MEDIAWATCH: Q&A – Judith’s best media performance ever


Where the hell has this Judith been?

With so many (including me) counting off the hours until the National Caucus turn on her, she comes out with what was probably the best media performance of her life.

She sounded vastly more reasonable on the ISIS terrorist, her suggestion that refugee status is removed from those wanting to do us harm will find fertile electoral ground.

The vast vast vast vast majority of refugees are good and decent people fleeing horror – we need to help them with counselling services and wrap around support to ensure their wounds are healed – that’s part of the obligation in taking refugees.

The Terrorism laws are always imposed when the Government is freaked out and the laws always turn out to be shit. Even if this law was on the books it wouldn’t have impacted this terrorists time in prison. The issue was his refugee status that granted him extra protections – that’s how he got lose.

Judith’s repositioning of National’s position on lockdowns finally sounded sane, the reality however is that National will have to use lockdowns just like Labour have. When confronted by a delta outbreak even with 70% vaccination, Judith will have to lockdown and she knows it.

It’s weird that Judith finally started sounding like a leader just before her Caucus turn on her.

I think it might be too little too late.

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Peeni Henare is on trying to explain why Maori aren’t vaccinating. I’m going to make a guess that over a century of Colonization and a deep distrust of cracker are the most prevalent factors.

Fears that there is anti Muslim sentiment in the wake of an ISIS terror attack isn’t surprising.

It’s always weird that after a Muslim terrorist attack, other Muslims have to come out and denounce it, we never expect that when white supremacists cause violence.

It is so important that in the wake of this shock of an ISIS terror attack on NZ soil that we do not do what the Greens & Woke did in the wake of the White supremacist attack in Christchurch and blame all white people – this extremist DOES NOT represent Islam

This despicable ISIS terrorist represents all Islam the way Brenton Tarrant represents all Christians – we must not allow the petty tyrants of our nature blame our Muslim brothers & sisters for the actions of a deplorable individual.

ISIS is to Islam what the KKK are to Christianity – judging all by one leads to cruelty.


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  1. Yes a really good showing by Judith Collins.
    A thoughtful intelligent person not a nasty tyrant as many contributors to this blog paint her.

    • So, for once she doesn’t resort to bullshit and bluster…Yes, we know that always worked when they had a totally compliant news media to extol their bluster as “being strong”, but it really has taken far too long for her advisers to get through to her that the electorate have gotten to appreciate rational, and humane leadership from their elected representatives… Let’s just see how long she can keep up this charade shall we before indulging in childish and unrealistic “gotcha” bullshit… I well remember the nasty, spiteful stuff that she’s said, and done, and using her ministerial position to make large amounts of money for her husbands company is just the tip of the iceberg… Right now, it’s you who is looking delusional, not the other way around… Her behaviour while in government was obnoxious and bullying, and her actions since taking the leadership of a dying party has been predatory at best… Grow up.. One halfway sensible interview doesn’t absolve her of any of the massive damage she’s done to our social/political, and economic wellbeing…. She may have airbrushed her stripes off, but they are still there under the makeup…

    • Oh please. Treating all refugees as if they might commit an act of terror is exactly the reaction this S person or what ever his name wants us to do! And Judith is to hung up on leadership challenges to be able to imagine a society that can integrate vulnerable refugees into New Zealand with access to a decent job and wages that can attract a mate and perhaps set in roots and have a family.

  2. I wonder why Jack Tame did not criticise or question Judith Collins more deeply? Because Collins does come across as one who likes handing out criticism of others but cannot take it herself. And she will respond in a temper tantrum behaviour that is highly questionable as to her ability as a leader of a political party. Right now Collins is not good enough to be a leader of National and perhaps in the next few weeks National MPs who have been beaten into weak submission by her will realise that.
    Tame appeared as very sycophantic of Collins and it made me wonder if he had been ordered to by his biased towards National bosses in TVNZ.
    But it did not go un-noticed that yet again Collins resorted to blaming Indira Stewart(TVNZ) and now as well Clare and Fran from the tabloid NZ herald that is a deep supporter of the NZ National Party
    Is this woman so incapable of admitting making mistakes that the best she can do is blame others for HER mistakes????!!!!
    Or does she really suffer from say NPD, BPD and OCD and thinks she is such perfection upon the planet and she doesn’t hold herself accountable for ANY of her actions i.e in the past week and even whilst a Minister of Justice in a John Key government???!!!!
    Lets remember it was Judith Collins that scrapped the Counter Terrorism Act whilst Justice Minister but knowing National’s incredible behaviour of selective amnesia and memory lapses when it suits them they, and the media, will have ‘conveniently’ forgotten about all that???!!!!! And of course they will blame everyone else but the faces staring back at them in the mirror.
    That guy was allowed into NZ in 2011. And even in May 2017 whilst there was a National government he came to Police attention. But knowing National and the media they will miss out that little gem!!!!
    Collins is not doing it for National. She is too unstable and volatile. Much like Mike Hosking whilst he probably has aspirations to be a National MP will never do it for National. His hatred of females shows how unsuitable he is.
    Sadly enough in a suburb I have lived in for over 58 years we have received world wide attention for all the wrong reasons and that saddens me.
    But at no time should anyone in a political party resort to blaming say this current government for the purpose of gaining political brownie points. We as a suburb do not want that and we as a country do not want those who think they represent us taking advantage of the matter for political point scoring.
    It truly should NOT be what NZers and NZ stands for.

