So Jacinda saved us from Delta – when will we thank her & apologise?

For those claiming our Covid strategy isn't working

We have just set the date when MIQ restrictions will lift and people stupid enough to travel during a pandemic and got locked out of the country ARE STILL COMPLAINING!

Hospitalization rates are low and mortality rates incredibly low, yet Maori academics are still claiming racism.

The reality is that this transition from Delta has been stressful  on everyone of us but the hatred spat at Jacinda and Labour for protecting us so successfully is heartbreaking!

The Woke are screaming that Labour’s policy this is a ‘modern genocide’ against Maori.

Public health academics drunk in their own sense of power are angry Jacinda is taking into account other issues than just their prophecies.

The Bishop Brian Tamaki mob scream Jacinda is the antiChrist.

The Crystal Karen’s scream Jacinda is raping Gaia.

The Qanon lunatics scream Jacinda is Adolf Hitler.

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The Death Cult Capitalists scream Jacinda isn’t willing enough to kill her own citizens for the economy.

Grumpy farmers scream Jacinda won’t let them steal and pollute water with cow shit and piss like they used to.

Small Business scream they are on the verge of collapse.

The double vaxxed scream why are they still under house arrest for all these antiVaxx nutters.

We are hitting 90% double vaxxed, our sickness and death rates are minuscule compared to the rest of the planet and Labour’s navigation of this plague will see us celebrate Christmas with Whānau.

Lockdown hasn’t been easy but Labour’s leadership through this crisis despite the tsunami of criticism deserves your vote in 2023.

It really is as simple as that.

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  1. What a weasel statistic thrown out by simple simon and OnewokeNews. So many variables affect that number and we are only in the first stages of dealing with covid. What happens if the worm turns and we get 5-6 deaths a day in June?

  2. Didn’t Hendy have us hitting 3000 cases a day if we didn’t get 95% vaxed?
    It just shows how politically motivated and overblown his modeling was.

    • The model showed a worst case scenario with no public health measures in place. Currently Auckland is still caged at level 3, the rest of the country is at level 2, vaccine mandates are in place and we mostly wear masks every where. These are public health measures & they are keeping a lid on infection rates & spread.

      The modellers’ worst case scenario should never come to pass, as if things were heading in that direction, more public health measures would be enacted.

        • Richard and Geoff, assuming the vaccines actually work. In Israel currently 90% of deaths are of the vaccinated, in the UK it’s over 80%. As for the modellers, they should be laughed of the telly, they only after fear induced compliance.

          • 90% of deaths in Isreal are Palestinian moron… Who the Isreai government refuse to vaccinate.

            Listening to anti vaxxers is like this conversation:

            AV: So every year a little rabbit climbs down your chimney and delivers presents every December…
            Me: Err… is that Santa Claus?
            AV: IT’S THE EASTER BUNNY!
            Me: I’m pretty certain it’s Santa Claus, I’ve got years worth of Christmas cards with his picture on it…
            Me: Okay then….

  3. If the Govt had ordered the vaccines when originally asked by Pfizer 6 weeks earlier instead of sitting on their hands we would have thanked them. MIQ management has been a disgrace to our country’s egalitarian ethos..

  4. The lockdowns have achieved two things:

    1. They have allowed us to lift our vaccination rate, although belatedly. If the vaccination rollout had been handled competently we would have been at 90% six months ago.

    2. It’s just postponed the inevitable. Do you *really* think we’ve gotten away with this thing? LOL

    At this point it would be in my best interests to get infected, because if I behave like a good boy by masking up and staying home I will catch it in a few months time when the hospitals will be overflowing and the bodies piled high.

    Winter is coming…

  5. These modellers are the economists of the medical world. We should view their proclamations through that lens. Elements of what is said by them are correct, most of it is wild conjecture and all of it serves the vested interests of power…

    • Models rarely survive contact with the real world intact, but they are definitely better than experimenting with the lives of real people.

