Let’s be clear – Wearing a face mask is not the same as Nazi Germany you moron


“Wearing a face mask is fascism” is the exact same as “fastening a seatbelt is genocide” in that the person saying this doesn’t have a functioning knowledge of the words ‘fascism’, ‘genocide’ or ‘fuckwit’.

The ongoing attempt by the Incel alt-right and loony new age crystal brigade to paint the wearing of face masks as some type of Nazi Police State overreach is as delusional as claims of microchips in the vaccine or thinking that ‘Have you been Paying Attention’ is funny.

Wearing a face mask is not the same as Nazi Germany you fucking morons.

There are no microchips in the vaccine you clowns.

And ‘Have you been Paying Attention’ is as funny as a one way ticket to Afghanistan wearing a George W Bush face mask and a T-shirt with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad getting a lap dance at an Israeli strip club on Bacon Wednesdays.

FFS people, face masks are a public safety issue not a political statement!!!

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  1. Yes Martyn there are lots of delusional claims about the vacine and what wearing a face mask means, BUT if you can’t find some humour in ‘Have you been paying attention’ you need to take some time out on stress leave!

    • Dear Peter Kelly
      I am with Martyn here. Not sure what makes you laugh, but those cheap NZ on Air shows like HYBPA, GiveUsAClue and 7 Days, are the lowest of low for humour. They should never get any funds. Even Pak’nSave’s stickman is funnier – actually he is very funny. And he sure as hell doesn’t get any funds! Maybe try some of the British stuff…or Parks & Recreation? Or even Happy Gilmore for instant relief from HaveYou BeenPayingAttention?

  2. ‘have you been paying attention’ and that stupid programme that has Paula Benefit in it is just more junk TV.

    The only comedic show with any credibility is 7 Days, sharp witty and wonderful, ever Kiwi should watch it.

    The one in the Target store was also spot on!

    • Michal, interestingly I find 7 days often descends into crude, rude, and profane – all signs of lazy minds. Paula Benefit’s show I agree is junk TV; but I thoroughly enjoy ‘Have you been…..’
      I totally agree with Martyn’s theme that face masks are a public health issue, not a political statement.

    • Yeah Bennett has found her true calling after loosing her way. She is an empty vessel devoid of any commitment , compassion or conscience.
      Great career move.

  3. The masks probably are a total waste of time – there is no evidence they help to any significant degree in either contracting or spreading CoVID (the CDC say they provide just a 1.8% reduction – better than nothing, but barely). That said, it’s hardly a big problem to put one on. Masks don’t personally bother me whatsoever (as a chemistry researcher you have to wear them constantly) and it shows you do care about this pandemic. I gather they are very annoying with fogging up glasses though!

    • To add to my comment above, you can see there is a lot of theatre involved surrounding masks, as evidenced by the much celebrated AOC (especially by socialists because of her “Green new Deal”) in the US:
      Most of these politicians clearly don’t really believe masks have any merit either. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jacinda or other Labour MPs caught not wearing them in the coming weeks. They all know they’re pointless, but I think governments constantly need to be seen to be doing something to appease voters.

    • What would be the consequence of infection of 10 to 100 x the amount not wearing the mask and getting a much reduced original infection?

      And if delta is more airborne than the earlier variants does this mean masks are now more important than before?

      • There is no data about the efficacy of masks regarding the Delta Variant. I would expect them to be even less useful if anything, since Delta is so much more virulent generally, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

      • The answer to that is yes.
        The infected person with delta has 1,000 times more viral load than the original Wuhan variant.

    • One thing it does is point out the idiots to avoid as non wearers would in all probability be anti vaxxers.

