The Key-Luxon ticket


Luxon is being touted as leader because of his connection to Key.

The pitch to National blue bloods is that the rot inside National is deeper than the Leader. Goodfellow’s time as President has been a disaster.

With Luxon as leader, Key would be appointed Party President so that they could oversee an Alpha candidate academy to shoulder tap the next generation National MP for the 2023 election.

It is the development of a new wave of right wing Ubermensch that is the vision of Team Key-Luxon.

For these Blue Bloods, Simon Bridges is too working class for their aesthetic tastes.

The Key-Luxon ticket would work like the Putin-(fill in name here) relationship.

It would be an incredibly dangerous combination for democracy between puppet and master.

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  1. I warming to uncle Fester being leader of the National party. Sure, like most +30 beer (not craft) drinking, meat eating, heterosexual males I won’t be voting for them again HOWEVER if a woke corporate virtue signaler can bridge the 5-7% gaps by bringing 20% with act as a buffer against labourLite going too weird and liberal.

    Good times.

      • Don’t really care anymore Spurry – not my party anymore. Like most over 35, white, middle class heterosexual males I’ll be voting ACT next time.

        Uncle Fester speaks Te Reo, likes the environment and otherwise has a lot of corporate woke virtues. Therefore if Willis, The Tobacco salesman and he can convince under 30 white collar workers to decamp from Labour; the centre right forms a coalition in 2 years time.

        • It is a curious fact that Rob Muldoons National was , in fact, to the left of the modern day Greens, … and had more in common with MANA than any other party on the political scene. This tells us of just how bogus is the modern NZ political scene and commentators when they speak of ‘left ‘ or ‘right’.

          The overarching difference being that of difference between Keynesianism and neo liberalism / Lazze faire. Now, there were many multi millionaires in NZ during the Keynesian economy. So one cannot say it was not for free enterprise. Nor can one say that it did not have the wealthiest per capita results when one see’s the results of 1969,- the 6th wealthiest only behind Denmark.

          Yet now we see the results of neo liberalism post 1984. Massive poverty, food banks not coping, homelessness, people locked out of home ownership, poverty wages, increasing domestic violence, degraded infrastructure. Why support it?

          Because in supporting ACT, you support all of the above.

          Poor choice.

          • Yet inequality has ballooned under Labour.

            Everyone on the left seems to glibly forget the left’s record when it comes to unaffordability.

            You should be substituting neo liberalism with globalism which is the real gremlin. And looky who supports globalism the most in NZ……Jacinda Ardern.

    • Key is no blue blood – he can’t even speak properly, or pronounce New Zealand without sounding like a toothless old gin granny. He’s vulgar nouveau riche, that’s all; the Fairfax girls worshipping him looked deranged.

    • A Oxford educated, pin stripped tall clean cut former prosecutor, and still looks rather too like it. And apparently some sort of hetrosexual. Truly extraordinary within the National ranks. I mean look at the other contenders Mr Willis, the Salvationist, appears to be ideal as a twa lady for a fundamentalist church. Shane Reti..What country have you landed in, Dr Reti? Aotearoa. Dear me, Me Reti. This is not Paraguay. .. Like Mr Godfrey and Mr Karan, I have always recommended a on way return ticket to Beruit or Strossers old capital on the Paraguayan river. And then we have Mr Mark Mitchell some relation to that rather disappointing MP for North Shore, Frank Gill. Gill was doubtlessly a great fighter pilot or RNZAF logistics officer and base commander, but while I rapidly came to support the strike force and always have supported the P-3, P-8 force as our essentially surveillance, anti destroyer anda/s force, the A-4 was a bit of a truck and target, justified for training and as part of a high tech economy, but even the Hunter, Hawk or Sepcat Jag were harder naval targets. Gill was a bit of a reactionary and I really see Mark Mitchell as a diplomat, cabinet minister or CDS driver and my test for such jobs is based on the basic officer req. Is this person a troublesome Bible banger. Christine Keeler gets 103 on my IQ score for f..king around, Megan Fox 93 for being a one partner for life Bible banger.
      In terms of Luxton.No.No. I presume Mathew Hooton wrote the over the type Luxton speech suggesting that the Glossy Tourist industry sabotaged on day one of the 2019 COVID outbreak ( Luxton asked why and who they the ‘ Puritan medicalist Wellington policy elite the Rashbrooke, Ritchie, Boston- close the bars Selman acolytes’ did it. Well of course we know they are the friends of Mathew and Luxton the associates of the Outer Mongolian consul themselves. So the ridiculous speech, true in part and my view is we need the tourist industry , bars, supermarkets open 24/7. But you know it’s going to be difficult and take time. First because it requires the removal of most of our current political class, etc. The Luxton speech by Luxton Feather Duster. I imply nothing.I assume Ted Heath and Luxton were A sexual The Luxton speech exposed Luxton as a lightweight and Manchurian campaigbn.. At that point the lock on the half clued National candidates, possibly including Ms Starsgate ( The North Shore MP who really needs to study the Nancy Sinatra presentation of’ ‘these boots are made for walking’ the speech and all those hand movements are out of place on TV, even parliamentary TV. People actually watch it So slower delivery, less hand magnetism and after two years practice, Nancy Sinatra, so improved her vocal delivery and march she made every r & r audience in Vietnam, loose all impulse control and rush the stage. Apocalypse Now showed the effect Ms Stargate could achieve, if she turned to a more appropriate career.As far as I know, Ms Van Velden has not transferred from Act ( the far left extreme party well the the left of the Greens-) to the more conservative Nationals. Even I expelled from National to acclamation, first before Trade Minister Luxton, secondly before Shipley, I had only half a dozen supporters Later I was banned from Labours Standard by the famous editor for favouring Dutton, Trump style defence of NZ borders and the UK channel and rail tunnel entrance. The Standard editor suggested I be transferred to Auckland Islands with the entire SAS
      employed to he guard me. And from the other Labour official blog by the current Deputy PM, Grant Robertson.

