Why replacing Judith still leaves National hollow


The knives are out for Judith again with rumours swirling that her vicious caucus knee-cappings and last interview with Indira have finally forced the Muller traitors to see Simon Bridges as the lesser of all evils.

She is so desperate to stop David Seymour cannibalizing the vote on her right she’s begging Don Brash to help her.

If she is so desperate for power that she will reanimate the unholy political corpse of Don Brash back from the crypt, it shows you ole Judith is in it to win it.

I mean if you’re prepared to open the race baiting Gates of Hades for mere personal advancement, that just means they don’t share your go getter attitude right?

Judith’s leadership is like Tinder for sociopaths.

They always swipe right.

Her willingness to enter very cheap Faustian pacts is like a Warehouse bargain home brand Machiavellianess, in that it’s not very good but it’s very cheap.

This basic He Puapua racism shtick won’t appeal to anyone other than men over 50 who think calling the Prime Minister ‘Cindy’ is clever satire.

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And National already have their votes.

Judith is so focused on stopping David Seymour from becoming the Leader of the Opposition that she can’t be the Leader of the Opposition.

Replacing Judith however still leaves National hollow

National have no policy announcements, no big ideas and no intellectual integrity.

Replacing Judith doesn’t save National.

In the middle of a crisis what did National MPs do as the polls tanked? They turned on their leader, appointed a nobody who couldn’t handle the jandle, and saw MP after MP self mutilate themselves.

National showed us who they were. A pack of cowards who would turn on their own leader just to save their jobs.

Who the fuck is going to vote due that?

Their small government mantra is not wanted during a national crisis when everyone is looking to the government for security.

The only way National win is if NZ loses by the virus getting back into the country.

National are now a bakery you have gotten multiple food poisoning from, you might vote for them but you’ll end up vomiting.

National has 99 problems and while Judith is at least 50 of them, that still leaves 49 problems.


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  1. It’s telling that you state that, “National have no policy announcements, no big ideas and no intellectual integrity,” that maybe true but we must now acknowledge that we look forward to a future where elections are not won on policy. Announcing policy is practically redundant as voters simply aren’t interested.

    Case in point, in 2016, Jacinda took over from Little and increased the Labour from approximately 25% to 39%, with not one new policy change. So a massive swing to Labour on ‘personality’ not policy. Also last year, Labour realised that policies are a waste of time in winning elections, so actually campaigned on ‘no policies’ and won a majority! Just think about that?

    Therefore evidence suggest that making up policy and having great ideas (or even bad ones, The Cycle Bridge) has no bearing on winning or losing elections, it’s all about having your party fronted by the most likeable person you can find.

    Forget about policies, they’re practically consigned to history. Today’s it’s about FB followers, women’s magazine appearances and 30 second sound bites. And as I’ve said many times, Jacinda will be Prime Minister for as long as she wants, because she has nailed every one of those 3 things.

    • This is an oversimplification. Voting is also about choosing someone who you are culturally comfortable with and feel can achieve things broadly in line with your beliefs, hence the personality aspect.

      • Agreed it is an oversimplification, but the fact remains that it is true. I’ve asked many swing voters why they voted Labour and the predominant answer is “Jacinda appears nice”. Now we all know that what we see from any politician is a heavily marketed, photoshopped abridged version of who they really are. So voters seem more preoccupied with style over substance.

        So my question remains, “why worry about policy, when voters don’t care?”

        • ” So voters seem more preoccupied with style over substance.” Since when haven’t the majority of those who vote done so on purely emotive grounds? Indeed, when have the national party ever campaigned using the truth about what they intended to do? I’ve been politically aware, and active since the 1970’s, and I can’t recall an election when the nats have told the truth about what they intended to do, or even if they had a clue as to what they would do once ensconced on the treasury benches… The only difference between then, and now, is that NZ has had it’s education system degraded to the point where every year we have thousands of mindless and self absorbed drones flooding into the real world, and reinterpreting it according to their level of education, from the schools, and their lazy and self absorbed parents “philosophies”.. The labour government of 1984 won because they adopted the same approach. Not because the Muldoon government was washed up, and utterly incapable of doing anything without fucking it up, but because they played to our fears, and greed.. Indeed, Muldoon only won because he played blatant personality politics, and the msm of the day cheered him on unashamedly.. Which country have you been living in again?

  2. A pack of cowards who would turn on their own leader just to save their jobs….is this not what Labour did prior to the 2017 election? It’s a common pattern.

