy through to labours 2017 election. The Nats just kept the baby warm, bert. Remember?

          • Ackshully. A protest vote against Labour for been fuck’n useless might be worth voting for ACT? They are from one in the same tupuna and Roger Douglas!

        • you know what, the kids in that motel together with their parents don’t give a flying fuck. Some might have not been born the day dear Jacinda was selected to run for PM. What matters is that Labour ran on fixing the housing crisis, and instead it got worse. These are just three Motels that are under full lockdown – several people to motel units with no way out.
          You might want to not care about the problems that have been running for a long time, and I am following this since Jenny Shipley, and you know what, both of your largest parties have equally screwed you and your country men/ women over several times. And the hope that everyone put in Jacinda was misplaced, sadly so. And we know have tens of Motels full with people who work full time and can’t afford rent. So you go uphold the red side of the coin, but keep in mind that they will not fix nor mend anything either. That would be hard work, and no one wants to do that. – As you were.

        • Bertie boy
          I googled Poverty in New Zealand. It all points to starting with Labour in the 80s. So maybe shove a red sock in it and stop blabbing the same tired It was National crap. That’s all we ever hear from you…It was National, It was National. In any case, National or not, your hero Jacinda took on the job personally to tackle poverty with huge fanfare….and Hello…she is failing miserably at it. The gap is massiver than everer. Always over promise and under deliver….welcome to your Labour World. LET’S DO THIS is now DIDN’T DO THIS. Not long now. 2023 is just around the corner.

          • You are the most tiresome poster here, if you want to start talking up the crap again, then I have a Queenstown conference for you.
            Labour this, Labour that what a fucking bore.

    • Over the past months I have tended to agree with you more and more but I cannot agree with you about immegration being bad.It needs tight control. . It seems there are jobs in NZ that have no appeal to locals no matter what the pay. NZ is not alone in this as my family in both UK and Australia say the same. Many employers are now providing accomadation for the Pacific workers and this needs to be promoted to stop it being a burden on locals accomadation. Tight control needs to be taken to stop the employers ripping off workers so wages stay higher to eventually attract locals

      • I agree on tight controls but it was my belief Trevor the cause was “Rampant” immigration, not selective immigration that was allowed to take place.
        A discussion I had with a colleague, a nurse said the reason for immigrant nurses, coming into our country is for wages( wages to Indian, Singaporeans and Philippine’s nurses are far better here than their home countries), some from the U.K. , the lifestyle. Yet kiwi’s nurses income pales into comparison and why many leave for Australia where they believe they are paid their worth. Rampant immigration is not the answer and yes many kiwis will not work two jobs to make ends meet or one job of cleaning loos for minimum wages, would you?
        And if you think the answer is a party whose own Conference is held in Queenstown is the answer, let alone a good look then sorry Trevor you and I are on different pages. I certainly don’t buy into the rhetoric of the likes of the Sabine’s, Jeremy’s and Nathan’s of this world.

        • When sent home from my last hospital visit I had a Philippine Nurse call for the next 6 weeks so I got to know her well enough to ask a personnal question . I asked if the Philippines government were coos with all these nurses leaving .She said she was training so she could leave and send money home . She has a sister working as a nurse in Australia a one in America Samoa . By the time she returns home they will be a wealthy family unit . The men folk are schooled on heavy equipment with the same results

          • As I said they come for the money that when it returns to Singapore is excellent. Many many visitors here cant believe how expensive N.Z. is, this started around 2010.

    • Just imagine “crusher” as minister of welfare! The Natz would absolutely do that, or find someone worse.
      They have plenty to choose from. Or they might get “rimmer” onto it. Yay, good times huh.

  14. Apart from discontent with Covid in general, Labour have a big problem. Their inability to achieve.

    Number 1 – Housing. This failure leaves all the others in its dust.

    4 years in and housing is now a byword for obscenity. What an unmitigated disaster. Average prices going up 106% in 6 years to totally unaffordable levels that many will be lucky to withstand much in the way of interest rises. Most of this is under Labours watch. They campaigned in 2017 on solving the problem, not pour tanker loads of fuel in to the fire. But sadly now, trying to get Jacinda to even mention housing is a minor miracle.

    Our whole economy is at great risk. Service industry needs cheap labour. But those workers can’t afford to put a roof over their heads. Industry can’t get workers. Vicious circle.

    You can’t talk about inequity, you can’t claim to care about child poverty and have the all encapsulating disaster that is housing and ignore it.