  6. Ah…? “cough-cough…”
    Cowsploiters are NOT farmers dear boy.
    Are you an architect or a builder because you live in a flat? Are you a diesel mechanic because you take the bus? Is one a dentist if one punches another’s front teeth out?
    And it would pay to give a thought ( a rare and beautiful thing. ) to the very conception of ‘dairying’ .
    The idea to crowd poor old cows onto a small square of mud then have them force fed them junk-food grass while keeping them permanently pregnant was an executive decision made around a board room table, undoubtedly in Auckland by a ‘team’ of well educated sociopaths bouncing scams off each other on how to roll over ‘good coin’ while doing fuck all.
    If I had the youth and dynamism I once had, or cocaine, I’d be calling on farmers to strike.
    Then, you’d be calling them Gods for a sausage and a slice of bread, not grumpy.
    Re thanking Adern? Well, ok then. “Thanks”. But were you not simply doing the job we pay you to do?
    ( While on that subject? How did that careless Auckland dip shit get to so easily go to Australia, get sick because, trade fair an’ that then come back as equally easily to then head off to socialise, God bother, and generally fuck about? Why wasn’t he MIQ’d? In Australia BEFORE he returned to VIRUS FREE AO/NZ? Yeah, gee thanks. )

    • Yes indeed,… just HOW did that individual manage to bring back delta ? Why,… was it not because of all the clamor from certain sectors who were pushing for a Trans Tasman bubble to be opened EVEN THOUGH reports were coming through that delta was ripping through several states in Aussie?

  7. ”Probably in 2023 when we vote in an ACT lead Government & end this communist dictatorship.’
    Bob if Labour really is a dictatorship there would not be any election in 2023 – or ever.
    Bob if Labour really is a dictatorship the bullet riddled bodies of ACT members would now be lying by a wall.
    Bob if Labour really is a dictatorship Brian Tamaki, Mike Hoskings and Cameron Slater would all now have signed confessions admitting to being the paid agents of foreign powers and begging Jacinda for forgiveness( not to interrogators; if people must sign confessions leave the hands and fingers alone)
    Bob if Labour really is a dictatorship anti-vax protests would disperse in panic when Security Forces start shooting.
    Bob if Labour really is a dictatorship at around 4.00 am tomorrow people will come to your door and take you away for an early and unexpected Christmas Celebrations.
    Get some fucking perspective!

    • This comment should be laminated and placed on every power pole in N.Z.
      Throwing the word ” dictatorship ” around without any understanding of the word is simply ignorant.

    • I agree Da Zhong Tui.

      We can speak freely here, especially in regards to any Covid related matter. Misinformation, disinformation, these terms hold no place in our country. And this in of itself is greatly helped by our equally free (of government influence) media. Thank goodness for our government. Thank goodness for our media!

      We have freedom of movement, freedom of association, the odd, very, very infrequent lockdown aside. And most importantly, we are free to ignore or accept any government Covid measure that is suggested to us, with zero, absolutely zero consequence to the choice we freely make.

      We are free. A dictatorship is the absolute opposite of what we are…..

    • Yes the best comment EVER, there would be a few more than Hoskins, Mr and Mrs Soper come to mind, Kerry Mcivor who is a nothing radio jock with a big opinion of herself . Disgracefully and shamefully the Nats imploded this week amongst all this uncertainty for the country, really there are no words for this behaviour and Judith Collins was at the pub drinking with her mates. Now I ask you government detractors is this what you honestly want from a government supposedly In waiting

  8. You need a new and updated graphic as the numbers for NZ are wrong.
    And the worst is yet to come when Aucklanders, jabbed and unjabbed, are unleashed on the rest of the country for their ‘deserved’ break. We have yet to begin the ride in the Covid Carousel. we are not at the end.
    So go pray at the altar of ‘having been saved’ just don’t forget to mask up, keep distance and sanitize. And for the early jabbers – Jan – June start booking your booster shot. They too will be mandatory.
    Defeated Delta, good grief, what idiocy.

    • Agree 100 % just look at Western and Eastern Europe .
      Those anti getting vaxed are paying a very high price.
      They say no more lockdowns the unvaxed better keep their fingers crossed then .

      • Oh yes they are but you know they are only doing spot checks so that rule is a waste of time. The North Island is going to cop it. The South island not so much as you have to have a jab or a test before flying or boarding the Ferries.

          • … and that level of adherence to rules & procedures, armed Tarrant. We make a lot of assumptions about the enforcement of our laws & the way our justice system works, and I think many people would be quite surprised by what a mess it is and what the clearance rate is for anything less than murder.

            If making laws & banning things really worked, there would be little or no crime. Targeting poverty & inequality reduces crime & violence, making new rules with no resources or enforcement, merely provides the pretence of action.

            Things are definitely going to get bumpy when the gates around Auckland are opened. Stay safe out there.

    • So three of them are Dr’s/Gp’s. The rest are admistrators or spies.
      No wonder Big Pharma are making off like bandits.
      How much bigger are their pensions as the are dutifully ‘just following orders’?

