Judith’s Last Stand


WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Seriously. What on earth possessed Judith Collins to move against Simon Bridges so maladroitly, and with so little prospect of success? It’s baffling.

The tactic employed, resurrecting a five-year-old incident that had been resolved, um, five years ago, was just so incredibly dumb. Honestly, I thought Judith Collins was a whole lot smarter than that. To take such a huge risk, she must have believed Bridges had a lock on the caucus that was unbreakable and that he intended to move against her sooner, rather than later.

Presumably, that is why Collins refused to call caucus together yesterday evening (24/11/21) as Bridges, quite understandably, demanded. She must have calculated that the move she was intending to make against her principal contender would not be approved.

As a lawyer, Collins should have known that even Bridges’ caucus enemies would require a proper process to be followed, and the rules of natural justice observed. So, according to her own testimony, she took the matter to the National Party Board instead. With their (alleged) full support, Collins then issued a media release banishing Bridges to the back-benches. His crime? Telling a dirty joke in the earshot of Waitaki MP, Jacqui Dean.

Except, that makes no sense at all. By refusing to take the matter to caucus, and beheading Bridges without their consent, all Collins did was make sure that, when the National Caucus next convened, her own head would be on the block. One had only to listen to the pure, cold fury in the voices of National MPs as they made their way to the caucus room this morning (25/11/21) to appreciate just how hopeless Collins’ position had become.

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The peculiar thing is, it could all have been done so differently – and with a much greater chance of success. Had Collins caused the information, and the precise wording of Bridges’ dirty joke, to end up in the hands of the relentless Furies of the news media, his progress towards a caucus showdown would, at the very least, have been slowed. Indeed, with the right handling, Bridges could have been “exposed” as a nasty, sexist, sleaze-bag. To paraphrase the inimitable Lyndon Johnson: Collins wouldn’t be calling her rival a “nasty, sexist, sleaze-bag”, she would be forcing him to deny it.

Surely, that would have been the smart move? She could have knifed Bridges good and proper, while leaving no fingerprints on the blade.

Collins huge advantage – before she committed “suicide by caucus” – was that National’s caucus was split into what, from the outside, looked like four factions.

There was her own faction, of course, not that big, but not that small either. Then there were Bridges’ people, who were said to constitute a bare majority. Impressive, but also inadequate. Bridges needed to come roaring home in any contest. Just squeaking in would only leave a roughly equal number of National MPs seething and fuming behind his back. Christopher Luxon’s people were also numerous, just not as numerous as Bridges’. Finally, there were the so-called “liberals”. A small faction, but potentially crucial to securing a decisive vote for Unity and Change.

The trick was to keep all the factions in favour of a leadership change off-balance and mistrustful of everybody but themselves. Let their numbers people work away, drawing up lists of “Definites” “Possibles” and “Don’t Bother Asking”. Just make sure that while they’re doing that, you’re doing everything in your power to keep the tallies inadequate to the challenge of achieving Unity and Change.

It isn’t an heroic strategy, but you’d be surprised how often in history it has succeeded. The Romans called in divide et impera – divide and rule. What it had given Collins – and was continuing to give her – was time. Time in which all manner of unpredictable things can happen. What sort of things? The sort of things which the 1960s Tory leader, Harold Macmillan, famously reduced to: “Events, dear boy, events.”

Why didn’t Collins stick with the strategy that had kept her, National’s most improbable of leaders, in power for more than a year? One might just as well ask why Rob Muldoon (that other unforgiving right-wing populist National Party leader) got drunk and called the snap-election that would destroy him, way back in June 1984. Or, demand to know why Jim Anderton suddenly abandoned the leadership of the Alliance in November 1994.

“Events, dear boy, events.” Something you didn’t expect, and can’t fix, happens, and it all just gets too much. All the plotting and scheming. All the arm-twisting and political assassinating. Suddenly, the whole shitty business no longer seems worth the effort, and the all people around you start looking too hopelessly fucked-up to bother with.

And. You. Snap.

No other explanation seems to fit. Wednesday, 24 November 2021, will go down as the day Collins simply stopped fighting. Not because she was beaten, but because she could no longer remember the point of trying so hard to win.

In the midst of a global pandemic. Facing a Labour Party whose leadership is younger, nimbler, and more attuned to the zeitgeist. In charge of a party too ideologically and socially constipated to re-join the political fray as a competitive player. Judith Collins, eyebrow raised, quietly picked up her rifle, climbed out of the trench, and started walking across no-man’s land towards the enemy. Predictably she was shot to pieces before she’d taken 100 paces.