  2. Personality is everything in politics these days.
    Gone are the days where just being a good person, competent, hard working and well- meaning are sufficient to be a credible National or Labour leader and course PM.
    You also have to look the part, be personally engaging and exude the kind of confidence that rubs off on people and renders your negative traits less than important.
    Don Brash, Bill English and Andrew Little didn’t.
    John Key and Jacinda Adern did.
    For all his faults, John Key was a popular PM because he seemed personally engaging, accessible, at ease with most people in most situations and able to diffuse difficult situations with a laugh and a joke.
    He was good copy for the media, and they didn’t want to bite the hand that fed them.
    It was only late in his last term when the magic begin to fade and by that time Key had decided that the job was no fun anymore and threw in the towel leaving others to clean up after him.
    Whatever she may have been in private, in public Judith Collins came across publicly as unlikeable and vindictive and New Zealanders simply do not like that sort of leader.
    Chris Luxon seems much the sort of personality that John Key was like, and the National Party nostalgia for the good old days when John Key was there and was near untouchable have rubbed off on him.
    I don’t think his political motives and pedigree are as important as his image.
    It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

    • Yes but it also makes him a snake oiled salesman and also he has a slight resemblance from his Air New Zealand days of being a silent assassin.
      Do we really want or need another one of those?

      • As opposed to an announced student leader who is good at reading scripts? It’s all the same shit. No substance no real decision making. We the citizens are the poorer for all this identity politics crap.

      • bert, No we don’t.Key’s popularity was and is still a media mythology. Many right wingers couldn’t stand his insincerity and his devious artificial personality. Really he was a false façade with no depth except for a $50 million bank account and not much else, like most currency traders. Richie McCaw wouldn’t take him seriously. When Key realised he’d been exposed as a charlatan he buggered off, leaving poor little Bill English to take the consequences. The aftermath of Key’s legacy still resounds today. Ask English.Muller, Bridges, Collins..and the next turkey victim looking forward to Christmas.

        • Of course it was a false facade, but people are easily fooled by the engaging smile and bonhommerie.
          The truth comes out when you study his nearly nine years of being PM and ask “what positive things did he achieve in that time?”
          The answer is: f…all.

    • Sad but true – The Nats should just line all their MP’s in front of 100 ‘average Kiwi’s’ and ask them who they would most like to stand next to at a bbq this summer (and appoint the new leader based purely based on that).
      Worked with Reagan.

      • James Brown “ A bbq this summer “ Funny you should say that. I always ponder whether I’d want one of them as a next door neighbour, or at my dinner table, and that eliminates the lot. Fancy Key as a dinner guest ? Torture. Chris Finlayson would have been good for dinner… ie as a conversationalist- not as part of the menu. I think that there was once another pleasantly erudite one, but I’m having trouble conjuring up a name or a gender. The Nat women boast about how much their shoes cost, and wear their husband’s gaudy dressing gowns bought cheap in the alleyways of Asia. A dismal mob – they probably don’t even like each other, and with jolly good reason.

    • …”Gone are the days where just being a good person, competent, hard working and well- meaning are sufficient to be a credible National or Labour leader and course PM”…

      Yes, like Kirk and Mahuta. Those quiet no nonsense types who just get on with the job and do what they’ve been elected to do. You could just about count them on one hand.

      • Wild Katipo Norman Kirk was, and Nanaia Mahuta is, wholesome. Wholesome politicians. It’s a good start.

        The glib one spouted “ conspiracy theorist “ trying to demonise Dirty Politics exposer Nicky Hager to the gullible media, and they swallowed it, and they got smiles, and bottles of wine at Christmas and felt important.

