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  1. if we didn’t have that, we’d go stagnant as societies because we tend to get stuck in our ways as we get older.
    “While it may feel uncomfortable, these differences between generations, it’s essential for the progress of society. We shouldn’t be too focussed on conflict or a sense of tension being bad.”

    Another academic stirring the pot because universities themselves cannot afford to seem stagnant or they may lose their places in world university rankings and academics get ‘points’ and tenure for publishing, raising discussion,
    So we have these blabbermouths who have no idea of what they are aiming for but want to create difference that they can point to as their creation.

    It would be good if we could be stagnant for a while. I know a young person who is so stressed she needed a test to see if she had a serious disease. No she hasn’t but she has to find a way to get a positive and calmer attitude. Too much change, not enough stability in society.

    • If you ever see the utube comments on Yank ‘Left’ posts you’ll understand how dull you and I are. I feel seeing them how truth is all out there but has so little passage.


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