It wasn’t pretty. But it was, at least, over.




  1. Judith Collins turned out to be Judith Collins, who would have thought?

    Nasty, vindictive, spiteful, revengeful, great if you’re the name of a Royal Navy ship, bad if you’re a human trying to appeal to voters.

    I just couldn’t care less about the National Party. They’re a bad joke from another generation!

  2. I feel it was one of two things and perhaps a bit of both.

    1) Desperate fear along with some knowledge of an immanent plot to roll her that had been gaining momentum. If she acted decisively, not only could it prevent her dethroning but it could bully and scare off anyone else involved. This would explain the complete blanking out of her colleagues with her actions, the very thing that upset them most.

    2) In these woke times, she attempted to set herself up as someone using their power to stand up for females who have been subjected to any kind of inappropriateness. This may explain Collins remarkably portraying herself as a Martyr for the cause who farcically had no regrets over her diabolical actions.

    Either way, it was an epic miscalculation and a reflection of what Simon Bridges stated. Judith Collins was desperate and would do anything to retain the National Party leadership. I feel confident Whale Sludge has a hand in the skullduggery. One thing for certain, this was his Waterloo.

    Anyone who thinks this was Collins last stand is mistaken. She got out of the place at warp speed yesterday. Humiliated and powerless. That is not a good combination to a person with a penchant for the revengeful destroying of people’s careers. She’s gone off to lick her wounds and work out how best to snatch that revenge. The more damage she can cause to her ‘colleagues”, the more powerful she will feel and appear. That revenge will be her last stand.

    I felt she would resign and trigger a by-election in Papakura. That is still very much on the cards but something she said yesterday caused me to rethink that or at least the timing of it. She stated she would continue on as the MP for Papakura and would even stand in 2023. How could she possibly know that yesterday of all days? She knows her fellow National Party MP’s want her gone gone gone which I believe is exactly why she said she would stand in 2023. Collins was already thinking revenge. You destroy her dream and her career, she will do anything to return the deed.

    NZ dodged a bullet by seeing through Collins who has a history that should prevent her from even visiting the top floor.


    • Not sure how things work in National electorate committees – is she certain to be reselected to stand in Papakura? Maybe she’s burned her bridges there too.

      • burned her bridges there too… hehe nice one… but I doubt she has… she is a vengeful witch but has some common sense so I would imagine she has a supportive team of minions around her

          • “the Pigswill mob in Puke”.. She is the mp for Papakura.. Last time I checked, there was at least two electorates between hers and Andrew baileys, who actually is the mp for Pukekohe.. Try to at least get your facts right if you must hate on people..

      • They won’t get the chance RosieLee.

        I’d say there is a 0% chance of her standing in 2023. Her dream is over. She can however do some damage and cause stress and worry to her colleagues etc by it appearing she will stand.

        Once she has exacted her revenge, humiliation addressed and she feels a level of power, Collins will depart quickly to “spend more time with family”.

  3. Good piece Mr Trotter.
    I also wonder if Collins misunderstood the public’s reaction to a “me too” that certainly sounds dead and buried.
    Did she think that in the current climate just the accusation would sink him? If so it shows how out of step she was with public sentiment.

    One small positive is that the MPs and many of the public still believe in due process.
    I’m not sure this will hurt the Nats in the polls much, they may even get a bounce from dispatching such a polarizing leader -surely they were already pared down to just the true believers.
    I wonder who is next over the top.

  4. “No other explanation seems to fit. Wednesday, 24 November 2021, will go down as the day Collins simply stopped fighting. Not because she was beaten, but because she could no longer remember the point of trying so hard to win.

    In the midst of a global pandemic. Facing a Labour Party whose leadership is younger, nimbler, and more attuned to the zeitgeist. In charge of a party too ideologically and socially constipated to re-join the political fray as a competitive player. Judith Collins, eyebrow raised, quietly picked up her rifle, climbed out of the trench, and started walking across no-man’s land towards the enemy. Predictably she was shot to pieces before she’d taken 100 paces.”

    Great writing Chris.

  5. “To take such a huge risk, she must have believed Bridges had a lock on the caucus that was unbreakable and that he intended to move against her sooner, rather than later.”