    This government operates in a silo, politics snd politicians in one silo, practical achievement in another, meant to be run by ministries. The terrible problem this government has is no one from the political side bothers to dirty their hands with the doing side of equation. Hence they always look like possums in the headlights when a ministry drops the ball, frequently. The Ministry of Health definitely comes to mind.

    Labour are now on the precipice of being found out as frauds, a bunch of half witted student politicians not knowing what they are doing.

    I can’t see their polling improving.

    • “This government operates in a silo, politics snd politicians in one silo, practical achievement in another, meant to be run by ministries. The terrible problem this government has is no one from the political side bothers to dirty their hands with the doing side of equation. Hence they always look like possums in the headlights when a ministry drops the ball, frequently. The Ministry of Health definitely comes to mind.”

      There’s an element of truthiness in that space, going forward @XRAY.
      Sir Humphrey has always been a part of the Civil Service, but in recent times the whole thing has been industrialised.
      Often I wonder whether there’s an element of sado-masochism at play. But then I realise it’s all just part of the cult of neoliberal managerialism.
      Can you recall when a senior public servant was actually held to account for their failings? Missing their KPIs and ‘deliverables’ repeatedly and whatever other method of measurement is in vogue.
      I can’t.
      Sometimes I think the easiest thing to do with quite a few of the old crocs is to give them a knighthood and send them on their way.
      By the way – the MoH is by no means the worst, and is probably a bit of an exception in that Saint Ash appears to be copping the flak for a number of uber-ambitious underlings.
      Apolitical PS? My fucking arse!! I’ve personally witnessed (several times), senior and muddle management public servants looking for ways to undermine elected representatives.
      I’ve been trying to think about which of the gorgeous civil servants are the worst. IT’s a bit of a juggling act at the moment between MBIE, MSD, Waka Kotahi (and btw there’s another thing), and OT.
      And did you realise that there’s a grainy sort of Moss that’s moved on to infect another part of the PS, and SFA progress has been made. 4.FUCKING.YEARS.IN. She’s possibly not the worst of them either.
      They’re not bad eh? I mean in terms of rhubarb rhubarb spin and bullshit and survival.
      As I said once before – the PS act 2020 is and was full of good intentions. It probably hasn’t even dawned on them why SFA progress has been made.

      • My theory on silos is the only explanation that makes sense on the lack of forward planning with Covid that has become a hallmark of Labour.

        Government politicians 100% reliant on the MoH for strategy and planning, go on their summer vacation like uni students do, leave the brains at home type of thing, seemingly intentionally oblivious to Omicron and what is going on just over the Tasman, the testing problems, the need for alternatives to the nasal tests, the need to hit the accelerator on vaccinations for the 5-12 group and the supply chain failings owing to staff off work owing to the virus.

        Come back from holidays, become aware of the clusterfuck in NSW especially, and like a replay of Delta, now realising the MoH don’t do plans and creative yet again they look unprepared and stupid so start the slow crawl to catch up,. Worst of all this time hijacking the private sectors RAT kits. That they had banned, no less. What the actual fuck?

        It’s as if they are blindly wedded to the process of politicians do political things and the MoH are our brains, like their university theory said they should. Like they are the PR team only.

        Trouble is we all pay for this continuous stupidity and yet these turkeys don’t realise it’s going to cost them their government!

        • I’m interested @XRAY. How would you describe the current Labour Party?
          I see them as the party of good intentions AND of unintended consequences.

          I think part of it Chris Trotter described best in the latest Working Group – JA and her enterage don’t have the ability to question the ‘public service’ advice they’re given and simply take it as read (to paraphrase).

          As an aside, a decent audio engineer wouldn’t go astray, and I know of one festering away in Paekakariki. The engineer couldn’t even feel the difference in audio levels between the mics each of the participants were using. I guess he must be a ‘maaaate’ We’ll see if the next episode improves.

          I’m staying away from commenting on Kris Faafoi btw because – well because. He has to be JA’s little project.
          Even the Labour Party’s best appear to have been captured. How the fuck did Chris Hipkins do what he did in that Charlotte Bellis affair for example.
          Did he not realise that some enterprising non-jonolist, or EVEN Charlotte when she graces us with her presence, ask WHAT consular assistance was given, and WHEN.

