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    Interesting comment about Mrs Dickason.
    “I cannot comprehend what happened – she is a medical doctor and she wasn’t arrogant or anything like that. She was very humble,” former colleague and neighbour, Natasja le Roux, told the Sunday Times in South Africa.

    Pretoria where they were from is a big city, with Johannesburg close by, also Kleinfontein a small whites-only town not far away. Timaru is very small, quite a distance from large urban centres of Christchurch and Dunedin – a totally different lifestyle and societal relationships. South Africans have found it a big transition in the past.

    • NZ does not have a recruitment problem with working here, NZ has a retainment problem.

      Until the government realises that paying pay rates circa 1999, and making people work 80 hours while being paid for 40 at 1999 rates, undermine their workers, they will continue to lose professionals while gaining the criminal class, that are attracted to our exploiter ways.

      It is not about race, migrant and Local doctors all leave NZ for the same reasons. Solve the reasons, don’t keep adding more doctors who then leave/go crazy/ and we have workers everywhere who don’t know anything because they have only been in the job for under 2 years and don’t know much about the country or society they are working in.

  2. Getting our priorities sorted right in NZ means noting how we rate meat pies against nuclear power. The Civilian encourages us to make some deep analysis of this question when thinking about awkward AUKUS.

    “There’s no doubt that New Zealanders do have an aversion to nuclear power, but I suspect this is mostly because they’re simply uninterested in things that are currently nuclear powered,” he said. “Australians are very fond of submarines, while kiwis are more into rugby and pies. So obviously it’s easy to oppose nuclear submarines, or nuclear warships, or nuclear weapons, but what about a nuclear powered tasty meat pie? I suspect things would be different.”

  3. Could it be that the Waikato dad has gpne on a Hunt for the Wilderpeople trip, shooting a pig for meat etc?
    I wish. But the weather isn’t too good for that, and the small ones are too young. Are there huts around to make for? All this home-schooling being talked about. Part of school learning is how to get on with other people, getting socialised. Too much isolation isn’t good for parent or children.


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