Ardern-Swarbrick 2023 + Chloe’s secret super power


Now Chloe is appearing in preferred PM stakes, her becoming the new leader of the Greens should be seriously debated.

The Green Party result in recent Polling is poor when you consider the Housing crisis and the lack of real progress on child poverty and welfare reform.

Labour Left should be bolting to the Greens.

They are not.

Anything less than 15% at the 2023 election by the Greens should be seen as failure. The demographic of the electorate favours the Greens, the issues and lack of Labour action favours them and duh – climate change.

Green members should go hard or go home.

They should dump the co-leader policy and elect Chloe as the Leader to give her 18months exposure in the run up to the 2023 election.

Chloe is a unique talent. She speaks with the energy of the new voting generation in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the Leadership, she could dominate political debate.

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What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?

Chloe as Leader is a 15% Party.

To be politically relevant, the Greens need to be needed by Labour. To do that they need to take Labour voters.

Chloe can do that. Marama and James can’t.

Chloe’s secret super power is her ability to do one thing that no other Politician can do – beat David Seymour in a debate.

With ACT and political radicalisation on the rise, she has the ability to front foot a fight with David Seymour that no one else can manage.

Imagine Jacinda as Prime Minister with Chloe as Deputy. Imagine the policy platform of truly transformative change a Government with that leadership could actually achieve.

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  1. Im amazed the Greens are as high as they are. I mean they are part of this government after all.

    The same government that has made an art form out of smoke and mirrors in doing next to nothing about the housing catastrophe, apart from window dressing and some pretty horrible things to mask it, like using motels to hide the victims of it from the public and using Rotorua as the nations dumping ground.

    And I realise this is like asking the meaning of life but…exactly how will Chloe transform Jacinda from a PR mouthpiece into a politician that actually does things? Not just transformative things but anything? How will she get Jacinda to forward plan, in a practical sense? How can she make Jacinda practical, a doer?

    To be fair to Chloe, Jacinda is fast proving to be little more than a well spoken real estate marketing exec and her star is on the wane, so Chloe, if she has what it takes, may be better off alone!

    • I think you do Jacinda a disservice. No party will solve housing or poverty overnight. But this government has taken steps the previous one never would to address it. Would National have moved on the tax rightoffs to deter investors? No, didn’t think so. And as this change has a delayed implimenation the full effects won’t necessarily be apparent yet. If people think that change won’t make much difference they weren’t listening to investors. According to them the sky was falling in and they were all doomed, so I would expect it to make a noticable difference. BTW National was housing homeless in motels long before Labour came to power. It’s not an action specific to this government. National also sat back and cheered as the house prices climbed through their term in office, so they’re hardly the party you’d turn to if you were interested in solving the housing crises.

      You want transformative? How about the water reforms? Or the health reforms? I think both of those qualify and both are underway right now.

      And hey, lets just throw a world class covid response, a very strong economy and a pretty favourable fta with the UK into the mix. Labour aren’t doing badly at all.

      • Brad, you’re confusing the PM with the previous Nats Deputy, Pulla Benefit. She’s the real estate exec and would-be TV host.
        So get it right and until you do, zip it sweetie, as Pulla once said before she waned.

      • we regularly hear investors will sell up when any legislation on anything is proposed, it’s crying wolf and should be ignored, no one kills their own golden goose.

        as for water and health ‘transformative’ or 1st step toward privatisation-time will tell but as always ‘the proof of the pudding is in the funding’…and we don’t have much family silver left to sell.

  2. She would take votes off Ardern. The votes that Labour has lost won’t be returning and the ones that are wavering aren’t going to be suddenly changed by a leadership change. Sure it will lead to more progressive policies but from a pure vote perspective it won’t change anything indeed might scare a few moderate Labour supporters into the arms of Peters or Seymour

    • Given that the JA star may be dulling and Labour going down in the polls, then a boost in the Greens polling should see the left back to power next term. I think Chloe could certainly lift the Greens is much the same way as JA lifted Labour 2017 but not to the same degree. They are after all a support party. Acts support will fall apart when Delta rips thru the country and the folly of the AV mob is seen for the insanity it is.

      • If Delta rips through the country it will be the government’s support that falls away as Act is hypothetical whereas the Labour Government is in actual control.

        In regards to your view re Greens. It’s as valid as my educated guess. Only time will tell and will depend (believe it or not) on non-covid issues such as the economy and law and order

  3. I don’t see it as a powerful duo.
    Ardern has achieved little of her election promises and I fail to see how Swarbrick would make any difference.

