GUEST BLOG: Tadhg Stopford – What is Tigerdrops Holy Hemp CBD oil?


‘CBD’ can mean many things, so it’s important to clarify what Tigerdrops Holy Hemp CBD Oil is, and isn’t.

CBD can mean Central Business District, corticobasal degeneration, and many other things.

Confusingly, the CBD of greatest recent public interest is Cannabidiol, which is a type of Cannabinoid (another CBD!) both of which come from Hemp / Cannabis Sativa, as does Tigerdrops CBD!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a Cannabinoid; as is (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol, but; there are over 180 other cannabinoids found in Hemp/Cannabis. Cannabinoids reportedly occur widely in food plants (including black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, echinacea, broccoli, kale, chocolate and more), but sparsely. They are only abundant in Cannabis, the plant from which they take their name.

THC is the main cannabinoid found in ‘Marijuana’ / female Cannabis Sativa var indica. Cannabidiol is the main cannabinoid found in Hemp / Cannabis Sativa.

Many people do not yet understand that Hemp is Cannabis Sativa; in the same way that a Thoroughbred and a Clydesdale are both horses.

So, confusingly, both Cannabidiol and Cannabinoids can be CBD oils. This is not well known, and is further confused by Tigerdrops Holy Hemp CBD oil, which is different again; and does not contain Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol/CBD oils are legal in New Zealand, but you will need a prescription from a licensed medical professional for a Cannabidiol oil, and for most Cannabinoid oils in New Zealand. These products are different to Tigerdrops in that they are ‘medical cannabis’ products.

TDB Recommends

This means that medical cannabis products like CBD or THC medicines are prescribed by a doctor to treat a specific disease or condition.

In many other countries however, (eg. USA, EU, UK, CAN) these medical cannabis products are freely available (online and in convenience stores/malls) dietary supplements.

For a first world farming country, New Zealands cannabis regulations seems strangely inappropriate for a sacred plant, an important herb and food crop.

For example, the NZ Hemp industry has been suffocated by MedSafe since 2008. Its world leading Hemp regulations were disabled and destroyed by MedSafe (, meaning kiwi hemp farmers have been largely prevented from making profits, and totally prevented from helping kiwis = ie. competeing for the ‘market share’ that pharma controls.

Another example: NZs leading CBD (Cannabidiol) importing companies (MedLeaf, Nubu, and Eqalis) cannot supply their patients any longer from the first of October 2021, after having done so for several years without any significant adverse health events. Despite a stellar safety record, they must destroy their stock and abandon their patients to what will now become effectively a monopoly market.

Because no NZ medical cannabis company has any products yet, and has to follow such an arduous regulatory path that their products will likely be expensive, and possibly not very good.

Despite this, it seems that many of them have sought the importers demise, apparently aided and abetted by a Ministry of Health has seems to lack any care or understanding.

Thus, many kiwis are about to be left in the lurch, and forced back into the black market to treat their often chronic conditions.

There are very limited ‘MedSafe grade’ products, and so far they’re difficult to access and costly, with MedSafe seeming to favour slowly enabling monopolies rather than taking a public service health based approach.

Therefore, for people seeking to buy ‘Medical Cannabis’ / CBD / THC products, Tigerdrops recommends contacting these good doctors:

Dr Graham Gulbransen:

Dr Simon Bristow & Dr Birgit McConnachie:

Dr Anna Harvey:

However, Cannabis Sativa is an ancient and sacred plant, with value beyond the mere medical prescription of Cannabidiol / CBD and THC / Thetrahydrocannabinol for anxiety, pain, sleep, depression, cancer, psychosis or any number of inflammatory conditions.

Indeed, its value is incalculable. In fact, it is so precious that Hemp / Cannabis has been an influential part of many religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Scythian/Ashkenazi, Christianity, Egyptian, Rastafari, etc. etc).

In the Catholic and Anglican traditions, Holy oils are called Chrism. As churches have become tools of oppression rather than liberation, so their chrisms  have become purely symbolic; where once they were holy.

Tigerdrops CBD is Chrism By Design. It’s a unique and holy product, inspired by history & scripture.

Unlike medical cannabis CBD products, Tigerdrops Holy Hemp CBD is a Holy Hemp Oil; based on the biblical recipe for the Holy Oil of the Old Testament.

This recipe was given to Moses in 1500BC at the same time as the Ten Commandments, just after Moses spoke with God in a burning bush (Exodus 30:23, Kaneh bosem).

Kaneh Bosem, fragrant cane, Cannabis Sativa, Hemp, was an essential part of that Holy Oil; with nine pounds of it used in a mere ten litres of olive oil.

Tigerdrops CBD contains Hemp extracts like Cannabigerol, Cannabichromene, Cannabicitran, Hemp terpenes, and MCT oil.

Chrism By Design contains no Cannabidiol; which until recently was a controlled drug, and is now a prescription medicine.

Peace be with you / Spread the Gospel of Hemp

Tigerdrops products appear legal in NZ, EU, CAN, USA, UK.

Tigerdrops Holy Hemp Oils are prohibited foods in New Zealand and Australia. 

Not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

Use Religiously.

(Also Available as a Novelty Canna Collectable, get yours while stocks last). 


  1. Kaneh or Keneh, bosem or qaneh, besem is also mentioned in the Song of Songs 4:14, Isaiah 43:24, Jeremiah 6:20 and Ezekiel 27:19.

    Also, Cannabis was widely consumed throughout the Roman empire during the time of Jesus Christ.

    The Roman, Pliny the Elder (AD 23/24 – 79) mentions hemp rope and marijuana’s analgesic effects in his work ‘The Natural History.’

    As well as the Greek physician Dioscorides (c. 40–90 AD) who prescribed cannabis for earaches and toothaches. 🙂


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