Marama is on wanting a Level 5 Lockdown with a ‘every Maori sperm is sacred‘ performance.

Those who have been double vaxxed must continue to lose their liberty because heteronormative white cis male patriarchy etc etc etc.


When you see the world only through woke dogma you miss most of the picture.

Covid has triggered fault lines caused by class and neoliberal capitalism, by locking it into a race issue we miss the fact that there are far more unvaccinated poor white people than Maori.

Jack criticizes Marama’s homelessness policy and she argues her Ministerial voice is effecting change.


The Greens get nothing because they have no skill set in twisting the beaurcracy for what they want.

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No question over Marama’s leadership.

Nanaia is on.

She’s so good. I think she is one of the best Ministers in Cabinet.

Watching the greedy bosses having to pay larger wages for workers is great!

Keep those borders closed!

The polling info is interesting – 70% of Labour voters will still vote Labour which when you consider so much suffering from lockdown is remarkable.

The panel is very dull.

There needs to be a new live-streamed political podcast from far funnier people that’s available on Spotify and ROVA and Apple Podcasts and YouTube by the end of this month dammit!

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  1. I like Nanaia Mahuta. I’ve never seen her smile. She takes her role very seriously. She’s staunch and no nonsense. Just what’s needed in a minister

  2. Will have to watch.

    I remember feeling very irritated by Manama, when I went to the Grace Milane vigil in Wellington which is the type of thing I never usually do. I just wanted to be around others thinking about this young womens tragic end.
    And Marama gets up and starts grand standing “it starts with cat calls on the construction sites”. I would dispute that is the trajectory for people like Graces killer………people like like undoubtedly have characterlogical issues. I doubt Kempson ever cat called. He has been said to be charming initially which is how he hooked women in

    This is what worries me about the Greens, they are ideologically driven, rather than evidence driven.

    • Anker. “ Ideolocally driven “, yep, and alarmingly it looks like one of their drivers may be running for the Mayoralty of our capital city, Wellington, dressed and posing Markle-like, and articulating no better. They are divisive and simplistic. And simple – walking backwards in time.

      Davidson is just one big negative, that’s all. She was on the Owen Glenn thingie about reducing family violence, and from what I can see, it achieved zilch, but I expect that they were all well paid for their talk-fests. They hijacked the tragic Muslim vigil in Auckland too, and used it to malign white New Zealanders in a particularly pernicious, ignorant and dishonest way which flew in the face of the Prime Minister’s message that we are all one people. I have never seen such public hatred and hostility, and again, it achieved nothing, except to scare the daylights out of already traumatised Muslims, and smear equally shocked and undeserving Pakeha. It was hitting beneath the belt, just at a time when no New Zealanders needed it. Minister Mahuta’s gravity brings a welcome serious adult dimension to the political arena ; the only person I know who has worked with her in the cabinet office, a well -qualified professional person, holds her in high regard.

    • They are not the only one’s who are ideologically driven. They all are. Judith is failing miserably because her political ideology keeps winning out over common sense. Labour is the same with the identity focused ideology – plenty of that and laws upon laws, but no hospitals or homes being built. 4 years and counting.

      I disagree with Act’s politics but Seymour is the only politician lately who has had anything sensible to say on a number of issues. The danger is that he is winning people over with his seeming reasonableness in a sea of ideology so much so that people actually forget what he stands for. (Even my labour voting husband said recently, I have been thinking about voting for Seymour! I had to remind him what else he was voting for if he voted for Seymour’s reasonableness).

      • Nicely put Binky! I’ve always been a green/labour supporter but have become so disillusioned with the left and their identify politics that Seymour is starting to sound really reasonable. But the devil is in the (policy) detail…

        • act is pro gun that is discrimination i want a bazooka i cant support i a party that limits our access to rockets buck hunting season is coming

          • I’ll take 1/2 doz RPGs and 200 litres of Napalm ta…oh yeah could you throw in a couple of litres of agent orange…cheers pal.

      • the problem is actually a complete lack of any ideology (other than hanging on and filling their pockets) on either wing of ‘Prole Management Inc’ that we call party politics


    • Anker – Unfortunately that sentence you used applies to the Greens also – ‘ said to be charming initially which is how he [she] hooked women [the thinking public] in.’

