MEDIAWATCH: If Tucker Carlson is dissing us, we are on the side of good

No one does dumbfuck face quite like Tucker Carlson

Fox News host mocks Jacinda Ardern, slams NZ and Australia’s COVID-19 response

A US television host who mocked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and ridiculed New Zealand’s and Australia’s COVID-19 responses has been condemned online.

Fox News political commentator and talk show host Tucker Carlson questioned how far US officials will go to enforce COVID-19 restrictions as “bad attitudes” accelerate.

“How far can they go? Well, for the answer, look to New Zealand, a famously placid outpost in the fast-shrinking Anglosphere. A single COVID case in New Zealand, not a death from COVID, but a case of COVID has shut down the entire country.”

He expressed outrage that Ardern had asked New Zealanders to “don’t talk to your neighbours, keep to your bubbles”.

“Do you hear that? By the way, the lady with the teeth is very popular with people like (ex-CIA chief) Michael Hayden. She is considered super impressive, visionary really.”

There is no greater arsehole in global media than Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

His malicious spite and gleeful ignorance is broadcast week nightly to an army of raving lunatics that make QAnon look measured.

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His peddling of conspiracy, conjecture and downright stupid masquerading as a national debate should be fact shamed daily but it’s his dumbfuck resting face that always kills me.

It’s like his precious sensibilities have been so shocked by what he is hearing that he’s about to burst into tears.

He perpetually looks like a puppy who is being told his shitting on the bed has been videotaped right after he has assured us that it isn’t him.

I’d call him a cunt but he lacks the depth and warmth for that.

If Tucker fucking Carlson is dissing us, we are on the right track.

These global critics are shocked that we have a Government prepared to put the people before the economy. This shock says more about them than it does us.

NZ is a place that believes in looking after one another. The compliance with lockdown rules, our collective agreement to be good neighbors and citizens by not making each other sick, our willingness to curtail our own liberty for the collective good – this is who we proudly are and we should see criticism of that to be a projection of the critics own hollow values rather than an indictment of our own.

When history reviews this time, China will declare their brutal authoritarian approach to Covid was the success, but here in NZ we can hold our heads up high that we were able to defeat it not by crushing civil rights, falsehoods and violent police action, but via kindness, empathy and a belief that a well informed citizenship will act in good faith for the collective good.

A liberal progressive democracy can triumph at the height of a pandemic while maintaining our cherished civil liberties.

We should be proud of our kindness, it is our strength, not our weakness.

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  1. …’We should be proud of our kindness, it is our strength, not our weakness’…

    Damn right , Martyn, – go Kiwi go ! Marvelous country we’ve got, and we do things our way and it WORKS! Theirs DOESNT ! Idiots like Carlson, what a sanctimonious little twit. How dare he.

  2. Would this condemnation of Tucker still apply if he were to comment on our government’s woke policies?

    • Yeah well it aint about that, its about a disease that could kill my 94 year old Mum and my 18 month old niece. Fuck Tucker and all his right wing nutjob mates. We are fortunate we live here and not there. Maybe he’s jealous.

      • RSV could also kill your mum, niece, you or I. The delayed surgeries and cancer treatments caused deaths last year and will lead to more deaths now. The increased despair and loneliness amongst the elderly in rest homes and those torn apart from their families by heartless border controls, visa restrictions and the MIQ shambles is causing deaths. Increased fragility in our teenagers and young adults is causing deaths. Small businesses going to the wall as favoured groups and businesses are handed special exemption status have lead to deaths. Overseas the vaccinated are dying, this will continue with each variant for quite some time. How long, exactly are we to hide under our beds?

          • I survive, not live. And I despair for my neighbour and her children who’s husband and father decided he could not. And keep my fingers crossed for my workmate, diagnosed with rapid-growth breast cancer at 11.00am on lockdown day.

            • I did a Dip in science as an adult, – a big part of that was microbiology. IE: viruses and bacterium aka bugs. I reckon I know a little bit more than the average punter and certainly more than the idiot Tucker Carlson, And though I do not blow my trumpet about it, I have been vindicated by an article today in the news that says precisely what I have been saying, – that in general these viruses follow a parabolic curve whereby a case in point is the Spanish flu, which in time, took on RNA from other viruses and became less deadly, less virulent.

              The same will happen to this virus as well.

              Trying to extrapolate other totally unrelated variants does damage to your narrative , I’m afraid.

              • Well done you for your Dip Science. Use it as a staircase to Veterinary Science and learn why veterinarians generally accept elimination of Coronavirus to be an impossibility. A paper in The Biologist by Michael James Francis entitled Lessons from Animal Coronavirus will give the background.

