GUEST SONG: Ruby Joy – what we isolating for


Our country was blessed by a strategy with proof
But we headed off to Facebook to find ourselves some truth
We counted up our cases and vaccination rates
Then thought of outside leisure and threw it all away
What we isolating for what we isolating for
What we are we waiting for what are we waiting for
When your mum and dad are dead sick or sore struggling to breathe
And we’ve killed off the old sick and poor
Blame it on me
We hide behind computers and laws about free speech
But what we really mean is we don’t care if you are weak
When we lose the whole of our own ethnic minorities
Think of the sacrifice of their life’s
On the alter of economy
It is not my fault that your kid has a chronic disabilities
I didn’t invent eugenics just chose it cos God blessed me with good genes
You can’t discriminate it’s not hate I’m just sharing my personal beliefs
And when it’s all to late my mistake sorry my religion is greed


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