Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a joke that sums up NZ perfectly + Auckland’s only traffic congestion solution


Let’s Get Wellington Moving: We will commit to a plan after public consultation

Let’s Get Wellington Moving says big decisions are on the way on four different options to overhaul the capital’s transport.

Three include light rail to Island Bay and a priority bus system to the airport and eastern suburbs.

A second Mount Victoria Tunnel is also on the cards to separate traffic from walkers and cyclists.

Acting Programme Director David Dunlop told Heather Du Plessis-Allan a call will be made when public consultation is completed.

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a joke that sums up NZ perfectly.

None of this desperately needed mass transit infrastructure will start until 2028!!!

How is maybe starting something in 7 years a solution?

Look at the bloody waste of time already spent on these empty promises…

…this country is all Hui, no do-ee.

We desperately require a Ministry of Works that actually does this for ourselves rather than the hopeless and never ending consultation bullshit that goes no where.

Meanwhile in Auckland, this is being mooted…

Auckland Council drawing up radical plan to remove parking on roads across the city

Auckland Council is drawing up a radical plan to remove parking on many of the city’s roads to make way for more bus lanes and cycleways.

Tomorrow, councillors will consider a new parking strategy that means Aucklanders will no longer be able to rely on parking outside their homes.

The focus will be on arterial roads, but council planning committee chairman Chris Darby and Auckland Transport are not ruling out removing car parking on side streets from emerging problems like housing intensification.

The strategy is an attempt to cut the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the distance travelled by petrol and diesel cars and shifting towards more climate-friendly forms of transport.

…the solution for NZ is free public transport.

Punishing Aucklanders for having a car is fine, I hate cars and don’t drive, but you can’t punish them without providing a real alternative and only free public transport can do that.

As always, the left are fucking this up…

…it’s like they can’t help but alienate!

Make it free for EVERYONE and you will actually get Aucklanders out of their cars AND help the poor.

Make it only abut the poor and nothing happens!


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  1. Auckland Council have gone on another mindless Greater Auckland bender not realising their hair brained ideas are always the reverse Midas touch. And councillor Chris Darby of Devonport loves to tell us mere mortals how we are going live.

    Take parking away, then what? We all magically get on our bicycles and pedal to work or take them shopping or pick the kids up on? Or catch the bus, in these Covid times? Who are these idiots?

    The sheer lack of ideas at Auckland Council never ceases this amaze me, much less the idiotic crap they come out with.

  2. Many Councils have cut out parking places in their planning for housing. If parking on the kerb is forbidden where are people to park? The car is a major support to the incontinently homeless. As they have to constantly deal with the problem, if they have a car they have an enclosed sleeping and storage space. But the smart people live on Cloud 9 and compare their proposals with those of other cities across the world. So we can be ‘up to world standatd. Hah! These planners and bureaucrats are the awkward squad that should be sent back home.’

  3. How on earth do you make something like transportation free for everyone? There’s always a cost and to ignore that doesn’t help solve the challenges we face. Even when public transport is massively subsidized like that Hamilton to Auckland train it often doesn’t work.

    It really does feel like the Auckland Council spend every waking moment trying to figure out how to kill the city centre.

    Here’s a heretical idea – incentivise businesses and companies to relocate away from the suburbs and outlying areas into the city centre by making it attractive from a cost perspective (lower taxes, zero rates, etc.). At the same time, encourage the further development of a lively restaurant and bar scene (Britomart is like a bag of half sucked lollies) so that people want to come into the centre city to work and play. The basic PT infrastructure is there already to build on and the net outcome would be a move away from private vehicles.

    The biggest issue at the moment is that so many offices, warehouses, businesses and the like are spread all over Auckland making it almost impossible to commute by public transport unless you spend forever doing it.

  4. in the alleged digital wonderland there is no need for a physical CBD or is the wonderland a big lie?

    meanwhile rather than cancel payments or donate to charity the fees of a defunked councilor, the ‘Wellington Ineffectuals’ have decided to divvy it up amongst themselves..nuff said….well brown envelopes from developers are a bit thin on the ground what with covid and all.

  5. Not just free public transport, but a major rethink about what it should do and for whom.
    It is quite good for getting people to and from work 9-5 Monday to Friday in big urban centres but lousy at anything else.
    Until it is properly tailored for what people actually need the millions of cars will remain and increase.
    It will take bold progressive planning and action but most local authorities are stuck in the 70s and think the solutions to all traffic problems are to build more roads and roundabouts.

  6. Getting people out of cars requires designing our cities so that cars are not essential as they now are. Difficult.
    Free public transport is a good immediate step. It is already subsidized, and a large chunk of fares goes to pay for fare collection.
    And it is the existence of (too many) cars that makes walking and cycling less practical and forces people with no other choice onto public transport. So it is appropriate that public transport if funded by car users.
    I live near Bordeaux in France where bike infrastructure is good, roads are narrow with little on-street parking, drivers are super-respectful of cyclists and pedestrians, traffic is relatively slow. But still there are too many cars. There are ever-decreasing amounts of parking, more car-free areas, more slow traffic zones.
    A good place for NZ to start would be to introduce driver training more like France. Expensive, but the drivers are (generally) excellent and respectful.

  7. free off peak public transport and dirt cheap rush hour fares benefit business, people move they spend money…probably with SMEs
    some places understand that the social benefit is worth subsidising for the good of the public and business but not the economically illiterate bean counters of NZ who can’t see past the end of the month balance sheet.

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