If Goff stands down: The case for a Progressive Auckland Mayoralty Primary


With Mark Mitchell backing away and if Goff steps down, the progressive politics Auckland conclave should seriously consider a Progressive Auckland Mayoralty Primary where the progressive Mayoralty candidates do 5 open meetings (North, East, West, South & Central Auckland) where Aucklanders and the progressive political groups get to hear first hand the visions for Auckland from each of the candidates.

While Shearer weighs up a run behind the Herald Paywall…

…a progressive primary would strengthen the candidates and build momentum and interest in the mayoralty.

Surely the days of Labour HQ putting forward a candidate is over and the wider progressive movement get a say?

Paula Bennett is now being begged to run, but the quickest way to screw over her candidacy would be to name all the state houses in Auckland she kicked tenants out of during Nationals insane meth contamination scandal.

Auckland is at a cross roads and unless Council starts making life radically easier for Aucklanders there won’t be a city worth governing.

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  1. Auckland needs a tough executive type as mayor so sort out its woes. We’ve had a taste of ‘progressive’ in the form of Brown and Goff and look where it’s got us.

    If a poll was run on the North Shore I would bet we would be overwhelmingly in favour of breaking away from the not so super Supercity because we’re sick of council bloat, incompetence and being a rates donor to prop up other deadbeat areas.

    • Andrew
      Sadly, no tough CEO type in his/her right mind would take on that job…that’s how bad the management structure has become. Totally and utterly self serving, nothing else. It’s no different to what’s happening in Wellington. It’s so bad, someone actually seriously suggested Jacinda take on the job! Yay, yet another PR department for the council with lots of videos and social media stuff, while the water pipes leak 2million litres of water everyday. I could kick myself, a few years ago I contemplated importing 2 million cones and renting them to council. I should have, damn!!!

      • Mayors/councillors in Auckland don’t run bugger all, the non elected Council Controlled Organisations do. Its in the legislation.

        Although I do note the exec’s in Auckland Council are in favour of selling of assets so they would accept that kind of CEO.

        Its irrelevant who the mayor is otherwise!

        Perhaps at least declaring if they are pro bicycle will give us a clue who not to vote for!

  2. The Supercity was set up by ACT to be at arms length from the people with undemocratic CCOs etc. It was a corporatist fantasy of would be authoritarians and business elites “drinking Martinis, watching the sun rise…” Unfortunately for them South Auckland turned out and elected Len Brown, Banksie humiliated. And so it has gone on, centrist at best Mayors, but at least not a total right winger yet–though Goff’s bedrock monetarism comes close.

    Auckland unfortunately is a bit of an ungovernable sprawling hole at the moment because of that legacy, a progressive Mayor is only part of the answer. Reforms empowering local area peoples participation and returning all assets and activities to public ownership and control are a necessity. A Primary is certainly a good idea though.

    • It was a real bastard that South Auckland turned out. Maybe we should look to some of the notions in the US for guidance. No postal voting, no early voting, Election Day only, just one polling booth for South Auckland. That should do it. NZ the Way Some Want It.

  3. Poor old Auckland… It’s not much more than a nest of greedy ants scurrying around. It’s a logical fallacy that’s been shown the door by a virus that’s exposed Auckland for being expensive and unnecessary.
    Dahlings…? Dahlings…? You’re fucked. Run for it!
    If neoliberal traitor rats like cock-nose goff jump ship you know, she’s going down…

  4. Panuku must die! They’ve sold everything and anything that’s not bolted down securely.

    Question. What happens when you’ve sold all of your valuable assets and still have more than $9b of debt on your books and, no growth in revenue(s) and population because covid has killed it?

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