      • don’t worry in the aftermath of it all turning to custard some philanthropic US medical company will offer to take over our medical system out of the goodness of their hearts, and labour will bite their hands of at the elbow with joyful glee at the prospect of self enrichment by flogging the last of the family jewels

  9. Too soon bro. Delta hasn’t even started to hit us yet.

    We had so long to get ready for the inevitable as well but the Gov did nothing

  10. You are a complete idiot to make such claims. How can you be so stupid this country is so divided and so many good people are having their rights trampled FFS wake up

        • As someone said on a Facebook post the Human Rights the Anti’s spout on about also include Human Rights responsibilities to the Total Community .
          The UN and The NZ bill of Rights are not absolute in the individuals greater right in over riding of the communities Greater good.

      • The majority are invariably wrong.
        ‘It matters NOT what 10,000 men think, when non of them know what they’re talking about’…………….Marcus Aurallius (sp???)

        • Marcus Aurelius was an unelected emperor who ruled by decree. Certainly, he was no Caligula or Nero, but then he could afford to make pithy comments like that, because dissenters could be exiled or murdered with a word. Perhaps you should try quoting someone else? Perhaps Adolph Hitler? Just sayin’…

    • Extactly, spot on……you the ‘true solution to our problem’…………though you’re banned as severe profits will not be made by those ‘that must be obeyed’……..welcome to 1984 NZ style

  11. I agree they deserve praise for their Covid-19 response, but let’s face it, the response was only a success because of our compliance. To suggest that the Covid-19 response alone deserves to get them re-elected is a fallacy in my opinion. You cannot turn your eyes away from all their other failures, even though many in the party will be hoping we all do. That’s the trouble with many on the left though isn’t it, don’t care about the pile of crap the diamond is sitting in, we are just mesmerized by that glistening gem…

  12. It NEVER is as ‘simple as that’.
    And there are many untold stories and ‘cock up’s’ by this Govt. The ‘fat lady hasn’t even stood up yet, let alone stopped singing’… variation on Al Capones great quote.
    Well done making the 50/50 call Jacinda, against alot of pressure. But as someone has already said; ….that’s what we pay her for.
    Why has there been piss-poor preparation since the lockdown of March 2020? Either we suck as a nation, our poli’s suck or our infrastructure is third world. Or maybe all three?
    Why did we open up to Aussie, whilst we were in such a disorganised mess, and ALLOWED, ney invited via a red-carpet’ band playing carnival, Delta to enter?
    How we’ve handled every thing post March 202 lockdown is anything to go by, we’re in for a hell-of-a-ride. So maybe hold off with all the back slapping, beer raising, red neck bravado.

  13. I feel very thankful.

    If we had had any of the “Open the Gates!” mob in power, some of us would possibly not be here today, some who are here now reading these comments. Others would have lost loved ones without a chance to say goodbye. Yet others would be living with some variant of Long Covid, which can be crippling. The decades old decrepit Health System would be overflowing, so if you had needed urgent hospital care for an unrelated health matter, that would have been jeopardised.

    And to those who say that it “just hasn’t arrived yet”, that the worst trauma is still ahead, – to some extent that may be so, I don’t know, but as the hordes of claustrophobic Jafas are about to descend on vulnerable communities it is likely to get worse before it gets better. However, we have been given time to prepare, time to improve our health and resilience, time to understand what is happening and why, and time to take whatever possible precautions. And that makes all the difference.

  14. Thank you Jacinda for ramming through fundamental and constitutional legislation changes under urgency when you’ve had almost two years to tell the public you were going to place your jackboot on their head. Thank you for dividing the country by weaponising health status. Thank you for shutting down debate and censoring all media which doesn’t suit your narrative. Thanks but no thanks.
    PS: Neve isn’t welcome in society because she is an unvaccinated potential disease vector. Oh wait on, WE ALL ARE!

  15. Please. Covid is not deadly. The Delta variant is not deadly. No more than flu anyway. Yes, the vulnerable may die, equally the vaccinated may die. It’s all about power and control. The jab is not effective until you’ve had two shots, and not until two weeks later, and not after six months, oh, now that’s four months… Get a grip folks. Have you ever heard of such an ineffective vaccine, that means you still have to mask up, socially distance, avoid the unjabbed like the plague?? Fear and loathing at it’s vilest towards those who won’t take an experimental gene therapy that doesn’t even work?
    Because the vaxxed can still get and transmit Covid. Gibraltar 100% vaxxed is having a big surge of cases.
    Crazy stuff. Ivermectin has proven to be a very cheap, very safe and very effective treatment and preventative in the countries that have used it, but it is banned now in many countries. Why? Because that is part of the contract signed between those countries and the vax pedlars. Pure evil.

