Wait. What? We have to open borders to let in workers to build houses for those workers? What about NZers?


Productivity Commission calls for higher immigration rates to wait for more infrastructure

The Productivity Commission has taken aim at pre-pandemic rates of immigration, calling them “unsustainable” in the face of an “inability or unwillingness” to build the infrastructure to support would-be migrants.

It has also called on the Government to remove visa conditions that tie a migrant to a specific employer.

The commission made the statements in its first draft inquiry report since former BERL economist Dr Ganesh Nana took the helm of the Government’s economic think-tank.

Wait, what?

We have to let more migrant workers in to build the houses they will live in?

What about housing for New Zealanders already living here locked out of home ownership?

I’m not sure they want to hear that we will reopen the border to migrant workers who depress the existing infrastructure so that they can live here???

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One of the boons of closing the border has been the death of hyper tourism that pollutes and wears down our infrastructure, another has been the end of international student exploitation and migrant worker exploitation.

Them not being here has forced domestic bosses to pay for kiwis to do the work while taking enormous stress off our public transport, rentals and public health.

Can you imagine the social carnage of just opening the borders again? The surge in rental prices from exploited international students and exploited migrant workers trying to find houses here in top of the crush on our infrastructure from 4 million tourists trying to force their way in.

One of the things globalists fear are electorates who no longer see the economic rational for abusive migrant workers and hyper tourism, we’ve seen the mistake of unfettered migration – why the Christ go back to that?

Allowing migrant workers in to build the houses they will live in is the type of economic gibberish that has no place in a post growth capitalism.

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  1. …”Wait, what? We have to let more migrant workers in to build the houses they will live in? What about housing for New Zealanders already living here locked out of home ownership?”….

    L0L ! Yeah , read that article earlier today in Stuff.

    • Wild K. They can live in their cars like other poor people do. They have no trouble getting loans to buy cars. The ones who drive vehicles emblazoned Chorus or Downer Construction, seem to qualify for council housing if they go to Wellington, the trail blazer for rainbow pedestrian crossings signifying empathy with the Green politicians who enter Parliament to work through their gender identity issues and ethnic prejudices. Pacifica can over-crowd houses by sleeping on all available floor spaces and swapping mattresses if they’re shift workers. Booze barons and restauranteurs often provide store-room or shed spaces which workers can call home, with the cost deducted at source from their wages..There we are, problem solved.

  2. LINO MPs and their bourgeoise constituents profit from this, that’s all you need know, end of discussion


    A working party will be commissioned to do a scoping exercise to report back to a committee of senior managers, involving all stakeholders and taking due note of the learnings made


  3. Cap the population at a sustainable team of 5 million. Then as technology and productivity improve we will all become richer at least per capita.

    • It becomes a priority when New Zealanders won’t work in some of our key export industries. We definitely need contract pickers from the islands if you want fruit in the shops, but we don’t need more Pakistani taxi drivers and Chinese students/spies.

      • Since they bought in these schemes, we have so many illegal workers and the price of fruit has sky rocketed in the supermarkets. 10 years ago people could afford our own produce. Now, nope.

        10 years ago people could afford a house on NZ wages. now NOPE,

        10 years ago people could afford and find wood, to build with, now NOPE.

        All sold and exported offshore, why the owners bray for the cheapest workers and more subsidies and use their profits to buy media space.

        10 years ago, there used to be real journalists who reported more independent news. Now NOPE.

      • Because rentals are so expensive its likely those poor people on benefits will be unlikely to be wanting to give up the rental accommodation they already have to go do a seasonal job and pay for that accommodation as well because of how hard it is to find that accomodation initially giving it up is the last thing you want to do, I have heard the rate for apple picking hasnt changed in 20 years.
        Even employees have to think about a profit margin otherwise whats the point in doing that job?

    • I don’t eat fruit, couldn’t care less for orchardists. They make a bomb in profits, especially kiwifruit. They should pay pickers at least double for their hard labour. Slave traders the lot of them. Fuck fruiterers!