          Easier to just let it play out, and it’s possible we might just have to suffer the alternative to not only wake the ‘Left’ up, but also the Labour Party. I suspect Chris Trotter thinks they’re beyond repair, and “I’m tending to agree with him” Mathew

      • Your insight/ perspective is appreciated by my household Tim.
        Sadly you confirm our prejudices and worst fears.
        Thanks for mentioning those dropkicks at Waka Kotahi.( groan)

        • Thank you @ Shona. A while back, after a lifetime of supporting Labour, I decided that blind loyalty is no way to effect change.
          My father-in-law during the 80’s decided to ditch them (also after a lifetime of support), and it was because of the 80’s reforms. He’d lied about his age and become a medic during WWII and lived a good life UNTIL things started to turn to shit in the 80s and early 90s.
          History isn’t just rhyming, it’s repeating.
          I don’t hate the so-called public ‘servants’ I ridicule. I hate what they’re doing, and I differentiate between those servants at the coalface and their overlords.
          They’re really quite pathetic in a way. As arrogant as it may seem, and to put it in language they’d understand, I no longer even have the emotional ‘capital’ to feel sorry for them. Fuk ’em and all who sail in them

    • Interesting that you say that the govt operates on a silo. A break down of the Roy Morgan Poll tends to agree with you. Ironic that Labours (ie Jacindas) popularity is still strong in Wellington. While she left Auckland to fester in Covid hell for all those weeks (ops sorry she made one brief visit, and got out of town as quickly as possible) Wellingtonians enjoyed a happy carefree life, awash with thousands of new govt jobs and oblivious to the stress and desperation that Auckland was experimenting.

      The Wellington twitteratti (great term Martyn) just think she’s amazaballs, but the rest of the country, not so much. Which sort off enforces the stereotype I had about Wellingtonians for years. They have born to rule, let the plebs eat cake, we are the inner party cabal attitude.

    • I agree xray except there is an alternative to lower wages no one mentions THINNER MARGINS, it’s economically possible though not popular with employers for some strange reason….and please no whaa whaa whaa poor employers stories…they just don’t wash, like the ‘oh if you force me to make my rental not a shit hole I’ll sell it’ the scare stories from business funded PR groups are wearing just a bit thin.

  15. how has ACT suddenly shot up 8-10%. I would seriously consider a move to AUS if this was a make up of the next govt on those numbers.

    • The upside is Hosking will return from Aussie, oh he didn’t go as he said he would?
      Well there’s nothing like a hypocrite to pontificate.

      • For someone who clearly doesn’t like Hosking you know it seems his every move?
        I think you secretly admire him.

        • Jeremy,

          Every move? Please at least try and keep it real homey.

          Hosking himself made a big song and dance on his soapbox about moving to Australia. Unsure if that was due to him mistakenly believing people would actually care, or if he hates backing a loser that much he was throwing a tanti or like many others he’s disillusioned by the state of the National Party.

          The reason I’m unsure which of the above is the main reason was due to me never listening to what he spouts. Same applies with his wife and HDPA who are equally nauseating.

          Have a nice day.

          Nasty Man

        • Jeremy or is that John?, your man crush on me or Hosking ,whilst admirable ,leaves me feeling a little icky, however feel free to post on every single post I write. I love a good stalker.

  16. I’m happy to see the Labour regime crumble but National and Act are equally unpalatable for me. Greens? Why give your vote to people that despise you because you are pale male and stale?

    So that leaves either no vote or NZF

    Not ideal

  17. “ACT at 18.5% is a serious fucking problem for us on the Left.”

    Everything is a problem for you [insert pro-noun] on the left.. housing, healthcare, education, inflation, crime.. everything. If only Labour was in power, and in power with a majority.. oh wait..

    lol 🙂 saying ALL that I’m ‘politically homeless’ – Natbor aren’t for me and ACT can go suck a popsicle atm.

  18. You are still believing that women would not vote for n/a in order to get rid of the woke left? Lol. Maybe you need to rethink.

  19. Unfortunately the Greens should be on 18+% not ACT, but apparently Greens lead the fight against the white folks (whatever the hell ‘white’ means, because there seems to be a plethora of cultures that the woke consider ‘white’ and plenty of non white nationals that are in the nationality of white as the world gets more multicultural). Are Asian cultures marginalised when they make up the majority of the world population and increasingly hold great power and nukes? Who knows in woke world.

    So confusing to the majority, just like the new pronouns that you ned a PHD of gender studies to excel in the anomaly’s and counter the pop culture that believe their own versions such as death threats to people who think being a woman is biological. (Apparently no, men can now be woman and you can change at will your sex on your birth certificate, a ‘Green’ innovation.) That’s where woke feminism got to 2022. I’m sure it was not what woman were expecting in the 1970’s or a highlight of the majority of folks who live in NZ.