    • It wouldn’t make any difference. In fact, it would convince a lot of fence sitters to jump to the right. Autocracy coupled with arrogance is a total turn-off.

  4. Heh, Newsflash: tories on TDB not convinced of Chlöe’s talents…

    I don’t support the “great leader” approach to anything in life really, as it is always the people that ultimately do or do not achieve anything. But Chlöe is so obviously a powerful woman of the 21st century unlike most in Parliament.

    But, unfortunately politics for NZ’s politically illiterate does stand largely on dominant personalities–as it does all around the world. That is why David Seymour does ok and the hillbillies he dragged into Parliament with him are kept in the shadows. It is why Nashnull have taken a dive–Judith is just not that well liked outside a few die hards like “Merv” from Manurewa who thought Margaret Thatcher and Jenny Shipley were “hot”.

    Chlöe would not be much use in Martyn’s scenario without a refreshed Green Party backing her, that became a political disrupter–anti capitalist and radical Green again.

  5. Imagine Ardern as leader and Swarbrick as deputy? In reality no but in fantasy land?

    Two women at the helm? Less than 50 years old? An epidemic of apoplexy would hit the nation with hordes of old males heaved towards the golden gates. The zb old women who have it that if women are in the House it should be in the kitchen, the same.

        • Exactly peter. The Anti’s United with the Farmers and Born Again Christian Rebel Front Alliance with the Bannonites is a real movement now.

          They’ll get across the line with 5% easy in 2023.

          Now that would be fun viewing on Parliament TV during the lockdowns to come.

    • Let me get this right? If someone doesn’t like Jacinda and Chloe, it’s misogyny. But when anyone spews hatred against Judith it’s not?


  6. “They should dump the co-leader policy and elect Chloe as the Leader to give her 18months exposure in the run up to the 2023 election.” – It’s what they should do. It’s not what they will do unfortunately.

  7. I am not sure what there is to recomend Chloe.

    I hope they keep James and Marama and that there super wokedom and lack of outcome in their areas of responsibility see them lose votes. Choles part of the the team so is also responsible for their failures.

  8. Martyn what I just can’t understand is given the amount of anti-woke sentiment in your recent articles why would you advocate for a leadership challenge by a politician as strongly woke as Chloe.
    On the woke spectrum Chloe makes the current leadership look like white power, trump supporting, right wing politicians.
    What the greens need is a leader with strong green credentials that places the environment above social considerations. That has policy that looks at trying to control population growth. That works to protect and expand our wild spaces – national parks. That at least doesn’t stay silent on all most all of the great environmental challenges we face. Julie Anne Genter perhaps…

    • Hahahahaha Julie Anne Genter????!!!! Ok, phew, still laughing…anyway I hope that happens. It would finally be the end of the Greens in their current form…the sooner the better.

    • I had hopes that Martyn was “over” Chloe, but it seems not. Jacinda + Chloe would be “radical” alright – who knows what wonders of radical wokery they would inflict on NZ. But anyone who expects them to roll back neoliberal economics is a slow learner.

      Election 2023 is a desolate prospect. None of our political parties has a focused commitment to rolling back neoliberal economics. Meanwhile, the tide of woke identity politics sweeps through all our institutions. Wouldn’t it good if we had a government that was committed to addressing our exisiting problems, rather than intent on leaving its own legacy of new problems.

    • Julie Anne Gender? Please, no! Eugenie Sage appears to be the only grown-up in the contemporary “Green” Party.

  9. Disagree Martyn, Chloe is a bit of a no-hoper…see my thinking below
    – No Private Members Bill on Cannabis Law Reform
    – No petition on Cannabis Law Reform
    -No organised protests supporting Cannabis Law Reform
    Cannabis Law Reform was her baby

    • @ NK
      I can see your thinking, once I started using a microscope.
      Swarbrick has one unassailable advantage. Honesty.
      She’s an honest, straight up politician. How rare is that?
      She’ll tell us if she’s getting bullied by the cadre of useless fucks sucking on our shrivelled old tit. Then, we’ll pack our tits away and go off and kick some useless, worthless, expensive fat arses.
      Isn’t that the way a democratically elected government works?
      I met Chloe Swarbrick once some time ago and my instinct tell me she’s a good kid.
      If she can woo the farmer ( and their money! )away from the satanic lunatics who are the cynically manipulative national and their agri chemical pimps like Monsanto poisoning our soils, water and air by preaching the impossible- to-ignore facts about regenerative agricultural practises ? Well, let me tell you Mr. We’d blossom and bloom while the natzo’s shrivelled and died like the weeds they are. No disrespect to actual weeds.