    • Tucker is hard right bordering on white supremacy thinking. I think he would be extremely disappointed in ACT and Nationals woke policies.

  3. It’s not only the overseas “experts’ who are adrift from reality, several NZ mayors, including Westland and Queenstown, wish to sacrifice lives for the economy. However, our economy is doing well so what are these clowns up to?

  4. And yet the lefts stalwart US station, CNN, is shedding so many viewers that reruns of gunsmoke are getting higher ratings.
    Don Lemon’s and Chris Cuomo’s primetime shows viewership are so low now that Trump…Trump…Trump isnt their full show content, no one is watching.
    Gotta laugh, just like Labours blaming National on anything bad means nothing after 4yrs in charge, not unlike CNN/Wapo/NYT/MSNCBS blaming Trump for this Afghanistan fiasco draws laughter even from the left.

  5. Meanwhile Jacinda Kanute’s “hard and fast” lockdown stumbles along and now the queen’s mathematician argues to close supermarkets and the purple haired jester threatens Christmas.

    What’s next a padlock on our front doors?

    The game is up, delta has won (as it has everywhere else in the world) as an endemic virus. A combination of vaccination and good treatment bring mortality down to less than 0.33%.

    The smugness has gone. Time (little) Aotearoa moves on.

    • So Frank the Tank it would seem you think that if there is a possibilty of failure we should just give up – for me I would rather go down fighting, knowing that I had given it my all. Caling people names just because you disagree with what they say says so much about you. Are you a mathematician or microbiologist so can offer some reseasoned arguments for your opinions, or are you just one of the Qanon crowd¿

      • There is no possibly about it. It is an inevitable as the tide coming in and smashing a sandcastle.

        If you can’t see the politics of the arguments being proposed you are either a devout truely tribalist or naive. Either way we are well and truely firetrucked for the next 15 months as we attempt the equivalent of training pigs to fly.

        Vac up and get some decent medication. Trump is gone so no point is promoting tribal TDS. Unless of course you enjoy wearing a mask…..

        • “There is no possibly about it. It is an inevitable as the tide coming in and smashing a sandcastle.”

          Qanon right there!

          • bert. FTT’s rhetoric would be amusing if it didn’t represent a degree of unbalanced Qanon mentality, I agree.

            • Lol. You and my old mate Bertie sound like the Vatican priests that wanted to jail Galileo when he dropped some objects from a tower to prove the world wasn’t flat.

              Qanon – the new 9 years of neglect

              • Ah FtT, I’m confused as to why you think someone as clever as Galileo would drop objects from a tower to prove the world wasn’t flat.

      • The right wing wanted us to give up,,, and be as stupid as a herd of stroppy stubborn goats at the beginning of NZs Covid ride……

        …Martyn Bradbury was calling it correctly over the public health necessities of quaranteens and lockdowns ,,,, while Stuff, the Herald , the Nats and Hosking wanted the boarder to remain open,,, and to follow our wise big brother and our Mummyland….

        … Trump and Boris,,, the usa and Britian ,,,

        Thanks to the enormous failings of mainly right wing idiots we have constantly mutating variants ,,

        “We estimate that each infected person carries 10 to the power of 9 up too 10 to the power of 11 virions during peak infection, ” ,,,, 10 to the power of 10 gives / means Ten thousand Million virons in a person with that viral load. ,,,, There is probably more coid virus in people right now than there is stars in the universe ,,,or all the grains of sand on earth . ,,,, . Even a tiny percentage mutating will be a huge number

        ,,,, A intellect of greedy morons has us in for the long haul

        and thus we are only nearing the end of the beginning.

        Whats more, ,,,, is say the British once more allowed smallpox to escape their Bio weapons facilities as they have in the cold war past ,,,, then the western world would be fucked ,,,, having learnt nothing except to follow goats

        And the Chinese would peacefully take over the world ,,,, Talk about handing it to them on a plate Frank the tank …..

        Heard of learning herd head ???

        Over 10 years of temperature checks ,,,, proactively looking for the next disease crossing their border…. ,,, who knew ?

        Herd immunity with a more lethal pathogen ,,,, will be a big culling.


        P.s the people who are calling for the elderly relatives and loved ones of others to be put at risk with some sure to die ,,,,, strike me as the sort of people who would like their own parents to pass on their inheritance,,,,

        sooner rather than later.

      • Bertie I look forward to your views when we are in exactly the same place this time next year when the rest of the world has moved on.