    In fact I was told late last week by a National insider in BoP that Bridges was going to move on her. She must have got wind and tried to cut it off with this mess.

    Frankly, if that’s the sort of tactic she’s capable of, then I wouldn’t want her as leader either.

  6. People gloating over this ought to bear in mind two things that bode not well for the future.
    1. With Crusher out of the way the National Party may select a more credible and attractive leader that will make National more dangerous( especially as Labour plods on in neo-liberal mode turning more of its traditional support base into non-voters).
    2. Disillusioned National voters will turn to ACT and breathe life into the toxic cabal that should have died years ago.

      • Yes Richard I agree labour would be better off had she stayed.
        They now have an opportunity, National that is,to regroup should they be smart enough to see this as an opportunity.

  7. Chris Finlayson said on RNZ this morning that both Collins and Bridges should resign and move on. I couldn’t agree more for those who like the National Party, but being one who despises their modus operandi I am quite happy for their poison to stay on in Nationals ranks (with Slater in the background). Let them do more damage!
    What has unfolded lately in National should have happened as soon as Dirty Politics was published. I was dismayed at how that superb book was successfully vilified and denigrated by the Right at that time.

    • Totally agree garibaldi. National is paying the price for not admitting to, and dealing with, their ‘dirty politics’. Short of a total clean out of the board and MPs their continued demise is certain.

    • Yes, but the void … avoid the void! That will and is being filled by Act, a far worse game in town than even the hideous National party.

  8. Shot to pieces maybe. But still stumbling around refusing to die. Now she’s trying to kill of other’s chances by ‘endorsing’ them. That’s like being endorsed by the devil. I wish she’d keep her fucking mouth shut for good. Than god National got rid of her but sadly they haven’t really got rid of her. Most destructive politician I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Trump is a beginner compared to her.

  9. As usual a great piece Chris, some very quotable quotes there. The Collins show appears to be in intermission but the next episode “Revenge times two” could be even more entertaining than the last

  10. 1. “Appreciate just how hopeless Collins’ position had become?”
    More pertinently, appreciate just how hopeless Collins was.

    2. “She could have knifed Bridges good and proper, while leaving no fingerprints on the blade?” The style she used on Lees-Galloway.

  11. Quite by chance I came across an old box of DVDs the other day among which was a copy of the Hollow Men doco. Of course I remember how the story goes but some of the gory details had eluded my memory. It struck me how little National had moved on from that ghastly era.

    Even Dr Reti, coming across like some sort of low rent Southern preacher with all his talk of shepparding his caucus flock, the talent of the group and their “track record”, seems to have drunk the venal cool aid that eliminates any form of self-reflection. For my part I have begun to have a very tiny amount of sympathy for some of those young Nat candidates who so spectacularly failed all tests of probity in the previous term, for what kind of environment were they coming in to? One where lying, cheating and back stabbing were encouraged behaviours, all the while with the knowledge that the aptly named Slater was scurrying around in the background poking his fulsome fingers into everyone’s undies drawer.

    How on earth, in this day and age, do they think they can get away with using a House of Cards playbook? We’ve all watched it and we know how it ends but their eternal “old, white and born to rule” bullshit still keeps them warm at night. It’s as if they’ve had a self inflicted blood eagle performed, more fetid whale carcass than whale oil. Hager is a National hero and this lot are the last first class passengers on the Titanic, enjoying their foie gras as the inevitable end approaches.

    • Yes Elrae, Dr Reti should reflect on the fact that he was JCs loyal deputy knowing all along what she is like. Not once did he see fit to distance himself from her caustic style. It’s far too late for any of them to claim any morale high-ground; they all owe the country an apology and their resignations.

      • Quite true, I find Reti has a creepy manner and he is tainted by alignment with Collins who is such a nutcase that the rats he woulda had to swallow to keep onside says it all about his character.

