TWITTER WATCH: So will Mike Hosking be voting Labour?


Ummmmmm – it’s Christmas and NZ isn’t in lockdown soooooooo is Mike Hosking voting Labour in 2023?

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  1. He was referring to be able to go freely overseas without quarantine as opposed to having free travel inside of NZ as per the picture being (i’m guessing here) of Sydney

    • Weasel words Frank? I really didn’t expect that from you.. Trying to make excuses for a degenerate that makes Alan Jones look rational, and normal is really opening yourself up to what ever people throw at you.. Are you sure you want to go there? Or are you trying to say that whatever stupidity, and incompetence the NSW tories get up to is controlled by the NZ govt? Get a grip on reality..

      • The son of Megatron variant is coming to this country Stef one way or another – would you rather it in summer and when our vaccine effectiveness is high or in winter when it’s twice the issue?

        Let’s see where Sydney is this time next year shall we?

        • The vaccine “effectiveness” isn’t high when it comes Omicron.

          “Lillebaek said 75% of the country’s omicron patients are fully immunized with a two-dose vaccine, while 9% of omicron positive patients have received a booster dose.”
          There will come a time (and imo it’s pretty soon), that the CDC (and WHO) will acknowledge what anyone who knows anything about Corona Viruses and the decades of failed efforts to create durable vaccines against it (in both man and beast) – that the COVID-19 virus is already endemic and no amount of mandates or vaccines are going to change that fact.

    • He would make the perfect replacement for Alan Jones.. He just has to kiss an awful lot of arse, for a long time, before they accept him as “true blue”.. He’s not in Jones’ league as far as playing with arses is concerned, but at least he hasn’t practiced his broadcasting skills in public toilets.. That’s a bonus..

  2. Yep, he’s still here probably because he realises he would be an absolute nobody anywhere else and also probably because his little clique of Barry Soper and Heather Du-Plessis Allan has been joined by Kerre Woodham who recently roundly nutted off and sneered at a caller who supported Jacinda.

  3. Mike Cockskin is a grasping, entitled, tory mouth for hire. Tastefully disheveled Maserati Mike also seems to believe the crappola he comes out with which is even more tiresome. “At the end of the day” though, 90% have rolled up their sleeves and given the doom casting motley media crew something to seriously compare their pro business whinging with.

    • Tiger M “ Tastefully dishevelled”. Tastefully ? With a head like a worn out hearth brush ? Older guy trying to youthful, and failing. Could be worse. Could be jeans with no knees and rolled-up ankles – probably is.

      • Well he was spied in public one time with the mini vac cleaning something or another off the front carpets of his Ferrari…he was a ripped jeans Newmarket guy at one stage, I tried to ignore him till COVID


      • a sad attempt at johnny rottons haircut 40 odd years too late…bet back then he had a center part and plenty of brylcream….maybe next year he’ll try the currently fashionable hipster short back n sides when that becomes outre.

  4. KLeft folk are obsessed by Hosking in the same way the Right people loathe Susie Ferguson ,The only difference is that Hosking has been drawing record audiences while acknowledging he is biased. Susie Morning Report ignore3s charter requirements to be balanced. And here audience has crashed. Not a great fan off Hosking , but he is doing something right, anda state radio has doing something wrong, if refelecgtin g public opinion is seen as a good thing

    • “The only difference is that Hosking has been drawing record audiences”

      Yes he has, right wing audiences. Just listen to the text replies he reads out to his comments made. So the thing he is doing right is appeasing his base but that’s the only thing. He clearly has no influence on the general population as he doesn’t influence polling numbers.

      • Realistically there is only Hosking and HDPA that tailor to and attract a right wing crowd. At any given time the ‘right’ audience in NZ is between 40-45% so he should (in the absence of any competition) get record numbers. No other MAJOR journalist/broadcaster (outside of Big Dunc) has even a right wing lean.

        I find it laughable that Cam Wallace wants to put Tova up against him. Toxic is hated by the right so I can only assume Magic want the crumbs from RNZ.

    • Well, it may be because Susie is on the State Broadcasters payroll whereas Hoskings is not?
      Freedom of the press used to be something ay?

  5. Poor little Mike. I remember the day he fluttered in and landed on the then soon to decay TVNZ’s ETV ( Educational Television.) program.
    In 1997 ETV (1992-97) was killed off and replaced by ‘Breakfast Television’ and Mike was in there first.
    Remember ETV by the way? It was an excellent show with enough popular interest to put a pep in ones step for the day and the neoliberal capitalists now embedded within the public broadcasting infrastructure killed it off and by “killed it off” I mean They assassinated it. “Jesus Christ! We can’t have the hoi polloi beginning to think! ” would have been heard echoing out of the leafier of the suburbs.
    The wee man with the well oiled, rogue hedgehog hair style began to squeak his way into our sight and sound and the only way to bi-pass the little shit was to not watch him or that show at all. Thus, job done.
    We’d get out of bed, shake off our nightmares, warm up the automotive depreciating liability we’d loaded onto our mortgage then head into a pointless, passionless, daymare of drudgery to feed the rapacious, insatiable, neoliberal capitalist machine.
    It’s deeply chilling to note, if one’s brave enough to cast ones eyes about, that nothing at all’s changed.
    We’re still discussing wee Mike and we still have a rapacious, insatiable neoliberal capitalism and either Adern is quite literally too afraid to make a stand or she’s one of them. Now? Isn’t that just a dreadful, horrible, terrible thing to contemplate?
    Merry Christmas.

    • Countryboy. But Hosking IS the hoi polloi, that’s his problem. Didn’t he gestate on the wrong side of Christchurch ? Never listened to him, and not even tempted to, but if he keeps people indoors instead of spitting their chewing gum out in the street or road raging on the motorway he’s doing a mighty fine job. Takes a real man to rip the knees of his jeans without actually working. He even had his photo took with John Key. Wow.

    • Merry Christmas CB. Thank you for all your wonderful comments this year (write that book over summer eh?). Chur 😉

  6. Well in his miserable confused state he might get the candidates and parties mixed up, then he would be demanding the officers open the ballot box so he could make sure, and would throw a tantrum when told to sod off.

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