    • As I understand it, Little didn’t have to be stabbed in the back – he knew he stood no chance and was happy to hand over to Ardern. Not that I’m defending LINO – I voted for Ardern in 2017, but now that she’s shown her hand I won’t be going there again.

  3. Dear oh dear, National is sick, bordering terminal.

    They will not get rid of her from the leadership without a destructive fight and if they have her there its destruction regardless.

    And if they do manage to perform a successful exorcism, she as the member for Papakura will mean her destructive presence of remains. With revenge top of the list.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of creeps!

  4. The danger is that people vote against policy in NZ, not for it. So in the past Labour have fucked up with going for something their woke crowd thought was wonderful and listened to the right wing media braying.. and they lost.

    ScoMo won an unwinable election in OZ even though nobody likes him. Voters just didn’t like what the liberals were saying and their ‘transformations’ which was of course more taxes.

    I think Labour can win. But they need to listen to the ‘quiet’ NZ not the woke NZ who jettison support whenever they speak.

    Thinking the woke Greens, who seem to be traitors to the Green environmental movement, will do Labour’s work for them on climate change is laughable. People want climate change that will work and not the taxpayers bankrolling it like their laughable carbon contingency reserve. Keep polluting NZ!

    Middle NZ are getting very sick of woke abuse, stupid policy, when things are pretty simple out there. Deport criminals ASAP. they changed the gun laws under urgency but too woke to change the laws to stop ‘S”, stop making more taxes up that ‘only’ effect a small percentage (20% in the OZ elections) and instead start making those who pay nothing in NZ and are criminals, pay up.

    Get a grip and stop selling NZ visas for dodgy NZ degrees, stop cash, illegal workers who don’t know what they are doing, stop bankrolling the super rich with cash and favours while doing nothing for the middle-class workforce who apparently need to have their wages frozen for another decade of trickle down. Start getting experts in to do and implement policy that works (much in NZ doesn’t work properly and is in Dino standards like dwindling productivity the the woke in the productivity council, will never be able to solve).

    Get rid of David Parker, as he should be the new leader for the Natz and lead them to failure with his Rogernomics focus which now the majority of Kiwis know doesn’t work.

    • The National Party is in terminal decline, and will probably not survive the next Election with most of their voters heading to ACT and the new Opposition Leader David Seymour.

      • ACT on 1%, not on 11%, politics can change rapidly in NZ, because there are a large amount of middle class swing voters, who seem to bear the brunt of all the transformations, that fail to transform anything good to the majority.

    • This entire comment is riddled with falsehoods, straw man arguments, disingenous statements and just general rubbish. “Look, over there!”. “See, the left do it too!” – well mate, National did all the things you describe and more when it was in power. Labour did some of the when it was in power before that.

      Labour have been crap, they need to pull finger. Woke is dangerous and annoying. Let’s take a leaf out of your book and take a look over the fence at the right – lunatic deniers, conspiracy theorists, supporters of dying neo liberalism, corporate greed and selling out, climate denial, backing fossil fuels, racists, anti immigration, incel warriors – the list is endless.

      Take ownership of your tribe.

      • There is no tribe! Voters increasingly want a party that will do the practical, they don’t care what it is called. All NZ political parties have lost their gleam and betrayed their voters.

  5. I’ve never understood why this forum is so obsessed with Judith. What is it you fear. Is it her audacity that she dares to want to lead the country without being popular. If Nationals caucus decide she’s finished she is. It’s simple. Until then she stays. The media would like to make those calls of course but then they need to tell stories whether true or not. We have to remember she has never been PM. Who knows she might be good at it. You know what you get with Judith. With Jacinda you get talk and promise not a lot more in my opinion.

  6. “National are now a bakery you have gotten multiple food poisoning from, you might vote for them but you’ll end up vomiting.”

    But voters face the depressing reality that this an equally accurate portrait of LINO. The wholesale makeover of our economy and institutions by Roger Douglas, and now Jacinda and Co bring us hate speech legislation, He Puapua, the BS “conversion therapy” bill, Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology in schools.

    “This basic He Puapua racism shtick won’t appeal to anyone other than men over 50 who think calling the Prime Minister ‘Cindy’ is clever satire.”

    Whereas you think that’s “clever satire”?

    As for “race baiting”, for a moment there I thought you were going to talk about Rawiri Waititi, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Gohlriz Ghahraman.

    • I don’t know about clever satire but you have to admit the stuff around He Puapua is hard case.

      A working group, commissioned by Te Puni Kōkiri, put out a report outlining “potential actions that can be taken towards reaching 2040 objectives” for New Zealand to realise its commitments to a United Nations (UN) declaration a John Key-led Government signed up to.