    Back to the Greens, somehow in woke world, pakeha are seen as their enemy especially Pakeha men who apparently are to blame for everything and should be punished without much evidence anymore. Homeowners are also the enemy which are 65+% of NZ, as instead of being poor and destitute they now have their houses earning more than NZ’s paltry wages. This windfall for some, seems to incense Labeen and the woke and business community.

    The idea is that people should have to work for the lowest dollar in NZ and all land and housing should be owned by business with a few ultra rich shareholders. This doesn’t sit well with the NZ homeowner voters however and those who are not homeowners and rent from the business community and state seem to be having the most problems and complaints about their treatment and housing standards!

    Sadly the Greens are not really environmental anymore and their main ideas seem to be to compete with the Maori Party that polls have about 2% and the Socialist party that polls equally low…. Or taking on Labour policy so that there is really not much difference between Labour and Green parties.

    When was the last time you heard the Greens create policy about the environment in a activist sense, rather than a quick win against the easy targets like middle class consumers or environmental policy 2050?

    Voters see Labeen environmental policy as laughable, such as the government subsidising pollution by having a cap on carbon pricing and buying carbon credits from countries that stop polluters to offset NZ polluting emissions, which is a cop out.

    While always blaming farming, farming is less than 50% of NZ’s carbon emissions. However this seems to be news to the government that keep enabling other polluters to create even more pollution. Often this is then part of a cover up and confusion tactics and the taxpayer pays for it.

    Can Greens throw out their woke whims (we support the most high needs individuals in NZ and we should tax the rest of NZ as much as possible because everyone here is so rich. We also hate men and non woke pakeha) that seems to be alienating to around 80% of the demographics that fall into it…..

    The big question is can the Greens and Labour wake from their woke ways before ACT and Natz are back?

    • Homeowners 65%+? Did you get that figure from Property Investors’ Weekly? I think you’ll find it closer to 50%, and falling 🙂

      • By the time the woke and neoliberals join forces as they have done so far, it will be 90% to overseas turned NZ citizens plus 10% to the local kleptocrats of NZ…

        Government policy seems determined to stop Kiwis affording a home or using property to step up the property ladder as was traditional 30 years ago, while enabling pretty much anybody from around the world to live in NZ.

        You don’t seem to need permanent tax residency in NZ to buy up a storm here, or agree to pay your worldwide income in NZ, to get NZ citizenship/residency. If they enabled that rule, then of course it would be a different kettle of fish, and international people would sell their NZ abodes so they can get a lower tax rate somewhere else in the world to live, freeing up the property and land in NZ and stop the luxury builds taking over the market. At present NZ policy lets overseas people take their cake and eat it too.

        Thus we get all the NZ building effort going into luxury housing mostly for international owners, often demolishing or renovating already palatial homes and more middle class migrants who bring their money with them or set up in the growing space of liquor stores and cigarette operations which were essential services during lockdown.

        Migrants on professional wages, often leave once gaining NZ residency/citizenship for the family, so they can be paid better overseas, but of course still keep NZ residency and citizenship for the family going forward. Thus the Ponzi continues.

        Those that decry that what Kiwis do, are right, and that is the problem to address,

        Why are NZ wages so low that we can no longer retain professionals and working class people here if they are in the labour force and ambitious?

        Instead NZ is attracting the international super rich buy up property and land in NZ and you don’t have to be a permanent resident or citizen to buy up NZ property and its very easy to buy NZ residency and citizenship. Apparently you also seem to be able to bring in your own slave work force while complaining to the media…

        It is one thing to attract foreign people who want to spend the rest of their lives in NZ and also pay their worldwide taxes here and make a positive contribution to NZ society, another to expect ordinary Kiwis to pay taxes while overseas people have many loopholes to gain taxes, such as Kiwi taxpayers paying millions of wage subsidies to billionaire owners of NZ golf courses, etc

        It is not migrants fault for the most part, it is NZ government’s inability to plan policy that will benefit NZ going forward and be fair and equitable to those who already live and pay taxes in NZ, instead of being stage struck by anybody who is super rich or has decent media contacts and publicist to spin stories.

  20. Right across the front page of the Northern Advocate in Whangarei today in massive bold font:
    “Farmers baulk at Three Waters costs.”