      • The best way to prove her false, N Spur was to attack her claims with verifiable scientific proof. The fact that you didn’t actually lends weight to her claims…..

        • no, PRO-COVID types are not open to facts, they are ‘belivers’, give em an inch and they take a mile…no more mt understanding, treat them with the contempt they so richly deserve.

    • Why is Gibraltar having high cases it is because a large chunk of the workforce crosses the border to spain which is highly unvaxed. You anti vaxers always only tell half the story as usual.

      Yes vaxed people can spread it but for a shorter time and the chances of them getting it in the first place are vastly reduced.

      So stop telling half truths.

      • C’mon Geoff, just pony up with the verifiable scientific evidence that disproves her claims, and really put the nail in her coffin by providing the verifiable scientific proof behind your claims also. You want to speak the truth, you want to call other people out for their (lack of) truthfulness – then rove them wrong!

        Why is it that far too many people in this place are like you Geoff – big on claims – empty on verifiable scientific evidence!

        Clearly, this place exists to serve the ruling elites, the rich and powerful because their “controlling” measures are championed here rather than critiqued!

        What a place…..

      • If Govts CHOOSE to give out meaningless data, then you can’t complain when others choose to interpret it they way they interpret it.
        But it is hardly a ringing endorsement supporting the vax’ers HOPE.
        The figure was 118% I recall, so fair to guess more than 90% of those actually living in Gibralar are vaxxed. And yet they still have a BIG problem.
        Latest research (Out of the UK and Sweden) says both vaxxed and unvaxxed have the EXACT same chance of catching and spreading Covid.
        Possibly the vaxxed have a 2-3-4 month advantage of less severe (though NOT known to what level) covid IF they catch it, BUT after that they are MORE likely to catch covid and their immune system is buggered against Covid UNLESS they perpetually take boosters.
        So an expensive jab, with more side effects than ANY OTHER vaccine ever recorded, NEEDED every3-6 months or you’re highly likely to catch covid.
        On a risk reward basis that sounds like a crap option-outcome for those without SERIOUS comorbidities or being ‘very old’.

      • They have got a lot of monkeys on Gibraltar. We don’t have monkeys here so therefore you can’t compare our Covid rates. /sarc

    • Hear hear. But how on earth did you get this past the ‘big fat controller’?
      I say way less and am seemingly banned with almost ALL of my posts.

    • Blah blah I know how Greta feels though it is another sphere. A duel at dawn – my expert is better than yours.
      What is better than an expert?
      For a term that could be used to describe someone more skilled than expert denotes, there’s virtuoso and also maven (although the latter may not have the right feel; I’d be unlikely to use it myself, to be honest). … Alternatively, skilled, accomplished, talented, proficient, or gifted.
      More emphatic term for “Expert”? – English Stack Exchange

      I think Karen is a virtuoso.

      Old song, Anything you can do, I can do better ….
      Which of these is better?
      Ethel Merman and partner Middleton? in the original –
      Or Howard Keel and Betty Hutton in colourful spirits –

    • One extra plus with the mandates is those of us who are sane will not have to share the same space with nut cases like you Sue Grey Brian Tamaki . The only time we do have to share space could be in hospital but or stay will be much shorter than yours.
      Get vaccinated have a life

    • Yes, we Klingons despise you humans, what do you give – liquids for the sick? We Klingons believe the sick should die, only the strong should survive.

    • ‘Karen’ is far too good a name for you. You really should change channels. Far too many theories emanate from sources which were discredited months ago. NZ hasn’t experienced COVID in the way so many other countries have. In addition to that, using deaths as a barometer is shortsighted. Do you know how many millions will never fully recover? Do you know anyone who has died or was intubated and survived, only to spend months and possibly years in rehabilitation? Do you? I highly doubt you know anything at all.

    • Karen.
      Just one article that disputes what’s been said about Ivomectin. This is taken from that news hub article.
      In late October, a white supremacist radio broadcaster in the US who’s served prison time falsely claimed Japan’s success came after the nation cancelled its vaccine rollout and started using ivermectin instead.l

      The claim was picked up on social media and spread like, well, Delta – many noting the decline in cases began two weeks after a top Japanese doctor recommended the use of ivermectin.

      Problem is, it’s not true. Japan’s vaccine rollout – after a sluggish start – was ticking along quite nicely in August, about 1 percent of the country getting a dose each day according to Japanese health authorities. It’s trailed off a bit since then, as vaccine rollouts do once most people have been jabbed, reaching an impressive 79 percent of the total population as of late November.