    • Judith Collins is/was the Queen of Karens. Met a Collins lookalike lady in Picton walking a tiny dog just after I got my first covid jab along With a bunch of others. Someone yelled out the name of one of the girls, Jacinta …The Collins clone then muttered “they better not be praising Jacinda, I hate that bitch”, so I confronted her and she thought Collins was wonderful and that Ardern was “destroying the economy” ….even though economy was doing pretty well with higher tax revenues/less public debt/less unemployment at 3.2% than forecast. I said she was stupid if she believed economy in wrack and ruin and that Arden was worst PM ever. She then accused me of being abusive and harrassing her. Now certain people have license to ignore/shut down any criticism/critique as sexist/misogynist/abusive/harassment etc.

  3. Why would we want Key involved he chose to leave didn’t he say he wanted to spend more time with Bronagh and moonbeam their cat. And Key left a mess for someone else to clean up. If Luxon is just more of the same John Key type we have already been there and done that. What about someone new, fresh and not tarnished is there anyone in the National party that can fit that brief?

  4. just a small query Martyn: Is that because Simon actually DID WORK for a living?? ( even tho he was a contemptible Crown Prosecutor )

    • Hey c’mon ! Collapsing a nations economy via foreign exchange heists is hard work ! All that typing and all! And John Key was hard at work in New York doing just that to enrich him and his mate with the NZ economy! And it must have been hard work sacking all those people and maintaining that cheesy smile for hours on end as he did so. And then of course running round after all those hard to contact trusts when all he wanted to do was throw a party and provide a haven for their hard earned dollars….

      • Correct Kapiti! But the useless/partisan media of this country will never report it.
        And the dumb-arse right-wingers will, got some reason, never act in the information. Come on Frank and Kraut, tell us why not? You have the evidence now give us the result of your ‘intelligence’ acting upon it…

    • Actually I am trying to support the Simon/Simon JFK/RFK option as on on balance, as seen as just good enough to lead a NZ National Government. None of the other options are remotely acceptable, good enough or even tolerable in terms of Mrs Collins as even opposition leader.
      As you know I am not Martyn Dunne or Martin Finnalyson. I apologise to Ms Willis for the typos, I was not suggesting she was a man, but I do have a powerful contempt for the fundamentalist church, for everything and the presence of Ms Willis and Mr Bishop in a right centre National Party. This morning’s Newshub commentator, Ms De Bono argued Ms Arden was a urban liberal leading a urban liberal country, and National should have a similar leader in Ms Willis or even worse Bishop. De Bono is wrong about all that as only a Wellington sub editor could be. Arden is not a social liberal. I am not. National has never been a social liberal party. In some ways McLay, Muldoon and Shipley were in different parts. But not in NZ today. No.
      In my mid 60s my min position to return to PM is UK, PM or US Defence sec, in name or effect. I rate myself

  5. Remember not so long ago …..
    “The parties still sit close, however – National Party on 44%, rising 4% since 1 NEWS’ last poll in April. Labour dropping by a significant 6%, down to 42%.”
    National Party: 44% – (Up 4%)
    Labour Party : 42% (Down 6%)
    Green Party: 6% – (Steady)
    New Zealand First: 5% – (Up 1%-point)
    ACT: 1% – (Steady)

    Something like this could happen again two years out from an election is a long time in politics.

  6. Not keen on corporate bal’heads myself. What do those guys with the shaved heads and tightly tailored suits do when they all get in a room-rub bonces in weird rituals of some sort…?

  7. As opposed to an announced student leader who is good at reading scripts? It’s all the same shit. No substance no real decision making. We the citizens are the poorer for all this identity politics crap.

  8. Key is and was a dirty stain on our politics and as Churchill once said democracy is fine until the ordinary man votes.
    The National party is corrupt , tarnished and a disgrace and Key and his colleagues got away with running this country for the benefit of its own donors and business supporters for nine years by being supported by its many friends in the media like TVNZ’s Jessica McKay who like many other’s in the media often showed their true political sympathies in their pro National party coverage on TVNZ and the other predictable right wing rags and their mouthpieces …Hosking , Garner , Smith , Soper , Much , Trevant , The Herald , Listener, and all other NZ mainstream tory propaganda. Then accepted a knighthood like Carter who was not a unbiased speaker in the NZ parliament and allowed that shyster Key and his colleagues to get away with many serious breaches in what is no longer ” the peoples house ” in his time as speaker and got his peerage based on dubious behaviour to assist the Key led government in its corrupt dealings and actions.
    Luxon when he eventually takes the leadership will be no different despite the well run marketing campaign to sell his virtues to all the ute , SUV , van driving dumb arses that vote every three years and believe everything they are told with no argument or any original thought.

  9. A major problem I see with Luxon is that he does not want the job, yet. To be a good leader you must want the job – this is different from being in love with the power being a leader bestows. At the moment it would appear Luxon is being pushed forward and used by Key so Key can regain power through puppetry.

    • Of course luxon wants the job! He’s just lying. Trying to be coy. And if he’s lying ALREADY what’s he going to be like later..?


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