    Then the sub headline:
    Govt proposal means means bills pop to $1500 each says spokesman.”

    What does that mean? That means that all farmers will be paying $1500. The reality of what could happen does not matter or any rationale behind the Three Waters scheme. Those specific brief statements tell all there is to know and will now be gospel. That’s how

    What does that mean? It means good-bye Willow-Jean Prime and good-bye Emily Henderson. It is the stuff of groundswell farewell tickets to Labour MPs elected in rural electorates all over. It’s “hello” to Chris and David. That’s how minds work.

    • wowwee an industry (agri-business not the mom n pop poster image anymore) actually have to pay for a common resource they use and abuse, I thought the right belived in ‘user pays’

  21. Labour had two years in power before Covid hit. What did they achieve in that period of time?

    I say they achieved very little, and bring on a change of government in 2023.

    • You are generous Daniel I would say achieved nothing.
      Your comment last paragraph yes please for the sake of New Zealand and all New Zealanders.

      • Alotta promises of what they’re gunna do!
        Just need to ‘fact check’ on all the mainstream media that they paid for at; stuff,RNZ,TV1 and the Herald. More than $354m of paid for content as well as opex!

          • That’s not nice bertie. I bet you wouldn’t say that if you were a ‘real’ Jacinda fan and upheld one of her virtue principles of being kind ay bertie?

            Get Ernie to make you a cup o tea and then go have a lie down for a little while.

            • I’ll be nice..Why the picture attached to your ridiculous title?

              “Get Ernie to make you a cup o tea and then go have a lie down for a little while.’

              Oh Dunny you are such a wit,fuck.

          • and good gun owners having military semis would lessen that exactly how?
            It’s gang war over turf and mama(whatever that is) a different issue.

      • Not exactly. They removed a type of plastic bag, but they did not remove the demand for plastic bags. So people now simply buy bags made of thicker plastic … so … resource consumption goes up in order to manufacture them and supermarkets make more money because they sell them, not give them away.

        • presumably they have to remember to take their plastic bags to the shop with them, why not make a one off purchase of cotton bags and remember to take them to the shop instead?

          • The environmental impact of the reusable cloth bag is worse than a single use plastic bag.
            2 minutes research will explain why.
            Bit like banning our local mining, wonderful example of virtue signalling, but not much else.
            A bit of year 7 research will show that Jacinda and James have actually achieved, and how much they’ve CONTRIBUTED to our carbon emissions.

        • it was mentioned along with plastic straws but once again gesture politics to make the LINOs feel virtuous….

  22. On these numbers act will be at the major party leaders debates, I say bring back the all party debates so the minor partys can debate the major parties.

    Hmmm. It’s a Roy so let’s see some more polls but even during the last set of polls I’ve noticed that the prime minister is less popular than her party for the first time… Which is a problem… Id say get rid of her at the end of the year but replace her with who ? Grant he’d be just another Goff/Shearer and the sad fact is his sexuality (I say this as a gay man from a mixed race family) will lose votes with socially conservative working class christian labour voters particularly in south Auckland and east chch who’d vote for the christian Luxton candidate if given an option between the two.

    What will be labours response? Will they see this as people getting angry about the lack of action on poverty, housing and do what they were elected to do and inact serious change? LOL Naaaa, they’ll get more cautious, more timid and more conservative and try out National National.

    It is time now for labour to do a reshuffle and get rid of the dead wood from the opposition years who all sit in cabinet and start giving the 2017/2020 class cabinet portfolios and leadership positions so they have ministerial experience before going to opposition in 2023 or 2026 and there’s a lot of dead wood in that cabinet who sit in safe seats that labour can afford to have resign before 2023.

    But they won’t. They are pretty set in their ways now, they think they’ve made all the bold moves, they think they’ve been transformational, they are so inoculated from reality that they’ll think they’ve been too left wing and too bold and their advisors will tell them as much.

  23. Bang on the money again ….Tell white males that they are the problem long enough and then they become the problem, can only see Act/National increasing in popularity over the coming months as Omicron takes hold

  24. Democracy is fine until the hobbits think that by voting for ACT and the Nasty Natz is the way to go but these nasties have only pain and austerity planned including moving the retirement age out by another three to five years but that’s all good because you can sell your paid off house and retire when you are ready.

    All their other supporters already have their amassed wealth to protect them from the ravages of ACT’s terrifying agenda of austerity for all the other dropkicks who think its more important owning a gun and paying low taxes than neo liberal economics phase 6.