        • and more thousands are queuing to come here. By your own reasoning FtT Covid is not going anywhere so the rest of the world is not moving on anywhere.

        • Nostradamus Fwank. I’ll be here and N.Z. will be covid free again, Carlson will look the twat he is and Trump in jail.

        • Moved on to where ? thats the big question . Just have a look at the death and dying people all over not only the western word but also can you imagine what the poorer nations are going through, is this what you want ?, just throw in the towel is that what you want ??. Frank i suggest to you that if this was your right wing government we would already be amongst those statistics with absolutely no choices left

          • Yes Gillian I agree, most countries are out of options having stumbled at the first hurdle. Because of that failure the virus got a chance to mutate. To hide their failure they want everyone to fail.

  6. Expletives completely necessary to add weight and gravitas.
    The part that had me wobbling was this, ‘NZ is a place that believes in looking after one another.’ Whilst many folk do look after one another. I see plenty of evidence that some virulently do not care about others.
    Statements such as citizens of Aotearoa/NZers look after one another are aspirational rather than factual. We also need to remember that many other countries have citizens who care for each other. The world world is not the USA.

    • Since Nationals ponzi immigration policy created a massive explosion in N.Z.s population, I see more and more people fighting for the same air, same house( thus the creation of the housing crisis)and this has resulted in less tolerance of your fellow human being. When you fight for the same oxygen, things get nasty.
      So I agree, New Zealanders looking after one another was once factual but now only aspirational.

    • Why? It adds to the amusement. Bomber can be very witty and cutting. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  7. We need to stop reacting to this stuff. Carlson is a fox fuck. So what. The only reason we could attempt this strategy is our size. We are a pathetically small country with one tv channel so we are a captive audience for our politicians to coach us to do what they consider is the right thing. That strategy can only work here with our charismatic queen ffs. It would never work in the 52 different USA states or in Britain with the millions that live there with four different countries under the one roof. The populations are too large and diverse. Our problem is our small number of politicians who are incapable of anything apart from chairing a committee, the result of which means anything achieved is in slow motion. Our idea to keep the virus out was fine until we decided to be picky with the vaccine choice which may have worked if delta hadn’t showed up. The problem with poking one back at Carlson and the like is that they may turn out to be right.

  8. I almost guarantee that the sensitive darlings complaining about the language sit through thousands of hours of television and film, watching murder, gore, decapitation and all manner of violence and what some call perversion against human beings, all without the slightest complaint.
    Same goes for their siblings in sensitivity, those who in their writing censor out offensive letters of the alphabet with pathetic creations such as f*ck and sh-t.
    If they really don’t want to hear or read such language they ought to normalise its use and then, given time, there will be no cause left for people to use it.

    • Facebook won’t let you use Fuck, so one gets into the habit of using asterisks.Other blogs also censor what is deemed foul language . As a New Zealander who possesses over 65% Scottish DNA(according to Ancestry DNA) I am offended by any one telling me I can’t use swear words when I need /want to.

      • The irony as this all started off with John. Now nobody’s pointing a gun to his head to read this site. Choice is the great democracy. If you don’t like it read the bible.

  9. Tucker Carlson has issues. Were the expletives necessary? Should Carlson be described merely as a ‘silly person with strange views’? Maybe words out of psychiatry textbooks could have been used.

    Here we have one of the most watched media people in the US focussed on a little country at the bottom of the Pacific. An insignificant place that most Americans have never heard about and don’t care about. Why would he be foccussd on us?

    Lawyers for his employers, Fox, in a case in 2020 said the “‘general tenor’ of the (his) show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘non-literal commentary.’ ”

    In the hinterland of online forums we have those with seeming intellectual limitations and political partisanship overflows using all sorts of childish epithets about the PM. Here we have the broadcaster, the entertainer, the centre-of-attention hog saying, “By the way, the lady with the teeth.”

    He is not in the realm of serious commentators. He is not on some intellectual, ethereal plane offering invitations to erudition. Does he deserve the rigour of some intellectual analysis with all the high blown words that come with that? Or just a “Fuck off smart arse?”

    • Thanks.

      It’s just the one that has the effect of of a sucker-punch, a cowards punch … on one gender.

    • Yes, if only for you to reply all the time John. But judging by the response John, looks like you’re out on a limb again.

  10. 18 comments by we know who and 4 by me?
    Now the inference is I’m not allowed to reply?
    I think I’m cancelled.

  11. Anne with an E (She/Her)
    None so unwise or stupid as the unteachable. It aint rocket science. Literally. And veterinary animal science aint human pathogenic science either you complete gorm.

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