    • What is he not allowed to ask questions? JustMe I think John just cancelled you.
      Perhaps John may like to read Dirty Politics to gain political knowledge on National and Collins. Go on John challenge your bias.

  3. “Where the hell has this Judith been?”
    Fear not @ Martyn. She’ll be back to Norman Normal Jude tomorrow or Tuesday on Morning Report.

  4. The last I looked New Zealand as a team collective is pretty crap at these vaccination olympics, not just the brown people. More to the point, there is no rush to get an ineffective vaccine for a two year old virus which affects only the elderly. Maybe it’s the sight of the drive thru jab centres which is putting people off, where you drive up to some anonymous trainee dressed in hazmat religious garb with only the eyes showing who then orders you to roll down your window so she can stab you with a needle. And stab your kids. Welcome to the health profession in the 21st century. In terms of uptake, no one in New Zealand currently meets the requirement for this arbitrary fully vaccinated status because as the vaccine doesn’t actually provide immunity for Sars-Cov2 (if you believe the medical establishment the inoculation is now only palliative and about as effective as taking vitamin C to ward off colds) you will need to take new dose formulations for ever and ever. Israel for example is about to give people their FOURTH booster dose of the bloody thing. It’s a disgusting Ponzi scheme for the medical industrial complex, now nothing more than a club of pushers and bullies, in a war that is never meant to be won but which public money and human rights can definitely be lost. Peeni Henare is not the arbiter of my health, Ashley Bloomfield does not run the government, chasing daily case numbers means nothing, homemade cloth masks have nothing to do with public health, big tech or shopping centres should not hold my private details, treating everyone as a biohazard is a disgrace, and New Zealanders should get confidential medical assistance whenever they need it, without coercion, favour or judgement.

  5. Thanks yet again Bert for your wise advice I shall take heed.
    JustMe no offence was intended but now I’ve been reprimanded by Bert I will be a better person.

  6. Read that and not even marginally moved.
    Current Government owns the press so I guess that’s “Dirty Politics”

    • Well that explains everything. As an aside “Current Government owns the press”, any evidence or just more twaddle? Tell me what happens on page 251 of Dirty Politics John? Just checking your credibility.

  7. I agree with Bomber on many things and concur that this was possibly Collins’s best interview yet, and a surprise after she seemed to lose it several times last week.I also agree that her days as Leader should be should be numbered. The fact is even Fran O Sullivan has turned on her recent ely, adding g to the personalised media loathing that applied to Simon Bridges It is irrational hatred from media who have grown. too close to Ardern and Labour policy. And so – like other Left commentators who has questioned aspects of government competence, Bomber allows himself into the ideological long grass, and racialises the current poilitical mess . TBF – he may well believe it.
    “Peeni Henare is on trying to explain why Maori aren’t vaccinating. I’m going to make a guess that over a century of Colonisation and a deep distrust of cracker are the most prevalent factors.”
    This is NCEA history and critical race theory for beginners. A white man’s pomposity that Maoiri are not able to see common sense but victims and so consumed by ideology. It seems Maori don’t even trust rthe promoters of thevaccione, Labour – a Party that is deeply in the awe of its Maori caucus. and that is intent on promoting changing the Constitution -is still not trusted, Elsewhere,. it’s not just the Greens and the woke who have accused white people for the Christchuch massacre.It is the government and its agencies and the media and PR companies Journalists who use words like cracker and whitey. Two days before the Countdown attack Paddy Gower presented a treatise that the clear and present was the pregnant hatred of white supremacists in our midst, In any event Friday’s events were not done by those folk and we are told ( rightly) that the hatred pointed at white people must n lot be used against muslims. The government insists it was not about religion.or race. What we know is that it will be used by the government to beef up its calls to restrict what people are allowed to say after new legislation . I expect abusive whitey and cracker will not be verboten.,

  8. “a deep distrust of cracker”

    I didn’t think we ever had slavery in NZ – at least not since 1840 or so. You do understand the origin of the word, right?

    A cheap shot Martyn.

  9. Think in excess of $50 million to the media by the Labour Government.
    Remember the book but not by page number even though I have a good memory.
    Didn’t keep a copy in my library.

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