BLOGWATCH: I hate to admit David Farrar is right, but he’s right


I hate to admit David Farrar is right, but he’s right about the appalling manner in which the judge at the centre of the Oranga Tamariki case has been smeared and defamed…

A terrible decision by the Judicial Conduct Commissioner

A government agency involved in a court case secretly complains about the Judge to the two bench heads and they approach the Judge while case is still live – hard to think of a more open and shut case of breaching judicial independence.

Here’s the incredible thing. The JCC never interviewed or sought comment from Judge Callinicos. This is the Judge who said he regarded the approaches as inappropriate and a breach of judicial independence. And the JCC did not even talk to him. He just talked to the two bench heads. I’m sorry, but that destroys any credibility in my eyes.

And the suggestion it was only about his in-court conduct is risible, as if so they could raise that after the case was decided. But they intervened while the case was live.

Rather than be shocked at the scale and scope of lies used by Oranga Tamariki to enforce critical race theory dogma above the welfare of a young Maori girl placed with a white step-family, the woke scramble to reset the debate as a powerful white man bullying a young woman to tears in the dock…

Judge’s questioning – ‘She was in the box, just crying’

She says if the general public saw an older man addressing a younger woman like that they would be shocked, and that this highlights the need for a “proper” judicial complaints process.

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…Surely though being caught out being so maliciously ideological to the point you have been busted in Court lying would make you burst into tears?

It is extraordinary in the extreme that the identity politics devotees will attempt to ignore the deceit used to remove a Maori child from a white step-family to paint this as a intersectionist power struggle between the  heteronormative white cis male patriarchy and post MeToo feminism.

I mean, come on. The Judge may well have been mean and the Social Worker crying isn’t pleasant, but look at the eye watering evidence that questioning produced!

Sweet Jesus, the young Maori girls psychologist was as clear as clear can be, that removing her from the white step-family she had bonded with and flourished with and had been told she would remain with, to remove her now after years with that white step-family would risk all the positive growth the young Maori girl had exhibited with the white step family!

To place woke critical race theory above the welfare of the girl because white = bad is dogma at its most book burning, this is not Tikanga!

Look, of course at the point of a Maori child uplift from a dangerous family environment, you absolutely want Iwi involved to find and resource whanau but that’s not what is happening here, in these cases woke critical race theory is eclipsing the welfare of the child. In these cases Oranga Tamariki is taking back Maori children who have been told they are remaining permanently with white step-parents and then being ripped from those homes because a white family could never raise healthy Maori children.

Note Oranga Tamariki didn’t even provide any resources to help the white step-family engage their child in Maori culture yet that was the deciding factor in taking the child!

When dogma is eclipsing the welfare of children who have already been placed, heads must roll!

How many other white step-families is this happening to? We know Newsroom are gagged from talking about another case that involves white step-families and the taking back of 4 Maori children.

To watch the woke hide the enormity of their Critical Race Theory failures and attempt to turn this into a patriarchy issue would be funny but the attempt to intervene in Judicial independence is a game not even the woke can side step.

What’s worse is that it makes David Farrar right.


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  1. What outcomes do you expect when our judiciary is full of predominently Pakeha judges. You will never get fair outcomes for us the TOW partner when those who make the decisions are so bias and hold deeply entrenched racist views harkening back to colonialism. I have sat in court and seen it first hand the one sided shit that goes on and if one doesn’t have money for good legal representation you are basically fucked. As for the law that is suppose to follow precedence this is load of crap and doesn’t always happen. And our police are implicit in these matters to.

    • Do you reckon a Maori judge would have better understood the vibe of the dodgy evidence, and the social wokers’ good intentions, and then overlooked the cruelty of removing ‘Moana’ back to a proper culturally-aware family?

      • While I agree with the validity your experiences Covid is Pa, and as I have witnessed such racism in our Justice system ,it is not the issue here.This is an issue of reverse racism.
        why can’t/aren’t pakeha be considered to be culturally aware???
        Crock of racist reasoning there.
        The idiotic prejudice against pakeha born and bred in Aotearoa for generations increasingly exhibited by Maori on a daily basis in NZ does not bode well for our future.
        What the social worker did was wrong on so many levels.And it was based on outright pig ignorant racial prejudice. No contest .

    • “seen it first hand the one sided shit that goes on and if one doesn’t have money for good legal representation”

      So that’s your evidence of racism?

      So non maori with limited funds does better do they?

      From my experience money talk although you and a few others seem keen to skew the scales of justice on race alone. What a sad world you seem to hanker for.

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