        • And still the govt refuses to plant fruit trees on state house properties. It’s the kids who would benefit, and the orchardists who could possibly suffer losses, and once again govt isn’t on Team Children. I wonder why.

          Every school could have an abundance of school trees with kids learning how to grow fruit, and picking and eating in an Eden, but no, it’s more important to teach young children to query their gender, and to use ‘correct’ anatomical terminology for the private parts which they might not otherwise being focusing on at all, when enjoying the fun and the games and the innocence of childhood.

          • You got it dead set and bang to rights, Snow White. When I was much younger I saw the huge potential and always questioned why. It was not until much older when I learnt how ‘they’ operate I developed the armour plate of cynicism.

            Nothing surprises me anymore with the ruthless thinking that is ‘theirs’. Stay ever vigilant.

            Bang To Rights – Motörhead

  4. This post fails to take into account the effect of hyperinflation. If there aren’t enough builders, electricians and plumbers; if there isn’t enough timber merchants; if small business is squeezed out of supply due to supply chain logistics = THEN SHIT GETS SUPER EXPENSIVE.

    We have a minimum 6% inflation for the next 2 years (real time inflation 11-12%) at the same time as many businesses are on their last legs.

    No point in getting a 5% raise if cost of living increases double of that.

    AND this is all on Orr and Robertson. The former appears to be attempting to backpedal out of the mess they have created while the later appears quite comfortable playing the fiddle………….

  5. They have opened the borders for mass immigration for years now. Do we have more skills? NOPE, Do we have more productivity? NOPE, Do we have less poverty, NOPE, Do we have better housing with all the skills? NOPE, Do we have a better health care system?, NOPE? Have we reduced pollution? NOPE, Are we leading the world in innovation? NOPE/

    Do we have a low wage, low skill economy, made up of takeaways, pretend workers, ghosts jobs and cash workers, poorly build structures that last less than 10 years, overfilled health care, schools, prisons, roads, infrastructure and dodgy social bond projects to make money off the mess, YES!

      • Actually he was supposedly against immigration. But after Shane Jones got involved in NZ First, drunk on the babbles o power, the original principles of NZ First on immigration went by the wayside in favour of donations.

        Same has happened to the greens on environment.

        Just when they should be at peak demand, they are declining, because they sold out their principles. Labour’s gain who sold out their principles too, but have become a default party, because Natz sold out for donations and to their mates even worse.

  6. Right wing tell us we needed to upskill to get decent incomes so we all went out and got student loans.
    Go looking for work and employers turning their noses up when you ask for a decent income or a raise based on the qualifications you have and most times they dont want to pay.
    Last National govt saw them lower the skill level if immigrants coming in so employers can pay them minimum wage no matter how skilled the job is because the system has been geared to not allow immigrants access to the welfare system so they have to take whatever payrate is going.
    Kiwis at the bottom end continue to get shafted

  7. JK loaded the country with masses of immigrants and never asked any to pay toward infrastructure, not even the rich of which there were many. NZ’s population has swollen faster than most others. All so JK could mask the effects of the financial crisis.

    I agree with Ganesh Nana’s idea that we set a quota on immigrants directly in line with our ability to accommodate them and provide effective infrastructure. Common sense 101 and we also need infrastructure payments for wealthier migrants to fund some of the long overdue infrastructure projects we need to enact and pay for.

    Hopefully this will encourage employers to go back to taking on youngsters and investing in their training. Again long, long overdue.

  8. Yes Mark and you have to work, I mean slave all day Saturday to compete with some of the Phillipine workers. The other day I saw some working on Labour day all day they don’t care its just another day to them many will work seven days a week and more than 8 hour days.

    • Everything the working class worked for with union actions ect has eroded away and now we’re probably worse off given how expensive it is to live here now. Rich getting whatever they bloody want. Profit first, shareholder second, the guy who actually produced that wealth, last.

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