  4. Have noticed the crazy is more evident this time around.. Am I to assume that we are as soft headed as the Australians, or, huey forbid, the American right? After standing on the motorway bridge on Walter Strevens dve on Tueaday evening and watching the lines of cars trying to escape the city stretching beyond the horizon, I seriously doubt that kiwis have retained any of that “solidarity” that we liked to blow off about to anyone who would listen…. All I could think of was “all it will take is one of theses morons to be carrying the infection with him/her and we are back to 2020 all over again… The stupidity, cowardice, and selfishness displayed does not inspire respect, to say the least… What I saw is what I found so disappointing with people in Australia.. Having been trapped here at the beginning of the
    “Big lay off”, and seeing a community spirit that doesn’t exist over the Tasman, it’s truly dispiriting to see the descent into adolescent selfishness here.. Sometimes, it’s hard to argue against the premise that NZers don’t deserve good leaders… (I’m from Dargaville btw)..

  5. But what is a public safety issue is the ability to get vaccinated quickly AND to have access to testing quickly.

    The former ceased the moment the lockdown hit, the latter a sick joke.

    It is now clear that since the first level 4 lockdown our government have done NO contingency planning for another outbreak and worse, no modeling for the Delta variant. The current public health arrangement look like a band aid solutions run by the Keystone cops. And the PR is struggling this time.

    If Jacinda really wants to test the patience of the public with such a massive intervention like a full lockdown, at least demonstrate the government have prepared for this inevitable outbreak, rather than going back to day 1 again with ad hoc over competence and organisation, just like they have. Otherwise, buy in is going to fail!

    • Notice when the news is bad eg: bunch of new cases, the info is leaked before the press conference, her worship is not to be the breaker of bad news.
      Notice also the celebration of vaccine bookings – it covers for the fact the vaccine roll out is the slowest in the OECD and is compete fluff and also puts the onus on the team of 5 million to get jabbed as if we could have when we wanted.
      It’s like celebrating calls to lifeline as a success without stopping the suicide.
      This lot have so many PR people spinning the message I don’t think they even believe their own bullshit.

  6. Wearing a face mask is better than wearing an oxygen mask as you lay on a hospital bed with covid 19. And make sure to get your vaccines too.

  7. I will add since my comment we set some kind of record for daily vaccinations so obviously they back up but my partners booking was cancelled and the next date is a month away.

    There are only two vaccination centres open in Auckland operating according to the official website plus those doctors who operate Monday to Friday who will do them.

    So I assume the city most under siege and always at the forefront of outbreaks, Auckland, is not the place contributing to the record or where one can reliably book to get vaccinated.

    • i made my booking online and 10 days later got my jab. pretty easy process really, the nurse who saw me said that a lot of people cancel their bookings, so they usually have spare time and vaccines to give out. might be different now though…

      • All I know was the vaccination due today got cancelled because of this lockdown and trying to rebook anytime sooner was impossible. I don’t know about walk in’s at the moment.

    • Well it’s just facts from the US’s CDC:
      “During March 1–December 31, 2020, state-issued mask mandates applied in 2,313 (73.6%) of the 3,142 U.S. counties. Mask mandates were associated with a 0.5 percentage point decrease (p = 0.02) in daily COVID-19 case growth rates 1–20 days after implementation and decreases of 1.1, 1.5, 1.7, and 1.8 percentage points 21–40, 41–60, 61–80, and 81–100 days, respectively, after implementation (p<0.01 for all) (Table 1) "
      I don’t automatically believe in “scientist consensus”, since that isn’t actual “science”, it just represents the overall opinions of scientists (indeed there are always many scientists that don’t agree with the “consensus” among colleagues). Actual scientific studies and hard data on the other hand should not be dismissed without good reason (e.g. fraudulent studies).

      • “I don’t automatically believe in “scientist consensus”, since that isn’t actual “science”, it just represents the overall opinions of scientists (indeed there are always many scientists that don’t agree with the “consensus” among colleagues). Actual scientific studies and hard data on the other hand should not be dismissed without good reason (e.g. fraudulent studies)”

        Translation: I prefer to label the majority consensus of expertise in its evaluation of current data as opinion and reserve the right to cherry pick studies rather than go with consensus of the available literature.

        • You do you! If you go to a church you’ll get plenty of “consensus” from “experts”. They’ll all tell you the same thing. I’ll remain firmly sceptical until I see hard data.