      • So I wonder why she backed off her baby (Cannabis Law Reform). It does not make me feel confident in voting for someone who drops important work.

          • And??? So last election prevents Cannabis Law Reform, and magically Chloe drops it, despite 1.4 million Kiwis saying yes…what is your point?

            • Can you state or show evidence where Chloe dropped it? Perhaps it’s in hiatus until next election? Given a referendum voted against it, then it didn’t go ahead, that is called democracy. Unlike the National party whom undemocratically ignored a referendum and sold off state owned power companies.

  10. Everyone should know that I just don’t like the Greens Defence policy.

    New Zealand is an island national that under a Greens Defence policy would be a continental army??? Built for deployment across land borders.

    The ability for navy to side step blockades requires a heavier frigate than 3000 tons. The ANZAC frigates was built by the Australia Bob Hawk government with enough range to defend Australia and the S.Pacific that basically says to China, these are effective frigates for the defence of NZs economic zones.

    So bacisically, I think the Greens should drop the the no frigate idea and the no sub hunting idea and replace it with a no land attack mode missile and keep the no American command structure.

    The ANZUS ttreaty basically says that New Zealand will come to the aid of America if it is attacked and I think we should keep that. What the ANZUS treaty doesn’t say is join America to attack everyone else.

    So yeah.

    4 frigates
    5 corvettes
    3 Southern Ocean patrol vessels
    14 advanced F-18 fighter jets.
    And 3 light infantry battalions
    And some light air and sea transports.

    • F18s are now essentially 30 years old therefore if you purchase them they’ll become the Skyhawk mark 2 where parts and service will become too costly. If you want an air force wing you’ll have to spend big and go the way of the Aussies with the F35.

        • RNZA has a requirement for an air combat force that can one stop to Australia with a combated load without a mod air refuel. The advanced F-18 with conformal tanks and drop tanks is the only capability in on the drawing board that could fit within the budget.

          We just want to deny any approach via sea. We’re not trying to be a big airforce. We just want something cheap and effective so we can say don’t come down here or else.

          The advanced F-15 (my choice) or the F-35 are just to offensive and turns NZ into a different type of state adversary. I just want NZDF to defend the realm and international order.

  11. One more thing.
    david seymour…? roger douglas’s blood boy.
    11% of those polled prefer it as prime minister…
    That’s like preferring vomiting blood and diarrhoea instead of dinner and a movie followed by sexy times then a sound nights sleep in a warm soft bed only to wake up and find you’ve won lotto and your long dead bestie dog has miraculously been reincarnated and is barking at the front door to be let in.
    What the fuck is wrong with you 11% ? I know the smell of other people’s money must be intoxicating to you but really?

    • Election is not before 2023, and by then we will be on wave three or four of covid, everyone will have had about 8 – 12 jabs, everyone will be a bit poorer, the environment is still fucked and a bit more and people might just not be so easily convinced by this extremely beige looking tag team Non Male woksters as a solution to all the shit that is happening.

  12. Six more months of winning from Labour and the Greens will see ACT and National pulling even so this dream team is not something we need to really worry about.
    Judith Collins as a PM …. i think this will be the only thing to save JA right now.

  13. But what does she stand for? Nothing that I can see. Just wokeism and more wokeism e.g. her “musings on trans governance” – that really gets me worked up. This would be the trans governance that saw the trans community comprehensively trash the LGBQ community and rort the process to elect members to the pride parade organising committee, in pursuit of their fascistic aims.
    In the face of an environmental catastrophe looming, that’s all she can get worked up about?

  14. Chloe seems ok as a person but the greens as a party are prone to championing irrelevancies, too much focus on ‘nice to have'(cycleways) and not enough on ‘need to haves'(sewers)
    …labour do nothing and I fear the middle class hippy pressure group will do less of any consequence…they should be doing the back room detailed policy work that labour didn’t do right now, concrete practical proposals rather than more aspirational tosh might swing my vote.

  15. The notable bit is that Luxon is included into the mix. With only 4%. That’s who National is going to run as leader in the next Election. Judith knows that she is only a place holder until then.