    Well we will definitely be in for a treat with deputy David and luscious Luxon and whimsy Willis.

    Tent city here we come.

  25. Here in Nelson, we now have 3000 people on the Maori roll per councillor, but 6000 per councillor on the general roll. The Labour councillors responsible considered an alternative with roughly 1:1 parity and openly concluded that their preferred option would result in a more progressive council.
    It was all reported in the mainstream media but no one cared. Really, skeptical progressives, google Nelson’s Maori ward and read about it.

    Is it feral to be pissed off at people openly telling me that I’m an oppressor with white privilege while openly making my vote worth half that of a Maori man?

    Why the hell should I want to go back to the middle ages and have my voice deemed inferior to others because of who my parents are? It took 827 years of progress after 1066 to get universal suffrage and one man one vote, how the hell is it feral to oppose it being deliberately removed?

    I’d happily vote for many center left economic policies but the Left can burn in hell as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Political poles aren’t supposed to hold weight. The point is that voters need to be treated as if they have a consciousness of some sort and should have a say in how the government and bureaucracy is been used.

    For sports people performing at the highest levels, it’s easier to see in them the focus or being in the zone – they’re actually not thinking about individual actions because they’re at a higher level of consciousness where everything is instinctual and comes out automatically.

    So clearly Jacinda Arderns Labour government is struggling to do anything and when the Labour Partys off sider (the greens) tries to do anything in government, they can barely lift there there share of the vote at all, with the exception of Chloe.

    Of course one would assume that neo liberalism, the bureaucracy, entertainment news, voters, ideology ect has something to do with Labours incompetence. Or maybe it’s just democracy conflicting with the way Jacinda wants to govern. Either way neoliberalsm means bashing the poor. But I would explain this as more of phantom pulls or tugs on people who are unworthy or just completely out of sinc.

    This is my point because political polls perceive a change of government and is a conduit for the voters, but most importantly is a conduit for people’s intentions of the people around a prime Minister.

    There are 2 ways this could go and I don’t know if Jacinda would listen to me but either she clears her mind and gets in the zone and is in sinc or finds someone to who can educate her about how to achieve new forms of mass communication (or try to use Chloe as the student) but most importantly get things done.

  27. Lots of dissing, lots of monikers and lots of mocking Luxon. All good, have fun. Still, he (and middle NZ) will beat Jacinda in the next election. Why am I so sure? Easy, scroll back here to the very first comment by MIB. What piece of truth!

    • If you’re relying on a piece of erudition like, “This PM is the most useless and incompetent in Aotearoa’s history,” I think I’ll have to go somewhere else for analysis and sagacity.

  28. I’d like to see a rule that if you can’t or won’t pay your worldwide taxes in NZ, then you can no longer own a house here. All the empty houses would suddenly be sold and reutilised by many people who are happy to live and pay worldwide taxes in NZ both here or wanting to come here

    We might also have enough taxes then to pay nurses and doctors and professionals and working class workers at parity with OZ so that we can retain more skills in NZ.

    This would be a gentle way to stop the luxury end of NZ housing taking over the market where 20 million is becoming the new normal at the top end of NZ property.

    • After all, Dotcom managed to rent a luxury abode for years. It’s possible to be rich and live in NZ and not own a property here!

  29. I had some idiots on another blog basically telling me that white males were the past and that the future belongs to brown people and females. We need not apply!
    Instead we will vote elsewhere. Thats the result of woke supremacist politics.

    • nick nobody anywhere ever who lifted a banner for ‘equality’ actually meant that, it means more lollies for my gang…the question is are those lollies justified? sometimes yes sometimes no.

  30. Well, we can all go into the upstairs room and pray, this man Luxon talks in tounges even when being interviewed and can’t get his figures right–another shambles of a businessman.

  31. At $36.50 per dose for a Pfizer vaccine.
    Who’s really making a killing?

    What if the vaccine could be cheaper if we requested the full strength version without the nanobots? That might help Labours polling problems?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures? Just a thought.

  32. I’ll be voting for the Left bloc. They’ve been very ‘human’, no shit. They’ve done the hard yards. Unless you’re an egocentrist who blames Labour for Covid’s inconveniences to you. And trust another amazing businessman like Key, talking kind like Key.

    • Me too, this blog is becoming more like Aunty New Zealand Herald everyday with the usual suspects arguing with themselves. An old but true saying is be very careful what you wish for .

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