      That’s been turned into the report being an extreme, ‘worst case scenario’ policy and plan that the Government is hellbent on implementing and is doing just that.

      The document, a collection of ideas that would enable, or encourage, further discussion was turned into a horrendous recipe that will destroy the country. He Puapua the vehicle of fear, the 2021 Reds Under the Bed.

      Fear. And undoubtedly the fear merchants include men over 50 who fulminate daily against the PM,
      vilify her for what they say is using Covid fear and how diabolical that is. Satire? Parody? Or just dumbfuckery?


      • Apparently you have to blame everything on this government even when evidence contradicts. Even when the story is about Nationals appalling leader, people make it about the P.M. and Labour. And people call me tribal?

        This story is not about comparisons, it is about someone who is disliked both within and external of her party.

      • “That’s been turned into the report being an extreme, ‘worst case scenario’ policy and plan that the Government is hellbent on implementing and is doing just that.”

        Exactly. Refer to https://www.tpk.govt.nz/docs/tpk-RP%20EMRIP-self-determination-study-NZ%20submission-march2021.pdf

        The linked update given to the UN in August 2020 confirming the Govt’s implementation progress to date. Noting also that there is nothing legally binding in the UN resolution requiring NZ to implement it nor anything about “partnership” in the ToW. https://www.nzcpr.com/the-big-lie/

  7. The National Party is in terminal decline, and will probably not survive the next Election with most of their voters heading to ACT and the new Opposition Leader David Seymour.

  8. Opposition to he puapua has nothing to do with rascism. If you believe that you are a bit gullible and have only 1% of the picture and really don’t know which way is up

  9. national’s been thrown under a bus by its Dark Masters to hide years of dodgy shit, specifically swindling farmers out of many billions of dollars for many, many generations.
    The internet is proving to be a very dangerous thing though, aye boys? You could hide behind your crooked, morally handicapped cadre of lawyers, accountants, media lap poodles, perverted tax officials and their army of wellington bureaucrats but you can’t hide from the World Wide Web of truth and info scratching at your kitchen door.
    The fool collins will surround herself with like minded fools and we’ll tut-tut patronisingly as they take the national party down and out. It’s already a laughing stock. I mean, look at the line up? Jesus wept!
    As for policies? The natzo’s don’t have any. Adern, the new heroine to the waged slaves who are our working class who will never rise above the dire tides of suffocating foreign bankster mortgage debt she blithely threw everyone overboard into. She looks, to me like jonky in a frock. Smiling, feigning concern… Adern doesn’t give a fuck about the normals like you and me and it’s a simple thing to pretend to, but really? Burgeoning homelessness, miserable, pathetic welfare funding, hungry kids living in cars with their parents in a rich country that can, reportedly feed 40 million people while billionaires fly in from all over to jump the cue to buy or build million dollar holiday homes in pimped out, pretty little Queenstown where our own people can’t even afford go because there’s no public transport to there. Or much of anywhere else, come to think of it. pig muldoon, the Arch confederate, thought Big then pulled up the rail way tracks, remember?
    Meanwhile? You Boys have swindled your billions, is that not correct? How does it feel to have blood soaked billions burning holes in your off-shore numbered bank accounts? Better than a loaf of white bread and a bottle of fizzy drink for the kids because the working poor can’t afford milk, you dirty fuckers!
    The real and dangerous problem for most AO/NZ’ers is they expect a fair fight out of our politicians.
    People? Let me tell you. They’re a dangerous, rich, lazy, gleefully cruel cadre of well paid and experienced con artists who enjoy nothing better than laughing at you behind you back as they stab you in it with one hand while the other’s in your pocket.
    While AO/NZ’s democracy is capitalist aligned we’ll continue to be the shambling, skeletal monkeys dancing to the corporate tune and those corporates sure do like getting out the whips and chains don’t they? Many of them, like ron brierly and wattie etc get knighthoods for it for being the best at being the very worst they can be. A sweet gig in my opinion.