  3. Nanaia Mahuta’s late father, Sir Robert Mahuta, was a very distinguished politician and academic. The benefits of having two well educated parents are doubtless reflected in the Minister’s work ethic, and it’s contrast with some of the more vacuous efforts of other Bowen Street bottom warmers.

    • In 2003 and 2004 I taught part-time in Nanaia’s secondary school. She was well-remembered and respected by all the staff members I spoke to who knew her. (Quite a few years before..)
      Woe betide any dimwit who wishfully thinks she is naive, inexperienced, etc.
      That would be rightie propaganda, and a load of rubbish.

      • In Vino. I flatted for a year with her mother, Eliza Edmonds, in Stafford Street, Dunedin, in a big old abode called “ The Thirty-Nine Steps”, although I never stopped to count those steps when climbing them in the stiletto heeled shoes which we effortlessly traversed the chilly hills in back then.

        It was my best student flat, all girls ( thank God) and her mother was an exceptionally kind, gentle and very intelligent woman who did one very thoughtful and special thing for me – too long to go into now. I have mentioned before the American Field Scholarship which Liz was awarded, a big achievement in those days. We lost touch when the flat dispersed, married the same year, and may have been living in the UK at the same time when our respective husbands were engaged in post-graduate work.

        We talked stuff, and Nanaia’s mother was far more circumspect and reflective than many of today’s people, and I now think that was probably because she was such a highly intelligent woman, which I would have taken for granted back then. Many years later, another dear friend of mine, one of the Nga Puhi Rankins, told me that she was being spoken of as a possible wife for Robert Mahuta , but I have no idea how or why things panned out otherwise. But these are all high quality people.

        Given the general consensus here about the Minister, I’m wondering if her undoubted ability is what triggered Ross Townshend’s idiotic outburst. New Zealand males in particular often see competent women as a threat to their own fragile masculinity, in a way which I don’t think eg the Poms do, having worked and socialised with both. The right-wingers seem to be the worst.

      • That was about the time when she was pledging her allegiance to the labour party that she said,”she was Labour first and then Maori second!”
        I’ve never supported her ever since and still don’t.

        • Shes still one of the more sensible and real politicians we’ve got, and here she is serving as foreign minister and with her trademark ‘firm but friendly no nonsense approach’ currently overseas meeting world leaders as well as travelling to trouble spots and refugee camps. She is the sort we want leading the way for our country,- we have all had enough of showboats who never deliver.

          And showboat? – she aint!

          • Wild Katipo. Agree. Minister Mahuta presents somberly distinguished on those overseas reportings. Having two ministers, her and Stuart Nash, with family political histories predating Labour’s infection with neoliberalism could be very beneficial for all New Zealanders – Nash’s qualifications and credentials are pretty impressive – better than most.

  4. I have great respect for Nanaia as she just gets on with doing the job without the nutty fanfare. I like her serious ways and she seems
    earnest too.

    I wish her well in her role.

    However Marama is out of her depth and it shows….she is sadly just another dumb dangerous phoney try hard.

  5. “The panel is dull”. Only so much these sellouts can do with the establishment script while disguising their partisan biases and embellishing their critical thinking skills. Jake to tries to make the session his own but you can tell he is just an inhouse lapdog, very often coming off as just another North Shore Maori basher disguised as a real estate agent (rather than a two faced shadow lurker).
    Change the name back to Q+A (without the ‘Jake’) for a start, bring the program back from the disinformation channel it feels like now. You can’t base an objective, current, accurate and informative political program interviewing Michael Baker every week, mumbling about case numbers or promoting Jacinda’s infantile traffic lights. No one cares about this meaningless crap (that is what it is). Maybe a better fit for Jake would be hosting The Project instead of Jessie?

  6. Hero of social democracy, apparently you’re the only one of your generation, take a six month break. Idle (verb) — that’s my life. All my ideas come from the anaerobic back of the head. It’s rich. Find a partner on the off-chance, and if she could suggest someone for me.


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