  12. @ CT. ( It’s raining so… )
    You write:
    ” What on earth possessed Judith Collins to move against Simon Bridges so maladroitly, and with so little prospect of success? It’s baffling. ”
    Well, not if you think about it. No disrespect intended.
    Collins saw terrible writings on crumbling walls so she jumped ship, ugly shoes, cod-mouth, sabre-brows, frocks and all. ( Do I have to explain why there were crumbling walls on her ship now breathing a sigh of relief? )
    It’s all about the worthless fama dahling and the terrible truth ever rising up in her craw like merciless indigestion.
    A time line…
    The colonials arrived and with their contacts ‘back home in the old country’ and knowledge of the demands of the markets there ‘they’ set about to ‘farm’ the ‘land’. Sheep and other agricultural live stock, seeds, and plants too, I suppose, arrived at about the same time gold was discovered in Otago.
    And then again, at about that time, refrigerated shipping was invented here which meant that those early colonial farmers were able to send otherwise perishable goods ‘back home’. For money. Lots and lots and lots of lovely money which attracted non farmer money fetishists with pink little fingers and a haughty slither for the ever growing cities with their dens of iniquity and smoky clubs where women were not allowed and real men hatched plots. ( Honestly, as a farmer? I don’t blame them if I must be honest. )
    It was a simple plot that endured the rigours of time.
    The Pink Finger People wedged themselves in between the farmer manufacturing ( For the want of a better term.) the goods and the consumer ‘back home’. All they had to do then was slap on a healthy profit margin ( read mislead then exploit ) to supply and bingo! Sweet-as mate’s.
    If farmers became too parasitised? A little tax relief was given which was ironically the farmers own money coming back to them anyway. And if farmers became too curious as to just how much their product was selling for ‘back home’ a little tweak in the OCR sent a clear message to them. ” Keep working. Work will set you free. Now pay your mortgage or we, the banks will ( and did) foreclose on the logical fallacy that is your mortgage mate.
    As time went by, farmer money grew our AO/NZ into the first world economy that it WAS…
    Do I need to remind people of that? Really? Have so many been so effectively brainwashed by a corrupt MSM? Has the Machiavellian politics been so efficient at deflecting inquiry away from the banker and money lender now imbedded within a political party that’s now in flames and heading earthward? Fuck yea!
    The National Party are an amalgam of Auckland city bankers and money lenders. They knew it was vital to be in a position of being able to head off any and all insurrection. They needed to be in political power if their Game of Thrones-esque skulduggeries were to be enduring.
    Along came what many people know of now as being neoliberalism. ‘Neoliberalism’ is just a word. It really means nothing at all. What skulks behind the word neoliberalism, however, is ( Yep. Still is.) a simple cunning plan. The plan could be called ” Grab what you can while the going’s good and run for it before we’re found out! ” Aye boys?
    AO/NZ’s particular iteration of ‘neoliberalism’ was to grab what our farmers had built up over many generations and fucking sell it to their mates. ( Graham Heart? You bought the government printing office didn’t you? How much money do you have these days? It’s more than $11 Billion Dollars isn’t it? Fay? Richwhite? Gibb? Chandler? Etc… ? You guys have a lot, and I mean, ‘a lot’, of money don’t you? And you’re not AO/NZ’s primary industry in any way are you? So? Where did you get all that money from then? How did you do that? BNZ? Cook Islands? NZ rail? Air NZ? I’m merely curious? I’m not making any accusations. I’m just fucking curious?
    I’m not the only one who will be curious. There are many more people out there now who’re more than merely curious. They’re furious. They’re enraged. They’re driving tractors along the streets! They’re making placards and they’re writing witty slogans. Those things, they’re the spark of inserection. They’re the spark of revolution.
    The National Party is done for. Their dirty game is up. Remember when I started writing here years ago? When I wrote that there’d come a day when that terrible scratching at the kitchen door was the truth trying to get in and that scratching would become an axe smashing down the door?
    Judith Collins has seen and heard the axe. She’s knows what’s next and I guarantee she designed her get away as surely as the crooks designed the pillaging of our beautiful AO/NZ and have thrown entire generations of good, funky, creative young AO/NZ’ers into gutters of despair.
    Jonky was quick of the line. He’s gone. With our millions. Little Big billy english, the farmers traitor of preference is in hiding. There are powers at work to try and head off real inquiry by cynically manipulating farmers into fucking around blocking up traffic with tractors and reportedly writing dumb-shit stuff about a new nation etc which is pure and unadulterated racism. The tactic, of course, is to further distance farmers from non farmers. To keep people at each others throats. To divide and capitalise on segregation and hate.
    AO/NZ farmers and AO/NZ non farmers are the same organism. It’s the parasites dug into the very flesh hand fabric of our society who must be picked out and flushed down the toilet. ( That was a metaphor. Don’t try and flush privateers and politicians down a literal toilet or you’ll be calling a plumber maties.
    Collins is gone baby, because she and her ilk are outed.
    Now? Look at that homeless fellow living in the streets, talk to that family living in their car? Show them this comment? Show them The Daily Blog? Show them. Because they have absolutely no idea about what’s going on. All they know is they’re living on the streets or in their car and they have no idea why in a rich, agrarian exports country the size of the UK but with only 5 million people.
    That’s why collins is running like a flat footed rat.
    P.S. and FYI.
    iniquity | ɪˈnɪkwɪti |
    noun (plural iniquities) [mass noun ]
    immoral or grossly unfair behaviour: a den of iniquity | [count noun ] : these historical iniquities are now under fresh scrutiny.
    Middle English: from Old French iniquite, from Latin iniquitas, from iniquus, from in- ‘not’ + aequus ‘equal, just’.

