Andrew Little is either lying or grotesquely misinformed: How Labour failed the medicinal cannabis industry

Andrew Little at 4.20pm

I love Andrew Little.

He is one of my favorite politicians.

I think he is ridiculously clever and I really enjoy talking to him whenever I get the opportunity.


His maddening position on cannabis is appalling.

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Right after the referendum which showed almost a majority demanding cannabis law reform, Little killed off any cannabis reform and landed us instead with bullshit medicinal cannabis rules that only serve a billionaire while crushing the local medicinal cannabis industry.

Patients seeking medicinal cannabis now ARE WORSE OFF after Labour than before it!

Minister Little has the audacity to blame the industry which either suggests Andrew is either lying or grossly misinformed!

I am free anytime to explain to the Minister why he is wrong.

Labour have inadvertently set the medicinal cannabis industry up the way they have set the super market duopoly up. Labour have allowed the big pharma segment of the NZ market to write rules that exclude the smaller players which has led directly to the impasse we have now.

A framework that only the big pharma segment can pass through while fucking over medicinal cannabis patients as well as the wider industry.

Labour deserve nothing but contempt for their medicinal cannabis failure and if the Greens had any strategic brain they would make a legal market part of their agreement to form a government in 2023.

Unfortunately the Greens are fucking hopeless with anything that isn’t identity politics based so expect cannabis users to keep getting fucked over!

This really is the time for ACT to make a stand on cannabis legalization.

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  1. Pretty obvious he’s following the Neo Liberal mantra, probably against his own beliefs. I’ve met him too at Union meetings and he’s good man, doing a hard job. I’d imagine he would need majority support from his own party and is not getting it, let alone all the opposition parties bleating about zombies walking the streets and stoned truck drivers. There is a big conservative streak in Aotearoa that don’t wont Cannabis in any shape or form and holding sway over politicians. Gauranteed to be oldies that think they know everything despite having little or no experience with Cannabis. Wait a few years for younger generations to dominate voting and try again.

    • Oldies??? I am 66 years young and have been vociferously pro cannabis all my life. Everything Martyn says is true. Labour are gutless backstabbing neo- liberal scumbags, Little especially.

      • Little would have had his orders. Don’t upset all the National voters we intend flogging. They did, and they came with conservative baggage.

        • Having heard Little speak on the issue & seen letters from his office regarding medicinal cannabis, I believe a lot of his stance on this issue comes from his own personal beliefs. If the NON BINDING referendum had gone the other way, I think we would have seen a similar underwhelming result & little would have changed (because Little wouldn’t have changed).

  2. Andrew Little, who I thought was one of the very few people they had with any capability, has lost it in arrogance of Gerry Brownlee proportions.

    His off the cuff dismissal of a survey into inreasing Pharmac funding being the latest infuriating nonchalance from Arderns government to follow on from the mental health debacle.

    He’s just another dud in an arsenal of talentless ministers.

    If Judith can be removed, I would not be assuming Labour stand much of a show in 2023. They don’t deserve to!

    • Politicians are just spokespeople who won a popularity contest every 3 years.
      Its not going to matter what happy smiley face you put up, they will still read the script handed to them to read by the actual problem – the beurecrats

  3. Andrew is a big disappointment alright on Cannabis–there was no obvious reason for his belligerent attitude on the day of the Referendum special vote count being released. Labour never got behind the Referendum, they technically fulfilled an election agreement with the Green Party and left it there till they begrudgingly went through formal steps to initiate. The PM dropped her bundle also, as she seems wont to do in a tight spot.
    If she had even given a wink, “yes I have inhaled” without full endorsement, it would likely have got YES over the line.

    Then several other things happened too…Drug Foundation, Make it legal, NORML and other YES lobby groups could not seem to adopt a united approach which presented a fractured pitch to the public. Of course some idiot invited US anti dopers SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) into the debate, who then did a dodgy deal with Family First, sharing offices and www resources, which saw hundreds of thousands of dollars more than allowed spent on the “NOPE” campaign. And then…COVID arrived which basically killed any momentum.

    Not many would have the stamina to learn a word perfect 15 minute Te Reo speech and deliver it in person to a clued up Māori audience at Waitangi like Mr Little did several years back. So he is not lacking talent, so what is his problem with Cannabis…Business got to him, Caucus got to him, had a hash brownie freakout when younger? who cares really–there just needs to be some firm action to move this debate back into the frame for the sake of some very ill people and smaller start ups ready to roll. Even a lot of boomers want affordable Cannabis these days.

