Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: Level 3.9 & mixed bubbles during a lunar eclipse

Late Stage Capitalism in 3 shots

Jacinda has spoken.

What she said wasn’t quite clear, but she spoke.

The plan is very clear, during the 7th phase of the moon you can dance and hop in public for 3 hours but only with pets and 2 bubbles present.

Out of the team of 5 million, 90% won’t understand this.

It’s less a ‘roadmap’ and more a goat track though Mordor.

The death cult capitalists, ZB talkback hosts and Political Right all scream Jacinda has dropped the elimination strategy when in fact it was the Delta virus who dumped it.

Delta will become endemic and nothing short of perpetual lockdown will end that. You can’t tell double vaccinated people they must curtail their freedom forever, you require everyone’s agreement for these unique events that suspend our collective liberty. With better medicines on the way alongside a comprehensive vaccination program with high end vaccination goals, the Government can guide us through this.

The Right refuse to hear that because the only way they win is if NZ fails and Covid runs away on us.

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The Woke of course are screaming this decision of wonky new freedoms for an increasingly pissed off Auckland is proof positive Jacinda wants to commit genocide against Maori for Treasury. The Wellington Twitterati are certain they know where the altar to Milton Friedman is in the basement of Treasury and that Jacinda will ritualistically sacrifice a trans baby in return for more Economy.

We have to live with the Covid we have and instead of excuses as to why people aren’t getting vaccinated, how about actually just pushing those people to get vaccinated?

Our concern first and foremost is the people, the people, the people not Capitalism, Capitalism, Capitalism!

Smearing Jacinda for all that she’s done to keep us safe seems hysterical from the Death Cult Capitalist Right and the forever outraged Woke.

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  1. The hesitant illumination community are doing their followers a disservice. Convincing their followers to be vaccine hesitant chugging wackos simply because they don’t have the statistical knowledge to see through their bullshit.

  2. What rubbish. Capitalists (with a few nut job exceptions) desire for all to be vaccinated. That way we can largely return to normal and make mutually beneficial decisions. Even the funeral industry won’t make much from rampant COVID. The numbers don’t stack up. What we need is a transparent plan.

  3. It’s obvious the advice was to keep Auckland at Level 3 until vaccination can hit high enough percentages, not just in Auckland but across the whole country. The step away from elimination has not been achieved via plan, but due to Delta imposing it upon us. So now the rush/push for vaccination is the only option. We are just not ready yet. Rather than open the floodgates on the rest of NZ now, Auckland will remain closed-off for at least three weeks for the nation to get jabbed and accept that it is coming your way. The three steps are supposed perks to help keep Auckland compliant a little longer.

  4. All of this says End Stage Capitalism! The fascists are rising, the liberals are bankrupt, and the workers are waking up to science, solidarity and socialism.

  5. IInteresting how men’s suits are ubiquitious? around the western world – like under=-decorated army uniforms. Who decided that?

  6. I know the Labour Party reads these comments and takes notes, so ponder this;

    Do you remember what happened a few months ago in India? India was a horror story, but then it went very quiet, and fell out of the news cycle. Why? Did the world suddenly lose its appetite for ghastly COVID fear-porn? Hardly. No, Indian people mysteriously stopped dying of COVID in huge numbers, and the goulish MSM lost all interest.

    But wait… what did they do in India to slash their COVID case numbers?

    Here is a clue… the vaccine was not widely available in India at the time…

    Inform yourself; India’s stunning, unheralded success is an embarassing indictment on the West’s handling of COVID, particularly in Australia. And, just like Australia, we are on the cusp of an enormous deluge in NZ, if we follow their failed vaccine-only approach.

    There is still time to avoid the spontaneous violence we see in Aus.

    Yes, the govt knows what is coming. The NZ govt wants to grant itself unlimited emergency powers, including the power to suspend local elections until 2023. Why? Because they know the cases, and the bodies are going to start piling up, and they will be crushed in those elections. We are sliding into Totalitarianism, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

    The govt has two options now: bring in early treatments, and a vaccine that works, like Novavax, or try to tough it out with a tarnished vaccine, suspend democracy, and face the wrath of the People in the streets when their whanau start dying of COVID in numbers too big to censor, because of lack of early treatment options. You must choose one or the other, there is no middle ground.

    We are on track to find out who our politicians fear more; Pfizer and the Permanent Bureaucracy, or the People of New Zealand.

    This should make it simpler… ask yourself, if it comes to that… do you *really* imagine 5000 people can subjugate 5 Million people, once the patience and good will of that 5 Million is finally exhausted?

    Imagine instead, that we were able avoid all of that, by quickly pivoting over to an Early Teatment regime, immediately.

    • I believe Ivermectin is what turned around the situation in India.
      But I take your point about the media. We are NOT well served by the (uber elite owned) propaganda lame street NZ media.

  7. Versus the Australian solution of barely controlling Covid whilst vaccinating, this is a pragmatic step in a game where the disease makes most of the rules, then changes them without notice.

    It in essence formalised what is happening already with the exception of schools and early childhood centres back in action.

    It’s light at the end of the tunnel at least so good on Jacinda. And no, that’s not a train…

  8. Folks,
    So that was the much touted amazing ‘roadmap’??? Last I checked, roadmaps tell you were to go. Roadmaps take out any guesswork. That is whole point of a roadmap. Even Jacinda who co-designed this fabulous road map is already lost trying to read her own roadmap upside down. Clarke is screaming at her while driving “Which way, which way, I am missing all the turn offs!!!????”. As part of this amazing roadmap, she proudly gave us…..nothing we didn’t know! Most of AKL has long ignored all the confusing intricacies of L4, L3.9, L3.122, L2.987, L2.456 or whatever the Level thing means after so much dicking around with it. Maybe the ‘adored one’ needs to spend more time up here in the warzone and less time in the comfort of the Wellington cafes? She would have noticed that our beaches have long been packed on weekends, and that people have been not so quietly socialising at home and in public. She would have also noticed many mass gatherings which pissed off all the law abiding citizens. Martyn stated: “What she said wasn’t quite clear, but she spoke.” I hear Jacinda has a Bachelor of Communication Studies. Really? Mind you, she did emphasise a whole bunch of very important words though, which is typical when a bad script is being hopelessly overacted. The whole daily TV1 theatre thing is becoming a communication fuckup. Ok enough of me, “yes Jessica and then Tova”…

  9. Just in case you all think I am just another a typical grumpy arsehole, here is what Jacinda’s former Chief Staff has to say about today:
    “I was hoping today we’d hear a plan for a vaccine mandate to get numbers up to 90% plus and then move out of lockdown. Instead, we got a long and confusing surrender note. This is both a policy and a political failure.” Some pretty harsh words.

  10. i am a boarder worker we were vaccinated earlier than most at the moment we dont know if that immunity has weakened we are waiting on a booster

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