TWITTER WATCH: New extremist Political Party launches for Qanon lunatics and antivaxxers


A new NZ political Party was launched over the weekend in Twitter of all places.

With political interference being run and funded by American interests in NZ, it was only a matter of time before this Antivaxx madness sort political representation.

It’s all dressed up as ‘freedom’ when really it’s ‘freedumb’.

That it’s lead by someone called ‘Professor Bart’ (I’m not joking) says all you need to know.

Professor Bart gives off the kind of vibe that he has a lot of unexplained children’s shoes in his basement.

The hard core 5% antivaxxers of NZ look to be an amalgamation of Crystal Karens, Jesus is my vaccine God Squaders and Qanon lunatics. Can this feral mismatch of ignorance & conspiracy find a political home?

If ACT can, they might?

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  1. Bart W T Kay? Not Billy TK? Has Billy gone missing? has the NZ Gestapo taken him and replaced him with a bad faith crisis actor?

    There is some deep state shenanigans going on here…

  2. Meanwhile, the Liberty Party will try to launch next year, offering up real solutions to problems frequently mentioned on this website. Some of the core policies include free speech and a GST reduction down to 10%. My personal belief is that this party has potential, even though it’s unregistered.

    Also, thanks Martyn for a good year of political analysis that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s a good website and you deserve more.

  3. The video claims the party was founded on the sixteenth of this month.

    As of the time of this comment, since then on You Tube: 1,200 views, 98 comments. Most of the comments appear to be supporters spread across the world, many explicitly not New Zealand citizens.

    Looking at how garish the party logo is: pink and purple with yellow text in an unusual mix of fonts, one can easily imagine how people could be confused with what it represents.

    A web search of the professor in question reveals someone on obscure websites promoting an all meat diet. Apparently plants included in one’s diet are detrimental to health.

    • Was Jordan Peterson on an all meat diet? Which he has decided against? Everything is in flux at present. Is there a connection to Prof.Bart I wonder.

  4. we are lucky that our freedum fighters are all fighting with each other. Billy thinks Brian is evil. Chapman and De Ment are feeling left out. etc….
    Australia is not so lucky. their new political freedum party is supported by all. Watch out for an Australian version of Trump at their next election.

  5. and to think I thought Kiwis had more sense…I WAS WRONG.

    why aren’t the SIS all over this foreign funding of subversion like a nasty rash OR AT LEAST LOOKING AT THE GRIFTER TAMAKIS TAX RETURNS.
    ..oh that’s right neo-nazis don’t want to save whales..
    oh well that’s civilisation protected for another day—HUZZAH.

    • ” and to think I thought Kiwis had more sense…I WAS WRONG”

      It’s funny you should say that because a mental health nurse colleague of mine said exactly the same thing to me yesterday on vaccinations. She had just assumed that the country would just go out and do the right thing and protect themselves and others. She said she was so wrong. She then added that she therefore had no problems at all with the mandate even though she’s no fan of Jacinda.

      I’ve given her this site to see for herself the anti vaxxer loons out there.

  6. Christ, if PRC operatives can become a sitting MPs, anything is possible in No Zealand. Think about that.

  7. I think a fundamentalist far right Catholic politico in northern Wellington, who has previously stood for Parliament, perhaps twice, for one of those minor parties, will be a candidate. His proselytising reached me via close whanau. He genuinely believes that Covid vaxing sterilises the vaccinated to stop us reproducing, wipe us out, and enable the globalist elite to control the world. I understand him to be a well educated man.

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