Newshub Poll – Labour & ACT soar


Labour – 42.7%

National – 26.9%

ACT – 16%

Greens – 7.2%

Māori Party – 2.1%

NZ First – 2.5%

As TDB has pointed out since 2020, ACTs is not a fluke, it represents a seismic shift in NZ Politics.

The latest TV3 Poll highlights this.

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After months of terrible press coverage, Labour are still soaring in the Polls. That’s gratitude for the Covid response and says the political centre aren’t leaving Labour.

ACT are soaring because they are seen as the right wing values party.

The fact that a hard right Party like ACT are currently on 16% is the 10000 pound albino gorilla in the room which the woke won’t mention for fear of alienating an overweight pigment challenged mammal.

ACTs policies are so fucking far right that they endlessly fly in circles.

Let’s remind ourselves of ACTs more crazy shit…

  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission

…THAT is getting 16%!

Sweet Zombie Jesus.

ACTs stratospheric rise in the polls started – LIKE I FUCKING WARNED IT WOULD – when the bloody woke identity politics activists went on their deplatforming rampage and tried to strangle free speech off.

The woke ended up making David a free speech hero FFS!

I warned the woke at the time that all they were doing was giving ACT the ammunition ACT would later use against us, and that picking a free speech fight with Seymour could awaken a dormant electoral fault line that will bite us in the arse.

Once ACT started registering 2MPs, it became a viable political vehicle for the Gun festishists and David’s ongoing performance has made him the de facto Leader of the Opposition.

As National have floundered, ACT have looked stronger and people’s gut political values have done the rest.

The good news is that the center Labour won over will look at a National-ACT Government and freak out and vigorously vote Labour again in 2023.

ACT will eclipse National when the hate speech fiasco takes off next year.

At this stage National couldn’t get laid wearing a banana costume in a monkey brothel. Replacing the leader isn’t enough of a solution.


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  1. Centre left 50-51; centre right 43. That is a 4% shift and another net gain for the right. Peanuts when the left will have to campaign on non covid issues in 2023 such as housing

        • Not just incumbents can lose elections. If Seymour was asked by Tova ” What do you plan to do about housing?” and he said “I’m going to let the free market sort it out”, he would be treated like a leper by the media and by middle class mothers through out the nation.

          Housing IS the defining issue for middle class NZ, and all National have to offer is Judith saying “We could do it better”, but offering absolutely nothing in ideas. And David saying “The dark Gods of the economy will provide…”, meaning more luxury apartments for the nouveau riche of China to purchase, then lets be serious, there is no way in hell they will win an election. And they are going to be pressed on these issues, and they too will have to defend themselves and their policies.

          You might think that having no policy on the matter might be an advantage, but it is the reason why Judith looked weak in the debates, having failed policies mean that at least something is being tried, having no policies looks weak. And cynical.

  2. Wow! Look who’s holding their own! With mighty strong and now somewhat seasoned MPs coming through the ranks! The Left has held remarkably! As has our government’s health response to date, on the whole

  3. Most NZers are productive, tax-paying individuals who want a say. ACT wants govt that takes less and spends less. No need to get hysterical about it.

  4. Labour are in a very vulnerable position at the moment and the best the political right can do is swap points with each other?
    Who’s the leader of the opposition to the leader of the opposition, then?

    • MtL
      We’ll re-visit your cocksure arrogance in 2023. Labour are like the All Blacks…”victory is in the bag. Then suddenly it wasn’t.

      • It hurts when your blue-arse heroes turn out to be blue-rinse chumps.
        I know the feeling.
        It hurt me just as much the way the Rogernome government betrayed its voters 1987-90 and it took me a LONG time before I supported Labour again.
        Nothing is ever in the bag.

        • Exactly! Best not go baaaahaaaahaa too soon mate! Not with this Labour lot. Or next thing you’ll going booohooohooo…wouldn’t that be funny.

  5. Labour is currently in the process of kicking off another round of “shaft the licenced firearms owners”, that should give ACT a bit more ammo when firearms owners realise how badly they are going to get reamed.

  6. Oh dear. The widdle princesses days are numbered.
    Let’s hope it doesn’t get to bad, so bad that an early election is needed?

    Might be the only choice Labour has left?

    • Because right now, like N they don’t have to do anything else but wait for L to come apart at the frothy seems.
      Just wait for the shortage of ICU beds and the even bigger shortage of ICU nurses, wait for a few more people to die at home isolation, and guess what, that would not be anyone ‘fault’ but L’s as they had the last 4+ years to do something and they did not.

      Putting fault into brackets as the underfunding, understaffing and under resourcing is a bipartisan crime that will be born by those that will end up un an underfunded, understaffed and under resourced ICU or hospital room. But they had the last 1.5 years now to do something about it, even just a little and they did not.

  7. Today: 215 new community cases and one more death. 41 to date.
    That’s 90 people who have died on cindys watch as PM since 2017. One hundred and sixteen of today’s 215 new cases have been epidemiologically linked, while 99 aren’t.
    There have been 893 cases unlinked in the last 14 days.


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