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  1. The right wing call for a stop to the ‘infantilsation’ of all minorities by demanding a ceasing to any attempts to redress inequalities should be a wake up call to all. Some wear this view as a badge of honour when it is obvious to any with compassion in their heart, that it is a badge of shame. Can we take it that ACT dogma will extend to all? The elderly, the sick and the lame? It appears so. Vote ACT for lower pensions, wages and higher user pays in all aspects of your life so that the wealthy can appease their money god while the disadvantaged are sacrificed at the alter of ‘freedom’. As ACT are a minority party, should the media publish ACTs statements and complaints as isn’t that just infantilising them? Are ACT supporters refusing to take Govt subsidies as they feel infantalised? Didn’t think so. Do ACT supporters feel they have the moral high ground in judging their fellow citizens right to even exist? It appears so. There, but for the grace of god, go I? Not in ACT world. Comments that Seymour will become PM and ACT become a majority shareholder in a right wing Govt is just a libertarian wet dream. Read the comment section on David Seymours facebook any given day if you want to find out where his support is coming from. Hint…it ain’t pretty.

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