  4. SPOT ON

    Right after the referendum which showed almost a majority demanding cannabis law reform, Little killed off any cannabis reform and landed us instead with bullshit medicinal cannabis rules that only serve a billionaire while crushing the local medicinal cannabis industry.

  5. I went to 3 meeting in my research prior to the cannabis referendum and at all 3 I was assured by the local Chch MPs Medical Cannabis was sorted and had nothing to do with which way the vote for legalization went . Jacinda said 100 days after being elected it would be sorted Angry Andy is being spitful to make Jacinda look bad

  6. Also like Andrew Little, but ever since the Hagamann persecution of him, he has not been on point. I guess that’s the point of harassment, to shut down freedom of speech.

    Anyway, I’m not a huge supporter of legalising cannabis, however I think that making it a criminal offence is crazy too.

    I’d like to see small amounts of cannabis being the type of crime that littering is, not criminal but not discouraged. AKA a $200 fine if you get caught with a joint or two.

    Growing acreages might be a different story.

    Seems weird that stealing millions in white collar crime under the companies act and polluting the environment, is not criminal but civil, but smoking a few joints is the opposite.

    Maybe change the stupidity of this!

    • Drugs are bad ‘mkay? It’s like saying sugar and alcohol are inherently bad. It’s not the thing itself but how it’s used or abused. Some who can’t get hold of alcohol or drugs to escape will huff gas. Others are mainly motivated by money. Again, money is not inherently evil but the desire for it in itself, is evil. And cannabis can also be used or abused. On one hand it is a medicine. On the other it is a vice. Our freedom to use or abuse this substance was taken away yet not for alcohol and tobacco. I can remember a certain talkback host ranting about pseudo ephydrine (methamphetamine) being removed from cold and flu medications because it really worked and blaming it on the gangs for dealing meth! He was ropeable. Sounded like an addict. My point is drugs are ok when administered legally or medically but not when self-administered, apart from alcohol and tobacco. Why is that?

      • Many families and individuals are victims of drugs in NZ. Hence why the referendum did not reach 50%. I’m proposing a ‘practical’ solution to the stale mate, decriminalising small amounts of cannabis joints/plants for personal use, but still having it discouraged with a small fine. It’s a position that both sides could agree on.

        • Yes. At least users wouldn’t be called criminals. I agree it is a good compromise and would undermine a lot of underworld trafficking.

  7. I am guessing MP Little does not like cannabis on a personal level, therefore blocking cannabis law reform as much as possible…this act will cost the Government somewhat because they (the Government) believe that 1.4 million Kiwis voted yes in the referendum, without taking into account how many Kiwis would support medical cannabis in a referendum, my guess — slightly over 2 million Kiwis.

    • You’re all stoned. How about something coherent? The powers that be are afraid that stoned (read drunk) people will be making desicions for our society. That’s what you’re up against.

      • Seriously. Cannabis use is endemic. That’s why we have drug testing (includes alcohol) in many industries. This will of course, continue if it were legalised. Officials including MPs would be discredited if they were stoned (or drunk) on the job though I suspect many of them may have had a tipple at lunch.

        • drug testing for cannabis is totally flawed.
          Cannabis stays in your fat cells for up to 6 weeks, so for 6 weeks after last use you can still test positive for cannabis and lose your job.
          Now the idiots are trying to introduce mouth swabs testing for presence where THC can stay active for up to 6 days.
          The problem is none of these suits have every tried cannabis and rely on the data of someone else because if they had bothered to try or had used themselves in the past they would have realised that as soon as you have a sleep you reset your dopamine receptors and you wake up straight again.
          Im thinking many are comparing it to alcohol where you can wake up still impaired and feeling the effects because that is the limitation of their own experiences.

    • Majority referendum AGAINST asset sales made no difference to our government flogging off the country’s electricity companies. So yeah nah, the support is there for an important industry. Little is a prick and Labour are gutless toadies.And the system just loves to be seen to be doing something about those awful dreadful pot smokers! terrible people. Rots the mind blah blah blah and creates an easily targeted criminal class . I loathe the hypocrisy of NZ’s spineless bourgeoisie.