      There was a temporary halt on the use of the Moderna vaccine after a contamination scare, but it’s still being used.

      Japan also never approved the use of ivermectin for use against COVID-19. The doctor who suggested in August it might be an option – if further research found it to be effective – was chair of the Tokyo Medical Association (TMA), which is not a governmental agency and has no authority to make such a decree. Nor is ivermectin listed as an approved treatment by the Japanese government.

      Sell your shit information somewhere else.

  16. Under the elimination regime, there were only 23 people who had died from the beginning of 2020 March, April.
    Add 17 more post-elimination in 2.5months.

    It ain’t over!

    Wait till when the handbrake is off next week and watch the mortality rate skyrocket.

    • Yes that % of the population who for no other reason but to be “anti authority and community good” are going to be regretting it very soon. It won’t be the Medical mandates doing it either.

      • Looks like Labour are throwing Bloomfield under the bus?
        Meanwhile, it was noted repeatedly that “fatigue” with level 4 could risk widespread non-compliance, a concern based on Government polling.

        Treasury modelling showed that the difference between alert level in Auckland and alert level 3 was massive – the difference between New Zealand taking a $700 million weekly hit to GDP (12 per cent of national GDP) with level 4, and a $260m hit with level 3 (4 per cent.)

      • Bullshit! Corporate interests like JK and the CEO lobby group as well as labour because they’ve all given up and have a vested interest in making shit up as they go!

        So fuck off with your bigotry Gw.

  17. What rubbish, living in a country larger than the uk with only 5m people at the bottom of the South Pacific is what has saved us, nothing to do with Jacinta, my 5 year old could have done that. I would argue that if borders were closed earlier than less people would have died, so no, geography saved us not Jacinda lets be honest with ourselves.

    Hopefully she will fix, housing or the really poor child poverty, mental health or inflation issues and what this means for our economy, fix this and she will get my support not holding my breath, Luxon is our only option to fix our major economic issues

    • Groucho Marx had something to say about 5 year olds like you Alan.
      Actually the age is going down – as the young are getting feistier and the old are getting mordant.

      Why a four-year-old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can’t make head nor tail out of it. Groucho Marx
      (This is followed by a really bright adult Marie Curie’s salient, sapient words.)

      Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. Share this Quote Marie Curie

    • Your five year old probably has more clues than you because National was screaming to reopen the borders just before Delta hit here.

  18. If you check you will see that Winston Churchill was voted out after the war despite his great leadership during it .
    When covid arrived most agree Labour did a great job . This is agreed by most no matter your political leaning . However now when we look to recovery sharp business minds are needed to plot the path back to some sort of normal . This will be a balancing act that will need unpopular decisions to be made and sold to the public . Idiology has to be forgotten as there is no rules for this situation and I do not have much faith in Labour if the last 3 months indicate their reaction time to a fast changing situation.

    • churchills wartime leadership is debatable, Dieppe etc. but like any modern pollie he was a dab hand at the photo-op

  19. The question that should really be asked and debated amongst the left is if they didn’t have the Covid-19, would they deserve re-election?

    • Seems a bit hypocritical of you there Mickeytwoblueeyes. Aren’t you always spouting off about not bringing up the past, John Key being the example. Wouldacouldashouda and all that.

      • I’m talking about the current government you utter donut. God you’re thick, stop embarrassing yourself.

        • Oh Mickeytwoblueeyes, all a bit too much for you?
          Speaking of being thick, we have got Covid-19, duh!
          Alas, she has even kept dissenters like you alive.

    • good question mickey and we all know the answer deep down but in lieu of anything better she’ll get back in….with the excuse that she can’t do anything in the 3rd term because all the middle class covid socialism she doled out has emptied the coffers….she’s a shoe in.

  20. Just a reminder when burning Bridges was last in charge.

    The parties still sit close, however – National Party on 44%, rising 4% since 1 NEWS’ last poll in April. Labour dropping by a significant 6%, down to 42%.

    National Party: 44% – (Up 4%)
    Labour Party : 42% (Down 6%)
    Green Party: 6% – (Steady)
    New Zealand First: 5% – (Up 1%-point)
    ACT: 1% – (Steady)

  21. Yet, house prices have soared beyond the reach of many, waiting lists for housing assistance has sky rocketed, mental health issues are failing to get addressed, education attendance and performance are significantly decreasing, green house gas emissions have significantly increased, gang violence is going unchecked…

  22. Those who trade freedom for safety deserve neither.
    Fundamental human rights have been stripped from us by an authoritarian.

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