    • There’s one thing I forgot to draw attention to in the above.
      Now that all of our agrarian economy all bought and paid for state owned assets are swindled off and sold and there’s no chance that what was once our stuff and things are ever going to be returned to us there’s no need for the natzos. They’ve done their job. The party for the crooks, by the crooks, has done its job so why hang around, aye jonk and judy?
      There’s now nothing left to steal. The National Party are literally at the end of their usefulness to themselves and their mates. Unless, of course, factions within National and Labour can still make a buck from selling the very land upon which we stand to rich foreign interests.
      5000 hectares of Otago farm land has been sold to the owner of Ikea so he can grow pine trees on it.
      Peter thiel ? A hand holder to don trump. ( Yes. There is a photograph. ) A multi billionaire and dodgy as fuck.
      Larry page. Owner of Google. Paid a stipend to walk right past our immigration office and instructed OUR gubbimint to not talk to we, the public, about his dealings here. Personal worth? Nearly 200 Billion U$.
      I think we AO/NZ citizens are at a very perilous phase of our intended oblivion.
      I think we’re ungoverned, I think we’re at a very critical stage of a bloodless coup, I think our farmers were lied to, swindled, cheated, had their time on earth wasted and demonised in the eyes of their urban cousins simply to maintain control of the agrarian cash flow. I think we’ve been deliberately mislead by career liars and cheats who’re well educated in the ways of legal thievery on a scale that’s almost impossible to comprehend from a local and trusting AO/NZ perspective.
      That’s what I think.
      @ Maori? You’ve been treated incredibly badly. And the irony is that the treaty might just be our saviour.
      Kia kaha Mates !
      “kia kaha, and remember: it is better to fall on principle than to stand on lies”

      • …’The party for the crooks, by the crooks, has done its job so why hang around, aye jonk and judy? There’s now nothing left to steal. The National Party are literally at the end of their usefulness to themselves and their mates’…

        That is a disquieting and very disturbing thought, countryboy. The asset sales from the 1980’s and 1990’s have slowed significantly as all the ripe plums have been picked and stolen by the neighborhood delinquents. But there is still more to be taken when scraping the bottom of the barrel,…such as key and english’s attempts to privatize state housing, – and farmlands flogged off in hush hush style…not to mention water…

  13. Going all-out feminazi a few years too late was her final undoing.
    Her 2 advisors were probably the culprits? Also, a QC in tow who is a born again feminazi probably didn’t help.

    But ding-dong…

    The best thing that they should do now is to keep the ‘Maori’ in play. But will they? I guess not.

    • agreed… I would go for Mitchell (expendable, boring & will never be PM anyway) Reti Deputy & the Anointed Egg finance spokesperson… whatever way you “egg” it not very exciting

      • No! They’re well and truly alive and active! Just ask Judith’s handbag carrying QC and her Media Com’s expert!

  14. “What on earth possessed Judith Collins to move against Simon Bridges so maladroitly, and with so little prospect of success? It’s baffling”.

    To understand people like Collins Chris, you have to understand what psychopathy is. Here is a great resource (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/119730.Without_Conscience)
    A pyschopath or sociopath feels no guilt. No remorse. No shame. They simply do not have the functioning neural pathways. It is difficult for the rest of us to grasp this. But we are simply prey to them. They see themselves as superior in every way. And blameless for all of their actions.
    I assure you that Ms Collins will be feeling absolutely no embarassment from her ‘strategic’ ploy to maintain power. She will be blaming others. She will see nothing wrong with her choices per se, other than the fault for her failure lies with others..
    But one thing she will be experiencing is fury. Maddening anger that her sense of entitlement remains unfulfilled. She will be a dangerous enemy to her opponents in National whilst she remains ‘in the game’.
    Of course, there are many other ASPD folk lurking in the political sphere. Most are far more clever, and successful……… unfortunately for our species.