  16. As much as I usually agree with bombers takes, the idea that rich kid and woke Queen Chloe is the lefts savior when she embodies everything wrong with the greens is as bad a take as when this blog was calling marama the “Beyonce of NZ politics”

    Chloe alienates more genuine lefty’s than she brings in, her one job in parliament , the weed reform bill failed and she blamed her failure on NZ being a pack of racists and another party, her one claim to fame is that she says mate a lot and won an upset in a liberal electorate (Georgina Beyer won in a rural /small town electorate now that was a true upset) oh and obsessively tweeting about what the gender identity of the next co-leaders should be …. Lol

    As someone who despises the upper middle class identity politics that Chloe embodies, the politics that ignores poverty and class, as someone who wants the greens to disappear and as an LGBT+ whose life is made worse by the politicizing of identity, I dare the Greens to make her leader , oh please please please please please please do it !!!

    the entire campaign will be dominated by statements Chloe has made like getting rid of prisons (something only rich woke people like Chloe want) and her associations like PAPA. She won’t be able to rein in the woke as she embodies them so she’ll be pandering to the converted while turning everyone off with her insane statements It’ll be Turei all over again, Ardern will be ruling out having the greens in cabinet.

    When given a choice between labours do nothing politics and the greens alienating, horrible woke politics on steroids under Chloe id probably vote ACT the anti woke party out of protest, like most working class people I know, If voting was mandatory, I know, but luckily voting is not mandatory so I’d just stay home instead of endorsing any of the disgusting piles of cold sick on option.

    But please run Chloe.. . Oh please make her leader.

  17. Swarbrick may be the answer. But four years under Arderns Labour shows us Jacinda definitely isn’t. Chloé needs to become leader after Arderns reign. She doesn’t need to be poisoned by association.

  18. Chloe and her mates, literally her mates ruined pride. The ring leaders behind that are all in her campaign team and she was wearing hoodies for PAPA. You should read the crazy scary shit Chloe and that organization endorse and if you still think that the queen of wokedom and her gaggle of authoritarian nutcases should have any power in NZ politics I’ll be quite terrified of where the NZ left is….

    A bunch of rich kids being the final nail in the NZ lefts coffin. Fitting since rich kids hammered the first nail.

    I would literally skip country as fast as I could if Chloe and Riccardo their actual mates , the mob of hyper authoritarian nutters who destroyed pride and threatened and screamed at anyone and everyone who disagreed with them who Chloe endorses, who Riccardo endorses had any power in this country because if I didn’t theyd have me in a reeducation camp. I say that with no hyperbole if they did to this country what they did to pride it’d be scary.

    People think the tame and mild protesters of last week were scary, the shit the mob of loonies that Chloe represent having power would turn NZ into a battle zone

    And the left in this country or what’s left of would be tainted for a generation.

    Luckily they wouldn’t have power centerist labour voters would run to nat/act/nzf/top while some weirdo labour woke would go green environmentalists and male greenies would go top and on the off chance labour could form a govt it’d be a confidence agreement because Chloe Swarbrick would never sit in a labour cabinet she’s too controversial…. And If she did well I’d be long gone

    Unlike Chloe and indeed the PM the only reason I vote left is for economic reasons not social engineering ideological reasons I could never vote Tory for class reasons , unlike Chloe and her mates this isn’t cosplay for some of us it should be those who need economic left governments who represent the left not woke rich kids trying to piss off their parents.

    • That resonates with me Cory Humm. I think you’ve nailed it with “Authoritarian nutter”, and “woke rich kids trying to piss off their parents”.

  19. I think there is a misspelt word in the title of this promo.

    ‘Superpowers’ is or should be ‘Stupid…?’
    There isn’t anything good that eminates from the gweens except their work in the wharepaku.
    They just have far too much ‘hate’ for everyone who dose not live in there widdle bubble.

    They are kids of the dumbest generation ever.

    • Swarbrick’s electorate, specifically the CBD, is an apocalyptic hellscape and getting worse by the day. She has been a terrible MP for us, there’s no indication she knows what she’s doing or even cares.

      • The CBD, in Swarbrick’s electorate is an apocalyptic hellscape and getting worse by the day. What do you think she should do?

  20. With the leader of the party, James Shaw speaking at Cop-out 26.

    Have the gweens taken up Stand-Up comedy instead of politics?

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