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    Looking at the image of the protest re Covid in Gordon Campbell’s piece.
    Here is apparently moribund individual NZ gathered and fired up. What about government stopping snivelling about not being appreciated for what it has belatedly achieved, and going to these crowds and saying firmly and honestly that it it important to follow through with the vaxx for your safety and for ours – it’s a people thing. But what do YOU think should be done to enable society to be healthy and happy. Get in touch with gummint on our hot-line with your views, politely put, bulleted and briefly explaining the values for each point. (Here – give examples eg We should all know how to cook and should sign up for demonstrations and hands-on personal achievement so we can make scones and dinners for ten from half a kilo of mince. Or we should all know how to swim at primary school and should be able to borrow togs or buy good undies to wear that will stay on in the water, sea or pool. )

    Make the pipeline to government available through email, or phone, or text. Can be anonymous and names not published or contacted by any agencies. This would defuse a lot of anger and some good would come out of it. The responses and reports of projects and completion be given to show there is real interest and follow-through.No facebook etc.) And then give stats under headings and offer the opportunity of jobs if this is your interest, and start small pilot schemes. Find the money from some slush fund.

    Use the anger, it is a great source of energy being wasted. Catch the citizens while they are invigorated. Begin permanent young people’s groups making their ideas where practical, come true.

  2. This is the blurb from one of CP Snow’s (physicist) books.*
    The notion that our society – its education system and its intellectual life – is characterised by a split between two cultures – the arts or humanities on one hand and the sciences on the other – has a long history. But it was C. P. Snows Rede lecture of 1959 that brought it to prominence and began a public debate that is still raging in the media today.

    This fiftieth anniversary printing of The Two Cultures and its successor piece – A Second Look (in which Snow responded to the controversy four years later) features an introduction by Stefan Collini – charting the history and context of the debate – its implications and its afterlife. The importance of science and technology in policy run largely by non-scientists – the future for education and research – and the problem of fragmentation threatening hopes for a common culture are just some of the subjects discussed….

    A public debate that is still raging in the media today?? The media may be raging, but where is the wide debate? More occasional incisive comments in the letters column from a few concerned individuals I think. Though quite a few on this blog it seems.

    *The Two Cultures by C. P. Snow Stefan Collini 9781107606142

    Feral? What chance have these children got of succeeding in society? Do fathers get a soft-soap approach from authorities while mothers a punitive, critical one? Where are the standards that parents are expected to teach, the morals, stability role modelling? How does NZ society think it will cope in the very difficult future we face if there is such a she’ll be right, laissez faire attitude to families and parental ability? Don’t people realise that they are supposed to prepare their children’s minds for coping with life, as well as feed them?
    And what vision has Labour got for NZ’s parents and children? Any? What was Oranga Tamiriki supposed to do?

    A transcript of Nick Smith back some years trying to prevent legislation intended to ensure parents were looking after thir kids.
    Hon Dr NICK SMITH (NZ National—Nelson) : This bill will be opposed by National because it is part of Labour’s dangerous social engineering that has the State assuming more and more control and power over children’s lives, at the expense of parents. The Minister stated last week: “This legislation is getting away from the language of parents having rights. Parents have responsibilities towards their children.” We take a very different view. [Interruption] Only a Minister like that member who is interjecting, a member who does not have any children, could make a statement in this Parliament that parents do not have rights.

    Why wouldn’t there have been a cross-party agreement on this?

  4. NZ does not have an economy.
    Gov rubber-stamped sale of nearly all , milk-treatment plants , meat works and forestry – and a ridiculous number of farms.
    Policy is bring millions of migrants sell them houses and the serfs will work for food.
    Citizenship is for sale.
    The only thing keeping NZ from more of the same has been the covid border lock out.

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