  8. If peter thiel of Paypal and larry page of google can bribe our OIO then walk right over our immigration ministry we should understand that our AO/NZ is now in fact someone else’s.
    Andrew Little’s being told what to do.
    The only thing labour got right was c-19 but they’ve fucked that up too.
    Thanks to greedy dumbasses the North Island’s gone.
    Stay the fuck away from the South. Nothing to see down here. It’s cold, grey and miserable and we’re mostly famas, so dahlings? Really? Avoid… You might get mucky muds on your Jimmy Choos.

  9. Excellent article and there are such good interesting comments here….much food for thought me thinks.
    Thanks folks.

  10. Maybe the ‘stoners’ should have turned up at the polls and voted in the referendum?!

    Only missed by 68,000 votes!

    • The referendum was non binding so it is likely that they would have done nothing at all if the majority was anything less than significant, or maybe they’d just form a working group to look at the issue & make a few possible recommendations to be followed up by a select committee before being shelved after a subsequent election.

      Actually considering what they’ve done with their own significant majority, it’s likely that nothing at all would be the most probable outcome.

      I should note that I have no interest in using cannabis, but I do know people affected by this pathetic lack of action. Anslinger would have been proud of Mr Little’s contribution to the continuing war on the poor & minorities.

  11. Bomber Little is a politician and the prerequisite in his contract is for him to be fast and loose with the truth.

    There are always other considerations discussed away from the public’s right to know.

    He has sold out like his predecessor on concreting over the mine at Pike river and entombing the men who were expendable.

    Bomber remember a person is judged on not what they say but what they do !!!!!!!

  12. Bomber Little is a politician and the prerequisite in his contract is for him to be fast and loose with the truth.

    There are always other considerations discussed away from the public’s right to know.

    He has sold out like his predecessor on concreting over the mine at Pike river and entombing the men who were expendable.

    Bomber remember a person is judged on not what they say but what they do !!!!!!!

  13. “I think he is ridiculously clever ”

    He sure is. His public persona of restrained stupidity is sheer genius.

  14. I have always liked Andrew Little when he has spoken on TV (never met him). I used too get a good vibe from him. I watched Rua Bio doc series over the weekend and analysed their latest financial reports (available nzx, plus 31.3.2021 annuals on rua bio website I think). It was a very long report wordwise, so admittedly I skimmed that bit to look at the numbers. Making losses. I will keep following this company. In the meantime, imho, Andrew Little has most definitely dropped the ball on medicinal cannabis. Go get it Andrew, or resign. Shame shame shame Andrew 🙁

  15. Gave us the complete run around for 6 years.
    A medicinal cannabis scheme where products still arent affordable
    no recreational thanks to a bunch of right wing religious nutters spreading misinformation.
    A govt who did nothing about that misinformation
    Made the referendum non binding in case we won.
    And now the Greens have kicked us in the guts with their mouth swab drug driving testing that is totally flawed that even the NZMA is speaking out against but the govt is going with it anyway.
    After all this whole process hasnt been about improving things for voters, its been all about making it harsher.
    Im done following their fucking laws.

      • I have decided Im not going to continue voting. Whats the point? Vote out one bunch of narcissists and vote in the next, nothing changes down the bottom and voting hasnt changed a damn thing down here. In fact life just keeps getting worse while rich people walk all over everybody.
        This country is a joke.

  16. Did you read Dr Mike Foster’s letter in the Listener, worth a read. He was my doctor for absolutely years – in my seventies now and undoubtedly the best doctor I have ever had. He has been a GP for 55+ years and is totally supportive of having cannabis legalised. He talks about the long term damage the side effects of many drugs can cause and says it would make an enormous difference to people with anxiety, depression etc if they have access to marijuana. You’ve got to wonder how much the pharma crowds have to do with it all.

  17. Andrew Little drinks Lion Red, at least that’s what the barman said.
    In his new shirt looks real fine, “oh hang on, Joel is on the line!! * Neph!! wassup? err
    Tilray’s paying very well, let those peasants go to hell!
    Thinking they could grow their own! haha must of all been stoned!
    now I act all rich and snooty, peter theil you little beauty…
    (got my foreman’s job at last….working class can kiss my a***)
    Hawaiian weed is really cool, my shaka says it all, I rule!!
    what ministry?? oh, sell the lot, won’t be needing spot….mmmmn……” deeep breath….

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