  10. Martyn is 1000% correct – he writes a very astute article.
    Bridges Schmidges – unless National stump up with some solid ideas and some useful policies they are fucked once again. Christ, even if they steal or re-hash some, improve them and re-sell them. Think of it, a more realistic Kiwibuild type of policy is not a bad idea. It’s just that it got fucked up by impractical, disorganised, unrealistic academics calling themselves Labour ministers. Now, you folks may not like the flavour of ACT’s policies, shred them as much as you like, fair enough that is your god-given right. Some like strawberry, others like vanilla. But let me tell you, many of ACT’s policies are quality policies. They are well thought out, they practical and they are achievable. What is so wrong with smaller govt? What is bad about GST cuts and tax cuts to the middle band? If Jacinda announced any of those, you’d all bow to her like a divine god. ACT is scooping up voters because Seymour talks sense most of the time, in fact Judith would have done well to take lessons from him. He also knows when to shut the fuck up and when to chime in. Judith simply has no filter and no clue and no sense of timing. Like a cow in china shop. So, just to get some contest and some excitement into the game, I am hoping National surprise us and bring out a new leader, could be with Luxon as leader, being a CEO has the nous to lead. With Bridges maybe handling law and order and police. We need law and order in NZ, there is none. And Reti handling health, he’s a GP. At least then National could claim they have people from their fields of expertise handling the portfolios. Unlike Labour, who have the a former student union leader running the show – the trickle down of that shows in the diabolical, amateurish executions of all the grand plans – and massive failures across all portfolios. And that is where Labour’s huge weakness is. Other than Covid, they fucked it up wholesale. National will attack those failures. I just hope they do with style and with better ideas.

  11. For those that clearly don’t understand what this story is about or deliberately obfuscate..
    Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and … that is National and ACT.

    They screwed most of us over for 9 years, they must be consigned to history.

  12. While appreciating the main idea in this piece, I take issue with a number of things. I’m responding to one of them here.

    In a visceral way, the idea that National might get in if the virus enters Aotearoa again. My contention is that some variant of Covid-19 will get in, pretty much inevitably, but it will not give National an opportunity to win a general election. This is firstly because the results of the public health strategy is desirable. Moreover, the means have been communicated clearly, openly, and fully every day of the critical periods we have thus far experienced. The PM, her Deputy, Min Hipkins, and health officials Dr Bloomfield and Ms McElnay have been accessible (in a way that I’ve seen no evidence of in any other country, but plenty of disdain, disregard, contempt, ignorance, bumbling, flanneling and lying to people especially in the UK, Brasil, and pre-Biden USA). That accounts for the trust we have in our Cabinet and Health officials and the continuing strategy. We see on a macro scale that good health is number one. Elections mean nothing if you’re dead.
    Secondly, I’m confident that focused attention is being given to possible future scenarios and the possibilities for dealing with those to protect lives, our borders, and our health system and economy.
    And kindness matters.

    • Agree Karen. National will not get anywhere near a result on account of Covid being here or not. That is a weird supposition. I repeat my main issue I have with National (don’t we all?): “unless National stump up with some solid ideas and some useful policies they have no chance.” And even if they do find some good ideas, this will still not guarantee them a victory, but it could go a long way. Then there is the issue of Collins ‘the messenger’ – enough said.

    • Agree with you Karen. The Covid crisis has been extremely well handled by the Government; it has made National look absolute fools with their “we are the only ones with the experience and expertise to run the country’.

  13. Whilst I am not a National Party supporter I view Judith Collins as not being good enough for National.

    It’s her pure arrogance, vindictiveness and appearance of taking political jealousy to a personal level because of her hatred of Jacinda. It’s almost obsessive and quite frankly childish and probably hinges closely on NPD.

    Collins just doesn’t Do It for National and as she demeans herself with temper tantrums and bullying she is taking National down to her lowly level.

    I do wonder what it is about bullies like Collins in that they are constantly on the search for publicity and whilst they are after the publicity they just cannot handle being criticised. So Collins actively criticises others but cannot handle the criticism herself. All the hallmarks of a lousy leader and of course manager.

    Whilst National don’t have anyone as yet to replace Collins I feel if they continue on this destructive path that she has taken the now minor political party on that National may not exist to see 100 years in existence. With putting Collins as captain of the NZ National Party Titanic there is only a short time after hitting an iceberg before National descends below the waves.

    But then the problem with National is they also demean themselves by wallowing in perpetual negativity. They are not doing themselves any favours with the negativity. To me I, and probably many other humans, can only put up with a certain amount of negativity before I switch off and start looking for positive things in life.

    The National Party obsession with negativity has become Boring, Tiresome, Repetitive and OTT. It’s too much and whilst National and their ‘marketing experts’ may think carrying on with negativity may have a result it’s probably the result they didn’t really want.

    I wish luck to National in that they over-come the toxic leadership they currently have and start working in harmony with this government instead of, and quoting Chris Bishop(the schoolyard bully and child that he is) ‘gumming up government….”

    We are in a difficult time in the world. What the world is today is not something we could have expected. But its time like these that a government and those that sit opposite to the government work in unity.

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