  8. Why would you bother either watching the idiots pictured or be annoyed by what they had to say.
    There are more important things to consider.
    You Tube/Thom Hartman/Dr Jason Box says we’re on a Catastrophic Path.

  9. Who watches TV these days?
    About ten years ago I stopped. It was bad for my mental health.

    The net is more entertaining on your own terms mostly, and you’re able to opt out easily and not have to put up with this kind of mind numbing mush.

    Seriously. You should all try the ‘Internet!’
    O highly recommend it!

    • Denny P – Television is probably ok if you watch it with your eyes closed and your ears blocked.

      I stopped watching it when Trump became POTUS just in case I saw him accidentally, as I am unable to follow my own advice and do two things simultaneously, but am pretty relaxed about telling other people what to do.
      (I did see about 20 secs of Hosking a couple of years ago and I really liked his vintage jacket just like in those wonderful old Brit comedies on YouTube.)

  10. Surely it’s irresponsible recklessness by the government to continue with a casual vaccination program during hard lockdown? Emergency lite?

  11. You have the same vitriol as me, Martyn. I confronted my sister over her decision not to vaccinate my oold mother against covid. She refuses to discuss it anymore with me. Yep, she’s crazy, but I’ve been trying to alight the grandchildren and recommending they are a little more gentle about it.

    I will eventually publish a book on how to get around crazy. When reason comes second we’re fucked. Though for honesty’s sake, that only really came into play as a general principle in this new millennium.

  12. Some have made good comments about the amount of time for testing and rightly so,… these long ques leading up to a tiny facility managing hundreds upon hundreds,… you know, speaking to my 94 year old mother, she has told me during the second world war, the Americans set up in Cornwall park a field hospital and a large barracks for troop deployment during the Pacific campaigns…

    Well,… what’s to stop our military rapidly erecting tent towns in these places ie; parks, even commandeered rugby fields which could include medical testing, public parking , toilet blocks etc… even drinking water…they are the only group with the infrastructure, organizational skills and manpower to slap these facilities up virtually overnight,… and could be a temporary answer for dispensing the vaccines as well, taking much pressure off civilian facility’s.

    Having long long ques of cars with people waiting there for hours is ridiculous. What happens if someone has a call of nature? Is dying of thirst? Surely an industrial scale approach is better than a piecemeal , congested, ad hoc one. Our civilian facility’s are already going 9 to the dozen so why not alleviate that pressure. Cornwall park would be a good rallying point as would other large venues around the country. Race tracks, rugby grounds, public parks… not to mentions army medics /paramedics as well.

  13. “… as funny as a one way ticket to Afghanistan wearing a George W. Bush face mask and a T-shirt with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad getting a lap dance at an Israeli strip club on Bacon Wednesdays.”

    To be fair, that does sound quite funny. It would be a Jackass reboot I’d happily pay to see.

  14. Will you all be so pro with face masks when we are wearing them 2 years from now in everything but “strenuous” exercise. Do we wear face masks for the common flu? That is what this virus is with the jab. As our mortality drops with advances in treatment?

    Much to the disgust of the left UK hasn’t become a virus war zone and Sweden, ironically the left’s early wiping horse has a weekly death average of 1. The game’s almost up. The fear and control merchants’ last gasp battle of the bulge is mask wearing. Again another King Kanute gesture in stopping a world endemic virus.

  15. Wearing a face mask? Hah … here mask wearing has turned into a real life parody so little wonder ‘Have you been Paying Attention’, or other TV clowns, make it fair game. I heard some expert say those cute designer masks that cute trendy people like to wear have very little efficacy (but are better than none) but the real rub comes from the fact most people don’t know how to use masks anyway, like not touching them when taking them off. Fine if they are free of virus. But if in the case you were showered while shopping in the supermarket isle or on a daily commute, the virus then gets on your hands, and whoooo…. game over. Any first year RN trainee could tell you that.

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