    • Look, I have to agree that you are 99%right here! And the proof is in the puddin re her: “I didn’t ask to be told about the abuse blah blah blah but I had to act even tho I knew it could cost me the leadership blah blah blah’ etc etc… wha wha wank wank… Yeah… she is cray cray crazy!!! For sure!! Like Stalin, like Hitler, Papa Doc and many others. She just on way lower scale of same behaviour. She probably has no inkling of what a nut she is and this is why her power move so ill thought out and dumb by any standards she really did think would turn out in her favour. And she will spin it in her favour (I had to do it) even tho the world can mostly see through it as a the rank power move it was, that failed.

  15. Yeah but she had a following of many NZers who are also vindictive, spiteful, nasty, racist, anti Maori mea te mea and I could go on.

  16. Judith Collins personifies the shambles and everything that is wrong with the National Party and its core beliefs which seem to be founded on a sense of entitlement, bullying, deceit, cunning, and attacking their opponents through underhand means – read Cameron Slater and his ilk.

    @Nathan Kerr – you are so right but will the next leader be any better? He/she might be more user friendly than Collins but will whoever it is continue with the same National Party rubbish which seems to appeal to the party itself and to its supporters?

  17. The toxic slug Slater could still have skin in the game with Mark Mitchell. National needs to disassociate itself from Dirty Politics bullshit and anyone tainted with it. They could do far worse than keep Reti at the helm. My missus, who is seldom wrong, reckons too much Wednesday wine and rancour had more to do with Collins’ bizarre behaviour than any grand Machiavellian plan. She is more reptilian than chess master. I reckon you’re reading too much into a brain fart, Chris. Or disrespecting Samoa. Or something.

    • …”reckons too much Wednesday wine and rancour had more to do with Collins’ bizarre behaviour than any grand Machiavellian plan”…

      I think your Missus is onto something there, just quietly…

  18. Judith Collins was never doing things in the best interest of the NZ National Party. Collins only did things to suit Collins. She didn’t care about the fall-out when it happened to others.
    Maybe what has happened to her has been some long over-due Karmic Payback for all the nasty things she has done to people over so many years.
    She comes across as vindictive, conniving, manipulative and full of personal jealousies and of course insecurities. She was the Representation of National and she demeaned that now minor political party down to her level.
    She was the face of National and her whole aura reeked of arrogance(the National Party trait)as well as most likely having the “Let them(the peasant stock)eat cake” in her attitude towards say low income NZ taxpayers even in her very electorate that she was only too happy to get away from during Lockdown because she considered herself an ‘essential worker’.
    Collins had truly vindictive qualities that she would hold onto for what probably would be considered years. She used others to do her dirty work for her and after the fall-out of some media release would sit back and let others suffer the consequences of her manipulations etc.
    Looking at her ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards say the Swamp Kauri matter I am sure she had the same cavalier attitude towards anything else. She wanted to be Top Dog of National and she wanted to hold onto that power as long as she could even when it came to holding grudges against those in National and in her irrational frame of mind she considered ‘enemies’.
    Collins did not Do It for National. She had re-created the party into her own little dictatorship using fear and intimidation(aka bullying)to get HER WAY.
    As I have said Collins has personal jealousies and most likely especially towards Bridges. He was OUT THERE selling his book whilst her book is a ‘sitting duck that is dead in the water’. I am sure Collins’s book is collecting dust on a shelf somewhere and about the only use it will have in the future is to clean up the kitty litter.
    But then Bridges is speaking in contradiction of earlier comments even made this week. One minute he is saying Collins was bad for National and the next he is painting a ‘glowing report of her’. This inconsistency will not do anyone any good in the long run and shows uncertainty even into the election booths.
    But then about 7 weeks ago on Q&A with Jack Tame Tame was interviewing Simon Bridges. Bridges may have been asked(I caught the tail end of the interview)as to where he sees National in the futur eg in 2023. Bridges replied he sees National in government with Judith Collins(of all lowlifes)as prime minister. I bet Bridges had no idea Collins was at the time getting her revenge on him all lined up and yet again using another person for the evidence.
    But then that is the Judith Collin MO i.e get the ‘evidence’ in order to do the dirty on others whilst she comes out squeaky clean and innocent of all manipulations on her part

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